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    1. I am checking and re-sorting the essential links as some were corrupted and were directing readers to completely different sites for some reason.

      They will be reinstated when I sort out the problem.

      Some links to certain AM sites, which had descended to a farcical level, were unfortunately found to have been run by what appeared to be congenital idiots, which the Outlaw reserves the right to not be associated with.

      The credible links will be restored.

      The link to your site(s) will not.

      1. Hello, I was referred to you by some comments I made on RFB youtube by a couple of people. I was wiped out during August Flood…. Living in Hurricane Alley and raised by a marine and civil engineer lived on a farm in the Boondocks, we stayed prepped, before it was a term. I was joked about at work by City people when I left the swamp country for a (ugh} career till Katrina, then nobody was laughing. They knew I probably had or knew how to make what they needed… anyway “that” UNNATURAL flood of August crippled me. 4ft raging river through my house and lost all supplies. But now I can set up differently. House is a Pavilion. I have some questions on things like turning a back room into a large faraday cage, is it possible?. I am doing all the work, I am a petite woman, but capable and fearless in Christ as my strength. Being raised as I was, I was “making groceries”, hunting, fishing, frogging, eating wild asparagus etc. by 7. But this war on humanity is different, spiritual and physical and I need advice. I lived without electricity 4 months from Katrina, but not due to EMP; different issues.

        JJ n Louisiana
        NEED HELP on how to best use what few funds I have left. Thanks for any advice. I pray for all that SEE WHATS HAPPENING

  1. hi my old sexual abuse school is not on your list …lyme green hall school londen rd macclessfield ….this place was closed down by police never had comsent planning permission to open but i was sent there for 18 mth

  2. You need to add Menlove avenue remand centre in Liverpool. I was there in the 60’s and 70’s and all kinds of abuse was rife.

  3. I was a resident of Kirklees Council back in the 80’s and was sent to 3 separate so called “Care homes” these were Rivendell in Dewsbury Westfields in Mirfield and finally Royd Edge in Meltham.

    All of which have been demolished or converted to luxury homes and totally wiped off the map, all records have been destroyed and still to this day former pupils of these disgusting crimes are still claiming for damages.

    My crime?

    I didn’t go to school!

    So in the 4 years of been in care I learnt to steal cars break in to houses/businesses and of course take drugs.

    Smoking weed at 12 and by the time I’d left (kicked out) I’d used heroin crack speed E’s. You name it I’d have it simple as, I wasn’t a criminal when I was put into care but believe me I became one by the time I’d left.

    Violence was the norm for me from day one, as I was a bigger than normal child I was targeted by the older boys to fight all the time. Sometimes I won but most of the time I was the one bleeding on the floor, this wasn’t always done by another child either.

    Of all the 3 care homes I was in all 3 have had members of staff sentenced to prison terms and boy am I glad of that, NO actually. I want my revenge in my way and for them to feel the pain I went through at there hands, I’ve spent many a year in prison where every time I see a former pupil of whatever care home in there too for the same crimes as me.

    Wrong on so many levels, it’s unimaginable to conceive the level of violence that I have had inflicted on me and even more sad for me to have to live with the levels of violence that I have inflicted on other’s, why?

    Because they made me like this, Beaten by the educational social worker and dragged of to a doctor and forced to strip naked for a medical and held down on a bed to be “examined”.

    My very first day in care at Rivendell was met with a smack in the face from the Top dog which resulted in a trip to A&E. On return to the home I was told by staff to stay clear of him or else. Or else what?

    When your a child trying to tell someone your fearing for your life and they laugh at you what are you supposed to next? This was the day they took the confidence the self esteem and destroyed it forever.

    I could go on for hours telling my story but I feel for the one’s who aren’t with us anymore, the suicides the overdoses then the mental torture of having to close your eyes on a night and see them F**kers again and again every night.

    Torture? They don’t know the meaning of the word. To all of you out there suffering, when you wake in the morning thank yourself for getting there because no other F**ker helped ya get through it. I hope that when I die I can go see some of these people and hope that I get my chance at redemption.

    1. i feel your pain. really. that shit goes on here in the states as well. i was in the system of “care” a good portion of my childhood. my crime was that i was a ‘runaway’ when in fact i was being held by adults who were using me for child sex trafficking. but i was treated like the criminal while the real criminals were living the good life with all that money they got paid for me being raped and im sure it was quite a bit since i was so young. the whole system is criminals as far as im concerned and i will never trust them to do anything good for me. my heart goes out to you and i wish that would not have happened. it really fucks a person up for life, it never goes away. blessings to you.

  4. This is the year 5777 On this feast of trumpets the lunar calendar is all set for a king to come into this world. I believe the Annunaka is returning . I believe all RH Negatives are the bride of Christ .

    I am RH-A- ..

    My family has always taught us we are not humans made from monkeys.

    I have a special ability to put random events together and foretell the future in a way.

    I have the ability to bend the world demiurge to enjoy this planet and not get trapped in slavery.

  5. I would like to ask all RHESUS NEGATIVES to stop giving blood. let the monkeys die off. they are violent. narcistic. animals. don’t let them have any more blood. let them die off naturally

    1. I have 2 good friends that are RH negative and told them, but they are probably on a list, both have children and that is ALWAYS needed info…I pray against and rebuke the information getting out to “them”. We need to not only pray for things, but pray and rebuke Satan and his minions in the name of Jesus Christ. We need to use the power given to us, but the church is unschooled and wont touch it.. the holy spirit will. We got two offensive spiritual weapons “his WORD aka Sword and long range artillery of PRAYER, all else is defensive armor.

    2. I think Lady Douglas made such a suggestion in her video revenge of the red heads.

      She is an O negative.

      She sounds like an O-neg separatist and bit of a heretic in some respects. Her looks and tone of voice however is very seductive…..

      Persecution Rh Negative Bloodline – Revenge of the Redheads …


  6. Hi my name is Maria and I’m ab neg my life is so bad,I tried to kill myself last year, the suffering it’s to much, please help me I’m lost

    1. Miss Baird,

      Know that you are not alone.

      Whatever you do – do NOT give-up. We have the most to gain & the most to lose. Losing another of our kind is a tremendous​ly heavy loss. One which only benefits our many enemies.

      (Patton once said: “When in doubt, ATTACK !” also; “When surrounded, ATTACK, ATTACK – ATTACK !!!”)

      There are many ways to apply the various Artforms of Warfare. Know that we all have been under unprovoked attack & that we have been for many thousands of years.

      We have entered the fifth & final era of the Piecean age, signaling the beginning of the end of the destruction of OUR innocence & of the desolation of our future.

      100% of which is our children.

      Of which, without you beautiful ladies there are none and could be none more to come. This is not to say that is the only station in life for women but it is one of the most important ones. For if we stop reproducing for whatever reason(s) – we’re through. Likewise, if we abandon hope, as well.

      Then all is lost. And we will cease to be forevermore. The future of we men (i.e: our children…) is indeed in the hands of women.

      In my efforts to provide, defend & protect I seek & I pledge not fail you(rs). I implore you – please, do not fail me.

      ALL of Angelo-Saxon Brittany is OURS !
      I possess her, she is mine.
      I belong to her FOREVER !

      We will take her back.

      Group A,
      Type NEGATIVE.
      My once deep RED hair is now white like my skin. I am NOT a white asian (caucasian). I acknowledge my ancestral lineage from the Northernmost Eldar Race of Hyperborea – the Land of the ice & snow.

      And my eyes…still change from green to blue separated by an amber ring.

      1. We may indeed be going back into an age of ice and snow in the near future for 90 to 105 millennia. Prepare your selves for it fellow pure bloods. The purification of our lands and peoples very well could be near.

        Adapt 2030

        Rolf Witzsche

        Ice age now

  7. I love your site! I am also a ‘double o negative’ blood type as you are! Interesting—I was not able, and I tried several times to share or post….’Off the Grid Survival;’—-That leaves a significant message now doesn’t it! I forgot, also ;Weather Modifications,’—I could not share,let alone, get a site…period! Keep this up please….I sent a lot around about ‘food is free, and I will continue to do so!

  8. Here is a gardening tip for those willing to try something new in gardening. Powdered Basalt or volcanic rock plus compost or wood chips/ sawdust. The key to it is the minerals and trace elements supplied by the powdered rock plus the organic matter. If it is good for the plants it will be good for life forms that eat the plants including us. This spring I put some rock dust on my mom’s house plants and potted plants that she had out on the patio and a few months ago she reported that the health of the plants had improved.

  9. All of this is new & exciting to me. Thank you all so much for posting & sharing so much. I am AB-, My mother was A+, my father(?) 0+. I am the eldest of 7, the only RH-, although 2 siblings are AB.
    I seem to have 90% of the cited traits & am eager to find out more.
    Thank you again,

  10. Hey outlaw jimmy it’s lise Alben Email me I have u my phone number on messenger don’t know if it’s working peace love light love has won’t talk to you soon!

  11. there is still care homes out there with carers enjoying giving mental people a bad time its called mine games . they try and get them to a standed to keep them in so the can keep the place open and keep all there benefits. cqc have got too big for there boots and these placers are funded by the nhs they have the social services in there pocket even m p whats going on i dont want to brake any laws but but been many placers and got no help from nobody. i now fear for my best and only friends life the care home i fear to tell you the name of. has my friend gets punished in the past and i have been threatened by the social services as i sent emails too cqc as a whistle blower but the cqc contacted the ss and they was at my door faster the this will get read so how can i get sign posted to the right people . ps there is no cameras in this place.. i am now 70 years young i have no money left no food and soon will be maybe homeless cos housing benefit is getting cut cos i now live on on my own but i intend to fight until i drop dead for my friend.i am running out of placeres where to go and i cry every night and pray for help. i do believe there is good people out there finding them would help i have licked solicitors boots in vane but would do it again

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