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  1. Outlaw, what’s wrong with Dogman? He’s only fabricated a comment supposedly from myself in the Paranoid dark place. I thought dark place was supposed to be shut? Seems there’s still life in the old dog yet. Come on Dogman get yourself down the vets, your overdue a good worming.

    1. I am way underqualified to diagnose what is wrong with anyone on that site, but fabricating/editing comments is par for the course I am afraid.

      There are three or four people, tops, who are posting the iffy comments and it’s important to remember, that whatever accusations they are aiming at others – is a deflection from what they are themselves doing.

      Laughing at them or just ignoring them altogether is the only advice I can offer I’m afraid.

    2. Hey, I actually had the misfortune to encounter Dogman walking his dog in the woods the other day – vicious, snarling, growling, hideous looking thing! “Crikey, shouldn’t that creature be wearing a muzzle?”, I enquired literally frozen with fear. So, the dog turns round, rolls it’s eyes apologetically and says: “Sorry luv, but his barrister reckons that would infringe his human rights!”

  2. Oh noes, to paraphrase a famous Abba song about the history book always repeating itself: Chris Spivey’s Napoleonic Complex seems to have returned from exile this morning:

    Question is, will it finally meet its Waterloo?

      1. Although I should point out that in the case of the Spiveyites, it will probably be a cotton shopping bag – or a t-shirt – or a fridge magnet.

        Just sayin’

        P.S.I noted that there was even one clown casting doubt on the driver of the Glasgow bin lorry passing out, even though said driver had been found to have covered up his previous blackouts.

  3. You warned me, and I didn’t listen, apparently I am your carer, according to FTS. I had to ask questions of the mods, I wish I hadn’t, I feel quite down at the moment, apparently its ok for them to come over here, but no one else.

    What time do you need me tomorrow, to do breakfast. Ha ha.

    1. Try not to beat yourself up too much Clare, many people have been treated appallingly after commenting on that site.

      Rest assured, you can disagree with the content published here, or with me, or with any of the other commentators who post here, and you can ask any questions you want.

      You will be treated with respect regardless.

      We may at times not agree, in fact many disagree with some of the articles published here, but everything is designed to be up for discussion, as long as it’s undertaken in a grown-up way.

      Very few will agree about everything, in fact I would start to worry about it if they did Clare, but as Richard1 will testify, him and myself are polar opposites in our beliefs about the moon landings for example – but he still continues to visit and comment, and he brings a unique viewpoint to the table at times, which like everything else is open for discussion and adds to the eclectic mix of subject matter being discussed.

      You are among friends here, and all views and opinions will be respected.

    2. Don’t feel down Clare the only question you are allowed is HOW DO I PAY THE DONATION? Take no heed of FTS, he’s all mouth like the rest of them. Hey if you are doing breakfast put me down for the full English +3, eggs sunny side up.

  4. Outlaw, that dogbiscuit has no manners what so ever! She’s only gone and blocked me, I don’t know. in the words of Captain Mannering, “They don’t like it up ’em!”

    That Gallbladder creature, is she and dogbiscuit an item?

  5. With all the uncontrolled mass immigration that has gone on in this country over the years, and with the incomers mostly seeming to be Muslim.

    I often wonder if there is an element in MI 5/6 that genuinely perceive the Muslims to be a real threat to this country, and are fighting against it.

    Was the Rigby “incident” a part of that fight back? Probably not, but it could be. Perhaps there are different factions in this country fighting against each other?

    Rothschild, Royal family, Government, Home office, Foreign office, the Establishment etc. A lot of people believe the Rothschilds run everything here, maybe they do, I’m not sure.

    Some say the Jews particularly the Khazarian Zionists are behind everything. Anyone here got any ideas?

    1. Mike; see if you can find & download a book titled “When Victims Rule”. In one chapter a prominent Jewess states how Jews ALWAYS try to make countries “multicultural”.

      It goes like this; First get non-white immigrants in, knowing that will be a source of trouble with the indigenous people; Then push for anti-discrimination laws to protect the incomers – & Jews,of course; Then proclaim that the laws are not stringent enough,so make them tougher;

      Then push for “hate-crime” laws; & you now have,in Britain & elsewhere in Europe,laws that can simply punish you for saying something that someone finds insulting.

      Remember the guy who told an Irish joke?

      A listener said he was insulted because he had Irish ancestry,went to a tribunal & got 6,000 quid compensation from the joke-teller.

      NOTE: It’s rarely Jews themselves who push this stuff. They’re experts at finding a frontman to act for them. Got it now?.

    2. Mike, if you want answers then I advise you to read ‘My Awakening’ by Dr David Duke. You can download his book in pdf format on most torrent sites, you can also download it in the form of an audiobook, read by himself. The audiobook is great because you can put it on your phone and listen to it at work etc. I have both versions and I also have a hardback version which I bought from his website. http://davidduke.com/ I can honestly say that this book changed my entire outlook on life, and everything he says is backed up by footnotes in the hardback version, pointing to his various sources, which are usually from the mouths of Jews themselves. Ignore all the mainstream media garbage about him being a ‘white supremacist’ etc.

      These two books by the late great Ben Klassen are also fantastic reading, you can download them for free here…..



      They both touch upon a number of fascinating subjects, not least the Jewish question.

      Read those three books and I can assure you 100%, you’ll be a changed man.


    3. This is an excerpt from Nature’s Eternal Religion….

      “If there is one thing in this wonderful world of ours that is worth preserving, defending, and promoting, it is the White Race.

      Nature looked fondly upon the White Race and lavished special loving care in its growth. Of all the millions of creatures who have inhabited the face of this planet over the eons of time, none has ever quite equaled that of the White Race.

      Nature endowed her Elite with a greater abundance of intelligence and creativity, of energy and productivity than she endowed unto any other creature, now or in the millenniums past.

      It has been the White Race who has been the world builder, the makers of cities and commerce and continents. It is the White
      Man who is the sole builder of civilizations.

      It was he who built the Egyptian civilization, the great unsurpassed Roman civilization, the Greek civilization of beauty and culture, and who, after having been dealt a serious blow by a new Semitic religion, wallowed through the Dark Ages, finally extricated himself, and then built the great European civilization.

      These European White Men, then, with civilization in their blood and in their destiny, crossed the Atlantic and set up a new civilization on a bleak and rock bound coast. It was the White Men who drove north to Alaska and west to California; the men who opened up the tropics and subdued the Arctics; the men who mastered the African Veldts; the men who peopled Australia
      and seized the gates of the world at Suez, Gibraltar and Panama.

      It was the White Race who produced men like Columbus who crossed the unknown Atlantic; men like Magellan who first
      circumnavigated the globe; men like Michaelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, Rembrandt, Velazquez, Bernini, Rubens, Raphael and
      thousands of other geniuses who created beautiful and exquisite productions in the fields of sculpture and painting; geniuses
      like Beethoven, Bach, Wagner and Verdi who created beautiful music; men like James Watt who invented the steam engine;
      men like Daimler who invented and built the reciprocating internal combustion engine; production geniuses like Henry Ford, inventors like Thomas Edison; such a prodigal genius as Nikola Tesla in the field of physics and electricity; literary geniuses like Shakespeare, Goethe and thousands of others, untold geniuses in the fields of mathematics, in the fields of chemistry and physics.

      It was the White Man who spanned the continents of the world with railroads and super highways and electrical power lines. It was the White Man who created the miraculous world of electronics, ushering in the telephone, the radio and television.

      It was the White Race, who in a combined burst of energy and genius sent rockets to the moon and planted the feet of the White Man on extra-terrestrial territory in the last decade.

      The brilliant accomplishments of the White Race are endless and rapidly expanding even as this is being written. All one has to
      do is leaf through the pages of an encyclopedia to appreciate the magnificent legacy of achievements wrought by the White
      Race through the centuries”.

      He sure has a way with words! 🙂 It’s not racist to be white and proud you know. Every other race/gender/religion/sexuality gets to be proud, so we should to!

  6. I now seem to be banned, I asked too many questions. So much for free speech, am I the only one, too many new names on there that never commented before. I don’t expect any sympathy on here I know what you all said, I feel like the biggest idiot right now, all I did was ask questions to the mods (big mistake). I think now they are in charge, forget Chris Spivey!!

    1. Clare, you’re alright with me. Welcome aboard. You can agree or disagree with anyone here, and we won’t attack you for it. Here, have a kiss! X 😉

    2. *Comment Deleted By Admin*

      OUTLAW’S NOTE: You have left me with no other option but to permanently ban you from commenting on this site ‘Carl’. You contribute nothing but infantile and spiteful personal attacks towards other commentators, which serves no purpose other than to try to taunt and intimate them.

      All to no avail.

      Back to Spivland you go, where no doubt you will be welcomed.

    3. *Comment Removed By Admin*

      OUTLAWS NOTE: Personal attacks on other commentators will not be tolerated here Carl. That should be saved for the other site you frequent

    4. I noticed all those “new names” many pledging donations too, now call me suspicious, but. LOL.

    5. @ Clare: “So much for free speech, am I the only one”

      Hi Clare, Spivland is one of those bizarre places run by a cult of the personality like North Korea where you can have as much freedom of speech as you like so long as you agree 110 per cent with everything they say:)




    The fifth in an apparent series of twelve Planned Parenthood undercover videos shows Melissa Farrell, director of research for Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast, discussing how to manipulate the abortion procedure in order to ensure the “fetus” is delivered “intact” and thus able to be cannibalized for body parts.””


    There’s a cultural acceptance of child rape in Latino culture that doesn’t exist in even the most dysfunctional American ghettoes. When it comes to child rape, the whole family gets involved. (They are family-oriented!)


    Indeed, what most Americans perceive as life in America—privileged, progressive and free—is a far cry from reality, where economic inequality is growing, real agendas and real power are buried beneath layers of Orwellian doublespeak and corporate obfuscation, and “freedom,” such that it is, is meted out in small, legalistic doses by militarized
    police armed to the teeth. – See more at:


  8. Off topic but there is an article in the Mail today about early onset dementia, I have never seen so many comments allowed about chemtrails.

    1. Lots of folk are joining the dots now, and are coming around to the realisation that spraying aluminium into the very air we breath is causing a myriad of health problems – including Alzheimers and early onset dementia Mike.

      Aluminium kitchen utensils, especially cooking pans have carried a health warning for a good few years now because of that reason.

      As there is a large amount of Aluminium, amongst other obvious nasties in Chemtrails and their residue, it seems that lots of people have come to a natural conclusion.

      Aluminium is also the most plentiful element on earth too, which personally give me chills as it means there is also an infinite supply.

  9. So Spivey’s site is back eh? No doubt he sat down in his dump of a living room, complete with broken windows, broken doors, and a dvd collection from the 90’s, and pondered how he was going to keep his 80 a day smoking habit going.

    I find it utterly bemusing that his dwindling band of supporters can flock back to him after he effectively threw them under the bus. He even had the audacity to include his last post, where he effectively condemned them all to hell.

    His parting shot was…. “In the end you get what you deserve. You really are all fucked now and you brought it on yourselves.”

    Lo and behold though, he’s reopened it! I have to hand it to him though, when it comes to inconsistency, he’s certainly consistent.

    It just goes to show the caliber of people who dwell at his god awful site. They must be a bunch of sadomasochistic morons who like to be trampled in to the ground. Can you imagine kissing the arse of a bald headed retard who looks like Richard O’Brien in his twilight years, and has the vocal skills and intellectual capacity of Ronnie Kray on helium?

    Look at what these misogynistic bully boys have done to the user Clare, who had the audacity to comment here! Even although she supported Spivey in her comments, and asked a perfectly legitimate question as to why his ugly and toothless band of misfits shied away when their master was on video, she has been condemned to the dustbin, just like all the other morons who are inviting Spivey back with a hearty welcome.

    How fucking stupid are these people? If they had an above average IQ they would know that Spivey will once again drop them when the going gets tough. The only thing he cares about is their donations, and once they dry up, his site will close once again.

    I’ll leave you with this quote I found from the net. You sycophantic arse licking minions of Spivey aka Golum, would do well to heed……

    “Whenever you commend, add your reasons for doing so, it is this which distinguishes the approbation of a man of sense from the flattery of sycophants and admiration of fools.”


    1. “I find it utterly bemusing that his dwindling band of supporters can flock back to him after he effectively threw them under the bus. He even had the audacity to include his last post, where he effectively condemned them all to hell.”


  10. Oddly enough no sign of Christ Spivey himself, unless he’s still in front of the mirror glamming himself up and does indeed turn up for his second coming later on. Hmmm…I wouldn’t have thought it would taken him that long to wash his hair, would you? Maybe he’ll turn up and tell them all to get lost again? I mean seriously, can you imagine Jesus doing that? Still his followers are all still waiting around convinced something is about to happen, though, like a group of villagers stood there waiting for a statue of the Virgin Mary to cry, or something. I do note one of the first things made clear is he’s still open for donations though.

    1. *Comment Deleted By Admin*

      OUTLAW’S NOTE: You really do have a worrying problem with Trans folk Carl, I suggest you get that sorted before you embarrass yourself further by leaving comments like that on a public forum. You never know who is watching.

    2. It seems Chris Spivey’s fans now think he is Elvis:

      “Grant August 7, 2015 @ 11:43 am It’s great to see the site and comments still rolling, I hope Chris and family are all well. I know this is a fucked up simile, but I feel that I’am front row at an Elivis concert and behind the curtain you can see him moving around, straightening his jumpsuit cloak and shit before lungeing out through the curtains to a massive applause. I feel that waiting for Chris to comment will have the same impact. We can only wait for the great man to emerge. Stay strong everyone”

      Oh…puhleeeze! Are they absolutely sure they’re not mistaking him for a bald fella who emulated Elvis, wore an Elvis wig, bigged himself up as the ‘leader of the gang’ and was famous for making lots of comebacks? I mean, do you wanna be in Spiv’s gang? Can ya tell who it is yet (chuckle) – and his name’s not Rolf?;)

      1. Latest from Spiveyland: Repent, you unbelievers!

        The Messiah has returned,bringing forth the sobbing praise and applause of his disciples; as they lay palm leaves at the feet of his Jaguar, the Messiah has condescended to give his followers one more chance to show their loyalty & dedication to the Messiah, & like the Israelites of old, he is laying waste to his enemies. The Hebronites, the Jebusites, & yay the Amalakites also, to list but a few. And never more will the Assyrian hordes sweep down upon his fold & cart him off as a slave to an Essex cop-shop.

        (Oh,& also he still hates Outlaw – but that goes without saying, right?.)

        And everybody here is really someone else. This has been clearly established by his loyal disciple “Fuck the state of my syphilis” – or some name like that.

  11. Don’t care bum boy, couldn’t give a fuck, not bovvered, divny give a shite, capiche? I’d love to see your face if we met, you’d fucking shit your self!

    1. While you are using a fake name, change your IP every comment and snipe from behind the relative safety of a keyboard ‘Carl’, the likelihood of anything you say actually being anything other than a complete fantasy – is less than zero.

      Keep trying though, even though it’s mildly amusing, it’s not intimidating or effective in the slightest, so a bit of a waste of time and a major fail all in all – Dontcha think?

    2. @Carl: “I’d love to see your face if we met, you’d fucking shit your self!”

      Carl, I think if you turned up on any of OUR doorsteps all of a bright sunny morning, it wouldn’t be so much a case of US “fucking shitting ourselves” if you saw OUR faces, but more a case of US dying of fright if WE had the misfortune to see YOURS!

    1. And your evidence for this is what exactly. I shall look forward to you backing up that claim with something other than your opinion Ash. I shall hazard a guess at there being a long wait.

      1. Your take on the crusades Is wholly innacurate and is designed for one purpose hope selling your soul was worth it, remember these wise words, you’re only as free as the leash you’re on, tug it too hard and your pay masters will hang you by it

        1. My ‘Pay Masters’? How does that work then, this site actually costs me to run and I have not received a penny piece for anything that has been published here.

          You really want to get a grip of your fantasies my friend, or you could perhaps put your money where your mouth is, by producing some actual evidence of who you believe are ‘pulling my strings’ or or paying me.

          Anything will do, as you have now got me curious as to who these mysterious entities who give away free money are.

          Would 24 hours be sufficient?

          1. First off I am not your friend, secondly I already stated what gave the game away

          2. Maybe you could also provide some evidence to back up your bold statement, as your words are nothing more than what you have presented here.

            Some words on a screen, with no provinence, nothing to support them, and as such, an opinion only.

      1. An excellent read, thanks Jen. Think that should stun a few mullets & greatly help people to further understand exactly what has been going on with all the attacks & who is behind this. Well done to you!

        Really glad that you have finally found the love & happiness you deserve. 🙂

        1. Thanks Jimmy and Jane. I am furious that they have made twitter an unsafe place to go to for help. I am furious about the mistrust they have created. It is another kind of abuse, all in the name and under the umbrella of CSA. The vultures!

          1. Me too. It has been unbelievable to witness.

            It also begs the question how come Essex Police managed to arrest, investigate and charge Spivey with harassment pretty quickly & efficiently, but the NWP have completely failed in their duty of care to many people for almost 3 years, for his & his ‘friends’ serious relentless, vicious harassment. I would like to know why different rules seem to be applying, as combined this ‘team’ of gang stalkers have created havoc.

            As MWT would say (more irony I’m afraid from the King of hypocrisy himself):-

            “If they keep getting away with it, they will carry on with their behaviour” ….. ain’t that the truth?!

            And he should know shouldn’t he? 😉

        2. *Comment Deleted By Admin*

          OUTLAW’S NOTE: From the wording of that threat and other comments you have left here ‘Kylie’, that type of language is normally used by somebody who for one reason or another, was unable to finish their education.

          I would estimate your age as being between 18 and 22.

          Your use of words like ‘Fuckin Bitch Slut I’m coming for ya’ are not the type of words a grown up would use normally, unless of course you are of particularly low intelligence and as rough as the proverbial bears arse….

          My guess is you are female(ish), uneducated, possess little or no visible morals, and have had almost zero parental guidance or have been exposed to extremely poor role models.

          You could of course, try and prove that I am wrong though….

  12. OUTLAW’S EDIT: The comment below is as it was made, and is proporting to be from one of the regular commentators here.

    The email address is identical minus the last letter, so I shall assume that the person who it is claiming to be has commented elsewhere, and the email was obtained that way.

    The IP address, however is a fake VPN which has been used to mask the commentators real ID and location.

    Make of it what you will. I know for a fact it’s not the same ‘Mike’ who comments here.


    WTF? Where there hell are you Jimmy? Why are you abandoning this site? Ffs, get a grip will you. This is not on. Get it sorted or explain WTF is going on. People comment here in good faith and they expect their comments to be acknowledged.

    1. Huh? I just noticed this Jimmy. Is this guy just another Mike? Or is it someone pretending to be me? Why the fcuk would anyone pretend to be me? I don’t get it, am I missing something? I thought today was strange enough, and now I see this. I’m off to bed now and I just know some b@$t@rd is going to jump out of my wardrobe shouting surprise surprise.

  13. Ohhh what a day I’ve had today. Some silly sod has dropped off about 2 to 3 tons of manure all over my drive by mistake. Effing hell I like a bit of gardening but sh!t this is ridiculous lol.

    Then my niece turns up and says she can’t believe what I have been saying on fartbook and twatter, (my words).

    The thing is I am not on either of them and never have been. Then I was informed that my phone must have been hacked. Now that of course could be plausible, except for one critical fact, I don’t even own a mobile phone ffs. Unusual these days obviously but I don’t.

    This internet malarkey is getting a bit weird for my liking I think I’ll pack it in.

  14. Jimmy I have just been reading about you. Did you know that the police are investigating you?

    It’s a FACT. A Spiv FACT.

    1. I did hear something along those lines.

      It is probably just another of many ‘facts’ I hear along the lines of, that I ‘Work For the NSA’, or I am ‘A Police Informer’, or that the Georgia Guidestones predicted the ‘end of all human life at the tail end of 2014’, or there really was ‘a naked man abseiling out of an upstairs window at Buckingham Palace’.

      Best ignored I think.

  15. Apparently, the latest ruse is Spivey’s daughter and grandson are soon to be made homeless. Instead of billing himself as a ‘journalist’, perhaps it might be far more profitable to bill himself as Introducing Mr Christopher Spivey Esq, Celebrated Accomplished Virtuoso on the World’s Smallest Violin? (*rolls eyes*)

    1. Maybe he should have studied his tenancy agreement a bit more, and adjusted his behaviour accordingly.

      Many HA’s have the right to evict people convicted of criminal behaviour, and as his online activities were perpetrated from within one of their properties, they are simply adhering to the stipulations of the agreed tenancy.

      If I was a landlord, I would certainly prefer to house tenants who were not going to behave in a manner that could potentially damage my property, but also pose a threat (vigilantes) to the safety of the innocent and law-abiding residents in the immediate vicinity, which is what has apparently happened in this case.

      1. Yes Jimmy, I can well imagine that someone whose character and consequent behaviour is so unpredictable would be a nightmare tenant. Certainly a liability in every sense of the term.

        His latest activity on his site seems to show that his mental state has deteriorated to an even worse state than it was before the trial and is now spiralling rapidly out of control. The latest episode in Spivey’s self-important, paranoid world seems to be full of double-crossing lawyers whom he accuses of “betraying” him and various clandestine organisations and would-be assassins who are tracking him and his family with the ultimate intention of rubbing him/them out.

        If Spivey’s account of things is anything to go by, I’d imagine the Beeb would have enough material to turn it into a television series and get a Box Set or two out of it as Britain’s answer to ‘Breaking Bad’? In Spivey’s case, they could call it ‘Breaking Wind’. Or else, they could turn it into a reality TV show as Romford Essex’s version of the Kardashians: ‘Keeping Up With The Spiveys’, imagine that? LOL:)

    2. I’d say he’d have more luck applying for a position as Coco The Clown Leena, but if they have a Drama workshop in prison, not sure if it would be a good idea to wiggle his bum about in his fellow inmates faces like he does on his Ain’t Half Hot Mum Youtube clip 😉

      I know, how sickening and pathetic are they? 1st Doggy said the donations would be handy for fines he’d have to pay, then when they were ridiculed for that, they’re now lying about a possible eviction. As if dopey drawers will be out on the street? She’ll be sorted we all know that. And I’m sure she didn’t mind the kick-backs from his ill gotten gains.

      It might be the best thing that’s happened in a way – cutting the aprons strings, she might actually grow up & learn to stand on her own 2 feet. It’s high time anyway.

    3. Perhaps they’ll have to lodge in a stable? Didn’t the previous Messiah’s mum & dad have to do this?

      But Leena, you can help. Just go over to Spiveyland, tell them you have repented, close your eyes, open your purse & say”HELP YOUSELVES”.

      You’ll be welcomed back among the disciples on the spot. I Guarantee it.

  16. Thanks to Jimmy, KT, Mike, and Lena, for the supportive comments, made me feel better and brought me back to the real world. Feel great now, I remember saying on my first ever post how that site gave me a feeling of anger and wanting to argue, and how the feeling here is different and peaceful.

    I can now see the point of calling it a cult its obvious now.

    I have been back over to see what was said afterwards my phone is blocked, but not my partners, Doh! I did it with very different eyes though and if they don’t care about this site then why spend so long on his latest article if you can call it that, having a go at you.

    Its amazing the level of feel sorry for me that he’s doing, while his mods are doing the exact opposite??? bully and block anyone, edited comments big style, I never threatened them at all?

    I didn’t threaten or say anything bad about him if anyone noticed. Sorry for the rant jimmy, the last bit to get out of my system, like bad drugs you could say! Xx

    1. No need to ever apologise here Clare.

      I get totally what you are saying about getting bad drugs out of your system, although I would compare it to managing to flush a particularly stubborn turd around the U-Bend, so it can finally make its way to the sewers where it belongs.

    2. They simply do not know how to handle me or anyone else on this site Clare.

      They are not intellectually equipped to deal with anyone or any situation they cannot control.

      They cannot bully, browbeat, humiliate or scare me into silence, nor can they change or control the situation like they planned – and that is destroying them.

      They are totally perplexed now, their fury is palpable, and the realisation of that one thing – will eat away at them until they either implode with rage, or simply tear each other to pieces in the process.

      Being impotent, powerless and rapidly becoming a laughing stock, are the things they will just have to get used to.

    3. The way they treated you, Clare, says a lot more about them than it does you. You simply asked them why they steered clear of the camera and they jumped down your throat. You called them out and they went on the defence. If I were Chris i’d be a bit worried about the people i’d surrounded myself with. They’re just a bunch of gob shites, acting the hard man online lol




    Dear Steve,
    Wanted to tell you, my Dad and I shipped our bull this week, he has done his job and we are thinking about changing our genetics. While at the stock yards we talked to the foreman and he mentioned that there is a lot of herd dispersal sales this month. It seems that many guys are getting out of their cattle because they are realizing that they cannot produce enough feed for them for over the winter. Yes lots of guys sold out before but it is even worse now. Many of these guys are older and just giving up and retiring, and the others are the beef farmers that were marginal and now cannot afford to buy in hay. If you think beef prices were high now wait till spring. The hay crop this year is horrible. We had the very dry spring going into summer and then heavy rain that did not help. Much of the alfalfa is just sticks with a few leaves at the top of the stems. In our fields the hay is lousy. We are getting 1/3 the bales that we should be getting and we are doing pretty good compared to the neighbors. Good thing for us we have green feed as well. The prices of hay are already going way up, and last years hay is looking to get the same price as what new hay would normally even after sitting in the weather since last fall, people are happy for what they can get. Remember I mentioned that people were using the old ads to try and find feed. We are not selling anything until we know how much we can get ourselves. Locally a large feedlot was baling the ditches because they cannot get enough and many guys are looking at feeding straw this winter. It can be done but the animals do not do so well. BYRON

    Aug 7, 2015

    LL Camps in Hertfordshire, England, a private camp founded by Jews and which is popular with Jewish families, was closed by police with no notice after a 25-year-old man was arrested Wednesday on suspicion of possession of indecent images of children.””


  18. “The head of New Square’s beit din (religious court) Rabbi Steinmetz rules you can destroy a person’s smartphone at will and not owe the person any compensation:””




    “Game of Thrones” Fan Demands Trial by Combat”:-


    Is the cell phone or more specifically the modern day “smart phone” the most destructive invention in the history of humankind? I believe it may very well be and here is my argument.


  19. i am really loathe to get involved with all the in- fighting i see on here and on the other site, for people on the outside who have no idea who half the people mentioned are its a tad tedious. but i would like one thing cleared up. FTS quotes an email, a rather disgusting email full of violent threats, it was written under his name BUT he says it was actually sent by you, not knowing either of you except on here, i’ve no idea who to believe, so who wrote it? i’m fully aware its a bloody silly question to ask because if you actually did write it, you’re hardly going to admit it are you? but one can but try.i also realise i will probably now be called naive but hey ho i probably am.

    1. As I have not, to my knowledge ever sent an email to anyone which contained threats of any type Richard, it’s my guess that it’s another complete fabrication, and one which you have obviously chosen to believe.

      It’s undoubtably just one more fabrication to add to the many others, like the claim I am working for the NSA, the claim that I am a Spy, the claim that I am a police informer, and the claim that Jane Russell is really Sonia Poulton, as well as the claim that they are both actually me…. Need I go on Richard?

      Rest assured that if the alleged email contains what is being claimed, I am sure that they will report it so it can be investigated properly, although I would wager that no such investigation will ever take place because the threatening email is just another fantasy.

      Oh, and before I forget, there is no in-fighting that takes place here, most people are generally in agreement and the only person who appears to wants to start casting aspersions and spreading discord…. is you Richard.

      1. yes of course i do. thats my main aim of posting here, to cast aspersions and spread discord, you are nobodys fool. anyway whoever did send that email i;m almost certain has committed a criminal offence, so if as you insist, its not you and you know the identity of FTS i suggest you report him to the police.

        1. Not my style Richard. I am far too old to play those type of games, and if it’s distressing you in some way I suggest you do what you feel is right.

          It is of no interest to me.

          1. This blog also serves as an unintentional rolling diary of sorts, Richard can see the articles that mention the story of what these freaks have attempted to do to us and others with proof, but I think we all know that’s not the reason why he is here stirring the pot.

  20. The Spiv is now openly blowing his own trumpet it seems. The freaky looking reprobate has yet to apologize for ripping the right piss out of his minions, yet here it is, telling the world how successful he is.

    I have a few tattoo’s myself, I wish I didn’t, but I was young and stupid, and I can honestly say that the shite that Spivey is inking on to peoples arms is very very mediocre in the world of tattoo artists. It’s not hard to stencil a copy on to someones arm and then ink it. It’s like join the dots for dummies!

    Spivey, I know you’re reading this, and I know that your alter ego, ‘WhatAFuckingState’ likes to reply to everything here, but do yourself a favour would you, here’s a few tips…..

    Firstly, stop being such a bellend. I know that your ego wouldn’t allow you to sit in the background and not reply to the comments on your piss poor site, this is why you created this ‘FuckTheState’ character. Your shared vulgar language is an instant giveaway. While you like to pretend that you’re superior to your readers, hence why you don’t reply to their sycophantic comments, we both know that you are replying via your multitude of fake persona’s. FTS being your preferred choice. What worries me more, is that your slavishly disgusting moderators must know that it’s you playing out a whole host of persona’s, yet they dare not open their toothless mouths for fear of their moderator abilities being disabled. Shitbags, the lot of them!

    Second, like you read in one of my previous posts, if you had any balls, (which you don’t), you would have turned around and spat in the Judge’s ugly fucking face, and told him to jail you, because you believe in everything you say. Sadly, you didn’t! What a spineless bastard you are!

    Third, you are a piece of absolute shit for not having the brains to think a few generations ahead, and what the future may hold for your beloved white grandchild Clayton. When you’re long gone and forgotten, what sort of a life do you think your descendants will have when they are forced to pray to Allah and adhere to Sharia Law? Didn’t think that far ahead did you? You thick ugly obsolete bastard! No wonder your muslim lawyer took you for a ride, you look like easy pickings, and he wasn’t fucking wrong was he? I’m just glad that no white solicitor was idiotic enough to represent you!


    1. Spiv using a vile alter ego like FTS makes a lot of sense KT.

      It appears he also believes that if a fictitious moderator is responsible, then he is somehow blameless.

      He is wrong.

      It’s his name above the door, so to speak, so as I am ultimately responsible for the comments that are allowed to be published here, (as are all site owners) the same goes for him.

      The buck stops with him alone, because it is within his power to stop the daily abuse of people, the ridicule and the inordinately high number of threats that the moderators publish in his name.

      If, as he claims he has no control over that aspect of that site, and wishes to distance himself from them – he should clearly state that fact, which to my knowledge, he has not done.

      1. I don’t see what he has to gain from it though Jimmy? Okay, he may attempt to gain an aura of importance by pretending that he has staff members to moderate his online persona, but when push comes to a shove, we know that he spends most of his life trolling the web, this site in particular, looking for comments that can inflate his already massive ego?

        From what we can gather, he’s going to jail. Just hope he doesn’t get murdered by MI5! 🙂 Methinks he’s been watching Starred Up on repeat!! 🙂

        1. Could just be Ego, or it could be something darker KT, I am not able to offer anything other than speculation on that at present unfortunately.

          What I can share here though, is that although his ‘moderators’ may appear to think that they can act as if they are untouchable, that may not necessarily be the case.

          Take ‘Gallows’ for example.

          He has been a member and a regular poster on the David Icke forums since January 2013, using the name ‘BOSSMAN10’.

          Now Bossman, around the middle of 2013, contacted me privately over a matter that was being discussed on that forum, as he wanted to extract some information from me.

          As I was understandably suspicious, he also attempted to ‘Prove’ he was a real person, by giving me his real name, his address and what he did for a living, over a number of emails we exchanged.

          They could have been fake of course, but that is easily checked.

          They also appear to forget that I was a moderator on Chris Spiveys forum for a short time, when Carl Green was handling the technical side, and a bit later when ‘Dogman’ took over.

          I could identify locations via IP addresses then as easily as I can now.

          1. It’s probably not worth the hassle Jimmy. The only thing that binds them all together is their love of tax payers money. While I have no problem with my taxes supporting those who genuinely need it, I can’t justify it going to 99% of Spivey’s fan club.

            It really bothers me that the idiots who donate money to him are actually donating other people’s money! His fan club talk about making donations, but how about they get off their fat fucking arses and work for a living? Pretentious cunts, the lot of them!


          2. BOSSMAN10? Is 10 his actual IQ, or something he’s working toward?

          3. And there is a fairly prominent member of the English Defence League who uses the name ‘BOSSMAN’ too Lena.

            Could be a coincidence though.

        2. Love you KT, am I allowed to say that word on here, Jimmy don’t let them get you down. You said that to me it helped more than you know! xx


    “New criminal court charge creates ‘unacceptable pressure to plead guilty’

    A controversial new mandatory court charge imposed on defendants found guilty on trial has led to a mass exodus from the magistracy. It has only been three months since rules were changed so that defendants can now be charged up to £1200 and it has been reported that up to 30 Magistrates have resigned in protest to a charge that has been imposed on a homeless man stealing a can of Red Bull and a teenager stealing sweets.

    Note the use of a statutory instrument to pass this legislation – was that to circumvent scrutiny of Parliament ?


    Criminal court charges ‘trapping’ penniless suspects







    Study: More People Developing Dementia Earlier, Death Rates Soaring.




    Dad Let Daughter Die, Rather Than Be Touched by ‘Strange Man’:-




    1. I am guessing that you have not heard the latest drivel to spew from the bowels of ‘Chez Crackpot’ OG.

      Jimmy Jones does not actually exist, and the Outlaw is not only being hosted and financed, but is also being written by a well-respected, professional and freelance journalist…. Apparently.

      Which is a hellova compliment when you think about it.

      NOTE: A link to one of the articles published here has recently appeared on a Pulitzer Prize Winners’ website.

      They disagree with my take on the disgraceful banning of the Confederate Flag of course, but they have used an article on my site as a reference.

      Which is OK by me….


      1. Perhaps he has proof that you’re actually a “crisis actor”?

        But if you don’t exist, how can you be a “bi-polar midget” ?

        Or a Welsh “sheep-sh*gger”?

        Perhaps he has proof that it was actually YOU driving the Glasgow bin lorry? After all, he’s studied the photos & you can’t pull the wool over his eyes.

        We know that because he told us so. & our Messiah wouldn’t lie to us would he? We who are so unworhy to stand in the shadow of his greatness.

        Or proof that you’re actually a Black man of Nigerian origin who hacked off Lee Rigby’s head?

        And you were deeply involved in the “Hampstead affair”.Or at least the cover-up.

        (Not to self : must try to de-Spivey my brain.This will not be easy.E.G.,I’ve just seen some kids of middle-eastern appearance cycling past my house.Are they off to do a suicide bombing?.)

        1. You are making the classic mistake of trying to apply logic, in order to explain the delusional rantings of a completely unhinged and paranoid person OG.

          You really need to stop visiting the asylum, as shit like that has a habit of reaching epidemic proportions in the wider world very quickly.


    Three men have been jailed after being convicted of running an animal brothel in Swansea, Wales.


    1. It’s a joke OG, a Spoof, a Pisstake and a hoax that does the rounds every few years. The same picture is used each time and the background is changed slightly to suit the story.

      Check http://snopes.com it gives you the full history of that particular story, although I am well aware that Snopes is very left-leaning, and deliberately skewed when it addresses certain subjects, in this instance it’s bang on.

  24. I see FTS and Shadeyknob are having a bit of a lover’s tiff over at Spiv House. What’s all that about, then….?

    1. Not read it, but if it’s a public display of affection, it’ll probably be to make sure people see that they’ve had a very public tiff. Damage limitation tactics if further charges for something else are on the cards related maybe?

    2. If it’s being acted out in public, via the comments on a website for example, it’s almost always false.

      ‘Adeybob’ has a long history of orchestrating fake arguments on Twitter so he can weasel his way into people’s confidences – usually on behalf of whoever he is creeping around at that particular time.

      He then passes on any information he can extract to the abusive trolls he always seems to be associated with.

      Is he pleading poverty too Lena? Claiming his ‘Dole’ is delayed is his usual tale of woe, especially when he is trying to get out of actually doing something to back up his claims.

      He is a real weirdo is Adeybob, he once claimed that I was sitting for days outside a pub in Birmingham – spying on him and his kids….

      No evidence ever materialised of course, (which it wouldn’t as it was all in his head) but that never stops him from concocting ever more inventive fantasies to impress his online ‘friends’.

      He does not realise that even they are laughing at him behind his back.

      He is just another fantasist who lives his whole sorry life out online, and I am not at all surprised that he has been welcomed at Chez Crackpot with open arms.

      1. Or “spraying his halitosis over people” as he once called it. 😀

        Which is probably one of the most honest things he’s ever said.

        He likes learning new big words does Adeyblubb.

      2. Talking of “weirdo” Adeyboop, I noticed dogbiscuits getting tired of this street critique, Seems he’s skint at mo. Slow day for benefits over at the Paranoid dark place.



    Jade Helm Martial Law Forces Are Completely Occupying Every Corner of America:-



    Someone wanted me to mention morgellons; quickly, here is the skinny: Morgellons is a biological warfare agent that was tested in the 1990’s. The tests were run via the workplaces at various employers in the South Western United States.

    During these tests, various workplace surfaces were contaminated. The most common surfaces were toilet seats, chairs, and break room counter tops. In all cases, company provided medical which ensured a controlled pool of doctors outside the place of employment, and an on site workplace doctor existed. It was the job of these doctors to log results and give a unanimous diagnosis of “delusional parasitosis”.

    The diagnosis of “delusional parasitosis” was unilaterally given on the first doctor visit in all cases without any tests being run EVER to see if any infection existed. This is a breach of medical protocol, doctors are always supposed to run tests and do cultures before saying anyone is “delusional” about any type of rash or skin infection and the fact this never happened with Morgellons speaks volumes, and is defacto proof that morgellons is indeed a government sponsored experiment.

    Morgellons appears to be a test of a biological warfare agent that is a combination of spider/insect DNA and a social amoeba, which can reproduce sexually, aesexually, and communally. Morgellons has very flexible parameters which enables it to adapt to almost any treatment, it survives bleach, aromatic oils, and antibiotics, though ALL will provide temporary relief of symptoms the disease quickly adapts to whatever is killing it and within a short time period any treatment is rendered irrelevant.

    The communal reproductive aspect of morgellons ensures that if the disease ever does get damaged seriously, ALL collective DNA can be brought together for a massive comparison and correction, from which the disease starts a whole new beginning, as close to “good as new” as possible.

    Unfortunately, morgellons is contageous, though extended direct contact with people and the surfaces they touch in their homes is usually needed for it to spread, person to person in public (such as at Wal Mart) infections are not likely to ever happen. When subsequent infections do happen, and the original victim says LOOK: It spread to him / her also, that proves I can’t be nuts, the doctor simply diagnoses both with “delusional parasitosis”.

    The typical psychological abuse patterns from the establishment prevail with morgellons, where the victims are simply labeled “crazy” and the show goes on unabated because the broader public cannot believe the government would actually be that evil.

    That is basically all I know about morgellons that could possibly contribute anything new.

    Huge bribe paid to make sure the wing flap was from MH370!
    How does $500 million sound to shut your mouth? This excellent report lays it all out cold.:-



  26. i have just been listening to chris spiveys appearance on a radio show last night.it left me with 2 conflicting feelings . firstly he makes a fair case for him actually having been stitched up but then comes the FF stuff, especially the Glasgow bin lorry crash. one of his main points was the’ blurry video’ he says the video in these incidents is always a blurry mess. what he seems to forget is the video that was shown in court. it was so graphic that the relatives were given the option to leave the court. most chose to do so. the court was then shown the video of the lorry ploughing into people leaving behind a trail of destruction. perhaps he could explain that. on the radio show he actualLY says that one of the dead ( john sweeney) is in fact a police officer.

    1. Richard: Please try to understand that even when a creature such as Spivey has been shown to be dead wrong that creature will continue to peddle his crap because he daren’t EVER admit that he could be wrong. Sign of a sociopath. And quite apart from anything else he’s a SCUMBAG. He makes vicious comments about innocent people because that’s the kind of filth he is. He’s scum & he can’t help being scum. It’s genetic.

      Remember his sneering commentary about the girl who lost a leg at Alton Towers. Never happened according to the great Lord of Rochford.

      She was a liar seeking compo.

      & the female Aston Villa fan suffering from cancer? Man what a joke he had about that! Really, really funny. But no worrys; Dogman, Fuck the state, Pongo, Wolfie, etc, they all think that picking on the unfortunate & crippled is hilarious too.

      So, Richard, is there anything more you need to know about the Spivey scum?.

      1. Oh, & by the way Richard, I can absolutely guarantee that you will see no rebuttal of what I’ve just posted in Spiveyland. (Yeah, I know you scum come over here to see what’s being said about your Lord & master – SORRY – MESSIAH.)

        Because they know that what I’ve written is true. I firmly believe that for the Spiveyites a good night out consists of getting drunk & kicking a cripple out of his wheelchair.

        But of course I could be wrong….

        But I don’t think so.

    2. Richard, please be honest here, do you think that what Chris Spivey did to the Rigby family came under ‘Freedom of Speech’?

      And Freedom of Speech within the confines of the law?

  27. i am not saying i agree with him, in fact i think its obvious that i think most of his ‘investigations’ are idiotic and certainly don’t provide the ‘ proof’ he says they do. you call him scum but its the sign of a decent society that even ‘scum’ have to receive a fair trial and also that the punishment must fit the crime. as he states on the radio show people guilty of far worse than he is accused of have not been jailed but he has been warned he faces jail. what were the police doing in his room out of sight of anyone for 90mins?

    1. Richard, I have been looking, but I cannot see any of your comments in which you disagree with they way that Spiv has attacked innocent people, those who have not featured in the Daily Mail that Is.

      Why is that?

      1. ok to make it plain his treatment of the glasgow bin lorry victims was disgusting, the current hearings are showing that, his treatment of the Tunisian beach shooting victims was disgusting, the Panorama programme a few weeks ago showed that, his treatment of the Alton Towers victims was digusting, last night News at Ten showed that, i am less clear about his treatment of the Rigby family, he says he has more information that he is forbidden from disclosing, the merits of that information remain to be seen, but despite all that disgust at his actions he still has to have a fair trail, the police dealing with him still have to act lawfully and justice has to be seen to be done.

        1. So you only comment about his treatment of those who have featured in various news stories Richard.

          Can I take it that you are happy to overlook the lies, the attempted bullying and the relentless goading and disgusting words and manner he has directed towards others, and only focus on his self-pity and twisting of the events that have brought him to his current position?

  28. the girl who lost a leg aT Alton Towers ,leah, has just appeared on news at 10. some mighty fine acting there!! what puzzles me is that his most loyal followers must have watched that. what do they now think of the piece he did at the time? come on chaps! show some balls, admit mr spivey got that hopelessly wrong. like he got glasgow wrong. like he got Tunisia wrong. like got the milton keynes car show room incident wrong and many others. but he must still have a fair trial and a just sentence.

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