Contrary to what I have read in some of the darker corners of the World Wide Web of late, the owner of this website has little faith in, nor has any allegiance to the mainstream media as a whole.

The MSM has a documented and long history of misleading, distracting and ignoring altogether, many issues which should be, and rightly so in the public interest – a number of which have been highlighted on this very site over the past three years.

I am under no illusions that the mainstream media, since it’s inception, has not only been the mouthpiece of the government of the day, but of the establishment as a whole, and as such, the propaganda and disinformation it churns out on an hourly basis, does almost nothing to serve the interests of those it claims to inform and represent.

That being said, it is an undeniable fact that the mainstream media, in all it’s forms, is without equal in it’s ability to shape not only public opinion on a massive scale, but can, and has, influenced how this countries population votes, how they dress, how and what they eat and drink, what they like and dislike, what and who they publicly support or universally condemn – and whether you like it or not, is still the ‘go to’ news source for millions of people daily, as it has been for generations.

And will continue to be so.

That is not likely to change any time soon, and part of the responsibility for that, has to lie with those who have claimed to offer an ‘alternative‘ to the mainstream, namely the so-called ‘Alt Media’ and the laughingly titled, ‘Truth Movement’.

As is the case with the mainstream news outlets, there are of course those within the confines of the Alt Media, who are genuinely trying to make a difference, and are struggling to compete against a virtual tsunami of misinformation, distraction, meaningless fluff and outright lies spewing from the websites, forums and social media accounts of those in the Alt Media – who’s only purpose appears to be preventing the truth from surfacing.

I am only too aware of the failings of the mainstream media, and as such have no illusions as to the credibility of many news stories that have been implanted into the public psyche, a number of which are worth mentioning here, if only to show that the MSM have never been averse to publishing wholly inaccurate information in order to sell stories, but also to promote certain agendas on behalf of the establishment or certain individuals.

For example, it is difficult to forget what was splashed across the front page of the Sun newspaper following the horrendous Hillsborough football tragedy, where the paper alleged that Liverpool fans ‘robbed the victims and urinated on the police.’

Front pages of the Sun Newspaper

There are many examples of the mainstream media publishing what amount to outright lies and malicious gossip with no foundation on fact, and one of the fairly recent examples, is that of the ‘door stepping’ of Brenda Leyland by Martin Brunt of SkyNews, based almost entirely on a dossier that was compiled by online supporters of Gerry and Kate McCann.

A dossier incidentally, that alleged that Ms Leyland was an online ‘troll‘ who was harassing the McCanns and their supporters.

The dossier is also believed to have been given to Brunt, (following an appeal by Gerry McCann that ‘An example must be made’) by an ex-policeman, who is now a prominent media figure, and one who proports to represent victims of child exploitation and abuse.

There is also little doubt in many people’s minds now, that the unwarranted media exposure and the online fury that followed Brunt’sexposure‘ of an innocent woman, who was only one among thousands who were merely expressing their own doubts and simply asking pertinent questions, about a story that simply does not stand up – ultimately contributed to her taking her own life a short time later.

So is the mainstream media entirely to blame?

Are they exclusively responsible for the tragic event that followed that particular incident?

Or should the blame lie with those who contributed to, and presented the dossier of compiled names to the media?

A dossier without which, Brenda Leyland would not have been seen all over the media and the Internet, nor would she have been labelled an online ‘Troll‘ – and certainly would not been driven to a point where she may have possibly been left with little option but to take her own life.

I am not going to illustrate the incidences of phone hacking, and other nefarious practices that the mainstream media are certainly guilty of, as enough has been written about that already, and it will serve no purpose in regard to this article.

However, as untrustworthy and notoriously inaccurate and controlled the mainstream media undoubtably are, they are paragons of virtue when compared to some of the self-styled spokespersons and ‘investigative journalists’ that exist among the online Alt Media’ and the ‘Truth Movement’.

And it’s my own experience with some of those that I would like to focus on now, as to my knowledge, the mainstream media may be many things, but even the most unscrupulous and dishonest of mainstream journalists, have never resorted to the tactics of some of those I am going to highlight here.

This site attracts on average, around fifty comments a day.

Some of those comments are genuine, some are spam posts, and the remainder are mainly extremely offensive, abusive, threatening and almost always accusatory, towards both me and some of the people who comment legitimately here.

The greater majority I would never allow to have a platform here, although they are archived in a safe place where I can access them if needed.

I will only focus on the comments posted here, [and elsewhere] that directly address me or are about me, as they all emanate from the same small group of people, who are all connected to each other, and by that association, are all connected to the online attacks of people who have spoken out about their own experience of childhood sexual abuse.

“Today I have uncovered proof that Jimmy (The Outlaw) Jones, is a real counter intelligence operative. The only one out of all ever accused, that can actually be proven. I’ve uncovered this via a very silly stunt pulled by his henchman. Thanks JJ, KFM & Cahill. I knew something good would come of this”

That comment was posted to the Facebook page of ‘Fabooka Da Stait’, a ‘moderator‘ on the Facebook page and website owned and published by one Christopher D. Spivey, who, if one was to look at his website, will see my name mentioned or myself being referred to on almost every article, and many of the associated comments.

‘Fabooka Da Staits’ Facebook page comment

The comment was originally posted by a Danielle Lá Verité George, who has also claimed among other things, that she is descended from an ‘Elite Banking’ bloodline, is an Albino, has a Genius Level IQ and has published the most outlandish allegations about public figures and politicians, on her Facebook page, (where ironically, she describes herself as a ‘Public Figure’) as well as her YouTube channel.

What MLa Verité has consistently failed to provide, (among the many allegations  she has made) however, is any actual evidence or proof of anything she says.

I will therefore use this opportunity to invite Ms La Verité  to supply whatever evidence she has to back up any of her allegations about me, including the one I have published here.

On October 29th, 2014 I called out Chris Spivey and gave him ample opportunity to provide evidence of any of the lies he has published about me, but as he has so far failed to provide anything other than publishing more lies and false allegations, I remain confident that La Verité will be equally reluctant to back up any of her many crackpot claims about me either.

I apologise beforehand for the content of the following set of comments, but I have decided to publish them here to give the reader a small insight into the mindset of people who operate within the Alt Media, and with whom I deal with on a daily basis on this site.

Abusive comment left on this website

The comment above is directed at a regular commentator on this site, and is quite vile in itself, but also note the allegation that I apparently ‘stalk kids on Facebook’, which of course there is absolutely no evidence of whatsoever.

Abusive Comment #2

Again, the same manner of vile content, and repeating the allegation that I am an ‘abuser of women and children online’, plus the added veiled threat that what was coming was going to ‘come out, in a neighbourhood near you. Soon!!!’

I did wonder why these people would continually make accusations that I was an ‘Abuser of women online’, and you would have to trawl back a few months to January 2015, (Thanks Jane) to find the comment which was posted on Chris Spivey’s site to provide the answer.

January 2015

The commentator ‘JS2’ is a very familiar name online, mainly on Twitter, where she obsessively Tweets about Childhood Sexual Abuse and attacks various UK politicians, and is a fanatical supporter of Mark Williams-Thomas.

She regularly can be seen posting upwards of 250 tweets per day. JS2 is known as Janette Scharenborg, and is believed to live in the Netherlands.

Ms Meachen/Scharenborg has a long and documented history of online stalking, compulsive lying, abusive behaviour and has targeted many people including the Journalist Sonia Poulton, who wrote about her own experiences with Scharenborg here.

The response which comes from ‘Dogman‘, makes a reference to ‘Our friend Jimmy’ which leaves the regular patrons of that site in no doubt as to whom he is referring, but what is interesting, is that both Scharenborg and ‘Dogman‘ both make references to a ‘Ryan Tanner’.

Apart from the ridiculous allegation that Ryan Tanner’ is Sonia Poulton’s boyfriend, what both these people fail to disclose is that they are both more than aware that ‘Ryan Tanner’ was the pseudonym given to Darren Laverty who had been previously mentioned on many pages of ‘The Secret Of Bryn Estyn‘ by Richard Webster; which is the definitive account of alleged incidences of child abuse that was said to have occurred at the Bryn Estyn School in Wrexham, North Wales.

Incidentally, Mr. Laverty is also a regular contributor on Chris Spivey’s website and Facebook page.

Comment which appeared on Chris Spivey’s website

The ‘Monkey‘ he refers to is a reference to myself, and Laverty appears to be another one who apparently cannot tell the truth about his actions, or anything in fact.

The allegation he refers to was that he had stolen a photograph only, which only came to my attention after he posted it online in one of his many ranting YouTube video’s, after visiting my home. His allegation that ‘a chance encounter where he had asked me to “dance” is also a complete fabrication, as he had been spotted a number of times that day in Llandudno, as he appeared to be following us.

The ‘Dance‘ he alleges he asked for, was in reality a physical threat ‘to fight me’ in the street, a threat which he made in front of my children, one of whom was five years old at the time, and which had to be reported to the police.

Because what Mr. Laverty failed to disclose to Spivey’s readers, was that for the previous two years, he had been stalking my family, had taken photographs while sitting outside our house, posted innumerable threats online, and had also got me arrested on a completely false allegation.

I have reason to believe that which at the time, I was still on police bail, and he hoped I would be re-arrested, if I had instigated any contact with him.

He posted an ominous Tweet on the day his 12-month conditional discharge expired, (after being convicted of his Llandudno threat) which hints that I have not heard the last from him.


The next comment was posted by the delightfully-named ‘Fuck the State’ who along with the aforementionedDogman is also a moderator on Chris Spivey’s website.

Many people are of the mind that ‘Fuck The State‘, ‘Fabooka Da Stait’ and Chris Spivey are in fact the same person, as the language they use is strikingly similar, and they appear online at separate times.

Although it has to be said, I do not share in that particular way of thinking.

Click on image to enlarge

The threats made here are turning somewhat darker, inasmuch as his claim that he is ‘going to fuck me when he catches me’, which I have been informed is a clear threat of male rape.

He also makes references to other commentators on this site, who he alleges would not be able to ‘protect me’ as if that was even necessary.

John Roberts/Christopher Green/Fabooka Da Stait

Fabooka does appear to have a number of online identities, which has been admitted to here, there may be more, but I have not really looked that hard, but as everybody leaves a digital trail online, it may not be that difficult a task.

Another ‘Fabooka’?

The latest comment, posted yesterday is particularly disturbing, as it not only reiterates the earlier rape threat, but adds something even more sinister and unsavoury, and the people who I have showed the comment to before publishing it here, have expressed alarm at it’s threatening content, which under no circumstances should be ignored.

I shall leave that for the reader to decide.

Comment posted to this site 27/7/2015

It has also become obvious, that every one of the people referred to in this article, appear to be connected by at least two things, the first being that they all congregate around the Facebook page and website of Chris Spivey, and the second is that they all appear to be completely obsessed with child abuse.

The common denominator does appear to be, that any of these people can be found all over the Internet, issuing various threats and making any number of false allegations, about anyone who even so much as mentions Chris Spivey in anything other than a complimentary or deferential manner.

I have been sent links to a number of websites, forums and social media accounts where ‘Spivey’s Bully Boys’ (and girls) have been posting overtly vile, very intimidating and overly threatening and violent comments, and Chris Spivey himself is due to appear at Chelmsford Magistrates Court on the 6th of August for online harassment.

And as the image that was sent to me earlier this evening shows, his Facebook account has also been reported for harassing other users in a similar manner.

Facebook Harassment complaint against Chris Spivey

I have many questions as to why these people are so desperately trying to defend a man, who is clearly a nasty piece of work, a compulsive liar, a bully and a fantasist who thinks nothing of harassing and ridiculing innocent people, as well as regularly making spurious allegations about anyone and everyone he chooses to target.

He has even recently accused the Essex Police of being ‘Sexually frustrated deviants’ which is a really strange thing to allege about somebody else, when that allegation is made by someone who has photographed and filmed himself wearing a number of somewhat ‘unusual‘ outfits himself, on numerous occasions.

Taking what I have published above into consideration, would it come as a complete surprise to hear that despite the obvious failings and duplicitous behaviour of the Mainstream Media, I would take them over some aspects of the Alt Media, without a moments hesitation, which saddens me to say, but based on my experiences of some of those within the AM, it really is no contest.

There will undoubtably be some readers, who will think that my reasoning is flawed, and that the mainstream media should not be trusted under any circumstances, however, one only has to look at the response to the coverage given to the establishment paedophilia allegations, which SkyNews, Exaro News, a number of mainstream newspapers and of course the Australian 60 MINUTES programme, have aired, to see it’s ability to reach an audience the AM can only dream about.

So why is it so difficult to accept that there are times, when it is better to work with something that has the capacity of doing the very thing that the Alt Media claims to want above all else – which is to get the truth out there?

There are a small number who work within the Alt Media who are entirely trustworthy and are doing it for the right reasons, which is to get the truth the truth out without fear or favour, and it’s those people that the Outlaw has built up a strong working relationship with over many months – Eddie Boyce and Deborah Williams of the KENT FREEDOM MOVEMENT are among that small group of ‘outsiders’ who have been virtually besieged by dark entities, who’s sole purpose is to prevent the truth being told.

Although I am assured that the genuine people prefer the term ‘Reality Analysts’ than Alt Media or Truther.

I will not elaborate any further on that at this time, but what I will say is that the truth will out when the time is right, and there are some very well-known names involved, who will I am sure be very familiar to the regular readers of this site and indeed to the wider world.

The Outlaw is also in regular contact with a number of people, a number of whom work within the mainstream as well as the alternative media, where a degree of trust has been built up over the last three years, which is based on consistency, mutual respect and although it seems to be in short supply these days – honesty.

There are a number of others who should get a mention here, who have also seen through the garbage peddled by the Mainstream and many Alt Media sites, and have not only supported both myself and this site, and have been subjected to totally unnecessary levels of online abuse for doing so.

These include Jane Russell, Grouchy Marxist, Bandini, Tom Cahill, Steve Keys, the aforementioned Eddie Boyce and Deborah Williams of the KFM and a number of others who wish to remain anonymous for their own safety.

These people are also my friends, and have done nothing to deserve the abuse and the allegations levelled at them, other than to publicly support both myself and this site.

This site has also built up a strong relationship with a number of genuine CSA survivors, a number of whom have been treated appallingly by both the mainstream media and some who ‘work’ with the alternative scene and claim to represent survivors.

Among that number are men and women who were in the care system in North and South Wales, Islington, the North East, Suffolk, Surrey, the Midlands, Scotland, Northern Ireland, the North West as well as various institutions, including Medmonsley Detention Centre, Ty Mawr School, Glamorgan Farm School, Bryn Estyn, Bryn Alyn, Bersham Hall, Clwyd Hall, Crockton Hall, Usk Borstal, Eastwood Park Detention Centre and others.

They have told their stories to the Outlaw without coercion or prompting, and have also expressed a desire to identify not only their abusers, but also those within the Alternative Media who they approached in good faith to help them tell their story, and who have subsequently lied to them, obtained various amounts of money from them, published totally inaccurate information and felt that they have been treated as badly, if not worse by the very people who have publicly claimed to represent them.

Due to legal restrictions, nothing will be published on the Outlaw in regard to this at the present time, but it has all been collated and safely stored until the time is right to share with the wider world, strictly on the survivors terms, who also have total control over everything that this site decides to publish on their behalf.

Their stories, their words, their choice and their right.

NOTE: I will be exploring in some depth the reasons behind some of the online attacks on CSA survivors, looking at the political and mainstream media connections behind a number of these attacks, and will also explain why only certain CSA survivors are targeted, while a number of ‘fake’ survivors are so heavily promoted by the media. I will also be identifying a number of those who are ultimately culpable in a forthcoming article later this year.


180 thoughts on “THE DEVIL YOU KNOW

  1. Good to get it all up there in the one place, for future cross reference. Just make sure you don’t get tempted to put any more up unless they’re actually venturing into new grounds.

    As you may recall, I’ve never removed a comment and I’ve generally answered all malicious questions politely.

    Hit them where it hurts which is facts such as associations with other badduns, lies and bizzare temper tantrums at innocent questions, and ignore the name calling.

    Possibly ignore them all together. They get hits and support from those following their lead, or even mentioning them.

    I understand that they – if normal grownups – might on occasion have appeared to have defamed you and I. The problem is they’re not credible, so you’re not obliged to treat them as you would a grown up.

    It’s best to ignore them, and if you decide to note down some stuff they have done, get it up there, deal with the manic comments for a week or so, then when that subsides, move on.

    Keep this aspect of your non-hobby a hobby.

  2. “I have many questions as to why these people are so desperately trying to defend a man, who is clearly a nasty piece of work, a compulsive liar, a bully and a fantasist who thinks nothing of harassing and ridiculing innocent people, as well as regularly making spurious allegations about anyone and everyone he chooses to target.”











  3. “The Outlaw is also in regular contact with a number of people, a number of whom work within the mainstream as well as the alternative media, where a degree of trust has been built up over the last three years, which is based on consistency, mutual respect and it seems to be in short supply these days – honesty.”




    1. Why would it not be true OG?

      I know a few Journalists and and an MSM editor or two mate, no biggie, but I could speculate that the Kardashians sell newspapers and keep the population suitably dumbed down at the same time.

      Just look at the followers on their Twitter accounts and the numbers generated on websites which feature any of that tacky brood on a regular basis.

      Pure Fluff I agree, but it sells apparently, and sells by the bucketful.

  4. “That comment was posted to the Facebook page of an anonymous entity calling him/herself ‘Fabooka Da Stait’, who is a ‘moderator‘ on the Facebook page and website owned and published by Christopher D. Spivey, who, if one was to look at his website, will see my name mentioned or myself being referred to on almost every article and many of the associated comments – for reasons known only to themselves.”



    “In the present climate, we are witnessing the clear integration of killer robotics into the American military. In some cases, robot soldiers will soon supplant American soldiers. When this happens, American citizens will soon lose their last line of defense against genocide.”



    “In an April 2000 article for Wired magazine, Co-founder of Sun Microsystems Bill Joy warned that in the future, human beings may become obsolete. Joy quotes a passage from Transhumanist leader Ray Kurzweil’s book The Age of Spiritual Machines. The quote says in part that the elite see humanity as “superfluous” in the coming technological era. In response, the elite decide to eliminate the burden of useless humans.”






  6. WOW! I knew things were pretty bad with these troglodytes but I am just stunned! I am Glad You have it documented, as a reader following your blog, I just thought it was assinine-bully-boy-jealousy-blog stuff! (He obviously has not the talent in his whole body that you have in a nail clipping, example: He isn’t economical with his words and its always f this and if you disagree, you’re a cunt) Now this rape business is beyond words and I am horrified. Also I can’t unsee that picture of him, yukk. Please stay safe! I hate that you have crazies like we do in the U.S.!

  7. With regards to Chris Spivey’s people ”matches”’.

    It appears to me that he is using ‘twins or’ software to ascertain the percentage likeness between two faces. From experience I can say that’s it’s not very reliable at all.

    To date two pictures of myself at the same age compared have shown a 17% likeness, two of me and my friend, a 100 % likeness and my husband and brother in law a 60% likeness.

    Go figure. It’s not meant to be a scientific test, just a bit of fun.

    Will someone please tell Spivey this? I’m too scared!

    1. Give it up fuckingstate you useless troll.. I won’t forget the way you ganged up and bullied me on Spivey’s site you coward. Not so good when it’s one on one though, are you, fake hardman?

      1. He’s been having a little go about you to me on Google too SD. I’ve established he has the hots for Jimmy, maybe you are another unfortunate he has ‘romantic’ designs on SD 😉

        He’s flounced off to lick his wounds now 😀

        1. Aye, I believe his latest contribution to the literary world is to refer to me as ‘The Bi-Polar Midget’…..

          How will I ever survive against such an original and eloquent wit Jane?

          1. Haha I missed that one! Just cracks me up that someone much shorter than you is calling YOU a midget. Don’t you just love Fuzzy logic?! 🙂

            I think I’d rather be a midget with Bipolar than be criminally insane like a few people we’ve encountered.

            Having a pop at people for having Bipolar pretty much sums up the idiocy of some of them – the irony is they’ve been well outsmarted & outclassed by at least a couple of people with Bipolar (Steve Keys included) – so what does that say? Total humiliation & then some maybe? I think so 😉

  8. I know someone who used to post on Spiveys site.They are a bunch of headless chickens, a very childish site. God forbid if you disagree with them. No proper debate there at all. Yeah I noticed all the childish comments about yourself and others. Dogman needs taking to the vets, he’s overdue a good worming.

    Yeah I also think FTS, monkey boy and woof woof woolfie all live in Cwises head to be fair. Keep up the work your doing. Forget about cwis and his closet cross dressing.

  9. Chris Spivey with a vacuum cleaner: I’m not sure which one sucks the most.

  10. Eh-up, Jimmy!

    I had a strange moment the other day when searching for something totally unconnected to anything… my moniker comes from the ‘Bandini’ quartet of books by John Fante, books destined to be forgotten until an uppity Scottish publisher rescued them – Rebel Inc.

    It seems that they are planning on a re-birth of sorts, but imagine my surprise when I spotted the main-man, Kevin Williamson, tweeting that – drum roll – he had “named Leon Brittan as a paedophile” in 1992! I was scratching my head, pondering the weirdness of the situation: here I am, somewhat reluctantly commenting about things under the name of a character whose ‘re-discoverer’ could have saved me all this bother if he had, as he claimed, outed Leon Brittan (and thereby avoided Godden & Fay’s blathering).

    Williamson went on to question: “Whys it taken 23 years for media to expose him/coverup?”

    Hmmm. Why indeed? I couldn’t help but think that his’exposure’in the form of a poem – which I’ve yet to see/read – published in an obscure magazine with a print-run of 200 was maybe NOT the best way to go about dealing with serious allegations! I’m grateful for his good work as an independently-minded publisher, but this just sounds like bullshit, someone rifling through old predictions from Mystic Meg and cherry-picking the ones that came more-or-less true (possibly).

    It didn’t stop there, though: Pete Wylie, who wishes he really was the legend he claims to be, piped-up – he’d ALSO outed Brittan, and three years earlier than Williamson! How so? Buried within a ‘list song’ by a band no-ones ever heard of.

    More total madness.

    So, the MSM are having their cake & eating it too, and even the bloody ‘rebels’ are now joining them at the table. The whole lot of ’em can go to hell so far as I’m concerned.


    [Note to anyone with important and reliable information: please don’t wrap it up in a poem or a song and expect to be taken seriously – decades later – when you exclaim “I told you so, I told you so!”.]

    P.S. On a similar note, I’ve been looking over the Morrisson-case, now that the journos with their ‘honest swords of truth’ have decided to be upset about something or other; I was going to waste my time commenting ‘elsewhere’ about Tim ‘Tabloid Timmy’ Tate and The Fleet Street Flounderers, but I’ll email you instead.

    Like with Brittan, I have no idea of the real truth, but your ‘How Many Really Knew?’ article from way back has an interesting quote from Currie (1990) that may have been overlooked in place of Tebbit, Gorman, the agent, etc.: “It scares, me as all the press know…”

    Something to bear in mind when reading the press’ articles telling us NOW how they have fought valiantly – since it became fashionable – to reveal documents (relating to a man who has been dead for 20 years & was employed by someone who also is dead).

    The Press Vs The Establishment is like a fake war between Eurasia & Oceania in ‘1984’ – a total farce.

    1. Astute as always my friend.

      I am only surprised that David Icke hasn’t surfaced as yet with his ‘I’m Spartacus’ moment and claim to have named Leon Brittan before anyone else.

      You are bang on about the ‘Media V the Establishment’ being anything other than how it’s being portrayed, as they have worked hand in glove from day one and the relationship is highly beneficial for both parties.

      Probably the only honest thing that David Cameron has ever said was ‘They’ are ‘all in it together’.

      The establishment are acutely aware of the power of the media, and the media know only too well the power and the reach of the establishment.

      They are unwilling bedfellows, but bedfellows nonetheless, which is based on the principle of a ‘Mexican Standoff…. The first one who blinks, knows that the other one will attack with everything it has in order to defend its own dirty secrets.

      It may be worth rememberering that when P.I.E. got their slimy feet under the establishment table in the 1970’s during the Thatcher administration, it has proved almost impossible to completely eradicate them and those they have been recruiting ever since.

      And they will not give up their positions easily, and will fight tooth and nail to continue what they have been doing for a few decades.

      If that means throwing some dispensable people to the media witchhunters and wolves, then so be it.

      There are enough of those to keep the public satisfied for a good while yet – or until the real badduns’ are too senile to stand trial, or have simply passed away….

      Oh, by the way, I have been reading from the comments posted on a certain Essex crackpots site, that yours truly is now solely responsible for not only the failure of #paedobritain, but also the implosion of The People’s Voice.

      That has made me smile all day that one, almost as much as the latest great exclusive ‘revelation’, on that site, that William Wales and Kate Middleton’s children – were in fact fathered by Ben Fogle!!!!

      I half expected Ben Fellows to be named, but that would have been ever harder to explain I should imagine.

      And that is even before you get into one of the other claims – from one of the clearly demented commentators over there, that Diana Spencer’s eggs were apparently ‘harvested’ while she was dying….

      Utter and Total Madness….

      Hey Ho, onwards and upwards as they say eh?

      1. Ho! I actually read ‘Fogel’ as ‘Fellows’ before realising my mistake!

        I’m sure they know each other, though… probably met during the plain brown-rice stomach-gas-powered micro-flight record-breaking attempt to discover Venus, or something.

        (Ben got so hungry during the long voyage that he had to cut off his own arm & eat it – but the Venusiavans made it grow back in exchange for his ‘Jimmy Fixed It For Me To Be A Templar’ shiny badge… read it on t’internet, must be true!)

        Dunno if you’ve seen this (fully expected) news:


        Just sent the BBC a reminder that their response to my Danczuk-complaint is long overdue… Journos, eh?!? What a shower…

  11. I would be very surprised if FTS and Spivey are not the same person. The vile choice of words and the way they are written seem identical to my eyes, FTS is very Spivey like isn’t he. They must be twins with the same deeply disturbed personalities. Those vile disgusting threats are not from a sane mind, they absolutely ooze hatred and psychosis imo, surely the police have to act on them? Making threats to rape and kill you WTF? Spivey is indeed a very nasty piece of work but he’s all mouth, the loudest ones always are, and he thinks he’s an Alpha male FFS,More like an effing Shemale more like lol. It’s actually embarrassing how many times the term Alpha male is mentioned by that other tit there Dogman (I’M HARD I AM) Fcing hilarious I find it LOL.

    1. Perhaps they should both be put to the ‘twins or’ test. Could be an 100% LIKENESS.

  12. I’m going to miss the side splitting laughs I have had reading the Spiv’s blog when he is gone.

    I’m Sure he is on borrowed time before being shut down, not because he is a threat but more because he is an abusive dick.

    Him and his merry men.

    Funny how they are all into dogging. Isn’t it? The deviants with their noses deep into csa, something stinks. And it’s not simply because he looks unwashed.

    That lot have run their luck for all its worth but the tides have turned. I feel it in my waters.

  13. The wannabe Queen of the alternative media scene, may be rocking the Amber Rose look in that cute lil’ pink number there, but I don’t think Caitlyn Jenner’s got much to worry about at the moment;) Btw…if Chris Spivey really is in the process of transitioning, a word of advice from a fellow trans woman: when you get laser hair removal you’re only supposed to ask them to do the beard hair, not the whole flippin’ head! Just sayin’;)

  14. From Chris Spivey’s blog today: “my Barrister told me that Southend CID’s, DC Adam Coombes came in for “scaving criticism” in the second revue, and rightly so too in my book.”

    Oh dear, I do hope I haven’t written anything “scaving” about Chris in my posts on your blog, Jimmy.

    What exactly is *scaving* anyway: is it like a pastime that’s a cross between surfing and caving?

    1. Should that be ‘Scathing’ Leena?

      Or ‘Scaving’ could be a new entry in the Essex version of the Oxford English book of Gibberish perhaps?

      1. LOL:) As the Spivster himself would say: “Course” (*Please note, with the ‘Of’ that normally precedes it seemingly religiously discarded;) Btw…why does he always ignore the ‘of’? After all, what did the ‘Of’ ever do to him, eh? Then again, maybe he doesn’t trust it…maybe he thinks the ‘Of’ is some convoluted hoax, isn’t really there and is really for suckers to distract them from the most important thing that’s going on? which is, *of course*, him.

  15. Ironically, Fuck the State labels you ‘disturbed’ in his first post, Jimmy, but then he talks about chopping you up into little pieces and setting fire to you in a rant interspersed with uppercase, incoherent howls in his second post. I don’t think we need a Phd in Psychology to work out who the disturbed one is here!

    1. I can say with all honesty Leena, that I have never even thought about, let alone publicly threatened to ‘chop anybody up and burn them’, whatever the imagined sleight that would make someone harbour such disturbing thoughts.

      1. He’s not happy Leena, I revealed a few things on my Google account today showing up his lies perfectly and also revealing who Dogman is – needless to say it has made a few people foam at the mouth.

        After a flurry of his usual off their head comments and claims, he’s been pretty quiet since lunchtime.

      2. LOL, He’s definitely got some anger issues going on, he comes across as a demented little schoolgirl jumping up and down screaming at the top of her voice. He should definitely get out more, or is he not allowed out? Are they allowed internet access in Broadmoor? Just a thought. To be honest Jimmy, if this bunch of loons were after me I would piss myself laughing.

        1. And that is exactly what I have been doing Mike, it’s like being followed around by a group of feral toddlers.

  16. Jimmy I have just emailed you some screenshots of a conversation on Spiveys forum which is evidence that Spivey was in with Laverty and That Dutch witch and Adeynob Since they started attacking you back in 2012. That Fabooka idiot just cannot help dropping them in the shit can he. They cannot even be that bright considering that I have been a member of their forum for more than six months and have a shed load of pretty fucked up comments posted by them. I am nights tonight so I will take some time to go through them all and send the most useful ones over to you to use as you see fit. What I have read over there is vile and disgusting and really needs to be published out in the open so people can see for themselves what sick minds are on display over there. Spivey is pretty much a busted flush now and when his connections to certain people who are not only convicted criminals some of who are on the sex offenders register it will really show him for what he really is. A degenerate liar and a big mouth bully who deserves everything that the legal system as shitty as it is can be sometimes can throw at him. He really needs to be stopped IMO

    1. Funny you should say that Phil, because a certain numpty moderator who is clearly a massive psychotic liability in the dropping of them in it – you’d think anyway – admitted that to me too. In writing of course 😉

      I’m with you, some of this stuff is seriously disturbing and worrying – threats of murder and rape not just to us either. Something really does need to be done stop this.

      And what sort of decent parent/grandparent would have anything to do with such freaks? They wouldn’t.

    2. His last posting , “Important Notice 3”, indicates that he’s pretty sure he’s going to be stitched up in court. Actually I hope he isn’t because from my reading of it, it could set a very nasty legal precedent which could affect many bloggers.
      Just have to wait & see how much the judge is prepared to bend the law.

      1. Are people forgetting so easily that he has published many lies about people?

        That he has verbally abused many people, including those with mental health issues and physical disabilities, and a number of women and children?

        That some of his moderators have stalked, intimidated and harassed people in real life OG?

        He has no respect for anyone or anything, nor does he adhere to even the most basic rules of responsible journalism, which I am in no doubt he is even qualified to describe himself has.

        I am fully behind getting abusive, aggressive and bullying people to undergo some type of web censorship restriction. This isn’t about ‘bloggers rights to free speech’ OG, if it was I would support it 100% it’s about dealing with an aggressive little man, who thinks he has a divine right to publish whatever he wants, with no evidence to support it, to verbally abuse, to libel, to incite violence against people he has made unsubstantiated claims against…. I could continue.

        Blogging carries a degree of responsibility does it not OG?

        Does this site condone ‘burning to death a two-year old child’ for instance?

        That was a comment on that particular site yesterday, posted by one of his site moderators and there for anyone to see, and whatever your feeling on the Windsor brood, does that type of murderous hatred sit comfortably with you?

        Because it certainly does not sit comfortably with me.

        If he behaved like that in a public place OG, and started accusing you, or a family member or a friend of being a ‘nonce’ or a ‘kiddie fiddler’ or whatever else that swirls around his addled bonce, would you genuinely ‘respect his right to have that opinion’?

        Answer honestly OG, and bearing in mind he has included both women and children who are totally unconnected to his crackpot allegations among his numerous targets, some of whom, only disagreed with him…. would you still support him?

        Would you still defend such an offensive, overbearing, bullying and intimidating and duplicitous man under any other circumstances?

        1. The “legal precedent” that I referred to in my posting is that he faces being convicted on the basis of written complaints of alleged harassment without having his accusers in the witness box to be cross-examined.

          I.E.,so-and-so says you did it,so you’re guilty.Regardless of what anyone thinks of him,would you say that such a legal precedent is a good idea?. Would you or anyone reading this like to be in that position?.

          You say:

          “Answer honestly OG, and bearing in mind he has included both women and children who are totally unconnected to his crackpot allegations among his numerous targets, some of whom, only disagreed with him…. would you still support him?”

          Answer; I’m NOT “supporting” him. I’m pointing out a legal danger to all of us,contained in the way the case is being brought against him.He’s not being tried for being an arsehole. If that was a criminal offence in itself he’d have been behind bars years ago. THINK – if “authority” gets away with this method of convicting someone,then it will be “today, him, tomorrow…..?.”

          “Would you still defend such an offensive, overbearing, bullying and intimidating and duplicitous man under any other circumstances?”

          Where did I ever “defend” him?. The only thing I’ve ever done in the past is to point out how easy it is to plant things on someone’s computer,particularly when they’re computer illiterate & almost proud of it. As I recall at the time,there were posters on here who simply didn’t understand how easily this could be done & again, I pointed out that this could be done to ANYONE.

          You & many others have good reason to hate Spivey,but don’t let that blind you to the much greater danger to all if he’s found guilty IN THIS WAY & FROM THIS KIND OF “EVIDENCE”.

          1. I fully understand the implications of this test-case OG, it’s the sheer bloody hypocrisy that Spivey demands everybody supports him, while he has made many, many accusations about people from behind the relative safety of his keyboard and never even allows them to respond, let alone face him and call him out on his lies – is what people also seem to overlook.

            Or is that deliberate?

            What I am more worried about OG, is that someone like him, who has blatantly lied, promoted unsubstantiated allegations about many people, (who are not even a part of the establishment he alleges to despise so much) has brought this whole thing down on others now, who do fact-check, who do research properly, who do back up their claims with evidence, and who certainly do not verbally abuse, threaten and attack anyone who asks questions, or who they see as a threat, as well as their family and associates too.

            Contrary to what he and his cult-members may think, Chris Spivey is not the only blogger out there, his foul behaviour and story-telling may now have a knock-on effect on others who have been reporting for many years in good faith, without fear or favour on many issues that the mainstream media and the establishment avoid – or wish to remain hidden from the public.

            That’s a classic Psy-Op to investigate OG, don’t you think?

            Someone like the foul-mouthed Spiv set up by TPTB, to pump obviously false nonsense peppered with copious amounts of foul nonsensical language, then spread all over the Internet deliberately, so that an example will have to be made of him, thus bringing in harsh online restrictions which affect everyone else who writes on the Internet.

            Or do you find nothing suspicious about that either?

            Spivey has been a plant from day one…. Count on it.

    1. No jumping up and down and gloating on that site as yet. I am sorry I was unable to be there today in my Jimmy mask. Perhaps with the next one, if the court and dates are not changed last minute. Even with that I smell a rat and suspect he doesnt want supporters/witnesses about who can and will contradict his insane ramblings on the verdict.

      1. Fabooka Da Bonkers has now scribbled a 478-line and mind-numbingly boring rant about myself and Jane Russell now…. And on a mobile phone too Jen.

        That is one dedicated stalker, you have to give him that.

        So I am guessing that he did not attend the Trial of the Century, or if he did, it was such a non-event, that he decided that screaming into his phone was less of an ordeal.

        He claims that not only does he have ‘evidence’ that I am ‘Shilby Shill’ but that I was also in prison for Murder!!!

        I simply cannot wait for that revelation, but I fear that it will be like everything else he comes out with, a complete fantasy that he seems somewhat desperate to get people to believe.

        I may analyse it at some point, if insomnia ever become an issue that is.

        1. And apparently on 1 of my comments above I have threatened to rape and murder people according to Fabooka aka John Roberts.

          Complete vile freak of a man.

    Exposing Eric Jon Phelps & William Dean A Garner: Propaganda Disinformation Agents Defending Genocidal Criminals :-






    Wal-Mart Midland Texas- JAIL CELLS INSTALLED INSIDE:-



    Intel, Micron unveil memory chip 1,000 times faster than Flash:-


    1. Awww Christ Garner, I had a run in with him a few years back, so did some others. Very aggressive guy, nasty with it too. He’s ex US Army, a Ranger If I remember, later became a merc. He was always pushing the Jesuits are behind everything. He threatened a mate of mine with a very nasty death threat, I just told him to behave himself or f##k off. I’ll just leave it at that.

  18. i have to agree with OG. its a legal right to be able to face your accusers, why isnt that happening? i don’t think as spivey seems to, that he has ‘them’ worried but something is ocurring which isnt right. whatever you may think of his idiotic theories ( and the more we hear from the Glasgow enquiry the more idiotic they sound in that particular case) justice must be the same for everyone and in this case that doesnt appear to be so.

    1. See my response to OG, Richard. I hear your concerns and I agree that something clearly isn’t right with this, but having an analytical brain makes me think outside what some people are seeing as a simple ‘stitch-up’ by the Government, in order to silence some self-appointed ‘Man of the people’

      What is really happening is far darker, is much more serious and has far reaching implications for all of us.

      It is my belief that the only people who use the Internet who will not be affected, are people like Spivey himself, who is very willingly playing a role in bringing about the beginning of the end for all of those who are writing online – and are not sticking to the approved script.

      Mark my words….

      1. Fuck! They were hinting at that in the forum. Jesus H Christ Jimmy!!!!! It makes perfect sense why Spiv seems to have so much online support for being such a degenerate prick

        1. You need to be 100% certain about that Phil. I need to see the screen grabs before I publish anything.

      2. “In order to control the opposition you must first create and then be that opposition”

    2. Richard, if it was your mother, your sister, your daughter or your wife who had been the victim of Spivey’s fantasies, would you be so keen to have them face the man who had made them a target, put them at real risk of vigilante attacks, and also made their lives, and those of their children a living hell all based on a few photoshopped images, a vivid imagination and Some Google searches. Would you really ?

      1. well if i was concerned enough to press charges i’d hope i’d have the courage of my convictions and be prepared to appear in court. but actually i wasn;t aware you could decide that for yourself, i thought you were compelled to appear.

  19. *Comment Removed by Admin*

    OUTLAW’S NOTE: it Looks like your strictly limited audience will have to go onto Google+ to see your desperate, mind-numbingly long and decidedly tedious rant Fabooka. Because I will certainly not feed your fantasies and give your crackpot allegations room to permeate here.

  20. spivey is a plant of TPTB? hmmmm. whilst i realise you have been around this scene a lot longer than i have, i’m not really buying that, its just too far fetched, are all his cohorts being duped as well? they have after all actually met in the flesh not just online. or are they part of the scam as well? is he being paid? if so, why the requests for donations or is that a double bluff? no sorry this is almost as far-fetched as most of his farcical ‘investigations’ the frightening truth is that believe it or not he actually believes the stuff he writes and thinks he knows better than everybody else and that the rest of us are’the walking dead’.

    1. I never said he was a plant, but I would take a punt at him being ‘compromised’ somewhere along the line Richard. Is it any less believable than anything he comes out with on his site?

      1. Hi Jimmy

        Sorry to pull you up but you did state form previous post at 3.55pm on July 30th

        “Internet deliberately, so that an example will have to be made of him, thus bringing in harsh online restrictions which affect everyone else who writes on the Internet.

        Or do you find nothing suspicious about that either?

        Spivey has been a plant from day one…. Count on it.”

        1. I did indeed Badlip80.

          However, everything thus far is opinion only, and as such, and without definitive evidence to support it, should be viewed as just that.

          As more and more information is being passed to me, a clearer picture is emerging, so my initial observations, and others that have been expressed here were not and should not be taken as a definitive account.

          I do stand by my original claim though, that Chris Spivey was Somehow compromised from day one, and it’s just the inticricies and many connections that need to be untangled now – which going on the people involved, may take some time.

          Thanks for your comment, it’s good to see that readers are on the ball….

    1. I shall let that one comment through Carl, but only to show people the calibre of Chris Spivey’s degenerate and semi-literate supporters.

    1. You sad, sad man. You and your pet dangerous dog Fuck the State are seriously unhinged. You need to leave Jimmy, Jane and others ALONE. DO.YOU.UNDERSTAND.ME? What you, and your mates over at Chris Spivey Org are doing is unacceptable to say the least. Don’t come crying and play the victim card when you end up banged up.

      1. My Google page is a prime example of the unhinged whack job that is John Roberts, aka FTS, Fabooka, Chris Green & many other fake names that he uses. Death threats, rape threats, so if people were receiving the same from them, plus Ranis experience, can easily see why measures may have been put in place to protect those he had attacked.

  21. “Spivey has been a plant from day one…. Count on it.”
    How about this?.

    Brit intel scours the net looking for, let’s call them, “gullibles”, like Spivey. He started in, IIRC 2012, & began his net career. For a long time, no comments & then slowly but surely he built up a following. Now how many of that following were genuine & how many were Intel “encouragers” & had sussed the psychology of Spivey (which they are top notch at doing) & worked out that if they could approach him the right way, he’d finish up doing just what they wanted & help destroy the Alternative Media?

    Do you see where I’m going with this?

    Brit intel found a suitable dickhead & manipulated him, but because “I’m nobody’s fool & never have been”, they found the perfect mug.

    Trust me, I’m certain that my interpretation of this is closer to anyone elses. Remember, our “lords & masters have been in this game for a long long time. They don’t need to recruit – just wait a while and a usable mug will present himself.

    Then start to use him.

    1. use him? let me get this straight, all the articles spivey has written did he write them or not? what are you saying? if he’s simply a dupe. how do they get him to write his shite? or are you saying the articles are written for him?

      1. We may never know the answers to that one Richard, but what I do know is that when some other people I am aware of, and myself stopped sending him info, his site began to struggle, it then started publishing complete rubbish and the crackpot stuff it does now soon afterwards.

        1. Maybe he doesn’t write them – ghost writer. Many of the messages I’ve been getting from John seem to have been written in the Spiv style.

          I think OG has it as near as damn it.

    2. OG, I think your “Gullible suitable dickhead” theory could be very plausible LOL. If they are playing him, they would have sussed out his ego and personality and thought BINGO!!! It’s quite possible he is totally unaware of it himself, they would know exactly what buttons to press with him I suppose.
      Personally though despite me thinking he acts like a disinfo merchant and is very suspicious, maybe he really is just a plonker who actually believes everything he writes. We’ve all seen his egotistical behaviour and massive ego. Who knows?

  22. programme on bbc1 now about TUNISIA shootings which makes a mockery of spiveys disgusting drivel.

    1. Seeing as you have brought up Tunisia Richard, what do you make of this?

      PAUL SHORT – A MAN WHO CAN BE IN 3 PLACES AT ONCE APPARENTLY – 3 different stories All 3 interviews 30th June 2015 by ITV




      1. he was never on the beach, he was by the pool and saw people running up from the beach. eventually he ended up in the Hotel. i suppose there is a possibility that some people embellish what happened to them a bit to make them seem like heroes but with so many people involved that could perhaps happen. if you watched last nights Panorama it gave a precise account of what actually dismantled Spiveys preposterous ramblings.the only aspect left open to the slightest debate is to whether or not this was a lone nutter or whether he was part of a larger plan to ‘ demonise Muslims’ i know what i think.

          1. He said he was in totally different places & I imagine it’s hardly something you forget in a hurry, only he did, all on the same day for the same TV station.

        1. I’ve just watched the videos, he’s a Walter. He says they WERE lying on the beach when it started, then he was by the pool, then the hotel room. What a fking gibbon, another wannabe hero bullshitter. Has anyone exposed him?

          1. Haha, in all fairness Jimmy, Jane nailed him first. I miss things like this because I can’t stand watching the news anymore or the TV in general really.

          2. I have asked ITV a similar question Mike, surprise surprise, they don’t seem to want to answer me strangely enough. I got the initial thank you for your email, we’ll look at it & get back to you fob off and nothing since.

            Slightly more than ’embellishment’ when he is in 3 completely different places at once.

            There are many other anomalies – like grenades going off and people being hit by shards of marble – yet journos making a point of stressing there was no grenade damage inside the hotel (as if they are trying to drop hints to us) – so many things that don’t add up, it is more likely to be a 2 bit scene from the Bill meets Casualty meets the Keystone Cops than it is to be real.

            But Obama gave Tunisia a huge hand out last year, with more to come, so they are beholden to him.

            Not Camerons finest pantomime that’s for sure, he’d make a much better ugly sister.

  23. Well, the condemnation of Spivey and his mates seems almost universal on facebook tonight- in fact they are pretty *scaving*;) Are his brainwashed lackeys like Carl and Fuck the State going to claim that each one of the posters below who conclude Spivey is a sick nutjob are secretly you, Jimmy?

    1. no, what they will claim is that all those posters are ‘brain dead” sheeple’ who spend their lives watching ‘britains got talent’ or some such shite. only they are ‘in the know’. everyone else is being manipulated and dumbed down by the mysterious ‘them’. they look down on those posters from their lofty perches of knowing whats ‘really’ going on. those posters have no idea for instance that they are being poisoned daily by ‘chemtrails’. those chemtrails are really clever, the poison they release only affects those targeted, the people doing the releasing are magically unaffected.

      what is the Outlaws position on chemtrails?

      1. Chemtrails are a subject that I could not possibly cover in a single comment here Richard. I will in due course try to publish my thoughts, when I have time to look into it further and to put together something which hopefully can to add to what is an already saturated and very interesting field of research.

      2. And I have always found it strange that certain man-made viruses only attack certain bloodtypes, or have been shown to be race-specific, Richard.

        An interesting comparison comes to mind of when the native Americans were given blankets inpregnated with smallpox, which almost wiped them out, while leaving the European settlers totally unaffected as they had been vaccinated.

        It’s quite easy to target certain groups of people for any purpose, as history has shown time and time again.

      3. Richard, please excuse me for butting in, the only thing I know for sure about the trails that come from aircraft is what I have seen with my own eyes, and that is they sometimes leave trails miles long, they spread out and link up with the other trails forming a horrible grey/white covering of “cloud” that just stays there and doesn’t appear to dissipate at all.

        I have seen a beautiful clear blue sky being completely covered in a matter of hours as each trail spreads out and merges with the others, it used to make me very angry to see it happening.
        Now, are there chemicals involved?

        I honestly don’t know, but to my mind even if they are only normal contrails the fact that those contrails are doing as I describe is absolutely undeniable FOR ME as I’ve witnessed it many many times.

        There is another theory other than they are spraying us and trying to kill us off, and that is the geo engineering and Global Warming angle.

        Some say they are spraying toxic metals but only to reflect sunlight back and to cool the Earth.

        I haven’t gone into it all too deeply, just seen a lot of internet videos like most people tbh.

        1. some days you see the trails, some days you don’t, the reason for that? it depends how much moisture is in the air on any particular day, if the air is moist you will see the effect you described , if the air is dry the contrails ( not chemtrails ) dissipate immediately. just google chemtrails fact or fiction?

      1. Are you aware that people who despise Trans people to the degree that you have demonstrated in that comment, are more than likely to be harbouring some gender issues themselves. Your comment of course will not be published here ‘Carl’, but it has been passed onto the people who will take it very seriously indeed and will, I am assured, be dealing with it accordingly.

        1. Good on you, Jimmy thanxxx.

          Carl, do you realise that you’ve trolled this thread a total of ten times? You really are obsessed, aren’t you and you are a very silly, immature little boy.

          Btw…it’s excellent news about Spivey being found guilty. I’m looking at that picture Jimmy posted of him in the little pink number, pushing a vacuum cleaner around and imagining him singing “I want to break free!” in a month’s time when he is sentenced. LOL:)

        2. *Comment Deleyed By Admin*

          OUTLAW’S NOTE: The www is getting smaller and smaller for the likes of you and your type ‘Carl’. Stamp your feet and foam at the mouth until you explode for all the good it will do. You will NEVER get a platform here, from which to peddle your hatred and anger.

  24. RICHARD;you say:-

    “use him? let me get this straight, all the articles spivey has written did he write them or not? what are you saying? if he’s simply a dupe. how do they get him to write his shite? or are you saying the articles are written for him?”


    “They” don’t have to “get him to write his shite”. All that Intel has to do is to somehow “inspire” him & lead him to the topics they want. Have you not noticed that nearly all of tabloid articles he pulls apart are from the Mail?.


    So just ensure that the Mail has the right kind of articles….

    It’s just like that Yank dentist baiting Cecil the lion out of the safety of his park with a dead antelope carcase.

    You know what will attract the creature you’re after so just lay the right bait and muggins will go for it.

    As I said before, the Intel boys have been doing this for centuries.

    1. no. sorry, even if Spiveys take on them is invariably wrong, those events DID actually take place, they weren’t invented by the DM or placed there by TPTB. this is just one more conspiracy theory on top of all the other ones.

      1. You are entitled to your opinions of course Richard, and you will get the opportunity to air them here.

        Whether it will be accepted as a factual account, however, is entirely up to the reader and the other commentators to decide for themselves.

      2. No,Richard,they weren’t invented – they did take place.

        But note when the Mail covers such things there’s always a huge number of pictures online for the Spiv to examine & criticise & claim photoshopping, etc. Other tabloids have nothing like so many pics. So Intel know his “feeding place” & know what gets him going.

        Do they have a word with the Mail from time to time about what topic like they’d like the Mail to give an extra big splash to? Well it’s a known fact that M.I.5 have their placemen in all the main papers.And broadcasters,of course.(Just like the C.I.A & F.B.I in the U.S.)

        And with the web,unlike print media, it’s no big deal to pile in the pictures by the dozen, is it?.

        And, incidentally, you may not know this but there’s an Intel prescence in just about every social club, golf club, fishing club, chess club – you name it. Wherever people gather on a regular basis. Just making sure that the club,or a group of people within it, aren’t using it as a cover for some other purpose.

        Low level, of course. Just a retired cop, or someone who can be relied upon to be “helpful”, if you get what I mean.

        Or, as has recently come to light, an outright “mole”,with a complete false but unbreakable cover story/I.D.etc.

        Remember last year the Green activist who got pregnant by such a cop?

        Put all that together & with top psychologists working for Intel & they’ve got Spivey on an invisible lead.

        Now finally, if he’s the target to give TPTB the excuse to control the net, have they managed to get someone close to him to encourage him to cover one story rather than another?

        Quite possibly.

        It’s something Intel always try to do,but you & I will probably never know.

        So if what I’ve written so far doesn’t convince you, then I never can.

        1. OG, I don’t think government intel would even know who he was, unless they really did have some use for him. If so they would target his inner circle. My money’s on FTS at 2/1 fav. you could have Pongo at 3/1, Dogman 4/1 Wolfie 5/1, there are some more dark horses there at about 10/1 and a few real outsiders and no hopers also. Old Boy is a non runner, he had to be put down before the race sadly.

          1. MIKE: We’re talking here of government Intel. Of COURSE they knew who Spivey was – from the moment he appeared on the net. You have to understand how the minds of Intel in ALL countries work.”We must have as much info on everyone – just in case.

            Did you know that the Soviet KGB files had Ïntel info on over 11,000.000 people – most of them dead.“Just in case”.

            It’s the mental mindset of Intel people around the globe.

      3. Richard, have you noticed what I have on this site? Of course you have. Nobody is insulting you because your opinion may differ from theirs. What a contrast with Spivey eh?

  25. Keep faking all your comments and putting a noose around your own neck…Hahaha. I know what a shit-house you really are. LMAO.

    Faking comments to yourself hey, analytical man!!!! ROFL

    You fucking evil little pervert!!!! Ain’t ya.

    You are one sad fucker – you know it and I know it. Eeee!!! You are like savile and the ripper.

    Go on, go to the police with your faked comments that only serve to put you in the position of a criminal!!! LOL.

    So, beware!!!! There is a price to pay. You know that, and the next installment is due. Tick Tock Tick Tock then you die.

    Deceiver Jones, the nasty little beast. Aww!!! Does it hurt, that by way of faking to try and enhance your very weak position that you have actually served to strangle yourself? I know you hate me – it is great.

    Shitting so much, you lie about kids!!!! Hahahaha and chopping up!!! Because you are shitting, you nasty little twisted beast of a midget.

    Yes, you know it, and I know it. Pity you really, you attention seeking piece of vomit.

  26. *Comment Deleted By Admin*

    OUTLAW’S NOTE: The only fake here is you Fabooka (R. Matheson). Hiding away and spewing your poisonous bile from behind a fake name, a proxy IP, and a fake email address.

    1. So Spivey has been found guilty, I wonder how good he is at fashioning tattoo guns from old bits of radio and tape players.

      Was there tears from the public gallery as their hero was found guilty?

      Will Spivey be joining Cliff in some off shore island witout an extradition treaty? ( Canvey Island won’t suffice trolls )

      The king is dead etc etc etc

      1. Ha ha ha ha ha ha. Think a few beers will be in order tonight to celebrate this fucking idiot Spivey being found guilty.

        According to that shitrag the Daily Mail, he has been told he faces jail. It also said that about half a dozen of his supporters had gathered in the courtroom to hear the verdict! Half a dozen!!! LMFAO!

        Hey Spivey, enjoy your porridge you fucking cunt! That’s what you get for cosying up to the muslims you degenerate piece of shit!

        The comments on the Daily Mail are already coming in, time to hit that thumbs up button!!!


    A reader believes that the public is subsidizing orthodox Jewish institutions by the fee manufacturers pay for the kosher symbol, which is meaninglessand constitutes a tax.






    “While the Western Press salutes the authorisation given by Turkey to the United States, allowing the US to use its military bases in order to fight Daesh, Thierry Meyssan looks at the nation’s internal tensions. In his view, maintaining Mr. Erdoğan in power, as well as the lack of a new majority during the next general elections, will rapidly lead to civil war.”



    Just a few months ago he was saying that you were finished Jimmy, looks like the chickens have finally come home to roost for the Spivmeister eh?

    While the majority of his work was utter tripe, he did do some good work exposing the Holocau$t™ lie. But it’s for the best that his site is finished, as the rest of his crackpot articles and his love for all things multi-culti give true nationalists and holocaust revisionists a bad name.

    No doubt his minions will be flocking over here now, as they no longer have a platform to spew forth their sycophantic bullshit, but do me a favour Jimmy and don’t give them a platform, even if they repent for their sins! 😉

    1. Poor old Spiv. Always went on about his huge flock but in his farewell message he only had a dozen disciples, God complex right until the end.

    2. Rest assured my friend, that will never happen.

      I am happy for all those he has targeted over the last couple of years though, all the decent folk who committed no crime other than to call him out on his many lies, and were subjected to months of abuse by him and his team of internet thugs.

      I take no credit for his long overdue demise, it was entirely his own doing as an ego that huge, simply cannot support it’s own weight without imploding.

      It was only a matter of time, and all I did KT, was to stand up to him, ride the storm out and wait patiently for the inevitable to happen.

      1. Hahaha, even with this victory, Jimmy remains cool, calm and collected! I’m sure your readers, (myself included), won’t hold it against you if you gloat just this once!

        You have earned a victory against this subhuman fool and I hope you enjoy it! You thoroughly deserve it! Can’t wait for the analysis in your next article! 🙂


  29. Just been over to Spiveyland. Already there is “a weeping & wailing & Gnashing of teeth”(& possibly a rending of garments). But I still maintain that NO-ONE SHOULD BE CONVICTED OF ANYTHING BASED ON BEING UNABLE TO/PREVENTED FROM, THE RIGHT TO FACE & QUESTION HIS ACCUSERS. Because that what’s happened here.

    1. Has there been an ‘appeal’ for donations to finance an ‘appeal’ yet OG?

      I am expecting a #hashtag campaign to be launched along the lines of #freetherochfordone or something similar too.

    2. OG, I agree mate, if what Spivey says is true, he has been well and truly fucked over! But, in my opinion, no person deserves it more!

      If you put the well being of other people before your own people then you can fucking die for all I care!

      Spivey only named white paedophiles! When the muslims were/still are raping white British children, his silence was/is deafening!

      Pointing out the crimes of non-white people did not fit in to his agenda, and that to me is the ultimate sin! I wholly encourage people to point out the degenerates in the white race. The nonces, rapists and murderers amongst our own people sicken me much more than those of the other races! But…. the way I see it, these degenerates are OUR problem, and we have enough of them without having to spend even more money on foreign rapists and child molesters!

      How you keeping anyway mate? Hope you are well.

    3. Unfortunately OG, many inherently evil people have escaped justice, simply because their victims have been too terrified to face their tormentors again in open court.

      Abduction victims, Rape Victims, Torture victims, those who have been mutilated by some savage who has turned up on their doorstep and disfigured them for life with acid, children and extremely vulnerable people, who may have mental health issues because of their being brutalised and terrified by – and let’s be honest here, what are subhuman and sadistic bastards, who like nothing more than literally petrifying their victims with fear.

      Should they have to face their tormentors again?

      Is it right that they should be asked the most intimate things about their personal lives by the very people who have violated them, and turned their entire lives upside down and inside out, and get excited by hearing it again and again?

      We may have to agree to disagree on that OG, witness impact statements and video evidence should be sufficient to satisfy the voyeurs and ghouls.

    4. OG, If that is what has really happened and the law has been broken or whatever to convict the man, then I am with you on that. I am a scrupulously fair minded man, always have been and I would speak out even if it was Jack the Ripper in the dock. I just don’t have enough knowledge and information about the legality of the case. Will have to wait and see I suppose, or Jimmy could probably put us straight on things perhaps?

    5. Old git. To be honest mate I wouldn’t give it too much energy, I think lots of people have been led down the proverbial garden path with Russell Brand, sorry I mean spivey. Lost in their ego’s my friend. We live in the age of deception. They dare not touch on the real truths of this world. Hope your good.

  30. So Spiveys sites down tonight at oo.oo hrs. Goodbye Paranoid dark place. Dogman and Woof Wolfie will have to be returned to the wild and Gallows and the State she’s in will be returned to the zoo. Adeyboop, well he’s just in a corner. I’ve let a few party poppers go tonight I can tell you. Wonder what the going rate is for government shills is these days?…I’ll ask Spivey when he’s out. Hope she’s packed her pink number.

      1. A good looking bunch. Be lucky if they have a dozen teeth between them. The Jews of Hollywood have picked up on the trial as well, and are planning a movie about it. Fame at last for the Spiv! 🙂


      2. On dear, is that their crew then? Take it the bearded lady’s Dogman or woof Wolfie? The guy with the cap, is that the state she’s in? Mm mm I feel sorry for them really, what a sad,sad bunch. I’ll miss their innane ramblings. Looks like a girl guides meeting.ROLF.

      3. Who’s who? Just curious, would like to put names to faces. I recognize the poof in the pink shirt though.

        1. Mike, The chunky guy on the right of the picture (with the beard and the moobs) is ‘Pongo’ AKA John Carey, who is a regular commenter on Spivs site and one of his little helpers.

          The Lanky simpleton with the New York Baseball Cap, the Spivey T-Shirt and the flowery carrier bag, is called Jason, his role as yet is uncertain.

          The guy at the back, in the leather jacket, leaning to the right, also wearing a Spivey T-Shirt, who obviously does not relish being identified, is Steve McKee, AKA ‘Dogman’.

          It’s a safe bet to assume that any or all of these people are running dozens of fake accounts, on that site and are promoting Spivey on other sites and Social Networks. They are also using fake accounts to troll, stalk and attack anyone who does not worship the Spiv.

          The video from which that picture was taken, shows some others, including ‘Lisa Pea’ AKA Holloway, and a couple more, who no doubt will be identified soon.

          1. Cheers my friend. I sussed pongo was Carey a while back, he really fcked up in the comments somewhere, I noticed. Could be wrong of course, I don’t really care tbh. I just love flushing rats out.

        2. Dogmans the one hanging back, the lanky 1 is Jason, the one with the moobs is Pongo.

          Fabooka aka John Roberts the Manic Mechanic from Liverpool – Mr Skoda – bottled out & was a no show, he thought trying to get himself arrested for hassling me during the case would save him from Cwis’ ‘wath’ for being too gutless to turn up.

          So I take it none of you will be wanting to book your dogs in for some training then?


          1. Thanks Jane, I noticed the shifty little fella at the back wishing he wasn’t there, imo LOL. 60 years old? I’m not sure about that, but he will fight you anywhere and he will turn up, fking hell what a twat.
            Real hard men don’t behave or speak like these bunch of arseholes believe me. These fckers are pathetic weirdos I guarantee it.

  31. So has Spivey just shut up shop? His site seems to have gone anyway. I thought he said Jimmy was the one that was finished not him. Oh dear it seems he was wrong about that too, well well well.

    1. He was told he had to take it down – so even to the very end he can’t resist pretending to be in control

      1. “He was told he had to take it down”.

        Who by?. The court?. His I.S.P.?. Condition of bail?.

        Do tell.

        1. According to Steve McKee (Dogman), who posted a comment on his site last night, that ‘they were trying to locate Wolfie, who had gone AWOL, in order to remove the site as Chris had no option but to take down the site and his Facebook page.’

          So it’s my guess that it was part of the pre-sentencing conditions handed down by the Magistrate, under instruction from the CPS and police.

          I guess that we may never know the truth of it, from the ‘Truthtellers’ in Spiveyland, but that would be my conclusion, going on previous cases of a similar nature.

          I would welcome comments from anyone who can fill in the blanks….

          1. well just why did Wolfie go AWOL? especially when something so important as chris being arrested if the site didn’t get taken down! Well I reckon it was all a big drama to shut site down/then make a comeback to get his supporters back alongside him again,after he had basically shat on em all then give them the sob storys about what he has got to pay now in fines and fleece the gullible donation givers to cough up even more that they cant afford…. and all while he smokes his 100 a day, drives his jag, and sits on his arse pretending he writes those articles, some people are such suckers eh?

  32. Hey, I can see Dogman now howling at the moon, ROFL.

    He could spend some time actually learning some of the esoteric knowledge he’s copied out. He should start with KARMA.

    1. If Dogman gets sent down as an accessory, will he get to share a cell with Spivey and become his ‘bitch’?:)

  33. I have been away for while, doing what I do and I come back to euphoric news! As one of the first ( if not THE first ) to be banned by the Inkster and his cohorts for “calling him out” as a raving loonie I take great pleasure in seeing him exposed for the sick individual many of us knew him to be. I reckon he will get 6 months minimum. Any advance anyone? Congratulations Jimmy, last man standing and all that. BTW, 6 “supporters” turned up! Oh, what joy!

    1. It always annoyed me that any comments I made in Spivland disagreeing with his party line were never allowed, I saw many other people attacked for questioning and disagreeing.

      When you slap the MSM for their controlled narrative and operate the same policy on your supposed “Alternative” blog then it can be no wonder you end up with only half a dozen true supporters.

      The insults and abuse from people like FTS (the hardest man on the Internet, PM your address and I’ll come and fight you, actually fight ALL of you, I’m the bouncer your names not down you’re not coming in) was shocking, there was never a true debate about any Spiv articles because it was forbidden.

      I’m glad to see the back of them all, they thought they had a little power then their egos grew into mountains, the platform that Spiv had was wasted, I found him through the Outlaw blog from when both had links to each other.

      I read these blogs from time to time and the abuse towards JJ and Jane has been constant and sickening.

      Outlaw fair play to you mate, you’ve put up with too much from this lot Spiv to Lav.

      You post interesting stuff, the comments are great, debates are permitted, people like OG send the reader off in all kinds of informative directions and all this has been the same since I started reading years ago.

      The sad thing is the idiots will find another platform to continue their obsessive war against you, keep doing what you do though and you’ll be the last man standing

  34. Well everybody, let’s be fair here. The heading picture on his last posting did say “I’m f*cked”.

    So, at last he got SOMETHING right!.

  35. Another thought. I bet Queen Chav is bricking it right now and the Canine, the Lupine, the Hangman , Lisa and the utterly laughable FTS are heartbroken at the idea of their stipends no longer coming from the donation box! Wonder if the Jag will get sold? BTW did you see the name of his barrister? Coincidence or what? No smoking in HM Prisons soon as well if not already. It just gets better and better.

  36. Another thought. The next ” flushings” from Mr Lavatory will be something to behold and cannot wait for Matt Taylor to put finger to blog. Jeez as I go back through Internet history I am stunned at what I read.



    “I’m sure you will be inundated with reports about Chris Spivey when you awake to your blog comments.

    Of which is probably in line with some of the comments you will be getting about Mr. Spivey, apparently he has pulled the plug on his site and is blaming his supporters for not doing enough for him after being found guilty of “Lee Rigby trolling”? I guess I am not quite clear enough on the charges he was facing and why he has had such an abrupt turn of face for supporters without an explanation. I knew he was a hot blooded Englishman but damn, quite a strange turn of events.

    I enjoyed your tenacity Mr. Spivey I for one am sorry to see you go with such a defeatist attitude.”

    1. What a slap in the face for the people that did follow him. They hung on his every word, kissed his arse, massaged his ego, religiously sent emails and letters to everyone he asked them to, they bought his shitty T shirts and the other tat that he was selling, sent him their hard earned giro money so he could continue his 80 a day chain smoking habit, and how does he repay them?

      By telling them that they’re all useless bastards and it’s their fault he’s lost everything and is going to jail.

      That’s gratitude for you! I bet they feel like a right bunch of mugs now eh?

      1. Some of them, having lost the platform that Spiv offered them, have reverted to their original positions, which was aimlessly trolling people on Twitter, posting loads of infantile memes and making boringly familiar, although completely impotent threats….


        They have already jumped ship, which considering their proven histories of mimicking the behaviour of the ever so common ‘Rattus Norvegicus’ should not come as a surprise KT.

        1. No sorry Outlaw.I read that site for quite a while before I was kicked off & I’m sure that many of his posters were genuine people who thought they’d found they’re leader.(Go to the first post on this page & read what I wrote)
          I think that most of his posters were not bad people – just people who thought they’d found their Messiah.
          (Life of Brian,anyone?.)

          1. OG, I said some of them and I have the Tweets saved to prove it.

            They will be included in an article to be published on here soon.

  38. The thing that surprised me about Spivey’s final post from his cyber bunker was the way in which he seems to have turned against most of his supporters; ranting and blaming their lack of courage and commitment for his downfall…”You brought this on yourselves” I’m waiting for someone to do a YouTube Hitler parody…

    I expected his last post to be a fond farewell and thanks for the support and cash he’s managed to sponge off people, but they do say that people’s true colours shine through in an hour of crisis and needless to say the Spiv’s true colours didn’t come out very attractively at all, did they?

    1. Leena: You have posted the post I was about to post – & much better & simpler worded than I could have done.

    2. Lena, you’ve hit the nail there LOL. A Hitler parody has just got to be made now. Spivey screaming at dogshit and the rest of them about his donations drying up, with FTS cowering in the corner haha.

  39. And one other thing. The reason so many of his “supporters”” couldn’t “be there” is because they’re POOR. But he NEVER addressed how the private banks belonging to a “certain tribe” and have been sucking the money from people for centuries.


    Because deep down he’s as thick as pigsh*t.That’s why.

  40. And to return to the subject of Spivey & his blog.He had a forum which,from the comments I read,had a great deal of useful info for those facing debt they couldn’t pay,minor but serious legal problems – when you’re poor – now all of that info has been shut off.& it was provided by third parties who believed in him.

    1. Says it all really, from day one the only person this fraud was interested in was himself. The gullible suckers will still send the b@$tard money though, grubby POS, SOB.

  41. The judge ordered him to take down all references to Lee and Lynn Rigby and the Woolwich attack from his website and facebook. No need for him to shut up shop completely then.

  42. is it true that Spivey was ordered to remove all the Woolwich and Rigby stuff from his site?if if it is true and rather than do that he chose to shut the site down then i have to say that merits some respect. don’t get me wrong i thought his Woolwich stuff proved nothing, i still think it was 2 demented , misguided fools, ( they are after all in prison aren’t they, or are we all being fooled ).also if it is true that he was making a nice living from the donations and sales of T shirts etc, then he’s also giving that up as well isnt he? how is he going to survive now?. i seem to recall him saying he claimed no benefits. personally i don’t think he’ll be jailed.

    1. i still think it was 2 demented , misguided fools,

      probably 2 mi actors tavistock trained like you richard 1
      on the bbc the other day they mention isis using mind control
      mind control i thought that was conspiracy theory.
      if true and isis have been around for less than 2 years.
      imagine how advanced tavistock,mi5 and the cia and mossad aman are today.i mean richard tavistock is a hundred years old
      that is a lot of mind mapping time

    2. I was googling for info about the judgement and it was mentioned on the International Business Times site. They seem to have gotten their info from the Essex Chronicle but I couldnt search their site from my mobile.

      Why would he shut down completely?

      1. ‘Im taking my ball in’ For spite but he has cut off his nose to spite his face. He has cut off his income.
      2. ‘Act of Contrition’ in the hope of a lighter sentence.
      3. ‘Mission Accommplished Agent Spivey’. It was planned this way all along.

  43. spivey and ugly face and mouth verity dogman and f the state low level serco g4s under contract.
    paid by a rabbi r murdoch who when he passes will be sleeping next to his mossad chum robert maxwell.
    tattoo filth gutter mouths mi operation.
    attack from the outside leads to defense problem.
    attack from within and pulled leads to lovely controlled demolition into it’s own kosher footprint.
    fake cockney workin class types an inside job.
    but but what about all the informarty top secret
    you gotta give to receive.
    do not feel sorry for dogman and f the state they have been sent to the channel chunnel directing traffic prepairing the ground for when camoron releases the army.
    cor blimey stone the crows.
    netanyahoo murdoch and rita katz need low level brick layers with a demolition side job

  44. I don’t think Spivey has much to worry about, to be honest.

    He has two tricks up his sleeve: his sky-scrapingly high I.Q., and the photographs that people leave on Facebook for complete strangers to rummage around through.

    All he has to do is find a pic of someone who – at a push – looks a tiny little bit similar, and powering-up his cranial Raspberry Pi he could PROVE that he doesn’t actually exist. (Or that if he does exist that he is ‘a peeled potato at best’.)

    The shackles will fall from his feet & our Saviour will bound manfully to freedom.

    With such an abundance of gifts he’s basically like an old cartoon character carrying a fold-up hole in his pocket, to be chucked on the ground and escaped through whenever needs must.

  45. If the Inkster Gobshite was still on line he would be saying that Cilla Black was “offed” To stop her from ” outing ???”. Hope he is “lubing up” .

  46. Not a big fan of Jimmy and not a big fan of Spivey, I know you two had a few run-ins and it all seemed a little staged to be honest – I always thought that the alternatives should support each other rather than destroy each other.

    The reason for my comment here is my amazement at the comments, people wishing the man to get a prison sentence, happy that his freedom of speech has been curtailed, I expected better.

    I posted a few times at Spiveys site, but to the contrary of what he had written only to be literally hounded off the site by ‘Fuck The State’, it got to the point where I realised that if you weren’t of the exact same opinion they didn’t want you there – there were no debates just one-sided diatribes.

    I didn’t always agree with Spivey but if the facts about his case are as presented then it is a very sad day for ‘justice’ and even sadder that posters on sites like this are loving it.

    1. Well Tony, if Spiv had accused you of being a ‘Kiddie-Fiddler’, referred to you a ‘Midget’ and a ‘Nonce’, insulted your better half, continually bombarded you and your friends with verbal abuse, threatened you and your family, published dozens of lies about you, while also giving a platform to others to do likewise…. all without allowing any response – I am sure you would be as magnanimous as those who have been targeted by him.

      And guess what?

      You get the chance to say it here too.

      NOTE: Oh, and the facts of his case, were nothing like he presented them to be either Tony, because like everything else – he was lying about that also.

      1. If the threats I have to both Jimmy & me from the Spivs whack job crew weren’t so ripe, I’d put some up so you could see why joining forces with the likes of the Spiv & co is the most stupid idea ever.

        Thankfully we know what’s what.

    2. Tony not only was i was banned from commenting but before that happened, comments were posted in my name that had been made up by certain moderators making me appear even dumber than i probably am. hardly a fair way of operating a website.

    3. Spivey wanted Jimmy to ‘Hurry up and Top Himself’ Tony so you really need to get your priorities right as to who you defend

      1. If you read my post properly you will realise that it wasn’t defending anyone including Spivey.

  47. The first time I smelled a real rat was just before his first arrest, when he stated on his site the day before he felt a sense of foreboding. Being a long time fan of the Amazing Randi all psychics are fake.

  48. read his site for about 6mths always thought someone else wrote the articles on there for him, mostly because he don’t seem able to know ‘big words’ and cunt seems to be his favourite!

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