Guest Writer

Ok, so which room are your children in?

We are going in, and we are going to try our best to get them out.

Whilst we are in there we are going to take one hell of a hammering from the heat.

Our fire kit will protect us, (To a degree) but that doesn’t mean our bodies will not be put through an exhausting and brutal heat induced shock.

Knowing there are people still in there who need rescuing, will give us the extra strength needed to fight through the fire to get to them.

Through the pain.

Whole body burning, blood pressure massively increasing, sweating profusely as the body tries to cool itself.

Breathing rate off the scale and heart pounding to cope with the stresses our bodies are enduring.

Can this type of bodily punishment possibly be taken without consequence later in life of some form. (You be the jury).

But your family is in there, and we are willing to suffer serious injury or die trying if needs be to get them out alive.

We are young and healthy and our bodies can endure more punishment compared to a 60 year olds body.

Yet this is what the government wants, 60 year old fire-fighters.

Who will be sacked if they can’t reach the fitness standards set by them.

Once sacked, the pension they have paid into all their working career will not be paid to them for a minimum of 7 years.

The media is a powerful tool and the corrupt government has them in their pocket.

I invite any of the MP’s (Especially the 55 to 60 year olds) to come down from their ivory towers and try to wear breathing apparatus in a simulated house fire in our training facilities.

Where the temperatures are a measly 300 degrees Celsius.

Just a bit hotter than the blast you get in the face when you open the oven door.

(It would not be very nice to climb inside that oven though, would it?)

Not even close to the 1000+ degrees a house fire hits, and where the pain really sets in and the body really begins to suffer.

We are not greedy, we pay a large portion of our own wage into the pension.

We just want our rightly earned pension when we retire at an age which accurately reflects what we have put our bodies through in order to protect the public.

We are backed into a corner and we have to fight the governments’ un-reasonable proposals to protect ourselves and the public we serve.

Please share this with others, as social media is not yet controlled by the government and their rich chums.

We WANT to rescue your family, We WILL move heaven and earth trying, We WANT to be fit and healthy and able to do so, We WILL try to always be at the standard required.

We WON’T all be able to do that.

We only WANT our rightful pension we have paid into if we can no longer reach the standard.

We DONT want sacking and left on the scrap pile.

Thanks for reading and please share the TRUTH.

We don’t want to strike!

We joined to help and protect the public!

We are being left no option!

UK Firefighters