Despite the the following article being taken from a screamingly left-centrist website, it does acknowledge and further raise awareness of something that has been common knowledge to some of us for a few years now – namely that establishment-funded trolls and gang stalkers, are using fake social media accounts and blogs to rubbish childhood sexual abuse survivors; and to discredit and undermine their support networks leaving them very vulnerable and often alone, which has led to a number of survivors self-harming or even taking their own lives.

It’s good, therefore, to read that at last, some of the independent online media news sources are finally catching up ….

And some CSA survivors and their support networks, have been the targets of these ‘Trolls’ since 1996, and in some cases, prior to that.


CHILD ABUSE ALLEGATIONS: The establishment fightback begins

‘The SKWAWKBOX published earlier this week two articles relating to the terrible scandal of child abuse in the UK and the sham of the government’s inquiry.

The first related that a serving Chief Constable of a UK police force had been accused of – and interviewed under caution about – involvement in sexual abuse of children, yet was still in post, in spite of numerous missed deadlines promised by the authorities for a decision on prosecution.

The second showed the extent of the control exercised by the Home Office over the responses that panel members were allowed to give to a formal parliamentary committee, raising serious doubts about any semblance of independence, transparency and openness. More than one mainstream media outlet is now preparing its own articles.

Predictably, it didn’t take long for the Establishment to start pushing back in an ugly fashion.

Anonymous troll accounts – in fact, worse than trolls – have begun a smear campaign on social media attempting to attack the credibility of a key whistleblower who exposed issues with the inquiry and, even more unforgivably, of a victim of terrible abuse.

At least one of these provocateur accounts is run by someone with a sinister history of stalking – including arrest – and who is known to have connections to key Establishment figures, including at least one who has expressed controversial views about sexual consent and a history of accusations of online and offline bullying. All have the vile tone of the bully.

The SKWAWKBOX does not intend to give oxygen to the smears or to the smearers. But if you read accusations online or off about whistleblower Sharon Evans or child-abuse survivors, reach for a huge pinch of salt.

The speed and vehemence of the backlash only strengthen the credibility of the accusations and revelations. The Establishment must be worried.’



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  1. No surprises here Jimmy, I’ve always suspected child abuse trolls have establishment backing. They have numerous, protected accounts which is not possible unless you are ‘connected’. At least it looks like their covers been blown in certain quarters.

  2. It’s good that after nearly 5 years of it, others are finally starting to speak out about it.

    Despite this, on and on they go. Drawing attention to what they are and what they are up to.

    But it is most definitely a case of ‘all in it together’ as we have found. Not just tory linked.

    Tom Watson set the time bomb and he left CSA Survivors to deal with the monster he unleashed. Haven’t seen him make any effort to stop it.

    Lib Dems – also part of it.

  3. Don’t hold your breath waiting for action when MPs are forcing the resignation of anyone prepared to mention well-known and widely reported facts regarding CSA.

    We all know that the vast majority of the ‘grooming’ gangs jailed in recent years have been Pakistanis and/or muslims but look at what happened to Sarah Champion just for saying it is a problem that needs to be addressed.

    The morons who demanded her resignation have, by implication, made it clear that they will not take steps to protect young white women.

    Sacrificed on the alter of political correctness…

    1. That’s Corbyn and the Labour Party for you in a nutshell. They are not going to offend a large section of their core voters are they?

      It’s the main reason why the grooming gangs and child abusers in Rochdale and Rotherham (Labour Strongholds) were ignored, protected and brushed under the carpet for 20+ years.

    2. & in view of the above article regarding the ‘Establishment pushback & the anonymous troll accounts – will the Government itself be the first casualty of these new proposals? What do you reckon Phil?

      I’m betting on the answer being A big AS IF!


      1. Hi Jane. All I can see is life being made difficult for those questioning the official narrative.

        The new laws will be used, sorry, misused by TPTB to jump on people who name names.

        I think that people most at risk are those like Jimmy, hosting a site while resident in the UK, who may well be forced to censor (very unlikely for The Outlaw!) or pull the plug.

        We users of the site can easily evade the problem with aliases, mickey mouse email addresses and VPNs but it’s not so easy for those running the sites.

        I hope I am wrong.

        1. You are correct Phil.

          I have been questioned by the police a number of times since starting this site in 2012, the last time being fairly recently, about certain comments posted to this site by readers, which were reported to them as ‘Harrassment’.

          After being investigated thoroughly, the allegations were dismissed and No Further Action (NFA) was taken by the CPS.

          Most site owners (and/or site moderators), if they have any sense that is, should be well aware by now that publishing malicious, purposely harassing or false information about people or agencies/organisations, either in the main body of the articles or in the comments, could ultimately land them in court.

          False allegations are a different matter of course, but as long as you have the evidence to hand to support any published claims you make online, then the false allegations and faux ‘fear and distress’ that is being reported, can easily be shown as being exactly what they are ….

          A complete crock!

          One more thing.

          There are a few notable websites I could name which are hosted abroad and are being published from behind VPN’s or TOR networks to avoid being detected.

          But that too is becoming increasingly difficult, and does not offer any level of protection whatsoever for the visitors who leave comments.

          Very few site owners will want their readers to discover that 😉

          1. Jimmy. It’s quite right that there is no justification for ‘publishing malicious, purposely harassing or false information’. It can have devastating effects on the victim(s), as those attacked by an, erm, ‘alien male’ will testify.
            With regard to the not so innocent, there is one little ray of hope – ‘the law of unintended consequence’. Anyone choosing to misuse the new laws to silence dissent or criticism should be aware that the case could end up in front of a jury if the defendant goes the distance. And that could bring a whole lot of unwanted publicity whatever the result.
            Interesting info about the off-shored sites. Any tiny clues?

          2. I’ll get back to you soon on the sites I know are hosted abroad Phil, and the ones that claim to be based in the U.K., but are actually being published by people living currently in eastern Europe and further afield.

        2. Hi Phil. Sadly I think you are right.

          Having said that, in 2012 under David Cameron the Stalking & Harassment Laws were changed (at much great expense no doubt), as the laws in place were failing the victims of stalkers and harassers & victims were actually being killed by their stalker. The Police often telling them there was nothing they could do.

          What did those laws change? Not a lot as we can all see.

          I believe to nudge these new apres-Dave laws in, there were claims that people who set up fake or clone accounts could also be prosecuted. But these new laws are nothing like what the public were expecting. Only covering certain minorities it would seem.

          Or the protected Government linked gang stalking teams. They obviously don’t get a mention in the blurb.

          How many of us have had our accounts cloned or fakes set up to harass us from the same gang to be told there is nothing the police can do? Looks like the carrot may have fallen off the stick.

          We know how certain laws only work a certain way for some people.

          I imagine all the old faithfuls that spout nothing but tripe will still remain online. The ones with special friends and connections.

          1. Hi Jane. I think that pretty much sums it up. Throw-in bureaucracy and political correctness and it’s a right mess.

            The police are hamstrung in what they can do.

            ‘ACAB’ is not true.

            Some definitely are but there are many good cops (though not for long) who would love to be able to do the job more effectively but are just not allowed to. they’re faced with superiors having been ‘warned-off’, manpower shortage, nightmarish paperwork that must be perfect, ‘community and race relations’ a CPS that seems to be a law unto itself…

            While many claims are justified, it does seem like any idiot with a good brief can sue them for a fortune. I think that many cops are now just keeping their heads down and fingers-crossed to make it to their pension. Can’t blame them really.

            The fact that they are now being turned into ‘stormtroopers’ to protect the elite is truly frightening. With highly politiced control, these are the ‘new’ police replacing the steady ‘old hands’.

            Equipped like tactical assault units, they see no right or wrong, only orders. ‘Call me Dave’ let the cat out of the bag with his “over 3000 ‘new’ police” blather when it became clear that over 1000 of them were for London – particularly central London, ie the City Of.

            I think it was less to do with ‘terrorism’ than a need to warn the peasants that any thoughts of bringing-down the Square Mile would be utterly futile.

            That it is becoming ever more ‘us and them’ is evidenced by things like phoning for a crime number if you get burglerised (strange word…) or that you have to be in fear for your life before you dial 999!

          2. Completely agree Phil, even if the last 5 years have made it tempting to believe ‘ACAB’. We all know where the orders come from.

            It’s only a shame that the good ones, the only ones who deserve any credit and wages at a decent rate to reflect what an increasingly thankless task it must be to be 1, can’t overthrow the rest.

            They’d could then arrest all the bad apples in Government, (would there be any left?).

            Wishful thinking.

            If all the good ones throw in the towel, which they are bound to sooner rather than later, G4s (Directors of mostly), will be the winners.

    1. Hmmmm… Now, if I was the sort of person who though the spooks capable of just about anything…

      1. Aye. So much seems to go back to Dear old Savile.

        Rather a lot of effort has been put in over the last 5 years to try to convince the public he was not a paedo but a Saint. Some people with reason to want people not to keep mentioning him – especially if they have links or their family have links to him.

        And Thatcher still appears to have retained her honours, despite her heavy involvement with him.

  4. “For the better part of a dozen years, a group of employees and managers at the Navy’s largest public shipyard operated what amounted to an unsanctioned, off-the-books police force, equipping it with illegally or improperly obtained weapons, vehicles and fuel, wasting an estimated $21 million in public funds in the process.”



  5. Cuba ‘acoustic attack’ gave U.S. diplomats brain injuries, medical records show:-



    Doklam standoff: Countering China in the backyard, Indian Navy silently tightens grip over Indian Ocean:-


    MINI ICE AGE IS COMING-Global Unrest, Famine, Mass Migration, Increased Vulcanism, Flooding (30 MIN VID – worth watching):-


  6. Hi Jimmy. A certain blogger has announced on his site that the fees for his site may not have been paid, so can I ask what happens if website fees are not paid, does the site stay active for long? Thank you

    1. Hello Richie, welcome to the site.

      As far as I am aware, if website hosting fees are not paid, the site is instantly suspended.

      I know that is certainly the case for the Outlaw, and I should imagine that other hosting companies, not being charities, would do the same.

      Obviously that does not apply to the bigger ‘Free’ hosting sites, like Blogspot and WordPress for example, so if the site you are referring too is fee paying, then it would be suspended immediately.

      They certainly would not be publishing a post informing their readers.

      I hope that answers your question

    1. Oh no, not more sossij and rhubarb crumble from the a la carte child abuse menu of Jimbo Reeves … AGAIN!
      Not even Oliver would be begging for seconds of that.

      Does he mention his alleged abuse by Ted Heath that he claimed on Twitter, or Alan Breeze which he write about on his blog which was set up for him by one of the gang abusers of CSA Survivors, (another ‘friend’ of MWT)?

      What an amazing coincidence that they should both be friends with MWT.

      #JimReevesRhubarbGate – Let’s not venture down that path 😀


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