Where women lead some men will go,
Let women show the way,
Their struggle for our kith and kind,
Won’t wait another day,
The deadlier of our species,
Her tongue and poisoned pen.
A woman’s heart the burning brand,
That lights the way for men.

When women set example,
To save our folk, our race,
The fairest of our species,
Will show her other face;
Protective of her children,
Defensive of her kind;
When men are gentle sleeping,
Or true men hard to find.


Michael Walsh

Mike Walsh was a freelance media writer and columnist for thirty-years.

The Irish journalist now writes and broadcasts solely for independent alternative media.


26 thoughts on “WHERE WOMEN LEAD


    This is taken from Micheal Wolkind Facebook page.

    He defended Joanne Mjadzelics and by the looks of things from a simple Google search has a reputation of getting paedophiles a good deal. How nice eh?

    What kind of QC uploads a pic like this?

    Looks like the kind someone takes while having some handy fun on webcam don’t it?


    1. His friend Puddick is fond of getting his kit off on camera too & mincing about in his pants with his male friends in hotel rooms isn’t he?

      I won’t even mention what they like to use as ‘novelty toilet roll holders’. Ewww grubby!

      And his other mate, Ian Watkins ex brass is also notorious for it. Unfortunately for the rest of humankind.

      Maybe it’s a criteria for the cases he takes on? 😉

      Nice poem. Rings true too. Some of us have more respect for what our ancestors suffered, to roll over and let some other toffee nosed tyrant oppress us as appears to be the case.

      We have a woman parking her posterior in the top seat unelected & people are still dying despite her promises that the oh so obvious horrendous bumping off the most vulnerable agenda would end.

      A very grim prospect.

      Just another nail in the coffin of this country I feel sadly.

      Screwing us all to the wall makes us much easier to manipulate by the greed merchants who we all know really pull her strings.

    2. So this video you have all been going on about?

      The one our heroine and saviour of children was forced to make by “sinister forces” years ago?

      You can clearly see that she is being forced to say all that stuff.

      The trolls have just airbrushed out the kidnappers and her frightened tears!!!

      From her mannerisms you can see that she is in so much pain when describing the drinking of urine, the meth taking and recalling her incest experiences.

      No doubt she was forced onto that plane to Los Angeles by hijackers .

      You people know nothing!!!!!!!!!!

      Im calling the police now!


    “RELIGION The aliens claim to have created Homo Sapiens through hybridization. The papers said that RH- blood was proof of this. They further claimed to have created all of our major religions. They showed a hologram of the crucifixion of Christ which the Government filmed. They claim that Jesus was created by them.”-




    1. The RH-‘s are an upgrade to the primitive humanoids that were already on earth scratching around OG.

      Minus the Simian (Monkey) genes and blood of course.

      1. Real footage of Admiral Richard Byrd’s secret expediton part 2 the Russian leaks.


        Outlaws Note: This Video is no longer available on Youtube

        1. “The RH-‘s are an upgrade to the primitive humanoids that were already on earth scratching around OG. ”

  3. Mjadzelics is now screengrabbing the comment section on this site and trying to get attention from Gareth Icke (although i know for a FACT he nearly puked when he saw her old Twitter post that stated “INCEST A FUN GAME FOR ALL THE FAMILY!” )

    Joke or not it did not sit well with him.

    And lets be honest,after hearing her on that vile video talking about her sister (aged 11 at the time!) this was most likely no joke at all.

    The tweet appeared long before Watkins arrest aswell.

    Just why on earth she seems to think that people still being outraged and disgusted by her behaviour is somehow a crime and that such people are STALKERS!! PEADO TROLLS!! WATKINS FANS!! CYBERNUTJOBS!! etc is really bewildering..

    I apologise for posting on here about this woman but as Spivey and the Icke forum posse are all in favour of such vomit inducing behaviour it makes a change to find at least someone else who can see through this facade.

    No doubt she has run down to the police station again showing your site and these comments to a desk sargent and screaming her loud mouth off.

    Really can there ever be ANY excuse for signing off an email with the line “child molesters till we die!”?

    One correction.

    On the Spivey site she uses the name MISS M.

    On the Icke forum she used the name Misstaken (before getting herself banned)


    1. No offence, but Gareths ‘Record Breaking Straw inserting shenanigans’ didn’t ‘sit’ well with a lot of people either (pardon the pun).

      On the contrary to what you have said, he seems to be supporting her, which is no surprise.

      It’s pretty obvious that if people are repulsed by someone that declared it’s adoration for incest on a Z list TV interview, they are going to be even more disgusted by the baby rapist itself, as well as the creep who declared it’s lust for incest.

      Both completely abnormal, revolting things to right minded people, but not to the unsavoury creatures who take part in these hideous warped things, they think it’s abnormal that we think it’s abnormal.

      Being a gob on a stick isn’t going to change that, no amount of feigned horror at people being repulsed by those grim things or being shocked that the law gets it wrong so often will change that.

      Sadly it’s not unusual that this sort crane their necks to remain in the limelight after a little taste of media attention and they usually paint themselves as heroes.

      We see it all the time.

      Unfortunately someone going into a police station and bleating that people are disgusted by their disgusting interview about their absolute adoration for incest (when the interview is out there for all to see), or someone posting pics of their mates using bits of their anatomy as loo roll holders, or people getting the hump that people felt sick about a challenge to stick 50 straws up their bum & the vid being posted on Youtube, is unlikely to cause the Secret Services to spring into action. The Police are very much likely to see these grim things in as grim as most people I should imagine. .

      It’s bizarre that some people do these things quite openly, purely for the attention, yet when people see their TV interviews, photos & Youtube clips (which is after all why they made them and posted them online in the 1st place – to be seen), they fly into a fit of fury & feign persecution.

      And of course there’s proof of her attacks on us on behalf of her good friend Puddick, and the fact she is hand in glove with many of the abusers linked to the attacks on J and others. There’s proof of Puddick doorstepping peoples parents, an official complaint was made, yet nothing done of course.

      I don’t think there’s anything too unusual for a man to appear topless in a photo, even QC’s, even if for some you wish there was a law banning their bodies being unleashed on the www 😀

      On another note, from what we’ve all experienced, it appears to be quite ‘normal’ for child abusers to hide behind the Anti CSA placard & they generally roll out the ‘paedo protector’ rant & anyone who doesn’t fall hook line and sinker for their lies & despite THE faux ranters being the ones with firm links to paedos. Projection, Their incessant squawking only draws attention to that fact.

    2. Not everyone on the Icke forums thinks that Majeliks is wonderful. The opposite is true if anything

      1. Sorry… but that is 100% incorrect.

        That repulsive interview was linked on there several times along with a lot of other stuff. All resulting in account bans.

        Then the likes of Pinkizzy, Wolfie and others then going on the attack and defending the sick behaviour as somehow necessary for this woman’s personal so-called detective work!

        Here is two posts made my Mjadzelics and both posted online by herself.

        I will explain them in some detail so be ready…… (and again both these were also posted on the Icke forum resulting in an instant ban!)


        This is dated 4th November 2011 and is a twit-longer direced at Ian Watkins.

        Notice the line…

        “and big wow you’ve fucked a 5yo little girl aren’t you the big fella and …???”

        Obviously Miss Majic was not happy with him was she?

        Well…. they did not take long to kiss and make up….. here comes the big one.



        Part of a conversation between herself and Ian Watkins regarding their Adultwork site “brother/sister” escort service that they did together (all documented online)

        Now look carefully. at the date 12th November 2011…

        It took just 8 DAYS for her to get over his revelation of raping a 5 year old girl.!!!

        Now the content.

        They are discussing arranging to meet a male client for a threesome (booked via the site Adultwork.co.uk)

        Notice Joanne Mjadzelics on screen name is “Brother n Sister Whores”

        “I told him I only let one guy cum in me and he lives in Cardiff”

        (this of course is Watkins..so she obviously did not care about getting pregnant!…. now remember the “having a baby to abuse” talk……)

        then the line that really says it all……look closely at the end..

        “I’d kill me for you….be killed for you”

        I rest my case folks……..

        And will gladly expose this and a LOT more if ever her “investigating force” come knocking at my door.

        She herself posted this stuff online. It was all a big game for bragging points between these sick females all seeing who could get the most attention from the big badboy rockstar Ian Watkins.

        Jo was obviously winning with their brother/sister escorting, unprotected sex and getting SCAT SLAVES (thats shit eating) from the net .

        But then Watkins got several worthless scumbags to molest children for him (and together with him) creating and even closer more warped bond …..and Jo did not like that whatsoever!

        Not until they began “meeting up for coffee” again that is…..

      2. I do chuckle over her constant “hardly ever online” “I only have one account” or even dafter “this is a shared account and the police have the log-in!” outbursts.
        LOL! This daft old boot is never offline! She has a Youtube page, at least 2 Facebook pages and an active Twitter etc.
        Her outlandish claim of being somehow back and forth to Australia is also total nonsense.
        Doncaster/Brisbane ? LOL!!!!
        This one woman comedy show really does have its moments.

  4. What a beautiful poem. I have read some of Walsh’s work on the ‘Renegade Tribune’ website, the guy is a class act

  5. Regarding the arrest and supposed not guilty verdict over the porno pictures.

    He, his minions and the likes of Danielle La Verite claim that the police actually PLANTED these images .

    Does anyone here seriously believe such a thing?

    Come on….

    The cops raid his house (oh and they did that “illegally” aswell… ok sure they did) and take his PC and then somehow plant pics on it (back date them of course) and then charge him over something they downloaded on his PC down at the cop station????

    And people buy this crap?


    Just read that back to yourselves (the Spivey visitors reading this) and realise how utterly moronic that sounds….

    And despite the fact such an act would be incredibly straight forward to prove.

    (The digital footprint of each image having a date,time,location etc)

    So if they were all “planted” by the cops then not a single image would have Spivey’s IP for a start…. and then of course the dates etc….

    But hey..

    I guess the cops were hacking him right? Y know…. at various times hacking into his PC when he was tattooing someone…

    Planting an image here and there. And all along hiding these images in amongst Spivey’s photoshop cut&paste pics and punk mp3’s etc….

    Yeah that sounds absolutely plausable don’t it just?

    Why was this case not on Panorama or World In action once it was exposed by the likes of investigative journalist and writer La Verite? 😉

    1. I believe the event you are referring to was known to the police as ‘The Time machine Incident’ – as the date stamp of the image predated his acquisition of the laptop on which it was found.

  6. ” There is an “elite” coup attempt underway against the U.S. President-elect Trump.
    The coup is orchestrated by the camp of Hillary Clinton in association with the CIA and neoconservative powers in Congress.” :-


  7. This 23-page document document is going around on Facebook. It’s a guide for fighting the Trump agenda.


    The Trump Hack of Notre Dem(POSTED BECAUSE IT’S STEYN):-


    The Most Powerful Jews in the United States (They Control America) ✪ Blow Your Mind ✪:-

    Outlaws Note: This video is no longer available on YouTube

  8. “According to two reports coming out of Aleppo today, at least 14 US Coalition military officers were captured this morning in an East Aleppo bunker by Syrian Special Forces.”


    Naval War College Computer Simulations Show a National Split Coming- Paul Martin (30 min VOICE ONLY):-



    1. Oddly enough I have not given any of them a second thought OG.

      Having an actual life outside of the internet means that my day-to-day activities and interests are a world away from someone who spends every waking hour in Cyberspace.

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