Regular readers of the Outlaw, may be aware that for what has been more than two years now, I have attracted the attentions of a stalker.

I have two in fact, and although that is a different story altogether, it is relevant to this article, inasmuch as, one of them, incidentally a ‘female’, also openly advertises herself on The Internet, mainly social networks, as a ‘Christian Missionary’.

So with that in mind, I felt that at some point, I needed to familiarise myself with what a Missionary really was, and in all honesty, and drawing from my own experiences of witnessing her increasingly erratic online behaviour on a daily basis, what I found did not surprise me.

As with many other accepted historical accounts, the true purpose of the Christian Missionary is as far removed from the image that most people have been led to believe, as it is possible to be.

The historical role of a ‘Missionary’, was without exception, one of the most loathed, universally reviled and over-rated vocations there was, and to anyone who has studied the subject, it will come as no surprise that the often referred to ‘Dark Ages,’ coincided with the emerging role of the ‘Missionary’ in Christian hegemony.

The all-too common misconception, of the goodly, long-suffering Missionary, blessed with endless patience, risking everything to bring the word of their God to the savage heathens throughout Europe and the wider world, is just that – a misconception, a fictitious yarn spun by the advocates of Christianity in order to distort from the real, unadulterated and ultimately dark truth, and it’s hidden, and altogether sinister history.

‘Missionaries’, especially throughout Medieval Europe, very rarely depended on their own fallible human abilities to convert the infidels, heretics and others , who they saw as being outside the Christian faith, and instead of using persuasive words and kindly deeds – they had a veritable armoury of devices approved by their superiors to ‘spread the word of God,’ at their disposal.

The religious leaders of Christian (Mostly Catholic) Europe, clearly unable to tolerate any dissenting, non-conforming or conflicting faiths to co-exist on what they saw as their ‘sacred’ lands, sought to seek out and destroy every last vestige of whom they believed were the ‘ungodly’.

The earth-bound incarnations of the Devil himself.

Those who they saw, almost always incorrectly, as being ‘Evil’.

Missionaries all over Europe, sent out to do their Lords work, went armed not only with their large black bibles, beads and incantations, but the most fearsome and outlandish array of apparatus that were specifically designed to ‘convert’ even the most ardent of unbelievers.

The ‘Oral Pear’ for example, was one such device that was also a particular favourite of the Vatican, it’s presence being well documented as being among the vast array of implements used in the torture dungeons located underneath the Papal palace.

Scientists, Astronomers and Astrologers were also subjected to the full horrific effects of the ‘pear’, simply for speaking out regarding their own belief that the earth did in fact, revolve around the sun, and not the commonly held Catholic teachings that stated otherwise.

This cleverly designed device, which expanded externally with each successive turn of a large internal screw, was placed inside the mouth, the anus or the female genitalia of it’s Intended recipient, to cause not only an extreme tearing of the surrounding flesh, but as you can imagine, the most excruciating levels of pain.

If that wasn’t enough, it also had three sharp metal spikes at the tip to ensure the victim bled internally even before the first turn of the screw.

It is not known if anyone survived this singularly horrendous experience, let alone be converted to Catholicism, during or immediately following the procedure I shouldn’t think.


The introduction of the Malleus Maleficarum (Witches Hammer) in 1487, meant that the ‘Missionaries’ could also turn their attentions to the unfortunate practitioners of ‘Witchcraft’, which as history has shown, included many, many women who’s only ‘crime’ was to look emaciated or unusual enough, to be named as a ‘Witch’.

Countless thousands of innocent women, and children for that matter were put to death, usually by burning, and almost certainly after enduring the most degrading and horrific tortures and mutilations, at the hands of these agents of God.

The ‘Pear’ was only one option available to those who were instructed to spread God’s message to the wider world, and ever-more inventive, but decidedly crude torture devices were improvised, often by carpenters and blacksmiths from the villages that the Missionaries visited.

Being pressed to death was particularly popular, where the victim was placed face up on the floor and heavy planks of wood were placed upon their chests.

Heavy stone weights were then slowly added, until the helpless victim found it almost impossible to breath.

A mercifully short time later, their ribs would undoubtably snap under the relentless pressure, piercing the lungs, which would collapse causing death by drowning in their own blood.

Another method used regularly, was ‘the rack’, a wooden contraption that had spiked iron rollers built into it’s base, onto which the victim was placed.

These rollers would tear the flesh of the victims back, buttocks and legs down to the bone, while their arms were also fastened to large wooden wheels.

The Missionary, or Priest would then turn the wheels slowly, which also tore the flesh and caused asphyxia.

This ‘Stretching’ would continue until the shoulder and hip joints dislocated.

The more sadistic Missionary could, and often would, actually tear the limbs completely away from the body, and as slowly as possible.

Villagers were often assembled to witness such tortures being carried out, in a very public method of ensuring everybody was fully aware of the fate of anyone who chose to remain outside the ‘safety’ of the house of God.

A particularly grisly exhibition of what lay in store for those who refused to convert to Catholicism, was by way of the unbelievers arms and legs, being securely tied to four large horses or oxen.

The victim was usually given a final chance to renounce his or her ungodly ways, which if refused, meant the animals were whipped to make then run in opposite directions.

All four limbs were torn from the victim in the process.

The mutilated victim was then left to bleed to death in front of the cheering crowd.

Often victims were stripped naked and hung by one leg in a large tree until they passed away from exposure, or even starvation, if it happened to be mild weather at the time.

There are literally hundreds more such methods which were employed, which it would serve no purpose to list here, but each one was as barbaric as any of the others, and all were specifically designed to show the strength of the church, and to generate abject fear among those who were inclined to ever stray from the right path.

The Churches path.

God’s path.

The Vatican’s path.

These ‘punishments’ were repeated innumerable times throughout Britain and Europe, simply because the recipients were viewed as being ‘ungodly’, or to have strayed from the right path or were seen as being ‘evil’, or simply because they questioned, disagreed or turned away from the blinkered teachings of the religious leaders.

Very few were spared, and the mildest indiscretion was severely punished, and from what I and others have witnessed, some of these present day ‘Missionaries’, these ‘Evangelists’ and ‘Bogeymen Hunters’, are still as blinkered, still as fanatical and are still as obsessively focussed on eradicating anyone they perceive as being ‘Evil’.

And given the right circumstances, are equally as dangerous as any of the Medieval zealots.

If they were legally able, they would surely enact a similar retribution today, with their bibles held proudly aloft, and joyfully praising their Gods as they squeezed the trigger, flicked the switch or threw the rope over the nearest lamppost.

I have no doubts about that whatsoever.

One should be grateful that nowadays, these present day zealots only have a limited audience on the Internet at their disposal, with which to try to ruthlessly torment and persecute those they perceive as being guilty – of whatever sin or wholly fictitious crime that their twisted, inherently dark and fanatical minds can conjure up to justify their actions.

18 thoughts on “SHE SELLS SANCTUARY

  1. Oi! Stop contaminating my good memories of a great song by associating it with these scary monsters & super creeps!

    Moor Larkin wrote something recently worth a read:


    The fundamentalists are really starting to slither out of their shells now & the predicted witch-hunt is in full flow.


    What’s this from NAPAC-chief Pete Saunders? “… an attack on a child is like ‘an attack on Jesus’…”

    Oh dear.

    Saunders, of course, has previously made it clear that sending more innocent people to jail is a price worth paying (but presumably not one he’s personally expecting to have to cough up for!).

    The schenanigans at Parliament the other day had the head-doctor who detects victims of Satanism in a person’s limp (during first few seconds of a consultation) given a platform, joined also by others banging on about cults, rituals, etc., and the incredible figure of 11 MILLION victims of child sexual abuse in the UK alone.

    The problem with these fundaMENTALISTS is that they can justify to themselves – and to their imagined god(s) – any action which the rational-minded might find objectionable, such as exagerrating or plain old lying. They have a purpose, they are inspired, they are justified… they believe…

    Fear them!

    For as is written above, they would happily revert to the methods previously described if they could, all in pursuit of their ludicrous medieval lust for blood.

    Creeps and monsters indeed.

  2. And con men, liars & abusers parading as voices for CSA survivors rattling buckets up town for the cause, having heartlessly & cunningly stolen money off the same & treating them in the most disgusting ways after ripping them off. But the fools lap it up, they don’t seem to care that these con artists are leading the baying crowd or that some of their stories simply do not add up. I can’t even stand to watch it anymore. What the hell is wrong with these people??

    Some people must be rubbing their filthy trotters with glee. I’m sure we all know who they are. The good old British media takes them at face value without a stroke of research into just what they really are.

    Why is it never reported that a high number of abuses that occurred in care are peer on peer abuse? Doesn’t fit the agenda and the slavering masses I guess. Anyone who tries to highlight that important fact of course gets called a ‘paedo protector’.

    I wonder if the new forms of torture by some of these faux holier than thou beasts comes in the form of ‘selflessly’ giving up their time to deliver devices that record torture of children to far flung places, places we then see on the news are hot spots for paedophiles & for people taking advantage of kids to make a few quid.

    Luring vulnerable people back to their lairs where even bigger monsters await 🙁

  3. BRAVO another great blog post!

    It is already getting scarier by the moment here in the states, especially the south, where I live. First of all it all seems to be this prosperity ministry, which I think excuses their disgusting extravagant churches.

    All around are starving poor who could use help.

    The message is that God doesn’t love ya or you’re not living right or you would be rich. From my perspective of reading bits of the bible, Jesus wasn’t so found of the rich.

    The next problem is a lot of people representing us in the government are trying to cram their interpretations of the bible down everybodies throat, which is getting even more scary! It really is something to behold, they claim persecution but seem to be the one’s stirrng up all the trouble.

    My Dad says that if Jesus himself walked up to most of the churches around here, he would be called a dirty hippie and told to go get a job!

    Now, not all christians are like this so I mean no offense to anyone! Just my experience in a small town of “church ladies” like your stalker sounds like.

    I feel your pain, not real Christ like behavior!

    I am so happy that you hang in there and keep writing.

    We are starving for real news here in the states so I have to search the interwebs far and wide for information!

    Keep on keeping on!

  4. I used to and still know a few people who claim to be Christians, I did not know about many of the abusive devices used by the church and was appalled at reading about such atrocities.

    I am not religious in any sense of the word, I believe in the Earth or the planet we live on as being as close to any god as I will ever get. I am a athiest.

    I will continue to read and educate myself as the world and in current events. ( Humanity can have some barbaric ideas.)

    Great blog and enjoyed the educational and truthful reading.

  5. “Five years after the devastating earthquake, numerous massive protests were held against the UN occupation (MINUSTAH) and for the departure of Haitian President Michel Martelly and Prime
    Minister Laurent Lamothe. The latter finally resigned in December 2014.

    These demonstrations did not make their way into the mainstream media in 2014.


    When anti-government protests occur in a country which is not led by a U.S. ally, there is extensive coverage. Haiti’s current leaders are “suitable” for Western leaders, most of all for the U.S. since it actually chooses Haiti’s leaders, not the Haitian people.”


    Rothschild Family Fortune : How and Why (Full Documentary) :-


    “Jewish history is a history of other civilization’s ruins. They move to the tallest poppy, destroy it from within and then move to the next, rinse and repeat. As that competition-destroying strategic niche exists if it wasn’t them then some other group would
    have adapted to fill the niche.”


  6. Jimmy, while I have absolutely no allegiance to any religion whatsoever, it’s kind of dismaying to see you have a pop at Christianity. I realize that no matter what way you look at it, a religious nutjob is still a religious nutjob, no matter the religion! But we must remember that this is still regarded as a Christian country, and there are many many good people on this island, who believe in a god, and believe in Jesus Christ. I listen to a lot of non-mainstream conservative radio shows from America, salt of the earth people, and they think like us and share our principles and morals, but the difference is that they identify as Christians!

    By attacking Christians, I feel that we are attacking many of our own people, which can’t be a good thing. We need to be uniting our people, not dividing them like that asshole Spivey!

    While the Christian problem must ultimately be addressed, I think we should concentrate on the Islamic/Judaic problem first! Once that’s taken care of, we can address matters which are closer to home.

    Just my two cents worth Jimmy, and I suspect you have your reasons for doing what you do.

    Talking of Spivey, I see he’s pretending to be back! If anyone believes it was Spivey that wrote that latest article on his site then I have a bridge in San Francisco I want to sell you! The photo of his alleged grandson has been badly photoshopped! Look at his hair! And amazingly, that steroid riddled gangster FuckTheState has came back at precisely the same time! It’s strange how many of his cult followers think they are ‘awake’, yet they can’t sniff out the different writing styles! 😉


    1. Hi KT, the article was not a direct pop at Christianity per say, but at those who have used Christianity to punish and oppress others who did not share their beliefs.

      I tried to highlight the fanaticism, abject cruelty and blinkered thinking that over many centuries, has had very little little resemblance to the true teachings of Christianity.

      And yes, I do agree that there are still many, decent people left in this country who have strong values, certain levels of decency, a sense of fair play and know right from wrong.

      What I would describe as ‘Christian Values’.

      And who are being systematically silenced, isolated and divided.

      Religion is only one of the methods being used to bring this about.

      1. I’m not ever going to judge you Jimmy. This is your blog, and you have the final word. Nice to see that you publish all views though, even those that oppose your own!

        It’s funny, I think your views are conflicted, much like my own! Tied between a love for your people and the injustices of man kind!


        1. Aye, ‘Greater love hath no man that he gives up his life for his brother’

          If only that applied to more people today eh KT?

          And just not to the few of us left, who are not prepared to remain silent why our heritage and our way of life is being destroyed.

          I love my country with a passion, yet I also deplore the fact that increasing numbers of it’s indigenous people, my countrymen, appear to be sitting back and allowing everything their ancestors fought and died for, to be dismantled, sold off, shared out and watered down to the point where it’s scarcely recognisable as a country anymore.

          And that has happened just in my lifetime.

          Plus, the Outlaw would be just words on a screen without the input of it’s readers KT, a collection of ideas, opinions and hopefully answers, if you like, where discussion is encouraged, which will of course include opposing views and opinions.

          It’s how I believe things should be done. 🙂


  7. Cheers to that Jimmy!

    Every time I go on holiday I always seem to have a connection with the Irish and the Welsh. While I love my English brothers and sisters, only the Irish and the Welsh seem to understand me! 🙂

    Again, us Brits are too divided, and we are happy to sit on our fat arses and watch the world pass us by!

    Shame on us!!!


  8. Great article Jimmy very informative.
    About your stalkers. Have you considered that you are being GANGSTALKED? It would make sense why these people are so obsessed with you. They spend every day all day attacking you online or writing blogs about you and setting up fake Twitter accounts and getting others to attack you. They never take a break and anyone can see that its mostly lies and personal stuff designed to try and discredit you or push you into doing something stupid. It could be a cult involved too which would fit with the quasi-religious stuff you mentioned. It does look that way to me anyway.

    1. That is why it’s better to ignore them as they hate not getting a reaction.

      They obviously have very little else in their lives so they get pleasure from trying to cause damage to others.

      All it is doing though, is showing people how truly obsessed and demented they are, and the way they are coming across, becoming more erratic every day and making ludicrous allegations that only a complete idiot would pay any attention to, just shows how desperate they are.

      I do not read what they write, nor does anything they say bother me, as they only exist online, and my life does not revolve around being on the Internet 24/7.

      Very disturbed and irreparably damaged people, who spend all their waking hours in a very dark place.

      The Internet switches off, they then disappear.


      1. They are the most pathetic bitter & twisted bunch you could ever come across & definitely the thickest 😉

        The thickest I have ever encountered that’s for sure! And that is quite an achievement all in itself.

        You’d think having been outed for what they are (with proof & not just in words) they’d have the good sense to retreat & slink back to their mundane lives & do their families a favour, having caused so much shame and embarrassment already & drawing huge attention to what they really are. So selfish that all that matters to them is their vicious, vindictive vendettas.

        If anything, they have only made you stronger which definitely wasn’t in their warped little plan, nor was the fact that some people refuse to be driven away & will stay strong & true to their word, no matter what is thrown at them. I’m only glad that other people have finally learned that it’s the only way to deal with such rancid little pathetic abusers with manky pasts, because once you have, it takes away their power (or the power they mistakenly believe they have, but as usual are just deluding themselves) & shows them up for what they really are.

        Reduced to what they always have been and always will be, mere objects of ridicule whose only reason for being is to attempt to cause misery & mayhem in other peoples lives because theirs are so empty & meaningless, as empty & meaningless as they themselves are.

        Never Surrender. 😉

  9. Stalkers are just crazed superfans Outlaw. They try to destroy you because they cannot be you Its jealousy, insane, twisted, blind jealously as they can bring nothing to the world but hatred, spite and pain to others it’ll choke them eventually and then they will turn on each other


    Swiss Franc rockets…Hedgies taken out to the woodshed and shot:-



    Swiss mess could make oil plunge seem like minor hiccup:-


  11. Long time reader and first time comment here. Here in Arkansas we also see a lot of this going on in the name of ‘Jesus’ and the ‘Lords Work’. More the devils work than anything from the good book from what I have seen

  12. Mr.Daniels; perhaps this info will help you realise why your fellow locals are misguided;


    (Understand,just about every Christian church now uses the “Scofeld bible. WONDER WHO’S PAYING FOR THIS?.:.)


    C.I. Schofield – WIKIPEDIA



    Woman plans to marry her father after two years of dating.


    (TRY COMMENTS 7,11,12,16,32.)






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