It appears that the mysterious Thomas Pride, of the ‘Prides Purge’ blog has made an appearance on Facebook again.

It may be wholly a coincidence that he has crawled out from whatever dank hole he has been hiding in, to champion his internet buddies from being exposed for what they really are.

So what is that we really know about ‘Man of the people’ Thomas Pride?

Not a great deal as it goes. [1]

He is a shadowy, apparently enigmatic figure, that leaves barely a trace on the internet as to his identity.

Nothing suspicious there, as many people, especially in the political or media arena frequently scrub their internet histories, lest any past misdemeanors or nefarious activity happens to rear it’s ugly head.

But Tom has not been as scrupulously clean and saintlike as the online image he desperately tries to portray.

For example, he has once upon a time moved amongst the grubby players involved in the ‘Anarchist’ movement, who as some are only too aware of, were heavily infiltrated by the Intelligence Services as a perceived threat to national security.

A few good men (and women) were recruited from their ranks, if the rumours are true.

But again, there could be no truth in all those rumours, so it’s best not to speculate.

What is clear though, is Toms affinity for and gushing praise for his beloved Labour Party.

In fact he goes strangely quiet when asked about his feelings about the alleged Paedophiles among the left-leaning side of the political spectrum.


Still, no political party are entirely squeaky clean are they?

What is more worrying however, is his open support for online trolls, bullies, abusers and stalkers.

He hasn’t libelled me in any way, as I do not give a damn about what he spouts about me, but the accusation that the Journalist Sonia Poulton was sacked by the Daily Mail after his inference that she was a phone hacker, has quite obvious legal implications even to my tired old eyes.

Even after I told him numerous times on Twitter that it was in fact me, that supplied the phone number of the troll to Ms Poulton, Pride repeatedly refused to acknowledge it.

No, what Tom Pride did was to continue to lie and attempt to whip up support among his ‘supporters’ who were only too eager to attack any Journalist as it occurred immediately following the Leveson enquiry.

More hits for the blog Tom?

A far more disturbing side of Tom’s character came out in a later piece on his blog, ‘The Trolling of Tom Pride’ where he quite eloquently made an empassioned plea to be seen as a victim after receiving what he maintained were ‘Death Threats’.

They were, (and I would have to agree) pretty vile in their content and appear to carry an obvious threat.

But, the person who wrote them, is none other than the same specimen who has been stalking both myself and my family for more than a year.

Tom Pride knows only too well who it is, (although he removed the identity of the Tweeter) but what is rather odd about it, is that this abusive tweeter (my current stalker) and Tom Pride are now the best of friends…. on Twitter at least.

Exchanging daily pleasantries and promoting each others blogs etc.

So either Tom Pride is one of the most forgiving and fair-minded people it is possible to be, or it was a complete fraud to make himself appear to his followers that he is a ‘victim’.

After all, he did make a plaintive plea on his blog about being ‘one of the most Trolled People Online’.

So which is it Tom?

If anyone dares to question ‘Victim’ Tom, you can rest assured that they will be labelled a troll, a bully and an abuser and Tom Pride can add another star to his ‘Victim Credibility Status’ and truly play the part.


[1] Further information here

16 thoughts on “NO PRIDE

  1. Cheeky so-and-so, Daily Express reader indeed. The Guardian actually, get it right drearies.
    It’s sounding all too familiar, same tactics – nasty bully to bestest buddies. When will people learn? The main character is exactly that – an actor, a stooge with only a cruddy old carpet bag of tricks to its name. Predictable, bland and boring.

  2. Awfully sorry that I can’t contribute to this very obvious highly personalised on-line discussion, so here’s some American stuff. Not important you say?. Well,they could start the next world war…

    Not mentioned inthe Brit MSM:-
    Russian Su -24 scores off against the American “USS Donald Cook”


    More of black America,which you never read about in the Brit MSM.Comment N0.6 is especially revealing:-


      1. I tries my best sir.There’s a whole world of things,as in the US,going on that the Brit press/TV simply don’t cover.& also a lot of the Brit orientated net,& yet this is important,so I try to bring some of this info here.Don’t know how many regular readers you have,but if just a few get clued up,it’s a start.

  3. This is really shit. Tom Pride is a good writer – brilliant actually. Very witty and he seemed to know his stuff. But he looks like he’s touched the cloth of death now. What the hell is wrong with him? Can’t put it down to pure ignorance because he is not stupid.
    The whole CSA thing is teaming with actors.
    Thanks for posting this Outlaw. Depressing, but valuable. As usual.
    Hope you’re doing OK, keep us updated on the mad stuff too (you know what I mean!). Sending positive thoughts to you 🙂

  4. These have to be a copy & paste from has no direct link to these.They come from the Topics/Alerts section which I visit daily.As I’ve posted before,the US is now moving to be a total police state,& many US truther/conspiracy sites are are putting out warnings based on reader input from around the country.:-


    Dear Steve,

    Listening to your show with Dave Hodges. I appreciate what Dave had to say about the NFL separating Men and Women and children at the NFL Stadiums. Talking about sorting the populations Hitler Style…! Men to one camp and women to another and children to another.

    Wanted to share something else I’ve personally noticed and never read anywhere else about the NFL.


    Every Sunday or Monday night football game. They took the field and from the 20 yard line to the goal line they renamed it something interesting…!! It’s Called the “RED ZONE” The announcers says now there down inside the red zone or
    they’ve scored 58% of there touchdowns from inside the RED ZONE. I Feel this is conditioning people by the Millions watching on TV to hear Red zone over and over again, and that it correlates with the RED AND BLUE LISTS. and tie that in
    with the OLD SPICE ” RED ZONE DEODORANT” and maybe AUTOZONE’S Commercials ” GET IN THE ZONE”.

    I Feel like they are conditioning people to hearing get in the zone and red zone so that when they round people up and tell them to get in the red zone it won’t sound weird cus they have been conditioned and will comply.


    Another thing I have noticed is REGIONAL..!!
    When you watch your evening weather they call it YOUR REGIONAL WEATHER FORECAST. It used to be called your local weather forecast. THEY HAVE RENAMED HOSPITALS REGIONAL MEDICAL CENTERS, REGIONAL AIRPORTS, REGIONAL WEATHER. THIS TIES IN WITH FEMA’S TEN REGIONS. They changed my hospital in PA to BRADFORD REGIONAL MEDICAL CENTER and when I moved to Cheyenne in 2012
    they Have A Regional medical center. Now I live hear in Spokane with My wife who is deployed to Qatar. Just wanted to bring this to your attention. Feel free to post this to your Alert Section if you want but after researching for 20 years what’s going on I noticed the conditioning with Red Zone and Regional..!!

    Apr 24, 2014
    Legalized Psychological Warfare- NDAA – legal to psyop Americans using the media – explains Boston. Sandy Hook. etc


    I was listening to an April 25th radio program by Pete Santilli. At about 155 minutes into the program, it was mentioned that the NDAA provided for the government, with support from the media, can legally do psychological operations
    against the people of the United States. The conversation was about the current situation at the Bundy Ranch. But light bulbs started going off for me at a much higher level. They are using the NDAA to enlist support of the media, as well as the crisis
    actors being used, in such operations as the Boston Bombing and Sandy Hook. They have actually LEGALIZED running FAKE disasters to scare the American people. It is clear they have been doing this before the NDAA, but they have now put it into so-called law!

    This would include the disinformation shills on the internet, operations against targeted individuals, disruption of communications including phone service and internet, and of course much more.

    That makes operations like the Boston bombing an act of war against the American people in violation of the Constitution.

    I imagine I should have understood this from the beginning. You may have made this point yourself, but in all the exposés of the fake events – I never heard anyone discuss the connection to the NDAA (except as it pertained to murders like Breitbart). I never heard anyone say it is ‘legally’ sanctioned behavior.
    TPTB sure don’t want us to know these are staged events.

    radio program (about 155 minutes in)


    NDAA Legalizes Propaganda


    Smith-Mundt Act:


    God Bless you Steve

    Apr 27, 2014

    Copyright © 2014

  5. “Have you read this OG?”. Probably. I think I’ve read most of the articles on your site, & saved them to disc. However my “record keeping” is in disorder at the moment. I just re-read it from your link & I think what I posted above adds to that. Just a bit further along, so to speak.

    Anyway,some more US stuff:-

    If you’ve not heard of the Trans-Pacific Partnership, don’t worry – most Americans haven’t either.
    Will it affect Europe? Yes.This page contains links to further info.


    AGENDA 21: FOOD IS THE NEW GOLD. LAND IS THENEW OIL. There are links to further info on this page:-

    (By the way,the Maurice Strong mentioned in this article is believed to be the son of a Chinese communist leader – Deng Xiao Pao – & a Jewish communist woman.They are alleged to have hooked up in Paris in the 1920′s.Strong was suspected of being the conduit for Chinese arms to the Mau-Mau in Kenya in the 50′s.).Khazar Jews of East European origin played an important role in Mao-tse-tungs government,but were all given Chinese names & rarely photographed. & finally,on this,Jews have been in China for over 2000 years.We would be talking here of Sephardic or Mizraic Jews,not Khazars because they would not appear for another 700+ years.They are believed to have slowly moved along the Silk Road,town by town,& when they got to China,they did something they rarely do. They intermarried with the locals & their descendants are indistinguisable from the Chinese generally.However,of course,they all know who they are.


  6. And now something from the wonderful world of Islam:-
    TEXAS: CAIR in an uproar again over another Republican warning of ‘stealth jihad’ by Muslims in America


    Authorities in western China’s restive, Muslim-majority Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region are offering rewards to locals who inform on their neighbors for “wearing beards,”
    government-controlled media reported this week. Islamic liturgy recommends that Muslim men wear beards.


  7. No comments have come through today OG. I have been having some hosting problems though.

    You input is valuable and you are always welcome to comment here..

    1. Has OG joined the OUTPOST forum? Was just thinking, if he did, he could put all his links under headings, which would make it easier for him to band subjects together & would be easier for people to follow? If he isn’t fed up with me talking in riddles that is 😀

      1. Sounds like a handy solution as a few people have contacted me as they are experiencing difficulties commenting here lately.

        Gremlins or Trolls? Not easy to tell the difference 🙂

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