A person would have to be blind or terminally stupid to not have noticed the long-running campaign being played out online (and in the real world) against genuine victims of childhood abuse, whistleblowers and those who have spoken out in support of them.

Journalists have been stalked and threatened, genuine survivors, a number of whom are very vunerable and have mental health difficulties have been attacked mercilessly and certain agencies that represent CSA survivors have even been targeted.

The perpetrators of these attacks are only too obvious on the surface at least, consisting of mainly anonymous ‘Trolls’ who stalk social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook and congregate on various forums and the comments section of ‘Alternative Media’ websites, using any number of fake identities from which to launch their attacks.

The real purpose of these attacks, however, is to try and discredit the genuine voices who speak out about establishment child abuse and child trafficking, and to confuse the issue and poison the water surrounding all aspects of CSA, the ultimate aim being to derail any official inquiry into historic (and current) child abuse that has been happening in this country for more than four decades.

One of those who has been noticeably under the cosh over the last couple of years, is the former East17 frontman Brian Harvey, who has been attacked non-stop by what are allegedly, various agents of the state who have been doing everything within their power to discredit him, to undermine his mental health and to denigrate and humiliate him, and ultimately drive him to the point where he feels that his physical well-being is under a very real threat.

Brian has been making and publishing Youtube video’s and using social media in his attempts to highlight what he believes is really going on based on his own experiences.

He certainly pulls no punches, has shown no fear and has pointed the finger at some people that are also very well-known, and not just within CSA campaigning circles, and may come as a surprise to many people.

I am of the opinion that Mr Brian Harvey is spot on.

So with that in mind, the following account, which was written by a supporter and contributor to the Outlaw, and someone who has watched everything that has being going on since the CSA scandal first broke in November 2012 –  and has elected to share those thoughts with the readers here.


“After the rather interesting revelations made by Brian Harvey, former member and lead singer of the band East17 on his latest Youtube clip, the story he recounts of the great efforts made to ‘stitch him up’ and then label him a ‘nut job’, someone who’s ‘taking too many drugs’, ‘is a loser’, certainly struck a chord not only with me and Jimmy Jones the writer of the Outlaw, who along with his family, we have all seen relentlessly hounded by what I can only describe as an organised tag team along with many other people who have either experienced similar ‘pressure’ applied by the same people Brian Harvey seems to be hounded by, or by the large group of people who all seem to be linked and have been doing the same things, to the same people mostly CSA survivors.

Jimmy asked me to put a few of my thoughts together (brave man!). 

Unfortunately I can only tell you a small part of what I think, but I’m sure that most people watching this whole sorry saga will be able to fill in the blanks.

I believe that Brian Harvey has hit the nail on the head when he says he thinks a certain group of people were stitching him up, whilst trying to have him believe they were good people, with only the truth and good intentions at heart. I believe part of the reason why he was hoodwinked into believing they were genuinely of good character and would help him is so that he could then be labelled as a ‘Nutter’, who was hand-in-hand with the con artists and professional liars, and the domino effect for his personal endeavours to be heard and for the phone hacking he has proven he was subjected to, dealt with in the same way as it has everyone else who was found to have had this happen to them, for the evidence to be seen.

There seems to be some fancy footwork going on to stop Brian Harvey from having his case properly heard for some reason.

Why would that be?

The ‘Nutter’ tag they so love to attach to people, not just him, but anyone who has the audacity to post personal views on what they have experienced at the hands of these people.

Of which there are many.

It’s a tired, old but well-tested deflection trick.

People with Mental Health conditions such as BiPolar seem to be a particular favourite for a good hounding.

It is also interesting that Brian Harvey mentions the News Of The World and associated ‘interests’ of a certain Media Mogul who is infamous for being (how can I put this politely?) ‘controversial’.

(Best I leave it at that methinks)

It is interesting, because the same kind of scoops from the same Media umbrella have also been involved in some pretty shifty shenanegans, relating to our experiences also.

I am also intrigued as to why a Judge would divulge such a sensitive opinion RE: the Janner case, to a self-confessed lowly plumber.


Another point no doubt everyone who has been subjected to this prolonged attack has noted, is that it doesn’t seem to matter how much real evidence you produce to show that these people are doing things they ought not to be doing to you, it seems to hit a brick wall in investigative terms, and they continue relentlessly.

It does not seem to matter how many people they target either.

A distinct whiff of stale politics permeates this whole thing and leaves a lingering smell in the air too.

I am reminded of the fact that one of the very first meetings Teresa May had as unelected Prime Minister was allegedly with the same Media Mogul who’s name keeps cropping up lately, and who’s name has cropped up so often in the past and is known to be more than capable of pulling a few political strings.” – JR 

122 thoughts on “DO YOU SEE WHAT I SEE

  1. Without sounding like a broken record……. Both Wolkind and Puddick have openly supported Miss you know who….

    Neither man can be trusted.

    1. I agree with you Lady GooGoo.

      The link to that person, especially when this bunch are involved in the gang who have been attacking CSA Survivors since 2012, also makes a bit of a mockery of someone’s claims of martyrdom that they did it ‘for the kids’. Although that tape did that all by itself already.

      I am glad there are still people with guts enough to front up to these people and show the kind of things that have been done to confidence trick them and set them up. And to keep standing up, despite the humongous harassment they have received for doing it.

      I believe it is the only way. Showing them up for what they are, well they never like it much, but if they insist on persisting, what choice do they leave? We know ignoring them just lands them on your doorstep, enraged that they are not getting the attention they crave..

      Damned if you do, damned if you don’t. It’s not like they give you the choice.



        1. All I will say is that you are not wrong OG.

          Posting real names, and in some cases, even alluding to the identity of certain people who have been up to no good (allegedly) on the comments section of the Outlaw, has generated a virtual Tsunami of complaints to the North Wales Police and other forces, and as the site owner, the buck stops with me.

          As it’s my name above the door.

          The Outlaw is not an anonymous and faceless platform like many other websites are, and I am ultimately legally responsible for any comments that appear.

          And as there is no doubt whatsoever in my mind that the Outlaw is stalked 24/7 by any number of rabid entities who instantly jump on anything they deem ‘offensive’ or they believe identifies them in any way – and the NWP switchboard apparently goes into meltdown as a result.

          It’s the reason why a number of comments have been edited and in some cases, deleted altogether.

  2. His aggressive stance puts me off and has kept me away from his ‘campaign’.

    He comes across with the same abusive tone as Driftwood did. They’re about intimidation. I don’t trust either of them.

    Just like the faker with her new blog who wont post my response.

    I await proof of who owns that blog and I will see them in court. But I notice the coward is too scared to own it, they remain anon.

    That is the MO and actions of a true troll.

    jenniejenjen says:
    14/02/2017 at 13:20

    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    I am not a troll never mind a convicted troll. You are a liar!

    The only reason I can think of why you would do this is because you are an abuser yourself, which is why you maintain this abusive blog.

    I hope you are caught by the authorities and pay the ultimate price for your abuse.

    When I find out who you are I will see you in court for this blog. I might even see you in court for Driftwood’s trial. I or my representative will be there.

    1. Hi Jen, the new KevGreen vehicle is also lying about the original KevinGreen50.Wordpress blog being ‘Archived’ when in fact it was permanently suspended by WordPress for it’s abusive content.

      How do I know they are lying?

      WP EMAIL

    2. Jen . You said you were gunning for marky Williams Thomas. Why ? Please explain what that lovey man did to you. Jim hates him too why to both of you ?

      1. Where have I said I hate anyone?

        Seeing someone for exactly what they are is hardly ‘hating’ them, so why are you stirring the shit LTR?

        Which I am guessing is a false set of initials and email address you have used to stir up even more shit and try to implicate a completely innocent person in god knows whatever game you are playing.








  4. Oh, what joy! Spivey has announced his own imminent demise due to being flat broke.

    1. He did that a while ago as I remember.

      His ‘That’s All Folks’ swan song that never was.

      He flounced off in a foul temper after slagging off his readers, but soon calmed down and returned.

      A case of ‘Wait and See’ on this I think as it’s getting to be a regular thing now Sam.

      1. Yes, didn’t he pull a stunt like this around the same time last year? Looks like his post did the trick as the donations to keep Spivey’s site afloat are rolling in merrily from the usual array of stupid, unquestioning fools. Don’t they just adore the melody he scratches out on the world’s smallest violin, eh?;)

    2. I could have sworn you wrote ‘due to being a fat bloke’ lol.

      I really need to change me glasses.

  5. Some GREAT news just in..

    Our inked friend has posted that he can no longer carry on with his bloggie as the £300 is not enough and he has admitted now the donations are “All I have to live on”.

    So much for being a professional tattooist then?

    Even the most bog standard tattooist gets £50 an hour so a 6 hour tattoo would of course cover his site fees right away?

    Do any of you know of a professional tattooist who does less than SIX HOURS WORK A MONTH?

    Nope, me neither.

    Of course this is just a huge cop-out as anyone can do a blog for free, anyone can make a website to post the odd meaningless rant without it costing them a single penny.

    But oh no!….Not big bad Cwistofer.

    He has to use servers in ICELAND to avoid cyber attack attempts by CI5 and the “paedo trolls” (trolls who are paedophiles?… or people who troll paedophiles?.. he can’t seem to make his mind up on that one..)

    So all being well….

    Its goodnight from him…

    1. And of course the inevitable tin rattling begins.

      And one of his loyal fans has elected to use ‘GoFundMe’ of all things, the very same campaign website that Lord Spivey was attacking only recently as being ‘Crooked’.

      Oh how we laughed.

      “This page is in support of Christopher Spivey. A man who is being relentlessly targeted by those in control who wish to stifle his voice.

      Free Speech, should be free, but yet Chris is being fined for his, to the point where it may just quieten his brave and stoic work down. Not on my watch.

      Unnecessary fines totalling at least £4000 for telling the truth? Without free speech we have nothing. If we do not fight back when the government attempts to quieten truth-tellers, we have nothing. If they successfully silence chrisspivey dot org, we have nothing.

      I wish to raise more than enough funds so that whatever tptb try to take, we, the people, give twice as much back to keep this utterly important man in a position to tell the TRUTH.

      Christopher Spivey does not claim benefits and is dedicated full time to researching and writing the ugly truth. I would like him to not have to worry about anything other than his writing.
      Thank you in advance for your generosity

      Help spread the word!”


      1. I’ll donate a quid to get it kicked off lolz. I hope it’s more successful than his mate in North Wales’ piss-poor attempt to beg for £5k to take on the Independant newspaper (yeh right) for ‘misquoting‘ him ………………… I very much doubt it though, any cash raised will go straight to Mr Benson and Mr Hedges

        No, forget that I just looked and it’s a £5 minimum donation and they want my credit/debit card details. No Way Jose

      2. Convicted crims using it as a begging device to pay their fines. Hmmmm Is he giving us the practical to go with their theory?

    2. “Our inked friend has posted that he can no longer carry on with his bloggie as the £300 is not enough and he has admitted now the donations are “All I have to live on”.”

      Oh, no! He’ll have to work the streets – or else pimp out Wolfie and Dogman. After all, Dogman is Spivey’s b*tch anyway;)

      1. He admitted the donations were his only income on his Donations Begathon dated 27th November 2016 too.

        Bikini Salesman? Ann Summers Rep? Unlicensed, Unregistered Tattoo Con-Artist to The Stars?

        The possibilities are endless aren’t they?

        Be careful what you wish for. Especially as it’s very likely to end up with it’s bum hanging out, staring you in the face on Youtube. 😀

        1. Was it a misquote when it was reported in the media that ‘Mr Spivey was on benefits?’

          Are there grounds to sue for defamation?

          Or is someone not being particularly honest in their telling of the tale?

  6. It seems that Brian Harvey, Tom Cahill and yourself have uncovered a particularly nasty web there Mr Jones. They will be after you now quick smart. But you probably know that already. Stay safe my friend.

    1. I saw that guy Tom Cahill do a ” critique” of Spiveys tattooing skills lol, it was quite scathing.

  7. Oh deary me. The Spivey minions have now started Gofundme pages for him. This is the site he said he slagged off so much for raising money for children with cancer.

    The first one up has already been reported along with mainstream links to his harrassment convictions.

    I’m sure they wont want to be seen being used to raise money for this warped individual.

    All other campaigns will also be reported.

    Oh and i might add this:
    Him and his followers repeated claims that the establishment etc are constantly trying to shut down his website etc is utter nonsense ….and it can be explained very simply.

    If the police are monitoring a criminal (any criminal) the last thing they will do is try and sabotage the targets internet or telephone…this is a 100% fact!

    If they want to really “bring him down because he is such a threat to the system” LOL
    then they surely want him to dig himself a deeper hole with more outburst,libel,outright lies etc etc….

    Trying to cut his internet access and close his website is the LAST thing they would do…

    1. And how many chances have the Police snipers had (yet missed) to have the idiot ‘suicided’ as he has claimed and insisted they have been trying to do since 2012/13?

      Must try harder 😀

  8. Well of course Chris and his oh so well informed posse would argue that this is not the case because of the following ludicrous reasons.

    1. NO!! They are trying to shut him up AT ALL COSTS!!!
    2. The Feds and CIA are forever hacking his computer cos he exposes them!!!
    3. Chris is “onto them” and they know it!
    4. Dont be suprised if they try and assassinate him with a poisonous umbrella or something honest! I worry for him! what if they kidnap Jasper or something! please please help!
    5. They are treating Chris just like Julian Assange and Ed Snowden.

    He has THAT much influence.

    LOOK!! Its £300 a month from you lot or you can all go get fucked by the fweemasons!!

    1. Wait for the timeless “I’m really close to finishing my biggest ever expose – this one wll bring down the government and the establishment.”

      It usually gets wheeled out at this point.

      1. Promises! promises! There’s a back-log. (1) the Diana crash analysis and conclusion (2) the McCann’s. Nah! they were just mentioned to keep the funds flowing. Its far easier to eat McDonald’s food and smoke fags paid for by everyone else’s blood sweat and tears than leave the flat. He opted for early retirement. Set up a free site and get a job and pay the bills yourself you lazy deluded git, is what should be said.

      2. He must have done this dozens of times over the years, and not one of his followers calls him out on it, unbelievable. Myself, I think the government should have shut his site down due to lack of content, lol.

  9. will the friends and relations of the victims of the ALTON TOWERS accident be donating?
    will the friends and relations of the victims of the Glasgow bin lorry accident be donating?
    will the friends and relations of the victims of the Bath runaway lorry be donating?
    will the friends and relations of the victims of the Tunisian beach shootings be donating?
    will the friends and relations of Lee Rigby be donating?
    the sponsor of this appeal states Spivey exposes the truth, he was 100 % wrong on all those incidents and more that i can’t remember at the moment. i see it has raised £25 so far, this could be very embarassing.

    1. Yes, and let’s not forget his ‘meticulous research’ – his fans claim he is always right (even when he’s been caught out blatantly lying).

      Shame about the Youtube clip where, there he is as little, yet his audacity as life, proving in his own words in front of the world that he can’t even calculate the times between 2 CCTV Cameras.

      Or in his blessed article where he couldn’t spot a photo had been printed the wrong way around, so whipped himself up into a Troofa frenzy.

      Or that he couldn’t work out the simple fact (even from the comfort of his own sofa by virtual of Google Earth), that some of the wedding photos were taken across the road in a car park that was obviously used because there was no parking outside the Church, on that bendy country lane.

      I’m sure there would be many more ‘meticulously researched errors’, if anyone had a (brain) death wish & felt the need to pick through it all with a fine tooth comb.

      Glad the go Fund Me page has been reported. Looks like it’s back to the Postal Orders idea – for those who for some reason can’t/won’t donate via the options on his website, yet seem happy to make a big public gesture by donating via Go Fund Me instead – which they have been claiming is a con site for ‘money laundering cancer scammers’ these past few weeks.

      And of course, big violin concerto about closing the site again – still there, still busting a gut begging for money. Makes you wonder just how much in donations he has managed to blag via PayPal for these last few years since he popped up to tell us all he is the only thing standing between us and establishment Armageddon.

      Their desperate attempts to beg for money to fund his sofa loafing lifestyle, would hint at it being quite lucrative.

      1. Spot on. He is so bad at being “meticulous” that I seriously thought he could be controlled opposition, but really, I think he is just a typical chancer and con man, who is completely shameless.

        “Early retirement” that was spot on too.

  10. “Dogman
    February 15, 2017 @ 7:48 pm
    We will consider our options. Incidentally, my name isn’t Shirley!”

    That’s funny, I thought his name wasn’t Dorothy;)

    1. He has certainly watched the 1980 movie ‘Airplane‘ though, which is where the ‘And don’t call me Shirley’ reference came from.

      Ted Striker: Surely you can’t be serious.
      Dr. Rumack: I am serious…and don’t call me Shirley.


    “I received legal aid funding for both the original trial at Chelmsford Magistrates’ Court and for the recent appeal hearing because I did not have financial resources to cover the costs. I still do not have any means to pay the requested costs and those costs still outstanding from the 2015 trial. I have a considerable personal debt. Having thought about it, I am wondering why Mohammed (my barrister) did not intervene to point out my financial situation and remind the court that I was on legal aid. Advice on the CPS website suggests that there may be good reasons for not applying for costs:

    “An application for costs need not be made if, in the circumstances of an individual case, it would be unmeritorious or impractical.”


  12. Is the demise of Mr Spivey’s internet soap box ranting in any way connected to an upcoming Stalking trial in London in March?

    Mr Spivey and his moderators were responsible for a number of unwarranted attacks on the complainant in the trial, they made false allegations about her, and the defendant in said trial is a regular commentator on Mr Spivey’s site and has been defended by Dogman, Fuck The State, and Spivey himself and who have referred to him as a ‘great guy’ etc

    Just my thoughts about what I have witnessed over the last couple of years

    1. Oh dear almost £1000 in a day. At least you will have something to comment on. Hahaha knobs!!

      1. All of a sudden, lots of ‘Anonymous’ donations pop up and the negative comments that were certainly there earlier have now strangely ‘disappeared’.

        Would you care to explain that, as it seems rather odd, would you agree?

          1. Bright people read that site. Often well earning people. Myself being one. I donated but didnt fancy twats like you seeing who i am. Because you are all on the wrong side of truth. You lied about watching kids being murdered. You are the lowest of the low.

          2. Would you like to present evidence to back up your idiotic claim by any chance? The event you refer to was concocted within the twisted mind of someone who is currently awaiting trial on two counts of stalking.

            So if that is your source, then I do actually pity you.

            We are at odds as to our definition of what makes a person ‘bright’ too.

      2. That fund is as fake as everything else connected to that man Anita. It’s smoke and mirrors to con the remainder of the gullible idiots out there. I notice you are not concerned about Spiv’s scaving attack on other GoFundMe campaigns

          1. You knew I could not possibly allow that comment through ‘Anita’, but what I will say is whoever is feeding you that rubbish, is as twisted a liar as the person you are trying to protect.

          2. Don’t waste your time Jimmy, it’s impossible to win an argument with stupid or crazy people or cultists for that matter

        1. ‘Anita’ is just as fake as the fund itself. Miraculous isn’t it? Month after month he is begging for donations, calling all his fans all the names under the sun, then along with lots of new fake profiles leaving glowing comments, his ‘half a million’ fake supporters can’t press that donate button quick enough.

          Wouldn’t it be nice if the Law stopped messing around, grabbed him up on that warrant and dealt with him properly? What good have their actions against him been so far? Not stopped him has it? And what good is a fine, if he’s going to blag the money off idiots to pay it anyway?

          He has been desperate for a date for ages – perhaps he’s doing all he can to make that happen?

          1. “The Outlaw is a privately owned website, and reserves the right to ban any commentator at any time. Comments that contain unsafe links, unsuitable advertising, threats of violence, or personal and abusive attacks on other users will not appear and result in a permanent ban.”

        1. THAT quick. 😀 And it was doing so well too. £1k in a matter of hours that thankfully WON’T be going into his pockets now.

          Can’t imagine Go Fund Me would relish the association somehow. Pretty obvious really, although obviously not to whoever set up the page.

          I guess when you have a website that is frequented by that standard of ‘bright’ people, you are used to such failures of fortune.

          I’d ask ‘Anita’ but I believe she has been banned. That’s the trouble with these ‘Fan Clubs’, they can become a little too obsessive.

      1. Whats the betting that Jimmy will get the blame because of his NCA, MI6, FBI, NSA and Security Services of the world connections PMSL ? The truth is that dozens of decent people reported that GoFundMe page as they thought it immoral that anyone should profit from the misery that Mr Spivey has inflicted on many innocent people.

        1. Bound to – let’s face it, the poor bloke could be in a coma, and still they’d false report him for everything & blame him for cons they’ve created, failing dismally, even when he’s fast ‘akip .

          But more worrying than that, is someone would actually probably come to arrest him whilst he’s hooked up to the monitors unconscious.

          Then he’d go to court and be found guilty whilst still out cold on his hospital bed.

          And I might be exaggerating there just a little bit – but if you knew every little thing that had happened, you’d actually be worried that such a unlikely story, could actually happen with all this. :/

  13. It’s obvious that ‘ Anita’ is blithely unaware of of just how moderated the comments on SPivey are. Not only do they let through very few comments that are in anyway critical, they totally ban people and in some cases post comments in the name of someone that they have written themselves, I know it happened to me. A very immoral practice and something they should be ashamed of.

    1. You may have noticed that I have deleted some of ‘Anita’s’ comments on this post tonight.

      The reason being is that they fell foul of the very clear warning that I have displayed about site etiquetté and behaviour.

      The Outlaw has very few rules, and those rules were only implemented to protect both myself legally, as well as the site visitors and those who comment.

    2. They are forever changing and editing comments.

      Its quite laughable how all those clowns seem to be utterly dumbfounded over the removal of the Gofudgememe campaign. LOL!

      The reason is very simple.
      It was reported along with msm articles regarding Spivey’s warped harrassment of the family of a murdered young soldier.

      Gofundme do not need the bad publicity. Especially when being told that the campaign was going to be reported about in the U.K newspaper The Daily Mail ( a white lie… but job well done! 😉

      I dunno why all those fools don’t just move Cwish in with them and look after him if they are so concerned. No doubt this will only make them come out with daft angry posts like this though…

      “The freemasons and paedo loving trolls have had the fund ILLEGALLY REMOVED!!”

      So just for that I am now sending Chris twice the money in a late valentines card!!….and by recorded delivery too!!! so there!!!

      So maybe this has backfired….. still if his fans end up out of pocket due to their stupidness then its a win-win really…

      Just sayin……. 😉

      1. They are very fond of using the word ‘ILLEGALLY’ aren’t they?

        ‘Illegal’ arrest being their favourite, despite the fact that it was a clear case of unecessary and indeed criminal harassment.

        Calling anyone who questions them ‘Paedo Trolls’ is apparently their default setting.

  14. HUGE Exclusive Interview With DHS Insider! Hurry before the video is deleted. This one is still up! (pizzagate):-



      1. Yes. IIRC there was another connected comment that also referred to Rh-. I posted it because Rh- is your “thing” & I thought you might be interested. Have read extensively on that site & this is the first such reference I’ve seen.

        1. I have picked up on all the Rh Negative references over there now, thanks for the link OG.

          As for Rh Neg being my ‘Thing’?

          It’s my bloodline, it’s what makes me what I am and I have been left with little option but to discover all there is to know about it.

          Because nobody else will.


    At “World Government Summit,” Top Globalists Drop The Mask :-


    Secretary Of State Tillerson Fires The Deep State Shadow Government:-


    Obama Appointees Preventing Mattis From Rebuilding The Military, Says Armed Services Chair:-


    Will the former CIA director be hoist by his own petard?:-


    The Child Porn Pentagon-NSA-CIA Link ‘They’ Don’t Want You to Know:-


  16. You all sound like Donald Trump. Don’t you all have your own business to deal with ?
    Hatred will only turn on yourselves in the long run

    1. If you think there is any hatred on display here my friend, then you are very much mistaken and have obviously not spent enough time perusing other websites/forums etc.

      That’s where the true hatred can be found.

      Nobody hates anyone here, although they would be well justified if they did, the commentators here are simply enjoying the fall from grace of a particularly unattractive and hateful individual.

      As for the ‘Donald Trump’ reference ?

      What the hell is that all about ?

      Only a complete fool would see hatred in anyone who wants to put his or her country and it’s people first.

      All the hatred, anger and violence that has been witnessed in regard to the US election, for example, has emanated from the Liberal left and the Soros-Funded Agent Provocateurs.

      But I very much doubt that you would acknowledge that.

      Would you like to see an example of some genuine hatred?

      Spiv Rant

      Oh, and for the record, this goes a long way to prove [with evidence] that both Chris Spivey and Darren Laverty were/are without a doubt, lying about me on at least one issue, inasmuch as Spivey’s unfounded claim about Laverty’s ‘categorically stated claim’ on his YouTub video.

      Enjoy A CRACKED POT

    2. Ahhh my little Lucero fan club. I think I may have made them a brand new fan. (Sorry about that Lucero)

  17. i see the driver of the Glasgow bin lorry who had a medical condition which he failed to mention to his prospective employers has been found guilty of another driving offence 9 months after that terrible incident. i assume people remember the ‘forensic’ investigation by Mr spivey. who told his gullible followers that ‘nobody died’ that they were ‘crisis actors’ . this thesis was proven to be a 100% wrong when graphic footage of people being scattered like 9 pins was shown in court. the relatives were advised to leave the courtroom before it was shown . they did. this is the man who his followers call a ‘hero’. is there any chance Mr Spivey could show a bit of humility and admit he was wrong about this incident?

  18. I am not your friend . Such a vituperous response would forego that privilege . And try to be more concise

    1. I have to concur. I very much doubt I would have anyone who would use the word ‘Vituperous’ in the context you have …. as a friend.

      Just Saying Like

  19. If Chris Spivey came up to me and said ‘gofundme’ I’d tell him to ‘gofundhimself’;)

  20. Thea56
    February 17, 2017 @ 9:05 pm

    “Wayland it’s not going to be in the press because 1160 quid pretty much raised in an evening would not be what the ptb want people to know. Plus the knob who posted it just admitted on blobajobs blob it was a joke. Haha.

    The joke will always be on them. Old Git is hilarious overtime too.”


    1. *Spits coffee on screen with laughter*

      I rest assured that ‘The Powers That Be’ don’t actually give a shit, and most normal people were justifiably enraged and sickened by yet another shameless money-making attempt.

      If you want to see a working example of how truly deluded the Spiv Cultists are OG, check these comments out:


      ‘Highly Sophisticated Facial Recognition Software’ no less.

      Which ‘proves’ that Ian Puddick is actually Alan Titchmarsh 😉

      And look who is helping him ‘Behind the scenes’

      And its Ian Watkins, not Watson lol

  21. Spiv still ain’t worked it out yet lol so much for his impeccable research.

    Thick as mince that one

    Thick as mince

    1. You’ve got it Spiv. They’re all against you. The Bilderbergers, the Council on Foreign Relations, Bohemian Grove, The Commitee of 300, the Davos gang, the Illuminati. They’re all running scared of your latest incredible revelations (with proof that the Duke of Edinburgh is actually Jimmy Savile).

      Or, perhaps they’ve never heard of you, & if they did they’d think you’re a fucking sick joke.

      1. There is a solution:

        Southend-on-Sea JobCentre Plus

        Here you can find your local job centre offices in and around Southend-on-Sea. Your local job centre can administer claims Jobseeker’s Allowance, Incapacity Benefit, Employment and Support Allowance and Income Support.

        Southend Jobcentre Plus
        Dencora Court
        Tylers Ave
        Southend on Sea
        United Kingdom
        SS1 2AP

        Telephone: 0845 604 3719
        Textphone: 01702 575883

      2. Another fund has been set up ..and has also been reported.

        But it could do with others reporting it as well.

        Really, is it OK to raise money like this for just anyone?


        1. Do any of these apply?

          These are just some of the T & Cs of that fundraising page:

          Here’s what we don’t allow on GoGetFunding:

          “Sexually explicit material

          Adult services or products

          Pornography of any kind

          Content associated with hate groups or terrorist organizations

          Underage consumption or abuse of alcohol, tobacco, or narcotics

          Drug abuse, products or paraphernalia

          Offering equity or return-on-investment

          Pyramid or ponzi schemes, “get rich quick” schemes

          Purchases of annuities, investments, equity or lottery contracts

          Offshore banking or currency exchanges

          Betting, gambling, raffles, or sweepstakes

          Exchange of unrecognized or crypto-currencies

          Offering monetary rewards, including gift cards

          Non-medical or violent bodily mutilation

          Non-prescribed drug use or purchase

          Hurtful or hateful language

          Violent or hateful material

          Supporting or inciting treasonous behavior

          False, misleading, dishonest statements

          Funding or planning an assassination, suicide, or assisted suicide

          The purchase, transfer, or exchange of weapons of any kind including guns, knives, explosives and ammunition

          Campaigns in support of rebel groups, militias, gangs, or any organised violence.”

        2. If you think about it, if it’s true that he received the money even though the fund was clearly removed by Go fund Me – over £1000 (and claims to have had the same donated via Paypal too) – for not being kosher, he’s pulled another fast one – because that way the scam fund does not show up on the www. So free money and no easy trace by searching the www unless the Police specifically contact the funds for details.

          There;s plenty of idiots out there easy for even a goon like him to manipulate, so all he has to do is create a scam fund, blag people to donate for a couple of days then whoosh! Gone without a visible trace of having been set up. £2k not bad blatant scamming if you are soulless enough to be a blatant con artist.

          Sly con artists aren’t they? Nice that the law doesn’t even touch them. Nice for the law that he’s stuck two fingers up at it and will carry on as he did before.

  22. Having just had their GO FUND ME page removed (could that imply Go Fund Me didn’t think begging for donations to pay for convicted criminals fines was appropriate for their site?), guess whose trying to do the same through another Crowd Funding site?

    A Crowd Funding site that stipulates the user must not use Paypal.

    Somebody didn’t want the courts to see how lots of donations were flooding into their Paypal site, because the Judge might not accept his pleas of poverty.


  23. One of the jerks on this new fund page for Spivey has openly insulted Jo Cox.


    Well done Chris, keep hitting them where it hurts. My tribute to Jo Cox; the missing lines to the Rolling Stones song sung at her memorial; “She was practiced in the art of deception, you can tell by her bloodstained hands”

    Wayland Sothcott

    Backed with £10.00 On Feb 19


    1. He’s an I.T boffin from Essex. His details are openly available in the public domain. He’s been promoting Spivs links about since 2015, maybe longer – including on Essex UKIP’s website as I recall.

      1. Aren’t they just Faith? They think their ‘charm’ is a weapon, especially against women. They think their ‘charm’ scares people off.


    “Someone on Voat, a vampire, told me they are concerned about having RH- blood for blood orgies, as rh- blood does not mix well with the rh+ blood.”

    1. The comment is true on one point OG, Rh + and Rh – blood does not mix well at all, it ‘clumps’ and congeals very quickly when mixed.

      Making it impossible to drink at any type of party I should imagine 😉

  25. Please don’t destroy Spivey’s site as it’s hilarious. His latest sob story ‘article’..

    “Indeed, I really shouldn’t have to be constantly worrying about whether I can afford food for my dogs let alone for myself, week in week out, whilst sat in my coat, slogging my bollocks off every waking hour of the day”

    He wants another 5 grand apparently. I will be reporting it too if only to stop the dumb sycophants funding it wasting their money.

    It truly is a strange little cult he has built up

  26. Whatever has happened to George Soros.,,.,,………And his fallen puppet Suetoros…………Now he’s got a solution…………A Purple Revolution……….But the Donald will be there For Us………..With Love And Best Wishes To Old Git!!!…….And of course to you Jimmy……..Let’s just get our priorities right sometimes. Xxxx

  27. LOL!
    Spivey really is a one man comedy show. He rants like some sort of hybrid of Alf Garnett and old man Steptoe.
    The fact that all his minions sit there and actually consider his angry small man syndrome rants as some sort of “investigative journalism” is truely astounding.
    He really should of shouted at them a lot more cos he has managed to upset a good few of them into donating cash in order to calm him down.
    Even if they raise enough money via several different fundraisers and tin rattling when one of their local pubs has a “psychic evening” or whatever he will still fond something else to moan and beg money for.
    He has begged for everything from DOG FOOD to Imaginary fines,to vet bills,to getting his leccy bill topped up to credit on his nokia etc etc….. really Spivey…..have you no shame?
    This guy is a one man Jeremy Kyle show.
    Why does he not do live events ? LOLOLOL!! …oh god can you imagine him attempting a live spoken word performance?
    He did try one I see on Youtube infront of a screaming child (or maybe that was Dogman we could hear) but can anyone sit through 5 minutes without totally falling about with laughter at his daft voice?

    Chris Spivey really is the Joe Pasquale of the Troof Movement.

  28. Why are you and your posters so concerned about Chris Spivey all the time? I don’t understand.

    1. Nobody here is overly concerned with Chris Spivey I should think Sian.

      Speaking for myself, I do have a problem with a number of his completely false and malicious allegations about me, one of course being his claim that I was a notorious ‘Paeodophile’ who is in reality, somebody else who is serving a number of life sentences in the USA.

      He even used the crap ‘Twins or Not’ web software to compare my face with the bloke.

      Here’s a project for you, get yourself a pen and paper, find a comfortable seat and count the number of comments on Spivey’s site which reference me, this site, and it’s readers or name me directly.

      It must number in the thousands by now.

      Spivey is not of any real concern to me personally Sian, but I do reserve the right and that of the readers of the Outlaw to laugh at, and to highlight the many instances of his hypocrisy, of his continual and completely false allegations about those he targets, and his moderators completely unwarranted attacks on people, all of which are published in the public domain and therefore open to discussion and/or criticism.

      I am currently awaiting the (non)result of Dogman’s recent call to the readers of Spivey’s site to ‘Report the Outlaw to the North Wales Police’, a force incidentally, he and Spivey also claim set up this site and continue to fund.

      I really hope they do so, as it will show once and for all the complete fantasy world in which these crackpots live in.

      1. And how good it would be if the tables turned and someone started looking into Dogman and some of the claims he has made, which would make his choices of ‘friends’ seem quite weird, perverse in fact.
        He seems most worried that Police might, hence the perpetual ‘projection’.

      2. Dogman referring to you as a ‘Felon’ is just too funny JJ. Didn’t his boss recently lose an appeal against a harassment conviction? He seems to have forgotten that he in actual fact works for a ‘Felon’ so he can’t really see it as being that bad can he? Hypocrites the lot of them

  29. I think what irritates people about SPivey is the disparity between his overblown claims and what he actually delivers. I listed above numerous ‘investigations’ which turned out to be 100% wrong. If MR ‘ I am nobody’s fool , never have been , never will be’ , ever had the the balls to put his hands up and say ‘ sorry i was wrong’, that would merit a bit of respect but either he stands by his claims, which is patently ridiculous or he is not a big enough man to admit when he has got something wrong. On top of this is the extra misery he has piled on people already going through a terrible time, why no one has sued him is somewhat of a mystery, its possibly because they have actually not heard of him, somewhat of a blessing for them.

    1. My favourite was the Thomas Mair one. The piece started off not that differently to some other theories about the events. But where it went was just ludicrous…

      “After months and months of studying photos, I have reached the conclusion that George ‘Gideon Bean’ Osborne is Jeremy Corbyn – or at least he is in photos.

      Now the point of telling you that was to ease you into the fact that both men are Thomas Mair and vice-versa.

      How do I know? Because I know who Thomas Mair really is and he is the same fella who plays Gideon Bean and Jelly Corbyn.

      Moreover, he is someone who most of you will – at the least – know by name. Nevertheless, for me to reveal who that fella is right now would be counter productive and put me under intense pressure because trust me when I say that the consequences of my doing so will be immense, I am not exaggerating in any way shape or form.

      You see by me naming him now would spark panic in other well known names and as such it is vital that I also name them at the same time as well as how they all connect through various [covert] acts of fraud which will all be backed by solid evidence of who, how and why – an enormous task you understand, for which I intend to shelve everything else and begin compiling as soon as I publish this article”

      How can anyone take that seriously? And predictably the follow-up naming this person has still not transpired 3 months on…

      You do have to admire his ability to screw money out of people for what is in reality very little work. With the new campaign that’s over 2.5k in a few days which is some going.

  30. Spivey at the moment is having a good few days. His flock have given him well over a grand in just a few days.
    I wonder how long they will keep it up though?
    Expect when the donations start to decrease he will do a post something like this:. 9infact he may aswell copy/paste and save this one )


    Right you lot Ive fuckin had it up to here with you freeloading cunts!
    I have sacrificed everything for the readers of my blog and endured illegal police raids and illegal arrests to bring you ungrateful wankers the truth!!
    Yet you all think I can do this for fuckin free every bastard week…Well fuck the lot of ya’s!
    Do you realise I have debts of 20/30 grand? No you fuckin didn’t! I don’t even have money to feed the dogs and my meter ran out this morning.
    So much for your petty donations!
    You think a couple of grand goes far?
    Do you?
    Do you???
    DO YOU!!!!!!!????????
    I work tirelessly to bring you up to speed on what the peado noncing establishment are up too. I spend 24 hours a day every day exposing crisis actors and all for what?
    So YOU LOT can sit on your arses and expect to read all my hard work and evidence of corruption for free?
    Well ,let me tell you. This website is costing me £300 a weeknow due to the masonic CI5 paedos constantly ILLEGALLY DISCONECTING MY INTERNET. They also have been tampering with my electric and my cards have stopped working…. funny that aint it?
    I still have thousands to pay from my ILLEGAL ARREST and not to mention the damage caused when i was ILLEGALLY ARRESTED infront of WOMEN AND CHILDREN!!!!!!!!!
    Do you think Facial Recognition Software is cheap do you? Well it fuckin aint! And mine costs a lot more that the ones online cos I have to get mine from a special source and it aint cheap!
    Bottom line is this. Either I have to find at least 3 grand a month or Im fuckin this blog right off and then thats you lot FUCKED!!

    Just sayin.

    P.S Fuck off to all the peado trolls!! Im comin for you lot!!


    MSNBC reporter suggests Trump may kill journalists:-


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