3 comments on “THE WELL OF DESPAIR

  1. I agree – what sort of person must you be to work in one of these labs? Cruelty in the name of Science or big Pharma – both of which are designed to make lots of money & don’t actually care what their experiments & drugs do in reality. Like everything else it’s more about money than it is about helping humans. So many drugs do more harm than good – the experiments just go from innocent creatures to humans guinea pigs instead.

    I posted on the CS forum earlier about the subject of people murdering animals for kicks & because it’s big business. I feel lucky to have such a feisty Gran who scared the living daylights out of me with her anti vivisection campaign posters on her kitchen wall from a very young age. Harsh, but they taught me so much. Enough to know that in labs everywhere there are beautiful creatures being tortured in the most inhumane & horrific ways – supposedly for the greater good.

    More deaths are caused every year from legally prescribe pharmaceutical drugs that people blindly accept & take – handed out by their GP’s – than from all the illegal drug overdoses put together. Often these drugs are dished out to people like smarties – especially relating to mental health – to the most vulnerable people – the GP’s & big Pharma knowing full well there is no antidote if an overdose occurs. Often legal pharmaceutical drugs cause bigger problems than the condition the patient has presented with in the 1st place.

  2. His studies actually contributed quite a bit to the field of psychology. This is, for some reason, often not mentioned in articles and essays about the experiments…

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