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This has got to be, on a personal level, one of the most difficult posts that I have ever had to publish on the Outlaw.

Regular readers will be only too familiar with a gentleman, and a good friend of mine, who has since 2014, been a regular and very much appreciated commentator on this site, and known to all as simply …. ‘Old Git’.

For the last few weeks, I have been acutely aware that OG has been stoically battling, what has now sadly turned out to be a terminal condition, and one which has affected more decent and good people that I care to remember.

He has borne this terrible condition with supreme dignity, has never complained (to me anyway), and as far as I am aware, has been able to accept and has made provision for what now appears to be, the inevitable outcome.

He has also, even managed to put aside the time, and indeed found the strength, to put together something of how he wishes to be remembered by the readers of the Outlaw, and as per his instructions …. his last words to the readers of the Outlaw are published below.

Cysgu yn dda fy ffriend


“Adios amigos,adios my friends,
The road we have traveled will come to an end,
My only problem is Old Git don’t know when,
When your cancer’s incurable, you look at the docs,
Strange looks on their faces like they know some truth,”


So that’s it in a nutshell.

I haven’t got long to live but I don’t know how long.

Walking now makes me short of breath, taking lots of deep breaths to “recover”.

I’d like to say how much I’ve enjoyed posting here, especially on the few occasions that I’ve been on topic.

How long is it now?

Since 2014 at least, J.J. will know.

I hope I’ve helped expand Outlaws library & given you all many different sites to look at.

Really all I can do.

I don’t know if someone else will come along to carry on the work.


Old Git



‘To all my friends on Facebook & any where else I have been waiting & fighting for justice for going on 15 years, We have been promised by two Governments that we will get it!!

Well we are still waiting?

The Prime Minister Teresa May said in Parliament that anybody that turned a blind eye to sexual abuse or failed to report it or enabled it would be prosecuted, well Mrs May all the officers & staff have openly admitted to all of the above, most of them admitted to it 15 years ago in documented statements to the Durham police & also under oath in Newcastle crown court!!!

Why are we still waiting?

Throughout this fight my health has suffered to the extent that I have found myself out of work for the first time in 28 years, I suffered a stroke in 2013 & was off work for just over a year & paid out of own pocket for rehabilitation & got my Taxi Badge back, a few months later I suffered a seizure & was diagnosed with post stroke epilepsy, I have now been told by my doctor that I have signs of heart failure!!!

Am I and many others from Medomsley going to be dead before we see justice done!!

Not if I can help it, so I am planning to sit outside the gates of Medomsley on hunger strike until we get justice or I die!!

Please everyone I need support from you all, If you have Children & Grand children you will understand why this is not just important to me & the other Medomsley Boys its to protect all kids from these beasts, Help us any way you can, thank you all ‘

Raymond Thomas Poar xx.