During the second Iraq invasion by the US military and some of its NATO partners, a group of British special forces operatives dressed up as arab terrorists were caught by Iraqi security forces with a carload of bombs and were attempting to instigate a false-flag terrorist attack.

They were taken to an Iraqi security forces jail where they were held until another British special forces group attacked the jail and broke them out.

There was another incident in Afghanistan where the US employed a very well known mercenary group which was caught bringing a helicopter load of arms to the Taliban.

When asked what they were doing, they openly stated that if there is going to be a war ‘we need a viable enemy’.

Geraldo Rivera of Fox news was featured in a special video report from Afghanistan interviewing a US army officer in front of an opium field. This particular officer, a Colonel, claimed that the US Army had to protect the Afghan opium crop otherwise they would side with the Taliban.

This again was obvious disinformation since the Taliban are against any Opium growing and nearly eradicated it when they were in control.

There are many who view this report as first hand direct evidence that the rumours about the US invading Afghanistan to revitalise and capture the distribution of the 550 Billion dollar (US) opium business.

It is now generally believed among many researchers including retired government, military and intelligence that the attacks on 9/11 against the World Trade Center and the Pentagon were a false-flag attack, that is an “inside-job” instituted by the US Government as a “self-inflicted wound”…. apparently with a little help from Mossad.

Astute researchers quickly discovered evidence that false-flag attacks have been used in the past such as the Gladio attacks in Italy that were so thinly disguised that those responsible were actually caught.

A thirty second internet search will find the recently declassified “Operation Northwoods” plan of the US military to stage numerous false flag attacks against the USA bearing a false flag against Cuba.

This involved blowing up an American Airliner and a host of other murders.

The military was convinced it was a good idea and wanted to institute it but President Kennedy refused to go along with it.

Some researchers believe that a certain part of the US Military intended to use the JFK Assassination as a false flag attack on the US from Cuba and Russia, by setting up Oswald as an assassin working on behalf of Castro and the Russians.

This “mad dogs of war” faction in the US military allegedly wanted to use this as pretext to start WW3 and rumours still circulate that they planned to shoot a missile at a major US city and blame it on Cuba and the Russians in order to use that as a basis to counter-attack with a full nuclear retaliatory launch.

Thankfully, cooler heads in the military command prevailed and were able to prevent WW3, which they believed would result in complete devastation of all modern industrial civilisation with no clear victor.

The Nazis were believed to have used on to start WW2 by disguising their special ops as poles and attacking Germans. Nazis dressed up as poles attacked a radio station in Gleiwitz, Germany and this was used as a pretext for the Nazis to invade Poland.

And it is now common knowledge that the attack on the USS Liberty by Israeli jets off of the coast of Egypt was a false-flag attack under authority of Lyndon Johnson to be used as a pretext to draw the US into a war with Egypt.

But due to the tremendous heroism of the crew and the top quality construction of the ship, it remained afloat and some of the crew survived to tell the story.

Incidentally they were threatened and told never to talk of the incident.

These survivors felt so frightened that only many years later did they start telling the truth in public.