If you are partial to the odd flutter, you could do a lot worse than putting down a few pounds that the Elm Guest House Investigation ‘Operation Fairbank,’is the real reason why the Bryn Estyn story was dragged out into the public arena once again.

Like many others, I have been watching the story unfold with interest, from the day that Steve Messham & Keith Gregory were paraded before the cameras relating their personal horror stories of their time in care in North Wales, and the media feeding frenzy that followed closely behind.

My personal views on those two are well documented, so I have no need to go over old ground in voicing my suspicions regarding their motives, but needless to say, the fact that they are conspicuous by their absence tells it’s own story.

It must be pretty obvious by now, that these two ex-residents were part of a rather large distraction. A cover-up of epic proportions that laid down a smokescreen of such density, and involving so many people it became almost impossible to see the real story.

And what a story it is turning out to be. A Paedophile ring involving highly-placed establishment figures that, according to Tom Watson MP, “was linked to a former prime minister’s senior adviser and Parliament.”

Operation Fairbank, the covert police investigation , which was set up for the purpose, has been playing it’s cards pretty close to it’s collective chests and very little information has leaked out, which is quite a feat considering the attention this story has been attracting.

Meanwhile, the parallel investigation that has been set up to investigate the activities of Jimmy Savile, ‘Operation Yewtree,’ which in my opinion is yet another distraction tactic, has been questioning under caution, a succession of has-been and fading entertainment figures to satisfy the public bloodlust.

I have a feeling, that If Operation Fairbank does what it has been set up for, if the officers involved are above reproach, and the facts and evidence are fully investigated in a totally transparent way;

“The real story of establishment Paedophilia will have repercussions that will shake this country to it’s very foundations.”