Please don’t add to an ongoing shit show, by showing your support (or donating any cash) for the following ‘Campaign’….

It is just another slush fund to line the pockets of Brian “Jesus” Gerrish, and all you are doing by supporting this, is preventing Melanie from getting justice, and undoubtably prolonging her obvious suffering.

The UK Column and the rest of the Alt Media parasites, need to be stopped from billboarding ‘celebrity’ and high profile cases simply to fund their own lavish life styles.

Fake help is no help whatsoever.

If you are at all concerned, then you can help by ensuring that Melanie Shaw receives the mental health help she clearly needs -before it is too late.

No real justice has ever resulted from UK columns involvement in cases of this type.



Note: All donations care of UK column on behalf of Melanie Shaw, only go towards continuing Melanie’s suffering and them profiting from it.

*Courtesy of Flo Destroyer*



24 thoughts on “NIL BY MOUTH

  1. Brian never mentions the paedophiles he has supported, like this one


    Or his friendship with The Royals most honoured navy man Charles Howeson, who Gerrish was the friend, colleague and business partner in 2 companies with.

    I find it really odd that despite all the evidence being in plan sight that Gerrish and Co are behind this, yet they are never being interviewed by the police.

    Actually I don’t, because so many of them in this scam gang seem to be Jewish, I suspect Gerrish is too and with a party in power of the same cult and the the ‘Royal family’ too and so many having links to Government etc, I think it’s all just a little too obvious.

    1. ‘No real justice has ever resulted from UK columns involvement in cases of this type.’

      Out of curiosity, to which cases are you referring to with uk column involvement?

        1. Ok, I get that. But admittedly, that story had pretty much reached wildfire before Gerrish touched it.
          Any others

          1. I seemed to have missed the question mark off the end of my sentence, making it look provocative than it was meant to.

          2. No worries, I got what you were saying E.M.

            A simple internet search of the UK Column’s website should furnish you with enough info to answer your question – and failing that, there are plenty of good folk out there who have exposed that outfit for what it is.

            As I recall you were at one point, a staunch believer in the Hampstead SRA nonsense, and went to great lengths in the comments section of this very site, to try and prove the stories to be true – so it’s entirely possible that you may also have one foot firmly planted in Camp Gerrish.

            Which if I am right, then I am clearly wasting my time as anyone with even a tentative grasp of English, should be able to find the answer to your question online.

  2. Things are not looking rosy over at Chez Gerrish I am hearing. The delightful Cat Scot has resigned from Fresh Start Foundation and has starting slating Gerrish and all that lot which is awkward as the other Scottish loon and one time bezzie mate David Scott is still working for them both. Poor old Cat is now reduced to reading Spivey and Aangirifan while getting pissed on cheap cider on a Sunday.

    1. Cheap cider? I hardly think so. But thanks for showing such an interest in my life. As for the rest.. I have no allegiance to anybody other than myself. So if anyone doesn’t like my opinion. Tough.

      P.S. If you worried more about what the REAL criminals are doing & less about what I do on a Sunday then you would be all over The New Chartists Movement.
      Look it up.

      Interesting who their main supporters are eh?!

      1. Not half as interesting, or enlightening as looking at the histories of your supporters, and those you support though eh Cat?

          1. If saying that gives you some comfort, or you think it affords you immunity from being closely scrutinised by those you have targeted online, then by all means continue believing that is true Cat.

            But you are in the minority I assure you 😉

      2. Hi Cat, in case you have forgotten, can I remind you of the type of vile creatures you surround yourself with online?

        Scat Comment

  3. I never trusted any of them. UK Column, Gerrish or any of that creepy mob. They take advantage of people with Mental Health Issues and exploit them shamelessly. Thanks for highlighting this Jimmy

  4. I tried to get in touch with Brian Gerrish a few years ago and never got a response. I know lots of survivors who have tried to get UK Column to help them and got no response either. It’s as though BG only wants a certain type of CSA survivor like Melanie Shaw for example who has obvious MH issues that he can exploit for his own ends. I can only warn people off contacting UKC or similar alt media people as they are not interested in survivors only how much cash and website hits they can make happen. That’s what I think any way. Thank you

    1. Frankie, I would call that a lucky escape.

      With his links to Charles Howeson convicted male sex abuser who is good friends with the people who call themselves our royal family & several others in this big organised gang also link to politicos and the people who call themselves ‘the royal family’, I think it’s more than just money.

      And when you are people who call yourself the royal family (despite not being our royal family) and you have as many links to paedophiles as some clearly do, the same ‘cult/origins’ as most of the attackers are too, as well as most of the Tory party, strangely enough, it gets too obvious for people to ignore.

      No one should trust Gerrish or any of his cling ons. Worst thing abuse survivors could ever do.

      “Too many people got too much to hide”

      “Peter Morrison 5 times”

        1. Yep, that is raising a few eyebrows all over the place TDF – and generating revenue for U.K. Column too I should think.

          The Alt-Right scratching each other’s backs all over the place by the look of things.

          1. I noticed Tommy Robinson has been promoting the Melanie Shaw scam for a while now.

            He and Katie Hopkins are a virtual double act. She’ll probably be droning on about Shaw next.

            I think it makes it quite obvious that the gang we have encountered are fully hand in glove & it’s a politically driven con.

            With Tommy Robinson being funded by Conservative Jews & most of the people involved being Jewish and or linked to political media snouts, government bods & higher, how can anyone not now see what this is?

            I was looking up something a few weeks ago, think it was a Wiki page or similar completely unrelated to any of ‘them’ or ‘this’ & at the top was a advertising banner prompting people to support Melanie Shaw, so someone is throwing some shekels into this farce.

            & UKIP were thinking of taking Tommy on board & they’re just Tories who want out of the E.U essentially.

            Tom Watsons little bent sidekicks Fay and Maloney were also promoting Melanie Shaw, so it’s a cross party stitch up.

  5. Totally off topic.

    I just watched a victim statement from across the pond.

    What struck me is that she read her statement out in an even, slightly cracked, about-to-cry-but-holding-on monologue.

    Not even a hint at the horror, or trauma, or even offense taken shown, that this had happened to her.

    Not even a rouge tear

    A consistent almost-gonna-cry-but-won’t testimony that I found myself totally unaffected by.

    Also, anyone else buy the book recently featured on a link claiming to be the C.I.A. official website?

    Just checked official site and book reference is no longer there.

    I could have been duped by a Twitter group but it truly is an interesting book.

    Remember how Saul became Paul when his blindness left him?

    Same thing here.

  6. I’m hopping off topic for a very worthy cause. If anyone is in any doubts that Ted Heath conned us into the E.U. despite knowing it would be a bad move. He was good mates with Rothschild & anyone familiar with the Kalergi Plan will already know what that means.

    The short version


    The long version


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