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Amanda Ferguson

The information contained in the following document, may be the most sinister and anti-democratic attack on the British people, its culture and heritage to date.

People throughout the world are starting to resist the oppression of the international banks taking control of their money.

People in the UK however, have scarcely noticed that even your basic right to speak out is slowly and surely, being severely controlled.

In the UK, we are watched continually on camera, and if you travel through any city to work and then back home again, experts have estimated that you may be viewed no less than 350 times in a single day by various CCTV devices, satellite monitoring and traffic sensors.

Added to that, junction recorders, movement watchers and using the MAP system (Movements Analysis Programme) devised by MI5 and used with the Reg Moore computer, sends triggers to your mobile phone, giving a total readout considerably higher.

Police forces mop up random phone signals and even put up fake mobile phone towers to steal data, but the biggest info trawling operation of all, is hidden within the British Census.

The Royal Mail have always opened much of their customers mail, and regularly hands some to special Branch and to both intelligence services to be read, recorded and put into one of several file recording systems.

This includes everything from benefit claimants to political and religious groups.

They are all held on file, and if you have a criminal record this is correlated alongside your medical records.

If the truth was told, there is also a huge amount of information the Royal Mail holds, just on your postcode alone.

This data is normally sold to junk mailers, some of which are owned by the Russian Mafia and are also made available to the IDF (Israeli Defence Force).

Local councils use drones to regularly photograph all houses and gardens, and if you have fitted a new roof, a loft room, an extension, a fish pond or had a conservatory built, this will also go on a list and be cross referenced against your bank accounts, benefits office and also, the Inland Revenue.

All telephone calls are recorded by GCHQ, which of course, is a junior partner of the American NSA, who then share everything with Israel, and it is this domination of all security and communications by Israel that is causing the most concern.

Rupert Murdoch has an almost complete stranglehold on news distribution facilities, whose remit is not to report news but ‘to make the news’ and nowhere is British news more distorted than the BBC and Murdoch-owned newspapers.

So important is the spin or ‘newstwisting’ in these papers, that where people have stopped buying newspapers they are given away free.

The social programming, is therefore seen as being far more important than the financial outlay.

Israel has as many files on British nationals as our own people, and anyone who may express an opinion that is deemed ‘suspicious’ by the Shin Bet or the IDF in its operation newstwist, will go onto a backlist which is circulated to all Mossad operatives.

That means that no employment opportunities, personal information or financial assistance via banks etc, will ever be made available to them.

So sensitive is Israel to mounting criticism that it has assembled teams of ‘trollers’ who phone in to radio programmes and write in to newspapers, also posting to internet sites and blogs with many fake identities, to muddy the waters further in regard to what is really going on.

When you control what information is released you can of course, control what is held back, and as you would imagine, this is not benefitting Britain in any way.

The reason that the government can now impound and crush your car for unpaid parking charges etc, is that the law was covertly changed.

You no longer own the car, you are legally only ‘the registered keeper’.’

The government is therefore the legal owner and so can legally destroy it if it so wishes.

Being quietly discussed right now is the same law applying to houses and flats, you will no longer own them but just be ‘the keeper.’

If the government decides to let the banks take your home, it can just go ahead and do so.

There was talk of this happening in the 1930’s, when the bankers were at war with Germany, but a certain Mr. Hitler called a halt to the Bankers power.

The third rule of Marxism, is that ‘all property is theft’ one man cannot own what belongs to the many, and defector Oleg Penkovsky was just one of those who warned 35 years ago that marxism was coming to Britain exactly as the Cambridge apostles told us just before WWII.

One of publisher Robert Maxwell’s bank accounts labelled the ‘Black Widow Fund’ has paid for Tony Blair and Gordon Brown to be groomed into power, Lord Levy and David Abrahams, along with Jon Mendleson are all alleged to be listed Israeli intelligence assets, and New labour itself is rumoured to be an Israeli front organisation.

The word NEWS means North East West and South information, but you cannot trust the mainstream news or the people who give it to you, can you?

After All….

They lied about the CJD crisis.

They lied about NHS care from cradle to grave.

They lied about swine flu killing millions.

They lied about the death of Dr David Kelly.

They lied about the death of Diana Spencer.

They lied about 7/7.

They lied about Iraq and Afghanistan.

They lied about the poisons contained in Chemtrails.

They lied about immigration and its true agenda. 

They lied about the banking crisis and who was really behind it.

They lied about the real reasons for WWII, and they have always lied about the British Census.

12 thoughts on “COMPLETE CONTROL

  1. No one owns anything, nor have they since feudal times with William the bastard 1066. The last nail in the coffin was in 1666 with the Cestui Que Vie Act where we were deemed lost at sea and if we do not come forward by the time we are 7 years of age to declare we are not lost at sea, we are then declared dead. This is the foundation of Admiralty Jursidistion so when you go into one of their de-facto courts you’re not deemed alive. They therefore cannot see The MAN – only your ‘person’ – the mask or fiction which is deemed alive. The person is identified by the title “MR” or “MRS” “MISS” or “Ms” or “Dr” or “Reverend” or whatever. The Vatican lays claim to all the titles across the earth. This includes titles on ALL your property. The word ‘mister’ stems from the word ‘mystery’ or ‘mistery’ hence the Babylonian Mystery Religions i.e. Rome.

  2. Pretty depressing when you think about it all in detail. We are nothing but goods & chattels to the powers that be – without us they would have & be nothing & that is our only worth to them – vehicles with which to feather their own nests.

    Even if you are old school like me & use cash, don’t drive & rarely visit towns, you still feel like you are under surveillance & you are, because they have every base covered with which to track & trace & find out everything about you, in ways most people don’t even realise. It’s impossible to exist without a bank account – you can’t choose to have wages paid in cash anymore, which they say is to stop the payroll robberies & such like, but we all know it’s to enable them to have another element of control over people & to force people to use the stinking banking systems, whether you want to or not. Imagine how worse it will get.

    I am not a number I am a free woman – I wish!

    1. Depressing, I agree, but not hopeless. There are people waking up in greater numbers all the time, (not quick enough in my opinion) so hope does exists that the next generation will have the information now being shared to equip them with the knowledge to force change. That is the future I see, sharing information now to make more and more people aware of what is really happening to us as a species. So it will never happen again. 🙂

  3. The only hope is that enough people will wake up and start to form new self-sufficient communities, but that will require people with land that they have de-registered from the Land Registry (This is re the UK).

  4. Yes the Lammas project in Wales has the right idea! Hundreds of years ago people did live in smaller communities and made provision for their individual needs. Slowly merchants developed as they switched onto the fact that they could make money by selling to others which has now become retailing. If retailing hadn’t taken off and people had to provide for their own needs then I am sure the population would not be so large – it’s all too convenient to go to the big supermarkets which in turn creates social injustice, especially if you don’t drive, and causes communities to die.
    ‘Clink’- there goes another penny in the pot for my plot of land 🙂

  5. Speaking of supermarkets, and you know who you are, you ugly turd polishing Gary Glitter fan. Still got a face for radio though eh? That would take some heavy duty plastic surgery to make small impressions on Mr Potato head. Thank fuck you took on board what I said and only made a shortie this time. Mind you wouldn’t want Tesco security to be all over you now eh? How would you explain to the Manager your filming around the women’s underwear section – maybe some pics would help the store Manager to understand your little predicament perhaps? Photo album of spud and the spaniels ears. New suggestion for ya , try an Ann summers store since their merchandise is far more appropriate for your bottom antics 😉 Mind how you go now, no slips, or trips or falls.

  6. Until recently married women in England were considered chattels of their husbands and therefore, in the eyes of the law, could not be raped. We should bear this in mind when criticising “backward” countries as we are still trying to emerge from our own “dark ages”

  7. Laughing so much! Mildred, you forgot to rate for content & presentation. I gave both a big fat zero. & even then I thought that was being generous 😀

  8. I find it so funny that certain people who wear womens knickers & other items of womens clothing call other people names that relate to people who get a weird kinky buzz out of wearing womens drawers. Some people really are as dumb as spuds aren’t they? Think someone should book themselves in for a full lobotomy instead of just a partial 1 😉

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