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  1. Excellent article. It’s a pity that it will not be understood by the people who really need to read it the most

  2. Well here’s the video, but it’s ok if you would rather it not be here. I think it shows very clearly the behaviour and connections of a certain group with an agenda that isn’t good.


    • It does illustrate how some SRA promoters and their hangers-on support each other when challenged.

      You sure do attract the Nutters Sheva, a few names on that video should be very familiar to the readers here.

    • Slag?? What a charmer 😉

      I will have to show that comment to my husband when he gets home, I think he will enjoy that one.

    • What a sad tale. Kicked off Spivey’s site and is now hanging out of the backside of Hollie Greig and Hampstead Hoax promoters. More like a desperate cling-on than a hanger-on PMSL. I especially like the part when they claim and obviously believe that they are ‘hammering’ people on Facebook and Twitter — that bit was particularly hilarious — and cringe-inducing. Their behaviour is also the evidence that supports without any doubts what Jimmy said in the article.

      ‘People who are desperate for attention, who really want to fit in or belong to something, are possibly vulnerable in some way, and who may also have some underlying or obvious mental health issues and spent most of their lives being socially isolated ………’

      I think they are just nasty bastards with some very disturbing ideas and who fantasise about some very, very sick things & have far too much time on their hands — but that’s just my opinion.

      Another very worrying aspect is that they actually want those poor kids in Hampstead and Hollie Grieg to have been horribly abused — just so they can be proven right.

      Really, really, really sick behaviour IMO

  3. Excellent piece of writing that highlights a growing problem. Sheva is right some of the names are very familiar.

  4. Hello Jimmy and everyone who reads this. I am a longtime reader of this website but it’s the first time I have commented so please be gentle lol. I did wonder why genuine and proven CSA survivors like Sheva Burton, Cheryl Corless and Danny Wolstenholme from Shatterboys are always being attacked by the same people who support the fake abuse stories like Hollie and Hampstead and even Melanie Shaw etc etc. I think I have a better understanding now after reading this article and following this site and reading the articles and the comments. I am a CSA survivor myself and a few years ago I contacted all of who I was led to believe at the time were the big noises in the alternative media like David Icke, Brian Gerrish, Bill Maloney, Chris Spivey, Exaro News and Richard D Hall to name only a few. Not one of them replied to me but what did happen was that my social media which was {stupidly} in my own name started to be trolled and attacked on Facebook by Fabooka da Stait/Fuck the State and a few of his mates on Twitter. It was horrendous and went on for many weeks before I could not cope with it and I closed them down and even stayed offline for a few months. It was horrendous. I even contacted the police at one point, but they were reluctant to help me because the abusive accounts were mainly anonymous and they fobbed me off by saying that it would be too expensive to trace and that I should just come offline if it bothered me or I felt threatened. I now know that was not the correct advice and that these people can be traced and charged under the stalking and harassment laws as it only takes two separate instances for it to pass the harassment threshold. Anyway that is my experience and I hope it helps somebody else or shows them who the wrong ones are and what to look out for and what NOT to do. Contact someone like Jimmy if you are worried as he will put you in touch with people who can help.

    • That sadly surprises none of us Andy, as anyone genuine tends to get the same treatment by this gang.

      From what I am led to believe and have no reason to doubt due to differences in ‘syntax’ in the many messages I had received,over a very long time, is that originally those Fabooka accounts had multiple sign in’s, so Spiv and Dogman , Lisa and whoever else had access.

      I believe changes were made to change/remove some people who had access at the point ‘Bob’ realised Spiv & Dogman weren’t all they made out to be.

      As we’ve all found out, questioning the iffy stuff gets you banned.

      As I’ve shown elsewhere, another of the gang likes to latch onto Bob, gee him up into fight mode. Exactly as Cat Scot has done.

      This article mentions lonely people & that has a very big bearing on this. Especially lonely people with mental health problems, it makes them so easy to indoctrinate into doing whatever the gang leaders want.
      Neelu springs to mind as well, as do others.

      You can just say they are mad & leave them with the tab too. Most handy.

      I’m no professional on mental health, but I do recognise certain traits in people from work I have done in the past.

      As hard as it is sometimes, I do try to separate the real wrong ‘un’s in this gang, from those desperate for ‘something, someone, anything’ to pay them some attention, feel that they belong, who have been collected up to use to do the dirty work of the ring leaders.

      Those that know exactly what they are saying and doing are the ones that we all know are ultimately to blame.

      The ones that don’t have full control of what their mental faculties full time, I try to have a little more patience with. Which ain’t easy either, especially as it does me no favours sometimes.

      That’s just the way I deal with it, because if I treated people with MH problems like lepers, I’d be no better than the successive governments that have allowed things to crumble as badly as they have.

      To make a connection is better than making none at all. And if I didn’t I wouldn’t understand half the things I do.

      Catriona Scott or whatever her name is has been busy then? Frantically spreading her rubbish about. But with 1 of her friends up in court on 19th November, must be a bit worrying wondering if you will be called as a witness or whatnot? Especially if you are still touting the Hampstead Hoax stuff around.

      Most people know that when you sink as low as to end up in Spivs lap these days, that really is rock bottom desperation.
      But she belongs there I feel, with the rest of the gruesome gang.

    • Andy, that got me a bit welled up. I really felt I’d let everyone down when they hijacked the rally 2010.

      But I seemed outnumbered, most people seemed happy with them. As things progressed and I saw the damage being done, it has at times devastated me.

      I am so sorry that happened to you, but very glad you found your way here.

      Maybe some of us can join forces to ensure that the police take action ?

      I’ve also felt like a leper at times, because of the way they have gone for so many other advocates that I was promoting.

  5. In for a penny, in for a pound.

    The Friends Lists of Fresh Start Foundation include just about every usual suspect you can imagine, too many to list.

    There is only 1 way to illustrate this, by showing the proof. Mr Puddick also appears, David Ickes mouthpiece Richie Allen and so many more that anyone keeping tabs on this & the attacks on CSA Survivors, Hoaxsters , scams, shills, etc, will instantly recognise.

    Just in case Brian Harvey’s looking in.


    Another thing, please correct me if I’m wrong, but did the Court prohibit the films of the 2 Hampstead kids being spread around?

    If that’s right, then why are at least 2 people connected with Fresh Start Foundation (1 at least is a Director – 2 if the other is who people have suggested it might be?), still spreading the clips of those 2 kids around on Social media?

    • Thankyou so much for that Jane and yes the court order states:

      This is the court order which was issued against Sabine McNeill and Ella Draper, which they both chose to flee the country rather than obey.

      This court order also applies to anyone “who knows of this Order and does anything to breach its terms”.

      Please note:

      If you have ever posted anything online or elsewhere any text, video, or image which could lead to the identification of the two children; any information which identifies or could lead to the identification of their father Ricky Dearman; or any information including the names and addresses of any employee or representative of the Local Authority;


      If you have ever harassed the father Ricky Dearman, or subjected him to unlawful and unwarranted psychological intimidation by posting articles upon any internet or social networking website accusing him of unlawful activity, then you may be held to be in contempt of court and may be imprisoned, fined, or have your assets seized.

      S’why I’ve been posting it and shoving it under their noses.

      What we need now, is for it to be enforced.


      • You are welcome Sheva.
        I have saves of the proof they continue to spread the prohibited video clips. DIRECTORS of a so called anti abuse company.

        Such a familiar story, strangely enough.

        Abusers fronting scam anti charities, now where have I heard that one before? Hmmmmmm.

        They clearly don’t give 2 hoots for those kids by continuing to spread those clips.

        The kids will never be able to get over this ordeal, or get on with being free to be themselves, without a spotlight constantly on them, until someone actually stops these strange people.

        You are right, the Court Order needs reinforcing.

        Why should the actual ringleaders continue to get away with what others have been convicted partly because of?

        Thanks to you and the Shatterboys for highlighting the latest flaky danger to CSA Survivors, in my opinion.

        Fresh Start Foundation being linked to all the main players in the hoaxes, scams and attacks on CSA Survivors, who all link to each other and tie into what Brian Harvey has been dealing with, should at least help people avoid a few dangers.

        I know I keep mentioning him, but it is all very relevant to the CSA attacks.

        It really does join dots.

        Members of this organised targeted gang latching onto the same CSA Survivors/witnesses in the investigations, using the same snaky tactics and infiltration methods, in order to discredit them, by association or smear.

        Do they really think people can’t see what’s going on?

        Especially when they make no secret of their intimidation.

        Another thing I forget to mention, but has probably not gone unnoticed with some, is if you scroll to near the end of that screen save, to Penny Pullens ‘Like’ Section, you will see that old familiar devil “PAEDOBRITAIN” noted as a Personal blog, which links to their extended gang mates of the Anglesey branch of this mob.

        Along with Belinda Mckenzie & co. and a few others.

        (I noticed quite recently, a certain lawyer desperately trying to falsely link the #PaedoBritain hashtag to the wrong creators, the actual creators of it being linked firmly to the lawyers little friends.)

        Just sayin’

        • That reminds me, I’ve still got that awful tag on my blog. I was new to blogging when that began, regret joining in.

          I spent a year working my guts out to let people know the rally was happening, responding to people and allsorts, Emma approached me and offered to take care of the admin stuff. I was grateful, I hated that part.

          She set up Truth & Hope.

          In the last couple of weeks, I suddenly got emails, telling me who the speakers were going to be.
          Penny Pullen, Anna Bragga & Belinda McKenzie were copied in.
          Until then, I had never heard of them.

          It was they that had been holding meetings in Highgate and ensured that Bill Maloney, Robert Green, Brian Gerrish, David Icke were the main speakers, with Belinda as the ‘compere’.

          I still have the emails.

          With what has then been possible for them, because of the credibility that they basically stole, undeserved, it has really been difficult for me.

          Had they worked with integrity, I’d be applauding them, as it is, I’m disgusted, dismayed and angry that they’ve done so much harm.

    • Hmm…first, Jimmy, a truly excellent post, thank you! Do you mind if I lift a few pieces of it (with attribution, of course!) for HR?

      We’ve been quietly keeping an eye on the “Fresh Start Foundation”, which like the ill-fated “Knight Foundation” sounds an awful lot like several legitimate and well-respected charities out there…but isn’t. More to come on this, I have no doubt.

      As for FTS, I think I may finally understand where our latest wackadoo gibbering pro-Spivey commentator comes from, and what his motivation might be. You’ll be happy to know that I offered him some constructive suggestions to help him overcome his very obvious boredom and need for some sort of hobby.

      • Feel free to use whatever you need from here with my blessing if it helps EC 😉 And yes, FTS certainly needs something to occupy his free time, and preferably not anything that involves being connected to the www.

  6. Excellent article JJ very informative and enlightening and you know what they say “The more flak you are taking means the closer you are to the target” – or something like that

  7. Let me see if I have got this right. Fembooka’s ex handler Spiv thinks that Jimmy has had radical facial reconstruction and is at this time serving three whole life sentences in a US penitentiary. Fembooka himself thinks that Jimmy is really someone called ‘Shilby Shill’ who is actually a musician from the Manchester area who now posts under the handle ‘The Truth Serking Music Makers’ or is Jane or Sheva or whoever else his skunk addled brain can come up with . Have I got that right ? He also thinks that because Dogman and Spiv and prolly John Hamer are faking most of the comments on Spivey’s site then Jimmy must be doing the same thing ? On top of that Fembooka thinks that because he is posting garbage like that on his Facebook page 24/7 that he is ‘hammering’ Jimmy and has everybody else ‘by the balls’? Is that also right ? Jeez!! And he thinks that other people are mentally ill and have run out of their meds !!!! Jesus wept that’s some some serious mirroring and paranoia right there PMSL. Lunacy

    • It’s called mental illness.
      Be kind.

      I know it’s not easy sometimes.

      He’s being set up.

      He knows it, but their isolation tactics are quite fierce, as are their intimidation tactics. Only surpassed by their gutlessness.

      Bob actually gave me some really good advice, which strangely enough I always hark back to. Simple but effective advice . . . “Fuck ’em”. (Excuse Bob’s French)

      • I have to add that not all of those who suffer (and I emphasise the word ‘suffer’ as for many it’s a daily struggle) with Mental Health issues behave as Bob does.

        I will never condone or excuse his behaviour – being one of the targets of his warped, obsessive war on those he believes are, and who he refers to as ‘Beasts’ and ‘The Spawn of the Devil’ (his words) and all.

        Having also been the unfortunate recipient of one of Bob’s real-life vicious, malicious and entirely false leafleting campaigns in the place I lived, which resulted in a ‘hard-targeting’ of my family’s home by the police, I reserve the right to feel the way I do about that particular individual.

        Some people are beyond redemption, the creator I recognise offers no absolution for such acts, so I am afraid he is beneath contempt and deserves neither compassion or favourable consideration from me.

        How others deal with him is their choice entirely.

        But that’s only my opinion.

        • Firstly, can I just say, as apparently we are yet again 1 and the same person, can you please stop talking to yourself? I’ll try to do likewise.

          1st sign of madness innit? 😀

          But seriously, I know what you’re saying, I don’t know which particular MH issue he has, but clearly it’s pretty uncontrollable & does not follow rational reasoning.

          I find it best to just ignore it, it’s quite obvious he’s being amped up by the goon squad and his thought process don’t work the same when he’s on 1.

          I’ve told him plenty of times that what was done to you is totally unforgivable, some thing’s can’t be undone, especially when a vengeful personality is on ever strop mode. He’s directing his rage at the wrong person and he knows it, but he has that stubborn I”m right thing, even when he’s wrong. (I just call it being a man personally). 😀

          He’s isolated by his old gang and mothballed until he may become useful again, when they do what they are now, latching onto him to make him fly off the handle.

          • I cannot see of what possible use he could be to anyone, but I do hope that he starts his nonsense with someone who has less to lose than the people he is trying desperately to get a violent response from.

            Someone who thinks he’s worth doing time for – for example 😉

  8. At least in some ways, he’s helped further show Cat Scot and the Fresh Start Foundation up for what they are & the fact that just like extended gang mate The Beast of you know where & co, she’ll gladly use people with Mental illness to do her bidding.

    All the signs of a very dangerous outfit if you ask me. And 1 that should probably be put out of business for the sake of vulnerable people who are conned into thinking it’s legit.

    As they continue to spread those banned clips of the Hampstead kids, fingers crossed it’ll be sooner rather than later.

    I often think that about ‘The Beast’ and why/how it has managed not to meet the wrong person in all these years, apart from a little fella with blade of course.

    Shame Youtube wasn’t around then, because it would have made a fine clip.

  9. Lol! Spivey is now claiming its 400 quid a month to host his site. Oh and that serial rapist John Worboys is a crisis actor because…. He had never heard of him before.

    Amazing stuff.

    Oh and just to maybe add to your topic. Satanic ritual child abuse stories are all garbage.

    Such nonsense is an insult to victims of genuine abuse.

    There is no need for a genuine victim of child abuse to exagerate whatsoever and to such rediculous lengths….. the abuse itself is hard enough to live with…

    • I wonder if any of his readers would like to know that a site such as his, could be comfortably hosted and managed for less than £100 per year.

      Any site owner would be able to tell you that – if they were being honest 😉

      It has been suggested many times, that Mr Spivey should be made to spend time in the company of some of the victims, and the families of those he claims are not real, or never existed.

      I tend to agree that a large dose of reality may help change his mind.

      • Well Spivey and his clan live in a bubble. These so called “open minded” troofers really are the most narrow minded clowns to ever open their mouths.

        When he comes out with this “he/she never existed” or even more laughable that the same “crisis actor” is playing a dozen or more folk throughout history this is just a total facepalmageddon that I don’t know if if I should laugh or piss my pants….or both. 😉

        Does he not realise that just because someone is in the public eye they do have friends and associates off camera as well?

        Or is that too much to grasp?

        I am so hoping he one day does a lengthy article on “satanic heavy metal” this one will be the icing on the cake ….

        I mean why has he avoided this?

        It involves several murders and countless other crimes…

        Come on Spivster….It’s Illuminati Satanic Hollywood Freemasons and crisis actors ain’t it just?

        All those black and white faces can only surely be a few actors and fake musicians (all songs containing subliminal messages as well)

        I guess he is just too scared to go there though…..

        • I’m seeing him as kind of a front. Because no one trusts him, everyone knows he has all the shills tucked in his bikini bottoms, so why is he even still here and who could be funding him?

          Fresh start have posted a date of 30 odd ‘Roadshows’ which makes you wonder where their funding is coming from too.

          Plus they run that Freedom Talk Radio.

    • 1 of my Dads favourites & by proxy 1 of mine too.
      And very appropriate.

      ♬ You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave … ♬

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