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  1. @outlaw o/t sorry mate but i just had enough..been posting for a while on blogs and and the schoolbully who runs it tells me off because i unearth stuff..stuff that bothers me a bit..
    like today..this universal credit bollocks..its a mess honestly and ppl will be pushed into despair.
    anyway by accident some bod connected to it..ie the program director of it used to work in the defence/ intelligence area..now i dont know if that matters, but according to the schoolbully because this bloke wasnt some well known MP,,I should shut up about it…now this comes on top of him colluding with someone who admitted he had being checking up on me..
    so bollocks to it..had enough jimmy. sick of this..was gonna start me own blog, maybe i will but ive had enough of the schoolbully..what you think???

    • I would write your own blog Blob, get the stuff you unearth out there and write it the way you want to.

      I read many blogs, some excellent, some not so great, but all have a place and in their own way are contributing to history.

      Just remember, as a friend told me recently ‘Once it’s online, people will be reading it in a hundred years from now’, it may be the only legacy that some of us will leave.

      I would go for it, publish and be damned eh? 🙂

      Good Luck….

      • @outlaw and @spawn yes that has been suggested to me many times, however my circumstances are dire and no conducive to writing and research..as far as i am concerned i have no interest in in high ‘traffic’ fame, glory at all, i’d sooner have a few handful of regulars than hundreds..i dont want to be ‘peoples champion’ working class hero..or anything like that..just another bod who observes odd stuff that puzzled or worries me and for like minded souls who also scrath their heads and wonder purely in order to figure out just wtf is going on in the world. no conspiracy theories just. ”any ideas what this means? i’d sooner share and discuss on a blog rather than ‘i am the truth-yey believeth in me”
        please support my ego.has no place for trying to make sense of shit.

  2. I wasn’t going to comment on this blog as you clearly have this apparent bad agenda (told me by my friend), but I couldn’t help myself at least try to totally put you right on this incorrect view you extrapolate of history. You know, you’re actually very wrong here. Politically, Rasputin was a reformist and he wanted to see full equal rights for the Jewish population in the Russian occupied territories (including parts of Ukraine) so why do the Jewish people want to kill him? Illogical. Also Jewish people didn’t finance the Russian revolution – that is the hateful myth misinformation spread by far right groups. People of Jewish origin supported revolutionaries only if they had given up their religion to follow communism. Certainly Jewish businessmen didn’t support bolshevism neither because they were capitalist – totally opposed ideologically. You are getting it wrong and need to do some research, sir! Jews had very little power (if any) during the Romanov period – Alexander III and Nicolai II were rabid anti-semites. You should check out Lenin’s anti-Semitic rants too. Although Jewish emancipation improved after the fall of the dynasty of the Romanovs subsequant leaders like Lenin and Stalin shared anti-Jewish prejudice and also Jews still had a tough time in the SSRs up to the days of Gorbachev. Many Jewish families left as soon as they could and emigrated to States of America and Canada – and also many thousands to parts of Europe like Germania.

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