While humankind had been kept busy perfecting his killing skills, both on the ground and in the air, certain aerial activity was beginning to be noticed which was not connected to any known technological developments at that time.

During the aerial battles of WWII, pilots from all nations had reported seeing strange balls of light flying near their aircraft, the official explanations of which was confusing to say the least.

*Similar events also occurred throughout the Korean war of the 1950’s and again during the Vietnam war of the 1960’s and 70’s, but went entirely unreported by war correspondents*

Each side had put forward that these unexplained ‘lights’ were either some secret weaponry of their adversaries (although they never actually caused any physical damage), or were simply ‘natural phenomena,’ such as ball lightning or St. Elmo’s fire.

St. Elmo’s Fire

These entities even earned themselves a name, ‘Foo-Fighters’ after an American cartoon character called Smokey Stover who’s catchphrase was “Where there’s Foo, there’s fire!”

smoky stover

It was only after the end of hostilities that air force personnel of all sides, revealed that they had indeed seen and reported these ‘lights,’ which given the close ties of the allies makes this hard to believe.

The only certainty in this, is that it is abundantly clear that this phenomenon was NOT generated by any of the participants involved in aerial combat situations.

Man-made objects were eliminated from any subsequent investigations very early on, so that leaves only only of two possible explanations.

Entirely ‘Natural’ occurrences, or something completely different.

After the war, the American military publicaly announced that the Foo-Fighters were nothing more than mass hallucinations of the pilots.

This ‘explanation’ was so obviously ludicrous that public opinion instantly centred towards an ‘alternative’ cause.


However, public opinion being easily steered by the mainstream media and government propaganda, soon accepted the ‘official’ explanation that the lights were somehow linked to a natural phenomenon of some kind.

The post-war population had very real and pressing priorities, ordinary people had to focus on rebuilding their lives for example, and for most, if they heard about them at all, they were treated in a similar manner that Crop Circles are generally viewed today.

A simple curiosity.

Attributing the Foo-Fighters of WWII (and beyond) to natural phenomena or mental disturbances, was the obvious and expected response of authorities who wished to maintain control of their immediate environment.

It should be remembered however, that only two years after the end of WWII, a little before 3pm on June 24th, the floodgates of UFO activity were opened.

Were the Foo-Fighters a precursor to similar future events?

Was it entirely coincidental, that these ‘anomalies’ only made themselves known during the same time in human history that nuclear weaponry began to pose a very real threat to other inhabited planets?

Had humankind now been viewed as being very similar to a child ‘discovering a box of matches,’ and warranted a closer inspection perhaps?

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  1. I doubt that many have been following the Bundy ranch saga in Nevada.It probably looks like
    something happening in “a faraway place of which we know little”,but here’s an article that joins
    some interesting dots.
    “On the rash of banker deaths in the last few months, Calvo reports, “The people on Wall Street
    that I speak with think it is totally plausible that these people are being murdered to prevent
    an economic Edward Snowden from exposing the economic crime and fraud that is taking place. The
    system is scared to death. That’s why I am saying we need a financial Rambo to come out and
    expose what they are doing. . . . Hey look, if you have an economic Edward Snowden come out and
    expose the fraud of the derivatives, credit default swaps, manipulation of interest rates, it’s
    game over. You need trust in the financial market for it to operate, and when the trust blows
    up, it is game over. . . . You can see the cracks already taking place with the market plunge . .
    . . In my opinion, people are really getting shaky as far as trust in this financial market.”


  2. Not many comments.I don’t suppose anyone’s googled “foo fighters” lately!.I can remember reading about them in the 50’s.It was one of those things for which the UFO deniers had absolutely no explanation that made any scientific sense & still haven’t.

    Some links with brief explanations:-
    Julian Assange: Debian Is Owned By The NSA.(For those who think that Linux is secure from the NSA.Most Linux distros are Debian based.)

    UK: Free speech showdown over “taqiyya”.(Not seen this on any Brit site).
    And here’s the original:-

    Shakedown:(US) Treasury now seizing tax refunds from adult children to pay parents’ decades-old SS debts.

    Eat Your Bugs!(The graphics alone are worth a look).

    Bundy Ranch Update.(CW2 means Civil War 2-it’s a common abbreviation on US patriot websites.)

    How Lending A Friend Your Car, Then Going to Bed Can Land You a Life Prison Sentence.(U.S.This is apparently the crime of “felony murder”,which has been abolished in most of the old former colonial countries,but still exists in many US states)

    1. Oddly enough OG. It’s my belief that the Cold War was a total sham as the US and the USSR were working together on various ‘Space Related’ projects..

  3. Yep!!And in the 30’s a great deal of yank technology was passed to Stalin,as long as he left the Trotsky supporters alone.Henry Makow has a good article about this on his site.It’s about the Red Orchestra & a document found on the body of a Spanish fighter in the Leningrad area of WW2.I’ll see if I can find it.

  4. Yup!.Found it!.
    Rothschilds Conduct “Red Symphony”
    Remember,Trrosky was the Jewish New York bankers boy – provided with an apartment,maid,chauffeur,all that a workers representative could want,was helped at the highest government levels to travel to Russia & was expected to become the boss of the new glorious Soviet (Jewish) state.But Stalin outmanouevered him & eventually killed him.This was the real reason behind Stalin’s backing for the Republic in the Spanish “civil war”.This war attracted the Trotskyites by the 1000’s,& they were wiped out by Stalins NKVD.

  5. Normally I wouldn’t link to Alec Jones Infowars,but this is interesting:-
    Washington Is Humanity’s Worst Enemy – Paul Craig Roberts
    April 14, 2014

    BELOW ARE THREE NEWS ITEMS (You will never see in the lame stream media)


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