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In the late nineteen eighties, the overtly socialist comedian, Jeremy Hardy, whilst appearing on Question Time when it was hosted by the late Robin Day, famously compared voting for the Labour Party to wiping one’s arse – nobody likes doing it but it has to be done.

This was a very popular view at the time because of the general misery of working class people in Thatcher’s Britain, as a result of an all out war against their fiercely loyal, proudly free-thinking and traditionally self-sufficient communities, each of which was built within walking distance of the industry it sustained, with the blood, sweat and tears of ten generations.

Its therefore not surprising that Jeremy’s genuinely-held position provoked both laughter and applause from the live studio audience, following the closure and sale of the mines, shipyards, docks, ports, steelworks, farmland, power stations and water treatment plants, upon which the relative self-sufficiency, and ultimately, the survival, of millions of the British working class was almost entirely dependent.

A little over a decade after Jeremy’s half-serious comment, Blair’s New Labour commissars replaced the despised Tory regime with an incessant fanfare of ‘Things Can Only Get Better’, then proceeded to launch three wars of aggression against the peoples of the former Yugoslavia, Afghanistan and Iraq; indiscriminately slaughtering millions of civilian men, women and children, displacing millions of others and pillaging their lands and resources for private gain.

By which time every public utility and manufacturing industry had been carved up and sold off, whilst millions of previously hard-working people, who had been forced to sign on and claim state benefits since the mid-eighties, just to sustain the most meager existence for themselves and their families, were betrayed by the very political party which many of them had tirelessly campaigned to elect for the best part of two decades. The same party that had sustained itself since it was formed, largely through the trade union subscriptions of working class people.


And yet, what saddens my heart more than anything else, as I look back over that period of my life, is not merely witnessing the poverty, hardship and grief experienced by so many people, for no good reason; what saddens me the most is having witnessed so many good men, with advanced skills, extensive knowledge, vast experience and hearts like lions, being thrown on the scrapheap of life, on a puppet politician’s whim, to live out the rest of their days being dependent upon government handouts, which they were forced to exchange for the jobs they were told would be ‘for life’, when they left school early to learn and master their trades, without ever believing they would need to earn money any other way.

Therefore, on the balance of probabilities, the consequences of the majority of voters ratifying their controllers’ selection of Tony Bliar as Prime Zionister were one hell of a lot more unpleasant than wiping my arse has ever been; and what is left in the wake of his criminal administration is nothing more than a codified system of genocide, administered by faceless, unaccountable bureaucrats, whose sworn mission is to ‘save the Earth’ by ‘culling the herd’ to a sustainable number, as per Agenda 21.

It naturally follows that I would describe voting for any political party or candidate in a general democratic election, as more like taking your own shit, giving it to a gang of heavily armed shit-dealers and consenting that they now have to right to force unlimited amounts of voters’ shit down the throats of everybody else, whether they consent to swallow the potentially fatal defecations or not and upon the purported authority of the heavily armed shit-dealers.

Calling for Cameron to resign over allegations he is a generational ‘dodgy fucker’, is akin to demanding that the chairman of a company that specialises in mass murder resigns because he has allegedly benefited from some of his father’s paid killings, in receiving monies taken from the proceeds of them.

Yes. And?

Instead of calling for the pig-fecker’s head, preferably on a silver platter with an apple in his gob, why not call for the abolition of the most prolific mass murderer the world has ever known – central government – or accept the fact that the establishment’s utter contempt for you is such that politicians are either ambivalent or opposed to your very existence, as a matter of ‘public policy’, which is how and why the law is applied so selectively, both in and out of the rigged courts.

Should you take exception to my position, try to find one historical example of a democratically elected central government, the operatives of which did not use violence to enforce its social, cultural, foreign and financial policies.

Once one realises that no such government has ever existed, but the common denominator between them all was the mass murder of innocents, mind control and the theft of every subject’s assets, income and resources, refusing to grant your consent to the dictates of the incumbent group of mass murderers becomes a moral obligation, which might well provoke violent retaliation from the illegitimate state in certain circumstances.

However, the only other available alternative is to register yourself as a consenting party to the violence perpetrated against other people in your name, which is no different to conspiring to help other parties rob, molest, rape, kidnap, deceive, incarcerate and murder innocent people.

For the sake of our children and grandchildren, I humbly implore you all to put aside your fears and withdraw your consent to be complicit in the myriad crimes of government; and to take back control of your lives by unilaterally declaring independence and forming voluntary associations to manage and administer commonly held resources and infrastructure in your local community.

This can all be achieved under the terms of the UCT Treaty, which created a government-free jurisdiction and operates under this simple maxim:

My rights end only where yours begin. In other words, do no harm, but take no shit from anybody.

The choice, my friends, is yours to make.

Please decide wisely and act accordingly.

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  1. Another excellent article my sentiments exactly, the bizarre thing is why people believe voting will change anything.

    Where I live we have a leading QC earning 750k a year as our MP, yet they still turn out and vote for him. The problem is people seem to believe what they have been told in the media particularly with this recovery nonsense.

    My answer is much like yours non compliance with a totally corrupt system designed and run by the masters, do what ever you can do to screw up the system and try to educate people in self reliance.

    People are being totally screwed by the system but the key must be as always non violence and a refusal to participate in their game.

  2. It’s all about “tradition”.

    Voters, mostly Whites, vote with no sense of the future, or their race and nation. Democracy, is in fact, nothing but what I call, “The Lobby Group Dictatorship”.

    1. In my experience I find there are far too many who vote the same way as their parents, or even their grandparents out of habit.

      Whether it’s fear, apathy or ignorance I cannot say, but while that suicidal habit persists, nothing will ever change.

      People also vote against the incumbent government in the hope that the opposition will offer them something more, which is complete madness.

      I agree 100% that the vast majority of the electorate vote with no regard to the future.

      They dutifully mark their crosses without a thought about what little they are leaving for their children or how their decision will affect their nation as a whole, for generations to come.

      They appear to not be aware of the fact that everything they claim to hold dear, their heritage, their traditional way of life, their ‘uniqueness’ and yes, their nation itself – is slowly and purposely being eradicated and they are contributing to that ….



    Drought ravages Thai sugar cane crop.
    A global sugar shortage is looming and prices are soaring. The world’s top sugar cane exporters, India and Thailand, are being ravaged by a severe drought brought on by the El Nino weather phenomenon. Thailand – the world second-largest sugar cane exporter – is going to be shipping 20 to 30 percent less of the sweetener compared to last year. And the situation may even get worse next year.


    The UN starts toward new control over the world’s oceans:-


    1. There will be an article published on the Outlaw in the next few days that may interest you OG. In relation to ‘Microwave Towers’ and the localised cluster of suicides in Bridgend, South Wales.


    “A caller who said he was a fire department official said there was a gas leak in the building and that unless the windows were smashed, a gas buildup in the building would cause an explosion. So the manager and Burger King employees evacuated the restaurant and started smashing ground floor windows. Every single one.Problem was, it was a hoax. The caller was no firefighter. There was no gas.”:-


    Today’s Blind Item- The Double Secret :-


    Ariel Sharon was Che Guevara’s Cousin:-


    1. Dear Faith – of course I’d believe you. I’ve been reading on-line for the last !0 years about the kind of scum that rise to the top & rip the rest of us off, worldwide.

      If you tell me that they eat fried babies for breakfast I would not disbelieve you.

    2. I am in touch with Gordon, he is a good man.

      He has spent years researching this unimaginably massive criminal fraud, and from what I have already researched, seen for myself and discussed with him – he is 100% bang on.

      The adage ‘Follow The Money’ could have been coined (no pun intended) for what Gordon and his team have uncovered over the last decade, the household names involved will be a real eye-opener to many I should think.

      For those of you who are following the ‘VIP Paedophile revelations,’ you may also find that a lot of what you are reading in the mass media, and is being Tweeted and shared on various Alternative Media blogs and across social media – runs parallel to this.

      Thankfully …. enough people are starting to piece things together at last, and are finding that the previous Paedophile investigations, and the still ongoing inquiries – may in part, be a distraction from this fraud (allegedly).

      NOTE TO OG: I can guarantee that even you will be gobsmacked at the sheer scale of this thing, and the names involved.

      1. I doubt the “gobsmacked” bit!. I’ve learned that if they’re in “public life” with any kind of wealth, power, or influence, then they’re bent in some way anyway.

        What would especially interest me is where the loot is stashed. I take it we’re talking trillions, so it’d have to be some big bank or financial system.

        I await the “reveal” with interest.

        By the way,wasn’t this Gordon guy videoed handing a dossier of evidence to a BBC man, about a year ago?

        Seem to recall something of that kind.

        1. An evidence dossier was handed to the BBC, so they are fully aware of it as well as a number of MPs who were presented with the evidence, one of whom was George Galloway I believe.

          The reasons why they have not acted upon it speaks volumes I should think….

      2. Jimmy, sorry but we covered this Finchley Road stuff ages ago (was it over the Hampstead panhandlers?). The reason there are a massive number of companies with that address is that there are companies AT that address whose sole business is the formation of companies – a completely legitimate occupation (although that doesn’t mean that there won’t be bad apples in amongst them).

        Here’s Gordon Bowden ‘explaining’ what goes on at that mysterious address:

        “There are over 500,000 Money Laundering “Russian Doll” Shell Companies, the massive JEWISH fronted Network of Mohammed ADNAN KHASHOGGI (close friend and business acquaintance of Al Fayed) who built a business Empire and then funded in part the 9/11 job with input from Britains trade delegations (led by Prince Andrew) and humorous British owned charities interested in impoverishing children and raising money for their welfare (led by Sarah Ferguson from her offices on the 101st floor of the World Trade buildings with her iconic RED DOLL doll which was the only intact survivor on the day that was Iraq and Afghanistan’s Pearl Harbour). The boiler room operatives in Finchley are pulling the strings for Rt Hon DAVID CAMERON, TONY BLAIR, GORDON BROWN…” etc.

        He may be a good man, but he clearly hasn’t got a clue about… well, anything really. If he can’t get his head around the pretty simple concept of company formations then he’s probably not best placed to resolve the mystery of who funded 9/11.

        Remember the ‘mutant chicken’ story? Well this is another one.

        1. I’m thinking aloud here that your comment will undoubtably set any number of the proverbial Vulpes Vulpes loose in the henhouse to wreak havoc, Bandini.

          I really have not looked deeply enough into what does/does not go on in Finchley Road to comment in any great depth here – but what I will say, is that when I first started poking around in that area, around 2012/13 or thereabouts, I did start attracting a lot of unwelcome attention….

          Which could be a total coincidence as it’s been said on a number of occasions that I could: “start a fight in an empty house”, having an inquisitive nature and such a big gob and all.

          1. Oh, there’ll be plenty of mischief going on there; how could there not be when there are “266,000 companies” involved?!?

            But if you looked at, say, a high-street bank with 266,000 accounts, what would you find? Accounts belonging to con-men, drug-dealers, failed & failing businesses with unpaid bills… and no doubt a few ‘famous names’ too up to their necks.

            I’m reminded of when some crackpots on a forum found a list of companies “connected” to a mysterious postal address (summat to do with DHG, I think, I can’t remember as it was ages ago and I’m not revisiting THAT!) and leapt to all manner of ridiculous conclusions.

            In fact, they were posting details of completely innocent people’s businesses such that the first ‘hit’ in a Google-search would suggest to the searcher that the individual was complicit in an enormous ‘billion dollar’ child-pornography ring or summat… all off the back off a simple address – an address that rang bells for me as as a kid I used to receive mail from it!

            What was that mail I received?

            Truth is, I can’t remember if it was the ALF Supporters Group (probably now classed as a ‘terrorist organization’… but I was really young!) or the Toyah fanclub (I was REALLY young!)!

            Either way, the nutters leaping to conclusions off the back of one of the surprisingly few mail-drop locations in London would be right at home doing the same here… at one of the surprisingly few locations where businesses whose work is company formations have congregated.

            Maybe Bowden could spin another web from that address (assuming he hasn’t already)? Knock yourself, out Gordon: BCM WC1N 3XX

  5. Climate Engineers Cut Off Critical Rain From Populations Around The Globe:-


    Joining the Dots: Why the Establishment Hates Donald Trump …:-


    I DON’T KNOW IF YOU’VE BEEN FOLLOWING THIS, BUT IT AIN’T GOING AWAY.:- Obama Is FURIOUS At Trey Gowdy Over This Benghazi Bombshell:-

    (In brief, 4 Americans died fighting off their attackers whilst help for them was denied)


  6. Jimmy… Respect. You’re either the most clever apologist for Cameron and TPTB or a man after my own heart . I prefer to think the latter. A Great post. Latex lovers take note!!

  7. May have misunderstood. All credit to Michael for brilliant article. AlL credit to you Jimmy for posting it. In fact this exemplifies the point I Intended to write next. In a world full of hypocrisy, duplicity, backstabbing, misinformation, manipulation etc etc etc.

    It’s refreshing to see a sharing of information and opinions in our ever more difficult search for disclosure and truth.

  8. YES. I googled & read this. Not ONE single name on there surprised me. Not one.

    “They’re all in it together”.

    Dear Taxpayer, I want to tell you about the Prime Minister’s Boiler Room in Finchley Road:-



    This Delaware Address Is Home to 200,000 Shell Companies—Including Hillary Clinton’s:-



    University of Toronto learns why mandatory unisex bathrooms are a bad idea:-


    Wednesday, October 31, 2007

    China trains carrying aid to North Korea have history of not returning – SEOUL — Sources in the border city of Dandong in China said that food aid destined for North Korea from the World Food Program (WFP) had failed to clear customs.
    Customs sources said that not enough trains were available to carry the food as trains that had previously crossed the bridge into North Korea had failed to return. About 50 Chinese trains were allocated to exclusively transport cargo to and from North Korea, according to Korean-Chinese business people in the city.


    VIDEO: Waffle House fight video leads to arrests:-



    Shotwell tents destroyed as friends mourn homeless man shot by SFPD:-



    Caught On Tape: U.S. Plane Allegedly Drops Weapons for ISIS Militants in Iraq:-


  11. *Comment deleted by Admin*

    A word to the wise ‘David’, if you want to try and deliberately stir up shit on this site, at least have the courtesy, and/or the guts, to use your own name, a valid email address and not hide behind software that masks your IP address.

    I am sure the precious snowflake you refer to is more than capable of asking any questions of me or anyone else who comments here, even if they are as utterly hypocritical as the one you asked ….

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