I was not going to comment on what should be, after all, a private matter.

I have noticed however, that the Jackals who pertain to be a part of the Alternative Media have already starting posting speculative claptrap on their blogs about this matter and allowing ludicrous accusations to be allowed through as ‘comments.’

Yes, Sonia Poulton has parted company with The Peoples Voice.

Her reasons for doing so are justified and, although subject to endless gossip and ill-informed statements, remain a private matter between her and The Peoples Voice.

I support her decision 100%, not out of any kind of misplaced loyalty or personal preference, but because, I know her, I trust her and more importantly, I trust her judgement.

This would not have been an easy decision I would imagine for her, and would not have been taken without a great deal of heart searching and solid reasoning.

I am not going to speculate, tittilate or insult my readers with a possible reason, (or even a conspiracy theory *smiley face*) because, as I said earlier, it’s a private matter which I am sure will be addressed, in the proper manner at a suitable time.


  • Jane

    There are all sorts of lies flying about – 1 utter thicko stating she has been sacked – that person clearly still hasn’t learned how to read – perhaps they will get their kid to read the statements made by both parties later – both parties have stated she left, neither have stated she was sacked. Some people really are incredibly dim.

    Some dope has even suggested the piss poor Huff hack & the Slug, (defender of pretend Chartered Psychologists) have more integrity than her. This doofus has even stated she is not a real journalist (whilst bigging up the piss poor Huff hack!) – but these sad wretches are a little team of con artists, so what else would the clown say? Another absolute idiot who acts like some playground brat : )))

    Everyone with any knowledge or understanding of Sonia knows that she is a woman of principle & she will not sell her soul for anyone. If something goes against the grain, she simply won’t be part of it – simple as. That’s a special quality to have, especially for a journalist these days.

    I’ve been quite amazed to see a few people demanding an immediate answer from her as to why she left. To me it’s pretty obvious, her words said enough already – but these fools feel they have the right to demand an exact response. People eh? I’m sure she will explain when she’s good & ready – anyone who has an ounce of common sense should already have a fair idea of why she felt she could no longer be part of it & needs no further explanation.

    The response from TPV was pretty pathetic & childish – I think they will learn just how much Sonia is respected & loved when they lose a good chunk of their viewers – seems many people only tuned in to watch her show, me included.

    Sounds like she has already been snapped up by someone else – popular lass is Sonia. She’s had masses of messages of support – don’t think I’ve ever known a journalist to be so respected & loved.
    The best of luck to her, I wish her all the very best.

  • Oh and I should mention that I wasn’t talking about Sonia. Just a group of people on Twitter, twisting things to suit their own agenda.

  • Bandini

    Hey, Jimmy.

    I tried debating with the blogowner over on that thread from where you took the screengrab – never again.
    I had to rapidly break my promise not to return when a lunatic seemed to lose whatever last grip they had on reality:

    “Wasn’t there a secret marriage to the village outlaw in the TV series “Bandini”? *innocent face*”

    Incredible. And yes, I realise that by posting this here I will only be confirming their delusions (in their deluded minds). But as debate is stifled there, and as they opt for throwing around accusations rather than asking simple questions, I no longer care. They really aren’t worth bothering with. Right, I have a bookmark to delete…

    • I did see 🙂 And despite opinions to the contrary, people will always get a fair hearing here. I have to admire your valiant attempt to install some logic over there though. You are welcome here anytime 🙂 In case you were not aware, many die-hard Icke Cultists lurk here too… *allegedly*


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