I am not going to dress this up in any way, no embellishment no sensationalism, it is not needed, nor wanted.

It will stand exactly as it is, because that’s exactly how I am going to write it.

Cynthia Owen today

Cynthia Owen was eight years old when she was first sexually abused and being regularly raped by her father.

At the age of 11, Cynthia was drugged, raped again and became pregnant.

She carried the child to full term in complete secrecy, her school friends and teachers remaining totally unaware of her condition.

She gave birth at home on the bedroom floor at 4 Whites Villas, now dubbed by the media as the ‘Dalkey House of Horrors,’ to a baby she named Noleen.

Immediately following the birth, Cynthia watched as her own mother murdered her child, by repeatedly stabbing her with a knitting needle.

Cynthia’s mother then wrapped the baby girl in a plastic bag, dumped her in an alleyway, then made her daughter return to school and pretend nothing had ever happened.

Her parents then went on to sell her repeatedly to a local paedophile ring, of which three were local police officers, one of these officers was present on the night of the baby’s murder and even worked on the case, but has never been brought to justice

After enduring years of rape and violence, Cynthia finally reported her abuse, as well as Noleen’s death.

Six of the alleged ring are still alive and living in her community, but cannot be named for legal reasons.

One is working directly with children.

Another works as a gardener, while the other two live their lives as respectable pensioners.

Another member of this ‘ring’ is a taxi driver who regularly ferries children in his car and the last is a former council worker and regular church goer.

All are accused of purchasing children for ritualistic sex that allegedly occurred in a number of properties in the Dalkey area over a long period of time.

Her childhood was hell, with sexual abuse, rape and brutality being seen as common an occurence, as sunday lunch and bedtime stories are seen in other families

Cynthia Owen is now 51.

She was routinely raped by her father, sexually abused by her mother, and drugged with tranquillisers so a group of strangers could have all manner of sex with her.

All while she was just a child.

Throughout this appalling catalogue of abuse, there is one event which stands out for Cynthia, one event she he has waited 34 long years to prove.

Cynthia had a child when she was 11.

A child her mother stabbed to death with a knitting needle, dumped the body in a lane, and told Cynthia to forget it ever happened.

“Nobody will believe you”, she taunted.

“You’re mad.”

“You’re a liar.”

The fact that Cynthia has been able to carve out a stable and loving life for herself as an adult is simply remarkable, given her start in life.

But that is just what she has done, blessed with a long marriage and a grown-up son.

It took Cynthia more than 20 years to go to the police, and it took a further 12 years before the inquest into her baby daughters death took place, which was in 2007.

The jury unanimously named Cynthia as the mother of murdered baby Noleen, who was born on April 4th 1973, in Dalkey, South Dublin, and was stabbed to death the same day.

Josie Murphy, Cynthia’s mother, had died before justice was done.

Cynthia feels cheated and remains haunted by the feeling that her mother died laughing at her.

She had finally proved through legal means, that she had given birth at the age of 11, but remained uncertain that her daughter Noleen had received the justice she deserved.

Neither her mother, nor her father Peter had served a single day behind bars, neither had any of the men who had abused her throughout her childhood.

Cynthia was raised as one of nine children raised in a two-bedroom council house.

Her younger brother Martin hanged himself at the age of 27, and her brother Michael died in mysterious circumstances at 29.

Theresa, 33, who was raised as Cynthia’s sister but was actually her niece, hanged herself too, leaving behind a suicide note detailing the sexual abuse she and Michael had also suffered at the hands of their father.

Cynthia’s book, ‘Living with evil’ tells the shocking story of her childhood, and she hopes it will force the authorities to re-examine her case.

She wrote: “I am not a scared little girl any more. I am very proud of what I have achieved, and I will not stop until all my abusers are behind bars.”

She is proud of her husband and son, but says family life is not easy. “I am eaten up with guilt for trying to get justice for Noleen I feel my son and husband suffer for it, but they have never asked me to stop my legal battle.”

“What happened robbed us of a normal life. My husband was only 21 when I met him and I had Christopher already. Within a year of us being together I was sterilised because I couldnt cope, emotionally, with having more children.”

“From then on my husband knew he would never have children if he stayed with me, and I feel guilty that I took that away from him.”

Cynthia, who has a successfully completed a university course but is unable to work because of post-traumatic stress and depression, adds: “The day-to-day can be a struggle, but I have built a safe and stable family life which is helping me to heal and to cope.”




The Sunday World newspaper has finally published Cynthia’s story, but nobody in Dalkey has been able to read it apparently, as the newspapers appear to have been ‘stolen’ from outside the village newsagent during the night.

8 thoughts on “LIVING WITH EVIL

  1. I read about Cynthia a couple of weeks ago and her story is horrific. She is such a brave lady to get her story out especially when her abusers are still living their lives as though nothing had happened. I thought I read she also gave birth to a son who was still born and was the result of this awful abuse.
    Well done for sharing Cynthia, you truly deserve justice for yourself and your daughter xx

  2. A horrific story. Human evil know no bounds. Let’s hope the swine get what they deserve.

    *Link Removed*

  3. People like Cynthia make me despise the victim jockeys even more. Bleating on about what really are minor slaps in comparison, that, let’s face it, were common practice at school & even worse in some peoples own homes by their own parents, when incredibly brave people like Cynthia & many more have been through absolute living hell & still have the torment of their abusers walking around as if nothing ever happened. Yet people like her have somehow managed to carry on & to keep fighting for their lives in essence – not sure I could. Such immense bravery – my words would never do it justice.
    Pure evil!

    Begs the question why the hell have these evil sons of biscuits not been arrested? Why are child rapists not dealt with in the way the majority of the population would wish them to be? Brushed under the carpet to save face with the powers that be or to protect them. I’d happily have the death penalty back for such bastards – instead pathetic pointless sentences is what most of them get, if anything. How can the careers & reputations of some of these filthy evil bastards be treated as more important than what they have done?

    The torment she must have inside her head. How anyone could do such things is beyond most of us. I hope she does get some kind of justice, though her Mother dying before she could be brought to book must be a cruel knife twist to the poor woman.

    It’s high time child rapists were treated with the utter disgust & contempt they deserve & all the little henchmen that are involved too.

  4. I totally agree, as there are other accounts I have read about this awful case which certainly explore the ‘Satanic’ and ‘Ritualistic’ nature of this groups behaviour. The mainstream media tend to shy away from in depth reporting in regard to such cases, which are indeed, only too real and far more widespread that the general public could even imagine. There is the hope however, that highlighting cases like this, will encourage more people to come forward in safety, and finally start to chip away at the so-far impenetrable wall of secrecy, silence and fear that this type of abuse, instils into it’s survivors.

  5. Can’t help feeling that there is a huge parallel here to Fred & Rose West, and what happened in that hellish house as well. From all that I have read and understood so far, the ‘dark elements’ of the ancient ‘religions’ have survived well and truly throughout history and into the modern day. However the mainstream media choose to portray these accounts, this is more than just child abuse. One can fairly effectively read between the lines on a large number of recent cases, ie. Ian Watkins. It is a subject that is most definitely the ‘elephant in the room’ that is looming ever larger, it surely just cannot be laughed off or ignored any longer.

  6. The ex minister for justice was her solicitor at one time. Then he became minister of justice and ignored Cynthia. There are rumours online that he is a paedo.

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