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  1. I am loving the way that some bloggers are coming out with the stuff about Fay and that lot over the past few days and claiming they ‘broke’ the story!!! They are months if not years behind the rest of us PMSL

  2. Fay, Baloney, Wedger, Davidson etc etc etc all wrong ‘un’s who who distracted and muddied the waters for the genuine survivors and prevented them getting justice. Scumbags

  3. God! They’re not still bubbling away are they? Scary to think it’s been trundling along the best part of 10 years now. 10 years!

    In the real world, where the rest of us live, that whole farce should have ended Watsons career, but alas he’s still there desperately trying to slime his way to the top with his dreams of becoming Labour Leader.

    I wonder if Gojam is still there in the background slavering away over the nitty gritty in his shorts with his unsavoury friends?

    What a horrible thought!

  4. I see that Fabooka and Scat Cot have crawled out from under their stones again Jimmy.

  5. Great news folks!
    The Rochford tattoo legend is finally cloing his site for good.
    His followers let him down by not paying him several hundred quid every month so its THEIR FAULT

    • Matt, we have heard it before and no doubt we will hear it again at some point.

      The last time he took his site down, was on the 31st July 2015, but not before displaying what can only be viewed as utter contempt for his readers.

      It’s his ‘dire financial situation’ that is responsible this time I hear.

      ‘This is the last post for this website.

      After midnight tonight, this site will be deleted as will the Christopher D Spivey FB page.

      I have told you for months and months that I can’t do this on my own, but apart from a dozen or so people no one was prepared to stand up and be counted ….. In the end you get what you deserve.

      You really are all fucked now and you brought it on yourselves.

      I leave with my integrity intact.

      See ya’


    • Some complete twonk has *allegedly* already stepped up and promised to bung him £830 to keep him online for the next three months PMSL. You may have to wait a bit longer to fill the void Matt Taylor.

  6. Will the real Matt Taylor please stand up?

    *Admin’s Edit*

    I have removed the link that you posted Matt, as neither I, or this site want any association with you, or Spivey for that matter as you are both clearly deranged.

    As for your latest round of crackpottery, although you may genuinely believe you are the only ‘Matt(hew) Taylor’ in the world, that may not actually be the case, which at least one of the comments here appears to support.

    Nobody with a smattering of brain matter is interested in you, or anything you have to say anymore, and you will certainly not get the attention you are desperately trying to attract, from anyone on this site at least.

    Get some professional help mate, take a walk on the beach or perhaps do something else, anything that is more productive than what you are currently doing.

    Leave me out of the crazy world you inhabit.

    It’s embarrassing to watch.

  7. Spwivey has yet again filled his begging bowl.Some plank has felt sooooo guilty that they have stumped up several hundred quid.
    So in effect £270 to £300. A month…every month!…this gets you one maybe two long rants and a ton of photos with his expert anal-asis of how they are all staged,hoaxes,cgi,crisis actors etc.

    What part of….YOU JUST PAID 300 QUID FOR A BADLY WRITTEN RANT do these morons not understand?

  8. I am not Matt Taylor; while I may be a Royal Twat; hint hint – surrogate King William V and all that; I am NOT MATT TAYLOR; the fat twat!


    I just want to mock Spivey.

    In January each Spivey article cost his faithful band of supporters, £33.75
    In February this rose to £38.57; and in March to a whopping £67.50.

    With only one article in April, it costs an impressive £230.

    The question spring to mind; is Spivey worth it?


  9. I am definitely not the future king of England, nor am I a satanic cult leader whose name rhythms with Sickly Semen; and I am definitely not Matt Taylor, Mr X, Nailtown Slim, Barney, Jimmy or John P, no sugar, one T; but I can tell you, according to my sources in GCHQ, (where I did my three week placement); Chris Spivey is working on his most controversial piece of work to date.

    Bigger than The Night of the Living Dead, (all about my mother – hic-cup – Princess Diana), Spivey’s latest work is set to be released on the day Meghan Markle presents her new born child to the world.

    Promising to smash all records and put Spivey back at the top of the pecking order of the New New World Order, fans across the world are waiting in trepidation to read Spivey’s new article.

    Speculation is rife as to the subject matter of Spivey’s news article, but the release date, set to coincidence with a new royal birth, says it all…

    Sources from Buckingham Palace, say Granny (the Queen) is shaking in her boots.

    • Well Mr. Semen, your odd choice of user name (which does not allude to the identity of a protected witness in the Hampstead SRA hoax in any way of course), is only matched on the weird scale, by your comments themselves.

      What kind of mental infirmity would lead you to believe that any reader of this site, would have any interest whatsoever, in the latest antics of Messrs. Spivey and Taylor?

      The rest of the world appears to have long since moved on from the rambling, attention-seeking gibberish that emanates from those murky corners of the www.

      Why don’t you take a stroll on the beach?

      Get some fresh air and/or do something more constructive with your time?

      I hear the bracing air of Brighton is particularly therapeutic at this time of year, and it’s seafront is not that far away from your current location, or am I wrong?

  10. Jimmy Boy… My location is my business sunshine.

    Have you been leaving comment’s on Mr.X’s videos again? This one:

    “Chris Spivey is a ponce who just makes his mongo minions stump up his cash by ranting and blaming them for him failing at life in general.He is the ONLY skint “registered tattoo artist” in the world! The most piss poor of tattooists will still charge at the very least 50 quid an hour! Yet this fuckin retarded fuck nugget holds out a daily BEGGING BOWL via his shitty website so all the passengers on his damn HAPPY BUS have to fill it.

    **Fuck Spivey up the arse with Danielle La Verite’s big nose!****”

    Your famed blog is quoted as the place to be, to post comments about Spivey without them getting deleted.

    Either way, Google praises you as a Spivey hot-spot and from a look at the previous comments; I’m where I want to be.

    How do you know it isn’t me, Spivey?

    Drumming up publicity for my forthcoming ground breaking, earth shaking, game changing, article about a demon baby, delivered from the Gates or Hell?

    Or even Taylor?

    How do you know I’m not Danielle Le Verite?

    Or even Freddie Mercury Darling!!!

    • I would not waste my time commenting there, and I really don’t care who, or what you are.

      I can, however, imagine giving ‘Mr X’ any attention, would only serve to validate his delusions, which are already at a dangerously high level.

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