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“The bodies of 796 children, between the ages of two days and nine years old, have been found in a disused sewage tank in Tuam, County Galway.

They died between 1925 and 1961 in a mother and baby home under the care of the Bon Secours nuns.

Locals have known about the grave since 1975, when two little boys, playing, broke apart the concrete slab covering it and discovered a tomb filled with small skeletons.

A parish priest said prayers at the site, and it was sealed once more, the number of bodies below unknown, their names forgotten.

Do not say Catholic prayers over these dead children. Don’t insult those who were in life despised and abused by you.

Instead, tell us where the rest of the bodies are. There were homes throughout Ireland, outrageous child mortality rates in each.

Were the Tuam Bon Secours sisters an anomalous, rebellious sect?

Or were church practices much the same the country over?

If so, how many died in each of these homes?

What are their names?

Where are their graves?

We don’t need more platitudinous damage control, but the truth about our history.”


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  1. Bandini
    Bandini June 4, 2014

    Left speechless by this, to be honest.

    Some commentators beneath the Guardian article would have us treat this as ancient history, when in reality it happened almost yesterday.

    Shocking stuff.

    I was going to add the link below to a different article here but couldn’t find it.

    Ex-friend of Blair referring to his narcissism & mesiah complex… all goes well until he drags up Mandelson as some sort of plain-living paragon of virtue.

    Worth a read nonetheless:

  2. OldGit
    OldGit June 4, 2014

    “This paper starts with summarizing the major theoretical elements in the definition of a global ruling class. It then examines how neoconservatives in the US took power and used regime change to create chaos in other regions. A strategy of tension is used to press the population into conformity. But the real revolution is to what extent factual politics escape any attempt to democratic control. Three case studies show how far the Deep State already goes. Democracy is on the brink of survival.”

    “With the demise of American “land power” in Europe and the Middle East, the globalist agenda of NATO has fallen upon a collection of irregular forces, led by, strangely enough, a series of “Al Qaeda franchise” groups.”

    “The Ukrainian civil war driven by the junta of the Kiev thugs and supported with arms and money by Washington, NATO and the European puppets, continues killing their country-men and women in the eastern Donbass area. The Kiev army and death squads are accompanied by hundreds of Academi (former Blackwater) mercenaries and CIA advisors, mainly to make sure that the Kiev troops will not defect but execute their marching orders, namely fighting and killing their brothers and sisters, lest they risk being shot as traitors.”

    “Above-top-secret details of Britain’s covert surveillance programme – including the location of a clandestine British base tapping undersea cables in the Middle East – have so far remained secret, despite being leaked by fugitive NSA sysadmin Edward Snowden. Government pressure has meant that some media organisations, despite being in possession of these facts, have declined to reveal them. Today, however, the Register publishes them in full.”

    A Russian pilot lands an il-76 as a bet, with 0.7L of vodka in his system. This happened in June of 2008.

  3. OldGit
    OldGit June 4, 2014

    Nothing,but NOTHING should surprise anyone about the treatment of orphans in Ireland.

    Especially if the kid was illegitimate & handed over to the nuns for “safekeeping” & to avoid family shame.

    I remember many Irish girls coming to England in the 50’s & 60’s to either try for an abortion or to get their illegitimate kid decently adopted.

    Of course,we now know that even THAT was a risk,but very few knew the facts we now know at that time.

    After all,Jimmy Savile was still alive,if you get what I mean.

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