The people of France have just voted for their own destruction.

The people of France have just voted for a hand-picked, liberal globalist over the Nationalist candidate Marine Le Pen.

The people of France have just voted for open borders, for even greater Islamification of their once beautiful country, and they have voted to prop up a rapidly imploding European Union.

Adieu France, Vous Alex Terminé ….

10 thoughts on “ADIEU FRANCE

  1. What I have noticed is that the celebrations in Paris yesterday were very subdued for the French. They usually go completely mental when a new President is elected. Its all very odd

  2. The media and TPTB were not very happy that a third of France came out to vote for Le Pen. Over 11,000,000 people I hear, that must have scared the living shit out of the European establishment. Next time Madame Le Pen, after five years of the same old shit from Macron, next time it will be a very different result.

    1. They will soon realise at some point, that by voting for Macron they will in fact be getting Soros and Junkers and the other architects of the NWO really running (ruining) their country.

  3. So, the 39yr old teacher was having an affair with the 15yr old pupil…
    I know the age of consent in France is 15 but surely all that ‘duty of care’ stuff applies?

  4. It’s now even more important that people keep-up the pressure on MPs and the Government regarding Brexit. Macron and Drunkard, sorry, Juncker will be scheming like crazy to block it. And we can count on gobby anti-democracy Miller and slimeball war criminal Bliar to stir things up.

  5. It is Mental Health Awareness Week after all. That could explain the mass delusion happening in France at the current time

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