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This is something I was never expecting to write.

People may be aware of the recent mud slinging conducted very publicly via Twitter and spread out over various blogs.

It seems that it is has been a week of highly charged emotions and paranoia, fuelled by an agenda that has not presented itself fully as yet. I have to admit that I was ill-prepared for the personal attack on myself and others, and it caught me somewhat unaware.

I have taken my eye off the ball recently, the details are unimportant, but my normally well-honed early warning systems have been strangely awry. I have been a bit under the weather and have had to deal with a series of what have turned out to be, quite draining and emotionally charged historic abuse statements.

The final one of which was this morning.

So I was really not expecting the lynch party that had gathered while I was otherwise engaged.

I appear to have been misleading certain people; I did unfortunately, not fit the criteria that was required to be an adult survivor of childhood abuse. Even though I have been added to a carefully selected and exclusive ‘list’ of #warriors, it is not a tag that I truly felt comfortable with. I appear to have been selected to be a torch bearer, for the latest cause of a rather disturbing online negative spirit.

It is difficult to describe this type of person, I can only speculate on this and give an opinion on what I have found to be the case. I am not a Psychologist, nor am I a mental health professional, so I can only put forward what is, in effect an observation.

There are some people who are attracted to ‘Victims,’ or what to them, appear to be victims. They focus on, and attach themselves to the vulnerability and often compliant natures of the survivors of trauma. When these survivors appear in the public eye, something is triggered in the minds of these negative spirits, and they manoeuvre themselves into a position where they can gain access to these unfortunate souls.

They promote their own real, or what is more often the case, imagined experiences of abuse, to gain the trust and confidence of their targets with sympathetic words and grand gestures or tales of altruistic deeds, usually paid for out of their own pockets. When safely in position, they cajole and tease information from their targets, with their well rehearsed, yet deliberately clumsy procedures to make them appear as being totally trustworthy.

They invent whole organisations to back up their credentials, they sometimes post photographs of their fictitious rescue missions, of themselves surrounded by hordes of happy smiling children that they claim to have ‘rescued’ from the sex trade. They sometimes claim sole responsibility for spearheading great cross-border, police led operations that break up powerful Paedophile rings in Eastern Europe or further afield. These operations are usually so covertly carried out, that no newspaper, magazine or website ever carries the story.

But they have always got a photograph to show, to reassure their targets of their trustworthiness and absolute devotion to the cause. They make grandiose claims of having sophisticated tracking hardware to help identify IP Addresses. They have software that can pinpoint the locations of online predators, and have a constant supply of up to date information of active sex offenders fed daily to their computers, which they then cut and paste to their blogs.

This of course is pure fantasy, they are not professionals. At their most basic, they are voyeurs, they get stimulated by the power they think they wield over their selected targets.

They feed off the negative energies they suck from their unwitting subjects, which in turn adds to the Messianic image they create for themselves. They manipulate and perpetuate the idea that full recovery is not achievable unless their mantra is followed to the letter.

They always have an agenda, usually well hidden at first, but will reveal itself when their targets are completely mesmerised, and unable to help themselves. The favourite is religion, they claim a ‘calling’ drew them to ‘help’ the victims, by bringing them into their faith.

These are the often talked about ‘Pied Pipers,’ and they are every bit as dangerous as any Paedophile. They prey on fractured spirits, they stifle the need to heal, and they are the Wolves who masquerade as lambs to infiltrate the flock of the damaged people they target.

Unfortunately I became a threat. I was a long-healed survivor, I did not need their ‘saving’ and I felt no great longing to share my story.

I could not be manipulated, I would not reveal personal information about myself, and I would not betray my friends.

That is why I was targeted, a spoke in the wheel if you like. I was not their idea of a ‘victim’ I could speak, I could shout and could certainly fight back. I saw the flaw in their plan and they knew it. So they turned on me. They tried to make me the aggressor, I saw their ‘True Colours’ and they reacted.

They gathered their flock around them, and circled the wagons to defend against the bully they hadĀ themselvesĀ invented.

They selected their fall guy in advance, the most vulnerable and gentle-hearted among them had been prepared in the background ready to play their part. Playing to the sympathetic onlookers, they chose their tactics well, the threatened suicide, and the threatened self-harm that would be caused by my assumed actions.

The setting up of fictitious email supporters of the cause, the blocking of any dissent that may overturn the carefully laid campaign to discredit me and anybody who dared support me.

This is why I have nothing to do with mainstream religion, because when you peel back the thin veneer of false prophets who hide behind the mask of ‘faith,’ you reveal the layer underneath.

And that layer is composed of pure ugliness and darkness.

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  1. jenniejenjen3
    jenniejenjen3 January 22, 2013

    Morning Jimmy,

    I posted this to Jan’s blog and wanted to post it to you too.

    Morning Jan,

    I don’t know what games are being played. I arrived on twitter as support for Steven Messham, but got distracted by Darren’s bullying of him. My mistake was not leaving the boys to slog it out. All that happened is, tweeps saw me as bullying Darren because they were not aware of the back story.

    It riled me that Darren who abuses Steven has set up an anti abuse campaign!

    I was named as “their” personal troll. My issue was with Darren, but, like 3 musketeers, Jimmy and Kate decided they wanted me as their troll too. Which lead to Darren’s blog.

    And now this.

    I am surprised that neither NancyHeart26 nor KateMFO (Miss Fuckity Off) have revealed their connection with each other? Though I do see KateMFO did mention her psychiatrist friend on her twitter yesterday (NancyHeart26). I found that strange. Something is not right.

    The only person I have ever had Direct Email contact with on Twitter is CoaCoaBelle (She’s a by-stander in all of this) and NancyHeart26, who answered on my blog and we exchanged a few emails. In these emails she tells me Kate and she trained together, and that Kate asked her to get involved on my blog as Kate realises that I am just another abuse survivor who got overly involved.

    And that’s the truth of it.

    I’ve backed out. There are too many snakes in the grass to get to the truth of this. It is not my fight. I came to support and got too involved and was told to fuck off. And that’s exactly what I intend to do.

    I hope you all sort this out and find the peace you all deserve.

    But not until my next blog when I shall really show you what an absolutely awful fucking frustratingly lying spiteful bitch I really am….

  2. Isobel MacLachlan
    Isobel MacLachlan January 22, 2013

    Focus on what you came here to do,unfortunately along the way you will encounter people who will try to discredit you,and smear your character.Says a lot more about them really.Or maybe they see you as a threat.Whatever comes at you,fight it off with the contempt it deserves.Keep on with what you do so well my friend.With truth on your side.

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