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    • Maybe nobody Bill, it may depend if you have appeared on the radar and made a nuisance of yourself 🙂

      • Not all O-negs are in the same club. Some have their own objectives and points of view that are not in synch with that of the Jews and their elitist allies.

    • Lol These Quacks! I thought they were upset, educated children of God as I am. I was upset to find out that the Gov and the Medical comm has known about my – blood type and I suffered through 2 miscarriages which is common in all women, monkey loves or not. just kidding fools. You should be educated and worry about your health BC I am and I’m worried about my beautiful super hero son as well. I have a real book, ya know, not gossip, fear spread by demons to get a hoard of followers. Brothers and Sisters in Jesus, please use your own mind. God gave you his spirit! Not fear.

  1. I have made a nuisance of myself. They punish me harshly. I’m still alive but they have my 4 children. Suggestions?

  2. There is a link “error” to

  3. omg… this is my and my spirityal sister to the tee…i knew i wasnt crazy either was my spiritual sister…thank you GOD for revealing to me and confirming what my sister and i were telling the truth and the defeated foe played ua against eachh other….im o-rh, my siter is o+ which in the END ALL WORKS TOGETHER FFOR THE GOOD OF THOSE WHO LOVE GOD OUR DADDY….GLORY TO GOD, HALLELUAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Hi outlaws. I discovered my blood type when joining the royal air force back in the late 80s. Although dark haired and dark brown eyes there is a strong line of red heads with my paternal family. When very young I experienced pre cognitive dreams on a regular basis. As an adult I very rarely recall dreams but when I do they are very powerful. I also experienced an alien visitation around the age of 5. I am very intuitive. Friends say spiritual. I also feel like an outsider despite being popular. When serving with the military in Germany I was ordered to give blood. I know I did but have no memory of it strangely. I have taken anti biotics for the same condition twice and am now immune. After my second tooth extraction I became immune to novocaine. I cut all my wisdom teeth by the age of 11. I was wrongfully arrested a couple of years ago. The police could not get my fingerprints to print on the machine despite hours attempting to do so. I have avoided terrible events in my life personally sometimes by seconds/minutes. Maybe I’m just lucky. Just felt drawn here recently. Take care all. David x

  5. I receive two or three calls each and every day from blood banks asking for my R- blood. This has been going on for more years than I care to recall.

  6. I’ve been having trouble finding websites that seem legitimate and have factual information about my O-blood type.. I’m probably not looking hard enough but if there’s some good and decent sites, could you post a couple? I would definitely appreciate the help. Thank you!

    • Hi Tessa, I was not able to locate any decent Rh Neg websites per say, (At least none that I could recommend anyway) but there are a number of pretty decent Facegroup groups which are worth visiting.

      Are you on Facebook?

      In my experience most of the Rh – sites and forums are places where personal information is harvested, which is understandably not a good thing.

    • Tessa, this IS our biggest obstacle.. The under reported TRUTH of our bloodtype.

      I believe in God and the Bible and even in there the “information: is scarce.

      Jimmy is an amazing source I have recently found! (thanks Jim) and like he said the Facebook groups that are closed and legit are where I have found a lot of unity and understanding!

      It’s definitely a plunge into “the rabbit hole” Good Luck Sweety

  7. I was in winlestone hall that Mr stephens the the physical instructor abused me sexually and physically the said no

  8. I left that plus my dad was was doing worse shit and all yours fucked with me & do mean like Paul(my dad) & Mr Stevenson the Dirty Bastard teacher who was supposed to be teaching me PE physical education auroville fucking cunt

  9. So glad I stumbled across your podcast with thc on YouTube!! You’re story is almost exactly the same as mine. I had official looking suits come for me in grade primary to do the ink blots and other iq tests for reasons i never knew until I started looking into blood types and learned that this kind of stuff happens to others who share the RH O- blood type.
    I thought it was just me experiencing this high strangeness so I’m extremely relieved that I’m not alone.
    I have always felt like I don’t belong ..i feel out of place and misunderstood no matter who I’m with.
    Anyway I’m super stoked to have found your website..☮️

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