“Bullshit is bullshit, it just goes by different names” – Paul Weller

The Alternative Media has, in it’s wake, spawned a slew of ‘Truth Warriors’, and the nauseatingly self-titled ‘Truth Soldiers,’ who appear to have sprung up from nowhere, all claiming to promote the ‘real truth’ or what they claim to be the truth, and their numbers are increasing every day.

It is difficult to avoid seeing these truther types as they appear to be everywhere now, each in turn, ranting about the latest ‘Conspiracy’ that happens to be popular, and each and every one of them adding their own individual spin on things that are common knowledge to anyone who is even slightly awake.

Some even try to persuade the reader that many of these latest conspiracy theories doing the rounds, are new, and are something they have personally uncovered.

I can assure you they are not, and they haven’t.

Since the beginning of the twentieth century, many bogus, deeply sinister and secretive plots have been allowed to emerge – some are genuine, although the majority are completely false, and it should not come as a surprise to learn that almost all of them have emanated from the same sources.

Many of these conspiracy theories are not as a rule produced by the ordinary man or woman on the street, however wide awake they are or claim to be.

They originate from deep within the establishment, and are then cultivated by those who work within that framework – before being fed to the civil servants, university thinktanks and certain mainstream media outlets, which are then in turn, drip fed to the population at appropriate times.

9/11, 7/7, The Woolwich Debacle, Sandy Hook, The Boston Bombings, The Hollie Grieg Story, The Madeline McCann ‘Abduction’, ISIS, #paedobritain and the sudden epidemic of parliamentary and celebrity sexual abuse allegations, are all recent examples of how selected information was being introduced to the population.

There are hundreds upon hundreds of paid websites, freely-hosted blogs and anonymous identities on social media, that have been specifically set up to both promote, and disseminate every aspect of any or all of these subjects – and hundreds more besides – which in turn, has kept the reader or researcher continually chasing shadows, playing catch-up and remaining in a perpetual state of confusion.

Fortunately, the charlatans, snake-oil salesmen and disinformation spreaders within the truth movement and the so-called ‘Alternative Media’ are easy to identify.

Very little of what they say or write is original, they all present the same unsubstantiated rumours as absolute truth, and apart from placing their own individual spin on it, all appear to be reading from the same script.

The latest crop of truth purveyors, will also try and sell you the same theories as the old guard, albeit in a different, usually more attractive packet, and in my experience, apart from one or two people, I have not seen anything original or unique for a number of years.

A never-ending conveyer belt of slickly delivered, yet totally misleading and distracting, conspiratorial and confusing information, with little or no provenience, which has permeated almost everything that can be searched for online.

Some truthers devote an inordinate amount of time, (and the time of their readers) promoting many of these theories, so it also speaks volumes about their bold claims of being ‘Wide-Awake’ and ‘on the ball’ themselves doesn’t it?

This behaviour can be witnessed every day on social media, YouTube, various blogs and ‘Truth’ forums or anywhere else online, that gives truthers a platform from which to promote themselves, which of course has the potential to reach a worldwide audience.

A truly terrifying thought.

This same platform, once established, is also used to launch verbal attacks against those they perceive as not being ‘on the same page’ as the Truther, (or the bullshitter) which almost always involves the word ‘Shill’ (Shillaber) being directed at anyone who questions them.

Other preferred words are ‘Sheeple,’ or ‘Troll‘, or ‘Hater‘ or the standard issue ‘Narcissist’ and ‘Psychopath’.

Name-calling, personal attacks and threats, are usually a sign that there is little to back up what these people are writing about, as they are unable to substantiate anything they allege – or present a reasoned argument to support their claims.

Many also are clearly unable to provide evidence to back up any of their assertions or allegations, and the usual response to any questions being asked is a torrent of abuse.

Many will just block and/or report their inquisitors.

That usually applies to social media sites, as blogs and websites are usually able to edit, or simply delete negative comments or awkward questions that are asked.

Websites and blogs that constantly refer to their ‘worldwide’ popularity and large numbers of site visits, (usually in the millions) yet fail to display a hit counter, is also a sign that the website owner is exaggerating or being economic with the truth.

That then asks the question, what else are they hiding? – as installing hit counters are a simple matter of just dragging a ‘widget’ into the website’s sidebar.

Most normal thinking people must be able to see for themselves by now, (and have probably experienced) how those who do not subscribe to a truther’s hive mentality, often have no option but to waste many hours of their time, defending themselves against the inevitable onslaught of accusations and verbal abuse they are subjected to – not only by the truther themselves, but also by their hordes of sycophantic followers.

Which is the intention as it also prevents anyone getting answers to any valid questions that are being asked.

And don’t forget to hit the Paypal button before you leave….

It would serve no purpose to name them, given that their numbers appear to be limitless, with new ones popping up daily – who continually spew ever more nonsensical drivel into what is an already over saturated World Wide Web of half-truths and disinformation.

The Outlaw, however, will not support any of these people, nor link to their sites, nor will perpetuate any of the theories they try to promote as being of vital importance to anyone – except those who are truly ‘awake‘ that is.

One can only hope that there are some decent, honest individuals left out there, who are not charlatans, who will not continually spread endless bullshit to hundreds of other complete idiots, in the hope of getting support from yet more idiots …. Ad Nauseum.


  1. So true. I have found over the past couple of years that every time I comment and hit a nerve, the personal insults begin. “Paranoid” seems to be the favourite insult hurled at the moment. (I would say “thrown at me” – but, hey, that would make me paranoid πŸ˜‰ )

  2. Good article Outlaw.

    It would be even better if you gave a few examples though.

    Keep up the good work.

    1. You must have worked out a few by now surely Ghosty? We do talk about a few of them on Outlaw FB, but there are many & new one’s pop up all the time. Arthur Daley Troofers are everywhere πŸ˜‰

  3. LoL. Hahaha. I like this piece, a lot. lmao. Although I can’t really say much in response.

    1. Hi Alun, if you can recognise people from this article and are asking questions, you must have some doubts about them yourself….. πŸ˜‰

  4. I’ve just had a new word added to my vocabulary: fossick.

    (Coincidentally, I was re-reading an article about a couple of lunatics whose mad claims would no doubt be grasped to the Truther’s bosom & woe-betide anyone who dares to question them…)

    Anyway, “fossick”: to search for gold or gemstones typically by picking over abandoned workings, or to ferret out.

    Seems quite apt. It’s the only way to make sense of the jumble of “information” being passed-off as fact (and always with 100% certainty!) by the keyboard-thumpers.

    It’s a fossicking we must go…

  5. Excellent observation! But who can we believe out there? I do enjoy regularly reading your posts and this is the first time IΒ΄ve left a comment.

    1. Read everything, however much it conflicts and always trust your gut feelings.

      You may find your initial reservations were right all along.

      If anyone, whoever they are, preaches the ‘truth’ as gospel, leaving no room for questions or to allow open discussion, it’s usually a sign that you should question what they say even more.

      Thanks for the comment Phil πŸ™‚

  6. Listening to Lavrov giving up on the West “Yesterday, I watched with interest a talkshow called “The Right to Know” which featured an hour long interview with Sergei Lavrov (those who understand Russian can watch it here). It was an interesting exchange between Lavrov and five Russian reporters. It was not important enough to warrant translating it all into English, but I want to share with you something which I had noticed in the past but which was powerfully expressed during this conversation.”


    Scotland Should Declare Its Independence From Alex Salmond:-


  7. OMG! Well said! As a newbie asking or making a comment can be an unbelievable ordeal with nastsness galore and aquisitory “word salads” which I am not sure that I understand. “schill” , “sock” somebody elses old screen name, etc.

    I won’t give up as there have got to be some places to go to discuss topics and learn some useful info.

    Keep up the great work and it is nice to see you writing about interesting topics without being harrassed! ;-D

    1. Thank you. In fact I may have to publish a ‘Guide to online insults and their meanings’ soon as there are so many new ones it’s difficult to keep up with them πŸ™‚

      BTW the Outpost Forum is a safe haven where you can speak openly without the inevitable ‘Trolling’ and personal insults and threats that seem to be all too common online nowadays.

      You are quite safe to comment here too Raphismom, as the usual crop of idiots will never be given a platform from which to attack anyone.

  8. half of it’s true, half of it’s bullshit, and that’s the way it’s designed, for maximum confusion; puzzles wrapped in enigma.
    it would be interesting to know what you do know for foundation, or maybe i should read some more of your posts?
    for a non-hyperbolic and (mostly) sane, calm and intelligent discussion of current events and global moves, follow the link to our fb group.


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