‘Shape Shifters,’ ‘Reptilians’, ‘Lizards’ and ‘Aliens’.

How often have you heard lurid stories of this kind especially when associated with people who share the Rhesus Negative Bloodtype?

Could there be a reasonable explanation for this?

Or are you convinced there is actual evidence to support these theories?



Polycoria is a pathological condition of the eye characterized by more than one pupillary opening in the iris.

It may be congenital or result from a disease affecting the iris.

Axenfield-Reiger Syndrome

Named after the German ophthalmologist Theodor Axenfeld who studied anterior segment disorders, especially those such as Rieger Syndrome and the Axenfeld Anomaly.

The term “Rieger syndrome” is sometimes used to indicate an association with glaucoma.

Rieger Syndrome is by medical definition determined by the presence of malformations of the teeth, the underdevelopment of the anterior segment of the eye, along with the manifestations caused by the Axenfeld anomaly.


In addition to these occurrences, a prominent Schwalbe’s line, an opaque ring around the cornea known as posterior embryotoxin, Glaucoma and hypolasia of the iris can occur in the eye.

It is not even a particular trait of Rhesus Negative people in case you were wondering.

But Reptilians are far more believable eh?


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