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Sir Cliff Richard, remains one of Britain’s biggest selling musical artists in past decades, selling more than 260 million copies of his many albums.

He also represented his country in the Eurovision Song Contest twice, in 1968 and 1973.

Sir Cliff, whose name has come up several times linked with people in the Jimmy Savile investigations and who allegedly once lived with the black male calypso singer Cy Grant for some time, was also named by the Kray twins as one of Lord Boothbys ‘bum-boys’.

The Krays were well known for controlling a large number of pretty boys who were lent or rented out to homosexuals in the entertainment and political worlds.

“Grannies favourite” Sir Cliff has never once replied to any criticism that he allegedly entered the profession as a male prostitute, although rumours persist that many performers have refused to share a stage with him in the past.

The Metropolitan police have security cameras trained on the Chelsea army barracks and have also allegedly complained unofficially of Cliff Richard’s car number constantly being flagged up on numerous occasions as Sir Cliff was rumoured to be trying to chat up the soldiers.

But the most persistent rumour that annoys most people is the false facade, his pretence of being a Christian while supporting the Israeli genocide of palestinians, and killing foreign citizens in their own country who disagree with Israeli policies.

Insiders in the music business say Cliff has always been managed by Jewish financiers and could not really refuse to visit, but many others have refused in the past, Colin McCafferey on his music blog claimed that when a career is over, the ideal way to get some publicity is to visit a controversial country like Israel, but this will usually end up damaging their reputations in the UK.

Sir Cliff first performed in Israel in September 1963.

Then, as a teen idol, he was greeted at Ben-Gurion Airport by some 2,000 fans.

He returned to the Jewish state in the late 1960s, when he filmed the musical documentary “His Land,” and again in 1988 as part of Israel’s 40th anniversary celebrations.

Throughout his long career, Richard had more than 100 singles in the charts, and is allegedly very difficult to recognise when he’s dressed as a woman to tell that he is in fact, male.

Richard’s arrival in Israel in the 1960s was discussed later on in a Yedioth Ahronoth article written by Emanuel Bar Kadma in 1976, which claimed that legendary producer and impresario Giora Godik chose to bring Richard to Israel as The Beatles refused.

His last visit to Israel was in 2013.

Christian groups urged him to boycott the performance

Sir Cliff’s official movements throughout his career

Admin’s Note: Sir Cliff Richard’s name – or his alleged alias – appeared on a list recently that was uploaded to the Internet, supposedly hand-written by Mary Moss and Chris Fay, in relation to the current investigation into child abuse that has been alleged to have taken place at the Elm Guest House, Rocks Lane, Barnes, London. It is my belief that the list is completely worthless as it contains many false leads, and has served as a distraction only. Chris Fay has since published a retraction as to the list’s authenticity, although some people on the internet still – of course – believe it’s genuine.

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  1. Hi Outlaw lots of good stuff on your site. For more Cliff info check out the Coleman Experience blog, some of it Kitty based but also stuff about Jill Dando and also humorous petty behaviour. Check out his run in with Gordon Ramsey, classic! Cheers.

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    NB: Cliff Richard’s name and his alleged alias appeared on a list recently that was uploaded to the Internet supposedly hand-written by Mary Moss, in relation to the current investigation into child abuse that took place at the Elm Guest House, Rocks Lane, Barnes. It is my belief that the list is almost worthless as it contains many false leads and has served as a distraction only, simply because of the names that DID NOT appear on it.

  3. I’m rather a new steady fan of Cliffs. But should I be?

    If what he’s being accused of is true, that’s it!

    I hope it’s not true as I think he is talented as a performer, but that may not be enough.

    1. As far as I am aware, Cliff Richard has not been charged with anything, nor has he been arrested.

      Accusations are, as you may be aware, just that, and without evidence have to stand up to scrutiny on their own merits.

      Unsubstantiated rumours, the pointing of fingers or Internet lynch mobs are not as yet, proof of anything Dennis.

      Thank God.

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