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A lot doesn’t sit right with the inferno in London today.

One resident who blogged was threatened with court action if he didn’t take his blog down, complaining about the lack of safety.

Government minsters coming-out and stating failings. We are talking about mass deaths due to neglect.

This is prime location land, and a tower block would be seen as an eyesore by many. It takes me back to the riots in Tottenham.

First off, what pushed the riots?

The parents of Mark Duggan had no official word from the police. Only finding out their son had been shot dead by police from a journalist.

So they attend Tottenham police station days later for official word. They were first told the commissioner was going to speak to them. Hours later and a restless crowd had no response.

The truth was, the commissioner was on holiday. One of the restless crowd shouted at the police officer and was subsequently pushed over.

Trouble then started.

Now, with everyone obviously upset to say the least, hours later people from all over London came down to riot. Shops were turned upside down and revellers took what they could. Fires were started in local businesses and whilst all this was happening, the directive given to police officers was to stand back and let it happen.

Thats the riots.

During the same time, Tottenham Hotspur PLC had plans to build a new stadium.

A few listed buildings and a local business “Archway Metal Works” stood in the way of Tottenham’s plans.

It was reported that Archway Metal Works was offered in the region of ten million pounds.

That was no way accurate, a little over market value was offered.

Ironically, this building also fell to the ground, due to fire.

Suspicious no?

I remember a few months after advertising boards where the post office once stood with signs for the redevelopment of Tottenham with Mayoral money, as was also on the corner of a soon to be new development of homes on Hampden Road with the same boast of Mayoral money.

Now of course, Tottenham is on the up.

On the rare occasion I walk the High Road and down near Hale village, I see the type of residents moving into Tottenham.

As we see the ground is now well underway.

Local business on the High Road such as Chick King have protested and petitioned to stop Tottenham Hotspur knocking down their shops and the tower block on Love Lane, just off White Hart Lane.

It seems many people are doing well from the riots and the foul play in the burning of Archway Metal works.

Haringey council, David Lammy and Tottenham Hotspur PLC.

Now for what we are finding out about the inferno today, it seems many, many failings have killed many people as well as leaving people without a home.

Im not speculating about the inferno, but I will say that certain businesses and the council may be looking forward to this development in the near future.

Rest in peace Mark Duggan.

Rest in peace those that lost their lives in Grenfell Tower.

Credited to: A Tottenham Resident


  1. Admiral Benbow
    Admiral Benbow June 15, 2017

    1979 – James Callaghan won 269 seats, and resigned.
    1992 – Neil Kinnock won 271 seats, and resigned.
    2017 – Jeremy Corbyn won 262 seats, claims victory along with his fanatic supporters and instead of resigning, he orders the winner to quit.

    • ADMIN
      ADMIN June 15, 2017

      It’s mad isn’t it?

  2. Steve
    Steve June 15, 2017

    Great well done that man

    • ADMIN
      ADMIN June 15, 2017

      It’s not bad is it ?

  3. Copious Flow
    Copious Flow June 15, 2017

    Craig Murray has an interesting take on this.


  4. David Icke Forum Regular
    David Icke Forum Regular June 16, 2017

    The 21st Century spin on the good old fashioned Land Grab. Rebadged as ‘Gentrification’

    • Jane
      Jane June 16, 2017

      There’s a lot of it about. Selling it all off whilst there is still some pilferage left in backhanders to be made.


  5. I Claudia
    I Claudia June 16, 2017

    And once again its the working poor who suffer while the rich get richer

  6. Faith
    Faith June 16, 2017

    However the media and the establishment try to spin this event, it stinks to high heaven and back again

  7. Not living on a ball.
    Not living on a ball. June 16, 2017

    Nothing like a ritualistic burning….The wicker man…

  8. OldGit
    OldGit June 16, 2017

    Green deathtraps: energy-saving renovation blamed for horrific Grenfell Tower fire in London (NOTE COMMENTS ON FRIDGES):-


    Inside the tower tomb London fire – death toll set to go past 100(T):-


    The Shocking Doomsday Maps Of The World And The Billionaire Escape Plans:-


    George Soros is Trying to Hijack Christian Churches (try comment 18):-


  9. Mad Mike
    Mad Mike June 16, 2017

    Sadiq Khan was Communities and Local Government minister in 2008 and 2010 with direct responsibility over housing and planning.

    He could have upgraded the tower block safety regulations but chose not to do anything. He didn’t pass regulations mandating sprinklers and outlawing unsafe exterior cladding either.

    Emma Coad – Kensington’s new Labour MP was on the Grenfell management board (KCTMO) from 2008 – 2012 when residents there first started raising their concerns about the fire risk.

    Makes you think don’t it?

  10. Phil Atterley
    Phil Atterley June 16, 2017

    In a nasty twist of fate, the man-made climate change scam is partly to blame. The building was near indestructible until it was wrapped-up.
    In the interest of energy conservation, the original metal-framed windows in the block were replaced with plastic-framed double glazing. The insulated but highly flammable exterior cladding was added to that end, as well as to ‘prettify’ the area. The fatal result of this combination is now apparent. The ‘trigger’ now appears to have been a domestic fridge which, thanks to the ozone panic, was not using the now banned non-flammable refridgerant R12, but it’s latest replacement, R-600a, or isobutane, which is not merely inflammable, but explosive, in the ‘right’ circumstances.
    Whether the cladding came thanks to EU or UK govt energy conservation funding is not yet clear. Either way, how much the contractor paid for the cladding and how much they then charged for it will be high on the list of questions asked.
    Another will be: Given the freely available information about the Melbourne Docklands fire (2014), the Dubai Hotel fire (2015) and at least a dozen others using this type of cladding, who made the decision to use it in London, and why?

    • ADMIN
      ADMIN June 16, 2017

      You have raised some important points there Phil, and asked some uncomfortable questions that will need answering by someone too.

    • OldGit
      OldGit June 17, 2017


      • Phil Atterley
        Phil Atterley June 20, 2017

        OG. Thanks. Good Post.

  11. Faith
    Faith June 17, 2017

    After Sky and BBC journalists got a battering from the angry crowd outside, only one newshound was allowed inside Kensington Council Offices Jimmy. Which was someone you know, Sonia Poulton and SkyNews has used her footage


    • ADMIN
      ADMIN June 17, 2017

      Good on her. She is one of the very few honest reporters out there still plying their trade …. and doing so against some seriously wicked bastards trying to stop her too.

  12. Planes=clouds.
    Planes=clouds. June 18, 2017

    Exotic weaponary?….After all our sky is weaponized….

  13. OldGit
    OldGit June 18, 2017

    Russian Colluder Explains How Russia Stole the Election (DAMN FUNNY):-


  14. Con and a tale.
    Con and a tale. June 19, 2017

    New story in London for the cognitive dissonance suffering, flouradated, brainwashed herd to be entertained with…. Its one of them terrorists wot shouts kill all Muslims this time though…. Is there something in the air (Makes you wonder​) are the herd sprayed with, ‘i cannot think anymore aluminium???…. BULLSHIT

  15. RIchard1
    RIchard1 June 20, 2017

    If you are of the opinion that the Westminster terrorist attack was a’false flag ‘ or ‘no one died’ or it involved ‘crisis actors ‘ may I humbly suggest you watch ‘Hospital ‘ on Tuesday 9pm on BBC2. See if you still think that after watching.

    • ADMIN
      ADMIN June 20, 2017

      Isn’t the BBC one of the outlets that have been highlighted as among those peddling ‘Fake News’ Richard.

      And they did manage to cover up the activities of a number of well documented and prolific Paedophiles among their ranks for decades as I recall.

      But I could be wrong.

    • Cognitive Dissonance.
      Cognitive Dissonance. June 20, 2017

      Haven’t watched the, ‘box’ Richard for years. Watch the BBC you say???

      No thanks… May I suggest throwing your hypnotize box out of the window?, you’ll feel much clearer… Does the BBC report on the engineered sky???

      Sprayed heavy yesterday = WHITEOUT today…..

      Vitamin D…

      Immune system…..

      Shove the Shysters BBC where the sun don’t shine (that’s right our sky)… George Orwell, “TV is your God”….

      No offence Richard but some of us are tired watching the Emperors new clothes….

      • Jane
        Jane June 20, 2017

        Have to say, not watching TV is definitely a good move.

  16. RIchard1
    RIchard1 June 20, 2017

    Watch the programme. The Doctors and nurses of St. Mary’s hospital Paddington are not part of any alleged ‘subterfuge ‘ on the part of the BBC or any other part of the MSM.

    • ADMIN
      ADMIN June 20, 2017

      You can’t demand that people watch TV or any other form of establishment programming Richard. It’s a person’s personal choice to do so (or not), which should be respected.

  17. RIchard1
    RIchard1 June 20, 2017

    Lol.i am not ‘demanding’ anything. Sorry if that’s how it came across, I am merely suggesting. I am sure any open minded person would want to see as much information as possible.if you watch the programme and still think ‘ no one died’ and that the Westminster terror attack involved ‘crisis involved ‘ crisis actors’ then just carry on being deluded.

    • ADMIN
      ADMIN June 20, 2017

      Nobody has said that people do not get injured or die during ‘False Flag’ attacks Richard.

      I only wish that was true but it’s not, people do get injured and people often die during staged or manufactured ‘Terror’ attacks.

      It’s always been the way that innocent people are usually the ones that suffer the most.

  18. OldGit
    OldGit June 21, 2017

    Review of “The Discovery and Conquest of Mexico” by Bernal Diaz (WITH LINKS TO ONLINE VERSIONS):-




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