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    • Macron is a traitor working towards the usual New (Jew) World Order plan. Ex Rothschild s pet too and that usually only means 1 thing = bad news!

      I really hope the French succeed in getting rid of their traitor Macroney, then we may stand a chance of getting rid of ours. Good on them, they know taking it to the streets is the only way they will get THEIR country back.

      With traitor Merkel being caught for purposely flooding Germany with mass unwanted immigration, (for what most people believe is to comply with the Kalergi Plan), despite there being no legal objection to closing their doors on mass immigration in 2015, the ‘Jew World Order’ plan being forced on us by all these traitors of the same ‘cult,’ who have infested Europe like a plague of locusts(or should that be parasites?),isn’t going quite the way they wanted.

      Thankfully people like E Michael Jones have been on a visit to Germany to educate the people, who aren’t happy at learning the truth. Seems their media is even more manipulated than ours, so the truth is kept from them, even more than it us.

      Maybe we need some ex boxers with the hump about it, to drum the message home, (she jests, before having an English sense of humour is also stolen away by these treasonous traitors who have invaded our land & are the only people who appear to be shuffled into Downing Street?)

      Is there anyone who hasn’t had enough of it/them?

  1. The Yellow Jackets are overlooking an essential truth concerning what it is to be French. It is first and foremost a matter of race and race is absolutely not a social or linguistic construct. It is a genetic and biological construct.
    Just like the differences in blood types, haplo groups, skull shape and racial groups. Language, culture, education, intelligence even the ability to create
    civilization and technologies stems from the genetic-biological characteristics of a people. Equality between races is a delusion that will genocide white European mankind and lead to humanity returning to the stone age.

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