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Now that David Icke has appeared (on the surface at least) to have finally acknowledged the Flat Earth question – is it a good or a bad thing?

To my knowledge, the following YouTube video is the first time that Mr Icke has openly discussed FE, which for me, offers two possibilities.

Firstly, has Mr Icke, as he states ‘studied the evidence’ and, like millions of others, arrived at the only obvious conclusion?

Or, has he been ‘Dropped’(as many people have suggested) feet first into the debate, in order to convince the masses that FE Belief is as bonkers as many of his other theories, which of course have been a constant source of ridicule for the mainstream media and a large section of the population?

His hardcore fanbase, for example, will no doubt have baulked at Icke’s recent foray into the debate, as many of them have rabidly attacked anyone who has even hinted at the possibility of the Earth not being a ball;

Which then leads me onto my next question.

Will those most ardent of his supporters desert him …. or will they now eagerly embrace the possibility – simply because Mr Icke has ?

Only time will tell on that one.



I have always worked to the adage that the shortest distance between any two given points, is a straight line …. And the simplest explanation is very often the closest to the truth.

So with that uppermost in my mind, whenever I approach a problem or need to find the answers to a question, I tend to look for the most obvious solution which can be reached using the most direct route.

In the scientific world, however, the rule of thumb is to confuse and befuddle the non-scientific minded out there, by creating as much white noise and presenting as much gobbledygook as possible.

Fortunately, most people’s minds (and senses) do not work that way, and they can see, hear, smell, taste and touch anything that is presented to them in a simple, straightforward and honest manner with very little difficulty.

Unfortunately, they way that the world has been presented to them, and almost everything that is contained therein, is anything but simple, or straightforward and has certainly not been shown to them with anything approaching honesty.

The mainstream (controlled) history writers, the tame scientists, the mathematicians, the theologians and the established order who hold sway over them, have over many centuries, effectively hoodwinked the greater majority of humankind into believing without question, many things which are simply untrue.

One of those things is the shape of the plane upon which all of humankind exists, and the established order have gone to unimaginable lengths in order to indoctrinate the greater majority of people into believing without question, that the Earth is a Ball.

Any deviation from a steadfast belief in the Ball earth is a risky undertaking, however, and means venturing along a path littered with what can seem at times, insurmountable obstacles …. as many who have spoken publicly will already know what happens as the vicious backlash is well documented and can be observed daily on every digital media (and mainstream) platform there is.

So how would one go about approaching the subject of the Earth not being a ball to the average person?

There is one way, and it’s also the simplest, the most straightforward and undoubtably the most honest, as it demonstrates to people how they can utilise their own natural instincts and common sense, to see something that has been right in front of them all the time, and should have been all too obvious.

Thankfully, IFERS Member Del from Scotland has nailed it and demonstrates the technique perfectly in the video below, and although personally I do not believe 100% that the Earth is flat – I know, beyond a shadow of a doubt that it’s certainly NOT A BALL.

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