Some Further thoughts on the Tunguska Event of 1908….

Every so often, after publishing an article on this site, new information becomes available leading to further research, and can sometimes contradict, or even change the whole complexion of a previously published article.

This can of course mean, that this new information can be added to further flesh out or reinforce the original, or as in this case, present another viewpoint, to what was already an alternative view of this particular event.

In March 2013, I published ‘One night in 1908’, an article which suggested that the Tunguska Event of 1908, may have been the result of a weapon that was invented by, and tested by Nikola Tesla on the same night.

What is contained in the following article has recently come to light, and changes my original thoughts somewhat, which is great, as both theories are nowhere nearly as mundane and predictable as the ‘Official’ version.

During the reign of Nicholas II, in pre-Revolution Russia, something happened that had world-wide consequences.

At seventeen minutes, and eleven seconds past midnight GMT, on the 39th of June 1908, an massive explosion occurred over an area near the Podkamennaya Tunguska river in Siberia.

The Tunguska Event – WIKIPEDIA

The blast, had been seen up to 500 miles away from it’s epicentre and eye witnesses had seen a fireball that illuminated the horizon, felt the ground tremble and felt winds, which were hot and powerful enough to blow people over and shake buildings.

The vibrations were felt as far away as America, and in England, scientific apparatus recorded two consecutive shockwaves, powerful enough to encircle the entire planet.

In mainland Europe, there was light enough to read a newspaper at midnight, and it was too bright to enable astronomical observations to be carried out.

In Russia, these bright nights continued for several weeks.

After the initial excited discussion among the world’s scientific communities at the time, only a short while later, everybody appeared to have forgotten all about it.

In fact, it was not until 1931, that Lenin instructed the newly-formed Soviet Academy of Science to do any research into the event.

Geographically, the site of the explosion was incredibly difficult to reach, as it meant travelling firstly by train, then horses and sledges, and at times, even Reindeer had to be utilised to traverse the harsh, unforgiving Taiga (Siberian Forest), which froze solid in winter and became a strength-sapping quagmire during the summer months.

Hundreds upon hundreds of miles of Virgin forest had to be hacked through, before the scientific investigation team were even able to locate a place, that had previously only existed as words on paper and local rumours.

Upon arrival, they witnessed over thirteen square miles of flattened trees, which were all lying in a south-easterly direction.

When the epicentre was finally reached, which was a mile in diameter, it was estimated that the entire area of surrounding destruction was around 777 square miles.

It was subsequently evaluated that whatever had exploded, did so five miles above the ground.

What was unusual, however, was that there was no visible trace of a crater, and the damage at ground level resembled the ‘outstretched wings of a butterfly’.

Naturally the assembled scientists concluded that a meteorite had exploded over the site.

This was despite close examination of both the site and the surrounding trees, which revealed no visible meteorite fragments, and no actual physical proof that anything had even struck the ground.

One thing was established, however, as witnesses in the Lake Baikal region had spoken of a ‘Flying Object’ that had become visible over the lake, and followed a descending trajectory, moving across the sky from South-East to North-west.

700 witnesses had also maintained that the object had changed course, which showed a different angle of trajectory than what was seen at Lake Baikil, which would of course, completely eliminate any meteorite impact.

The head of the Soviet space program at the time, Sergei Pavlovich Kolorëv was of the opinion that the event at Tunguska was a mid-air collision of ‘non-terrestrial’ origin.

As the event exhibited no visible damage to the ground other than flash burns and extensive, but short-lived fires, yet presented two blast waves – an explosion and a ballistic wave, Korolëv certainly had justification for making his claim.

Something else that was noted, was that the new growth of saplings in the ‘damaged’ area was decidedly more vigorous than the growth in the surrounding area.

What is interesting about that, and could prove significant later, is that a similar phenomenon occurs within the Crop Circles that have been activated in the UK.

Another similarity, is that blisters that appeared on Reindeer at Tunguska, also resembled the radiation burns that were found on cattle following the first Atomic Bomb testing at New Mexico.

Following World War II, however, Kolerëv had changed his stance somewhat, and decided that the Tunguska Incident must have been a Nuclear explosion after all, which may have been based on the comparisons between the New Mexico cattle and the mutations that occurred in the insect life at Tunguska, which did bear the hallmarks of post-nuclear detonation and it’s subsequent radiation.

But, that theory would not fit with the discovery that an extremely powerful ‘electro-magnetic’ hurricane at the epicentre of the Tunguska event, had somehow altered the normal alignments with the earth’s magnetic field, a discovery which has defied all reasonable explanation….

Whether they be nuclear in origin, a meteor strike, or something else completely.

What is obvious though, is the geographical location of the Tunguska ‘explosion’ ensured that no human being would have been in any danger – which could lead us to consider whether it was an accident at all?

Was it, in fact, specifically engineered? 

Was it a clear demonstration of intent?

It was certainly not an act of aggression, so are the subsequent (and related) ‘events’ such as the increasing UFO activity, the so-called ‘Roswell Incident’ and the more recent phenomenon of crop circles, also attempts to ‘steer’ humanity away from the path along which it is being led?

And back towards where it should be heading.

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5 thoughts on “A FIRE IN THE SKY

  1. Interesting article Jimmy. I appreciate writings such as this, that make people ponder the imponderable. For years I was a staunch believer in science and only science. If it could not be proved, it did not exist or happen. And that is still the mantra pushed by the scientific community and their pseudo intellectual hangers on today.

    While my views and opinions on race and religion flourished, I was skeptical of everything outside this solar system. Racial and religious awakening is one thing, but the thing that set me off on a path of, shall we say, ‘spiritual’ awakening, was actually that filthy rag the Daily Mail. By chance I happened upon an article on out of body experiences, and reading in the comment section I stumbled upon the idea of ‘Astral Projection’.

    I will keep my experiences of ‘Astral Projection’ private, but lets just say that the results opened a few hidden doors in my mind that I did not know existed. Did I discover new realms in other dimensions that our earthly frequency cannot detect while awake, or did I merely improve my ability to lucid dream? Regardless, it opened my mind to the prospect of the supernatural.

    The most fatal illusion is the settled point of view. Since life is growth and motion, a fixed point of view kills anybody who has one.”
    ― Brooks Atkinson

    1. Thanks Konigstiger 🙂

      I believe that science is fragile and also fallible, as it’s mainly theory-based and experimentation is being used to create answers, some of which can never be solved by scientific means…. If you know what I mean.

      Mainstream science is entirely controlled to produce ‘predictable’ ie: non-threatening results which are generally acceptable and more importantly, are able to be changed to suit whatever agenda is being promoted at the time.

      ‘Astral Projection’?

      Now that is a subject worth investigating further, as I have been toying with the practicalities of ‘inter-dimensional’ travel, via the portals that are secreted around the planet.

      One of which will play a big part in a future ‘event’ that I believe is going to be revealed quite soon.

      Three-Dimensional thinking is stunted thinking in my opinion, as almost anything is possible if ones mind is open to it, that is.

      The sky is not the limit, by any means 🙂

  2. So refreshing to see somebody who is open minded enough to admit that sometimes a story can change when new data becomes available. There are so many bloggers who will write about something and when its shown to not be the case will just launch into personal attacks and insults without even looking at the new information. Your reasoning is second to none, your arguments are compelling and you are eloquent enough to not need to resort to shocking pictures and foul language. Your words alone are sufficient and I thank you for the way you present these articles on this website. Long may you continue educating people like me.

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