‘To all my friends on Facebook & any where else I have been waiting & fighting for justice for going on 15 years, We have been promised by two Governments that we will get it!!

Well we are still waiting?

The Prime Minister Teresa May said in Parliament that anybody that turned a blind eye to sexual abuse or failed to report it or enabled it would be prosecuted, well Mrs May all the officers & staff have openly admitted to all of the above, most of them admitted to it 15 years ago in documented statements to the Durham police & also under oath in Newcastle crown court!!!

Why are we still waiting?

Throughout this fight my health has suffered to the extent that I have found myself out of work for the first time in 28 years, I suffered a stroke in 2013 & was off work for just over a year & paid out of own pocket for rehabilitation & got my Taxi Badge back, a few months later I suffered a seizure & was diagnosed with post stroke epilepsy, I have now been told by my doctor that I have signs of heart failure!!!

Am I and many others from Medomsley going to be dead before we see justice done!!

Not if I can help it, so I am planning to sit outside the gates of Medomsley on hunger strike until we get justice or I die!!

Please everyone I need support from you all, If you have Children & Grand children you will understand why this is not just important to me & the other Medomsley Boys its to protect all kids from these beasts, Help us any way you can, thank you all ‘

Raymond Thomas Poar xx.






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    Saudi Princess’ tell-all includes Bangladeshi children traded as sex slaves (TRY THE COMMENTS TOO):-


  2. Disgusted beyond words that Ray feels he has no option but to do this.
    Please may decency prevail & it not come to this.
    The very Best of luck to Ray & every genuine survivor going through the same. Love & luck to you all. X

  3. The Chinese Created Nicknames for Trump — It’s Driving Liberals Crazy:-


    (The MSM in the US are barely reporting Trump’s triumphant Asian tour and speeches)

  4. How long is it going to take? What will it take even for these lads to get justice? Its disgraceful IMO

  5. Medomsley is another genuine case which has been drowned out by the ‘Celeb’ and establishment allegations being shouted about in the media and online. I truly hope and pray that these lads get the closure and peace.they deserve. I also hope that Raymond does not have to follow through with his hunger strike too as too many have already suffered

  6. Sorry, off-topic (again) but couldn’t resist this.
    Bob Gobshite, Bonehead/U2 and the ‘news’ media!

    Sky, 18 June 2012.
    “Aung San Suu Kyi, Brighton Festival’s Guest Director in 2011, will be in Dublin today accepting freedom of the city. Aung San Suu Kyi was awarded the Freedom of Dublin City twelve years ago, while under house arrest…. Coincidentally, Vanessa Redgrave – Guest Director of this year’s Brighton Festival – will also be part of the presentations, while Bono and Bob Geldof are to stage a tribute concert.”

    BBC, 13 November 2017.
    “Bob Geldof has said he will return his Freedom of the City of Dublin in protest against the Myanmar leader Aung San Suu Kyi, who also holds the award.
    Mr Geldof said “her association with our city shames us all”…
    Fellow Irish musicians U2 also criticised Burma’s civilian leader, urging her on Saturday to take a stronger stance against the reported violence by security forces.”

    They have all deliberately chosen to ingnore the cause of the violence – the Muslim Rohingyas’ appalling campaign of brutality against the Myanmaris over many years. Violence so horrific that even Bhuddist monks have taken up arms.

    It’s no surprise from hypocrites Gobshite and tax-dodger Bonehead, but the BBC should be ashamed of it’s piss-poor coverage of the situation.

    But then, we can’t be upsetting the Muslims, can we?

    Not even when there’s yet another gang in an English court.

    In Rotherham.


    1. No surprises there Phil, the BBC have a long history of supporting those who wish to undermine our way of life and abuse children.

      As for Geldof?

      A 24k twat, preaching about family values while his wife and daughter stuck god knows what into themselves

      1. Does this mean that Ms H and her abusive minions on Twitter are running interference for the state? It certainly looks like from what I can can see

  7. 100% agree with your comment Phil. Bobshites hypocrisy apart who would want to be connected to him…… The deaths of Paula Peaches and Michael are all very very suspicious to me. He and Bonehead give the Irish a bad name !! I’m sure that if Nelson Mandela had lived longer even he would have fallen foul of those self important self righteous pricks!

  8. How many more of these lads like Raymond Poar have to resort to something so drastic as a hunger strike to get justice? It’s disgusting that genuine victims of monstrous abuse have to wait so long when scumbags like Nick and the other fantasists and liars get treated like minor celebrities by the media and the morons who support them. What happened at Medomsley was a human tragedy of child abuse on an unprecedented scale which should be addressed and lessons learned to ensure that it never happens again. Sadly i do not think that will happen in our lifetime at least. God bless you Ray and the other Medomsley lads

  9. This is disgusting. God bless all genuine survivors (and those that did not survive) of childhood sexual abuse.

  10. This just makes me angry Jimmy. How many more stories like this will we have to endure before victims of abuse get justice and protection from the predators?

    1. The British establishment and the MSN are certainly pushing the anti Putin/Russian propaganda at the minute. Are they seeding the ground for another cold war? Or even a full-on offensive? We are living in scary times

      1. They hate Putin because he is an honest man who sees the NWO for what it really is

      2. The ‘Russian Hackers’ that May and Co are droning-on about are probably much the same as this ‘Russian Troll’ outed by Byline and widely repoted by the Mail and other ‘newspapers’.


        Meanwhile, back on THIS planet:



  11. May I be the first to congratulate the Outlaw on reaching five years online? Well done and despite the garbage and smears that been thrown at this website (and it’s readers/commenters), it’s still here doing what it does best. Keep on keeping on Brothers and Sisters.

    ‘The Devils greatest trick was convincing us he does not exist.’

    As the saying goes, but that is not always true as websites such as The Outlaw battle the dark one and his many helpers each and every day. May God bless you all

    1. OG (and anyone else disappointed with the Firefox update)
      Comodo Ice Dragon, based on pre-updated Firefox, will import and run all your add-ons and bookmarks automatically. This includes those which are now ‘Legacy’ (ie dead!) in Firefox.
      C-net reckon it’s secure (good enough for me!) although there is concern in some quarters about Chinese involvement with Comodo. TBH, I find that a lot less worrying than what those nice people at Google are up to….

  12. Satanic Entertainment Industry Discussion With Sonia Poulton and Her Interview With Kaya Jones (EX PUSSYCAT DOLLS) 80 min.vid:-




    1. They may be “unwelcome”, but if you listen to what the cop is saying, I think you may find that it goes very well with the main topic of the post.

      1. You do realise Brian Gerrish is part of the scam set don’t you OG? He’s in with ‘the Gang’ and Icke. Not to be trusted.

        His ex Navy colleague, friend and Business partner (given the highest honours by the ‘Royal’ family), is currently in the dock on multiple abuse charges.

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