“Jimmy’s walking home from school talking with his friend
But when they get to Jimmy’s house he can’t invite him in
Jimmy says his mom’s not well and tells his friend good-bye
He keeps a secret as he slowly walks inside
Cause Mom’s been drinking and right now she doesn’t care
About this awful burden her child must bear, he’s begging
Please don’t believe me when I say I’m ok
Look a little deeper for the words that I can’t say
I’m too small to stand alone, I sure could use a friend
Help me learn to trust someone again
Don’t leave me
Please don’t believe me
There’s a house that’s dark and quiet where little Amy sleeps
There’s footsteps in the bedroom where someone shouldn’t be
Somebody whispers I’ll hurt you if you tell
Amy keeps the secret and blames it on herself, her smile is just a shell
Oh the years fly by for the ones who survive
Till they look like grown ups, and nobody hears them
Nobody hears them cry”

Words & music by Alan O’Day

7 thoughts on “PLEASE DON’T BELIEVE ME

  1. Jimmy, it says words and music by Alan O’Day, where can I find the song ? as I want to share it. Heartbreakingly sad and so so true.

  2. Sad and scarily true on so many levels. This really resonates with me, and no doubt many others.

  3. Awful, sad words to read then … and still a kick in the guts today 🙁 How much has changed in the last 5 years tho’, how much further forward are we in helping the downtrodden and abused! Children are one of the most precious things in the world, why do we not treat them as such ? Well maybe, just maybe, things are starting to change …!

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