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In the United States, this would be known as “gettin’ a real good asswhipping”, and here in the UK, it could be described as “getting a good spanking” or even “getting your arse handed to you on a plate” …. but regardless of what country you happen to reside in, or what definition you would choose to describe what happens in the following video, it makes very interesting, (if indeed uncomfortable for some) viewing.

The latest crazy person ‘researcher’ to emerge, and who has now apparently, taken up the baton of trying to promote the totally debunked Hampstead Satanic Ritual Abuse claims, is the Ohio-based cultist oddball evangelist Thomas Dunn, the owner/creator/producer/promoter of the Through The Black Youtube Channel.

In some respects, you have to feel a bit sorry for Thomas, inasmuch as despite getting soundly out-witted and clearly out-gunned, on every single front by Hellbound Heathen, Thomas also has a shedload of Hampstead related merchandise to flog, and that sure aint going to be an easy task after today.

So without further commentary from me, please pull up a comfortable chair, pour yourself a drink and enjoy the show ….




I want to talk about the sickening hoax perpetuated against the generally law-abiding population of Hampstead, which was a singularity cruel hoax perpetuated by two abusive parents and their associates.


A story which centred around teachers, local business people, clergymen and women and a number of random Hampstead residents who were supposedly importing children from all over the world, ritually abusing, torturing, murdering and finally eating children at Macdonalds of all places, (yeah) in amongst a mountain of other lurid and entirely fictitious …. CRAP.

I am equally concerned about the amount of people that appear to have actually bought into this nonsense.

A mother (with some obvious issues) allowed her partner (of a few months) to coerce (by beating) her children into telling a story in which their father was a leader of a satanic abuse and death cult.

Among her many allegations were the parents and teachers were raping, killing and eating babies, and their skin, after being removed, was being turned into shoes by the local cobblers.

(I know. Completely Bonkers right?)

Often, those who wholeheartedly believe such stories, in my honest opinion, are suffering from any number of undiagnosed mental illnesses.

Conceived by watching YouTube video after YouTube video and reading obsessively from ‘Alternative Media’ and ‘truth’ websites, blogs and related social media accounts from which they then build a belief structure in which, if the truth is told, a very warped reality appears which quickly becomes truth.

They believe that the world is run by Babylonian (yep) death cults, and Saturnalian death cults run the entire show.

They believe that all of the weather is modified by machines.

That all politicians murder children.

That children are trafficked worldwide for ritual slaughter and for eating at fast food outlets.

They believe that the blood that is drank, makes the drinker somehow superhuman, and bestows on them some great undisclosed power over the rest of humanity.

It goes on and on.

They believe in aliens and starships, and they swear by common law and other such bullshit that never really works in practice.

Its on a par with the Church of Scientology’s’ methodology of “clear” in which a persons very often vulnerable mind, is wiped clean of it’s memories, by retiring the brains natural processes, and creating what is in effect, a completely new form.

Once reaching ‘clear’, an alternative picture is then substituted, a picture in which 65 million years ago, life was very much the same now, as it was then, even technologically speaking.

Alien master races in control of everything and other such nonsense.

None of those who believe the (bullshit) stories are specialists in any field.

Just like those who collect bits of random information, like kids collecting Panini stickers.

These stories, however, are often promoted by any number of prominent online social justice campaigners, who utilise these stories and beliefs, as simply a means to make money from their ever-present donation buttons and tin-rattling, and more often than not …. to take peoples attention away from what is really going on, and effectively side tracking from real political machinations, and wickedness in high places – that are taking place right now.

Yet the minute you call these people out, their instant response is to attack you by calling you names, and accuse you of being everything from a ‘police informer’, a ‘Paedophile’, a ‘paid agent of the state’, ‘M15/MI6/NSA employees’ or the old favourite – ‘co-intel pro‘.

Going back to Scientology and ‘clear’ – the process in which the online Conspiraloons refer to as “waking up” is very similar.

It’s first a depressive slope in which you come to realise that everything is a lie, which is the first step towards building an alternative mindset, and ultimately to conditioning which leads to a whole new way of thinking.

Most people who have reached this stage of “being awake” or awareness, then frantically search for any type of information.

The Internet is the perfect vehicle for this process, as theories on pretty much anything and everything abound on the World Wide Web.

One is pretty much spoiled for choice in that respect, and even though there is much insight and provable ‘facts‘ that are easily accessible, the greater majority unfortunately gravitate towards the more ‘crackpot’ and decidedly ‘odd’ theories being promoted by those with the most to gain.

At least financially.

People are continually being shouted at to ‘wake up’ and at the same time are being subtly steered towards ‘waking up others’, armed with their newly acquired ‘knowledge’, ‘truth’ and sources of ‘research’.

These people are not experts in anything, they are not scientists, nor are they accredited or credible researchers, and they work very hard at making you believe they are supremely right and everybody else – is wrong.

They are not historians, as credible historians have a duty to utilise information found in “primary” source’s, yet these people believe they know more than than historians.

They are masters of everything (in their own minds) but the truth is that they are amateur jacks of all trades, knowing a little about very sporadic, often very obscure fields of interest.

I often tell people when they start believing what is quite obviously some very deluded thinking, to take a step back as they have become blinkered, which is one of the classic hallmarks of cult-like indoctrination.

Cognitive dissonance is a term often referred to, and it’s true to say that it applies to so many who not only ply their trade within the ‘Truth’ movement, but also to the behaviour exhibited by the followers they cajole, manipulate and ultimate hide behind to protect themselves.

It is therefore notoriously difficult to make them understand that they are themselves being led by the nose, and that the term they freely use to describe others; that of ‘Sheeple’ or ‘asleep’, applies more to themselves than anyone else.

In essence, it’s my belief that those who truly believe that ‘baby eating cults’ exist in places like Hampstead, and that evidence of widespread ‘Satanic Ritual Abuse’ lurks behind every front door, just waiting to be found, are themselves, part of a clearly visible and increasing cult of mass manipulation.

Or are they exhibiting signs of an outbreak of a countrywide and acute mental illness?