A video clip broadcast by news agencies around the world, in relation to the recent ‘Terror Attacks’ in Paris, has raised many doubts about the authenticity of the mainstream news video footage.

According to analyst’s, the footage was recorded over two takes, and there is clear evidence of a ‘Placement Marker’ being used, which is located by the front wheels of the vehicle which the gunman returns to, following the alleged gunning down of the Gendarme as he lies prone on the pavement.

The killing of this policeman is also being called into question, mainly due to the obvious lack of blood spatter – which would be consistent with such a close range shot to the head, especially with the type of weapon that was shown as being used.

No obvious trauma, body recoil or impact appears to occur.

A Forensic and Ballistic expert has also commented:

“If the video shows events as they actually occurred, then in my opinion, it is more than likely that the firearm shown is firing blanks, rather than conventional ammunition….”

Numerous theories have surfaced on the Internet concerning this and other alleged inconsistencies in the media footage being shown by the media, not just among ‘Conspiracists’, and skeptics, but also among many of the major news agencies themselves.

The general consensus being, that the events that took place in Paris on the 7th January 2015, were a ‘Staged Event’.

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    1. It’s what I see and am simply exercising my right to free speech by publishing it.

      Is that your only response, or do you have something more constructive to offer?

  1. I am, in no way, attempting to stifle your voice. It just seems that conspiracy theories will always be around no matter what. I guess that’s just in our nature; to seek patterns and seek meaning.

    You make no mention of the shoe, however, which troubles me.

    1. I was merely pointing out the glaring anomolies in the video footage that has been used by most mainstream media outlets.

      I leave the more in-depth post mortems to those who will, I am sure, be more than willing to show off their talents with photoshop to try and convince you Mr. Atheist.

      And, as far as I am aware, the connection to Richard Reid is strictly media-hyped, tenuous and has no firm evidence to back it…. yet.

    1. As do many of the less well-informed ‘Alt Media’ outlets.

      At least that is what I have discovered in my dealings with a number of the so-called ‘Big Guns’ of the AM.

      We have learned over many years to expect the MSM to lie and attempt to mislead people continuously, but what was not expected, was more of the same from those that the digital (online) generation – have come to depend on to be a real alternative to the usual MSM dross.

  2. With the “Threat Level” being described as very high, it seemed awfully brave for our dear PM and the other leading MPs to visit Paris for the march, you would have thought that with another incident being described as “very likely” then his security would have advised against attending.

    The lack of traffic in the clip also seemed odd to me, I know that people scream “FALSE FLAG” after most news stories these days but this Paris attack has many oddities. The deputy director of regional judicial police committed suicide hours after being tasked with investigating the family of one of the Charlie Hebdo victims (perhaps another coincidence).

    The usual piece of ID left by the terrorists ( who seemed very well trained, almost Special Forces like).

    The whole incident seems to be generating so much more hate for Muslims and the cries for free speech by the media turn out to be freedom to speak only about certain groups ( Journalist Tim Willcox being forced to apologize after a remark about Jews and Palestine )

    I read these quotes on a page looking at the Heddo incident which seemed apt

    “As societies grow decadent, the language grows decadent, too. Words are used to disguise, not to illuminate, action.”

    “You liberate a city by destroying it. Words are used to confuse, so that at election time people will solemnly vote against their own interests.”

    Gore Vidal

  3. Prince Andrew and his dear old Mum must love Paris, it seems that that city more than any other is the answer to any and all of their problems

  4. Once again Outlaw I am perplexed. While the Alternative Media were wetting themselves over the Glasgow Bin lorry incident being a FF, you remain silent about it.Yet you publish an article about Paris being a ‘Staged Event’. Going on your previous form I am now of the mind that Glasgow was an unfortunate accident, so it had minimal media exposure and has now disappeared and the events in Paris, given the mass coverage and world leaders turning up is as you say it is. The real FF. But that would mean that those who promoted the Glasgow thing as a FF, may have been distracting people from something else that they didn’t want us to see. You see what I mean JJ? Is anyone in the AM telling the truth? Or do they just see conspiracies everywhere and just publish any old tripe to get readers?

    1. I think you know the answers to most of those questions already DIFM 😉

      I am of the opinion that some things simply happen, there is no rhyme nor reason, and they stubbornly defy all attempts to explain them and thus forever remain a mystery….

      As some things should do.

      Do you know ‘Serenity’?

      “Grant me the serenity to accept the things
      I cannot change,
      The courage to change the things I can,
      And the wisdom to know the difference”

      Worth remembering sometimes 🙂

      1. Exactly JJ, sometimes life is a bummer and people are the victims of freak accidents. Yes there is a growing temptation to see artfulness and design where there is none. But the events in Paris absolutely reek of subterfuge and high level complicity. Once again there are just too many anomalies in the proceedings for it to sit right as a genuine ‘terror’ attack.

        People undoubtedly died, but when, where and by whose hand are the critical questions that need to be asked in a rational and balanced way. Like a court case the evidence needs to be closely examined, and they have left us plenty of it. There are at least 10 major points that I have come across so far, that beg to suggest that we have had our hood’s winked again. What happened in Paris (and beyond) last week was one of the best examples – to date – of the extreme measures that are being employed to guide the citizen’s of the world into a certain mindset.

        The line has been firmly cast, the bait taken and we are being inexorably reeled in to a very big net !!

        1. Except those among us who see the machinations clearly, and are well aware that certain factions have a vested interest in the majority of people, simply believing everything that is being presented to them.

          Without question.

          Social Engineering on a scale never witnessed before Sophie.

          Only a complete fool could fail to spot it surely?

  5. I think that you have struck the right note with your minimalist style article on the Paris false flag event.

    Sometimes Less really is More.

    This is supported by the fact that a number of conspiracy sceptics of my acquaintance are questioning the Media frenzy surrounding the event even more than the anomalies and inconsistencies that they have presented to us inadvertently or otherwise in their coverage.

    More and more people are going with their gut feeling and for those not already convinced that there is something seriously suspicious about the Paris events then no long, frame by frame dissection and analysis that we have come to expect from some other AM sites will convince them otherwise.

  6. We are truly living in a matrix – never before have those films held such meaning ! I feel that we can divide the populace into 3 groups – those who do not know anything of what is going on, because they only watch/read the MSM and are your ‘blind believers’;

    Then those who are ‘wide awake’ and question everything, and blog and post accordingly (this is where we have to exercise caution as there is as much mis-information as information out there) ;

    And those who are semi aware, they read part of the picture, they hold forth with strong opinions of their own which in turn guides susceptible people, or they see what is going on and choose NOT to believe.

    The latter are those I feel most sorry for, those who are hovering on the periphery of all this but are using Cognitive Dissonance to dismiss and denigrate.

    “There are none so blind as those that WILL NOT see”

  7. “Here is a sobering thought. How many of those left-wing defenders of free speech who stood to remember the victims of Charlie Hebdo also condemned the PEGIDA (Patriotic Europeans against Islamization of the West) anti-Islamification rallies in Dresden over Christmas?

    How many would have supported the counter-rallies in which the German government is doing so much to encourage?

    What would the reaction of those same people have been if the targets had been members of anti-immigration Front National or any other right wing or nationalist group?

    We know the answer because of their reaction after the murders of Dutch anti-Islamisation campaigner Pym Fortuyn and film-maker Theo Van Gogh; sneers, contempt and an undisguised glee that the right-wing had got what it deserved.”


  8. I think you have to break down what the final outcome of this whole charade will be, and ask yourself who benefits from this event?

    Clearly the security services benefit, as not only do they get extra funding courtesy of us tax payers, but it becomes easier to sell it to the public that we need to allow them to monitor our every move, to prevent these ‘terrorist attacks’, which are so rare that you have more chance of winning the lottery than being involved in one.

    In the Mail on Sunday that filthy Jewish fool Max Hastings was lambasting whistle blowers, calling them traitors for leaking data from the security services, and astonishingly the majority of readers were agreeing with him!

    Then the next set who benefit from this are of course the Jews in Israel. In a double whammy, not only do they get more Jews fleeing Europe to seek safety in Israel, (no bad thing mind you), but public opinion has swayed in their favour in their ongoing genocide of the Palestinian people. Indeed much of the world has turned against Islam, (again, no bad thing), and the Jews can sit back and watch their two biggest enemies, Christians and Muslims, kill each other, while continuing the slaughter of women and children and the bulldozing of their homes to make way for more settlements!

    It’s amazing how many Christian ministers bleat on about Judeo-Christian values, especially on the BBC, despite the fact that Netanyahu referred to them as ‘useful idiots’, which is an apt term to be honest.

    So there you have it, only the security services and Israel benefit from this farce, which should make anyone with an IQ over 100 realize that they were the main instigators.

    At the very least, the European and American security services as well as Mossad, infiltrated some sort of islamic group and actively encouraged and supplied weapons to the perpetrators. At most they actually participated in this event, staging many of the scenes which we’ve been constantly shown over and over again on our televisions.

    Either way, Joe Public has once again, been stitched up like a kipper!


  9. Interesting article and pictures here. It appears that those world leaders ‘marching for free speech and democracy’, weren’t actually part of the march.

    Remember folks, we’re all in it together!


  10. I Urge you to look at the stormclouds gathering video on the subject.

    Also there is a video admitting blood was added to the crime scene.

    Aswell as the close inspection of one of the mainstream videos show they are wearing bullet proof vests on the roof..

    There more holes in this than a sieve…

    Watch the video…

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