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On 28 April 2015, WORLD DAILY NEWS REPORT published an article titled “David Rockefeller’s Sixth Heart Transplant Successful at Age 99” that reported the billionaire had just undergone his sixth heart transplant.

As Rockefeller Senior is widely believed to have the O Rhesus Negative Bloodtype, this news would have been of great interest to anyone with Rhesus Negative blood – if the story had been true that is.

I have recently discovered that there is zero actual evidence that David Rockefeller got even a single heart transplant, let alone received six of them.

There is not a single credible source for any of this – apart from a single article published on the satirical website “World News Daily Record” which certainly doesn’t qualify as credible in any sense of the word.

The fact that Rockefeller is almost 100 years old, also makes this claim completely ridiculous.

He may be fabulously wealthy and easily able to afford a team of personal surgeons to perform the surgery, and even, if need be, finance a team of assassins to target people in order to harvest their healthy hearts – which is one of the more bizarre claims doing the rounds on a few conspiracy websites and forums.

Look at it logically, people in the prime of life need a great deal of luck to survive a heart transplant, and even attempting such a procedure at the ripe old age of 99 would equate to suicide, no matter how healthy he is, how wealthy he is, or how experienced and dedicated his alleged team of private surgeons are.

(Heart surgeons, incidentally, can earn a lot of money and gain a lot of prestige the world over by doing perfectly legitimate work.)

But if David Rockefeller really needed a sixth heart transplant as has been alluded to, he would be as far away from “healthy” – as any person can possibly get.

Receiving a donor heart isn’t some kind of miracle cure, nor will it grant eternal youth to the recipient – in fact, the opposite is true.

People have undergone multiple organ transplants of course, sometimes with minimal waiting times, but many others die after waiting patiently for years, without ever getting a call that a suitable donor heart has become available.

This can seem cruel and some would say decidedly unfair, but it has nothing to do with money, power or influence.

It is down to lady luck, the country/location you are in, statistics and donor availability/compatibility.

Having a rare blood type as Rockefeller is believed to have, or a chronic heart condition which merits multiple transplants, is something no amount of money can change, nor does ones immune system care about your net worth.

A donor’s immune markers or any anatomical irregularities are also facts which should be considered, and again, are something that are not subject to change – however much money a person is able to throw at them.

Most waiting lists for transplant organs aren’t ordered by waiting time anymore I believe, first and foremost, they are ordered by how urgent they happen to be.

So if anyone’s freshly transplanted heart gets rejected and they are languishing in an Intensive Care Unit somewhere in the world, and are being kept alive by life support systems – they will probably be top of the list for that reason alone.


Discredited Hampstead ‘Satanic paedophile’ activist faces trial over perverting the course of justice allegation.

WRITTEN BY Dave Burke for HAM & HIGH

A campaigner who made discredited claims of a Satanic child sex ring in Hampstead will stand trial over allegations of perverting the course of Justice.

Neelu Berry today denied one offence at Blackfriars Crown Court.

The 56-year-old has made claims about a “paedophile” cult she claimed operated from Christ Church.

The allegations were originally made by two young children, now in foster care, in a campaign derided as “evil” and “baseless” by a High Court Judge earlier this year.

Ella Draper, mother to the two children, and her partner Abraham Christie, tortured the pair into making the false allegations – which resulted in innocent people being named in online videos seen by millions.

Berry will stand trial on July 11.