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If what is contained in the attached video is in any way true, then a number of monumental events will be taking place all over the United States from Monday – none of which will be reported upon by the mass media.

Sean Hanratty Tweet

Sean Hanratty, a journalist close to President Trump has also Tweeted, somewhat cryptically, along the same lines and not gone into specifics, but from what has emerged from a number of sources, then the Clinton Worldwide Crime Syndicate and anyone associated with them, are going to be hit hard, very hard indeed.


Included within the previously classified ‘JFK’ files recently released by the Trump administration, is a document which has been attracting some attention, not least from Alex Jones over at InfoWars.

The document, dated October 3rd 1955, and archived in July 1963, appears to allege that Adolph Hitler, was (in 1954) not only still alive, but living in Colombia, South America and that a photograph existed which supported that claim.

‘CIMELODY-3s friend, stated that during the latter part of September 1955, a Phillip CITROEN, former German SS Trooper, stated to him confidentially that Adolph HITLER is still alive. CITROEN claimed to have contacted HITLER about once a month in Colombia on his trip from Maracaibo to that country as/an employee of the KNSM (Royal Dutch) Shipping Co. in Maracaibo. CITROEN indicated to CIMELODY-3’s friend that he took a picture with HITLER not too long ago, but did not show the photograph. he also stated that HITLER left Columbia for Argentina around January 1955. CITROEN commented that inasmuch as ten years have passed since the end of World War II, the Allies could no longer prosecute HITLER as a criminal of war’

The document went on to state that the photograph that was taken was ‘surreptitiously obtained’ and Photostats were taken and returned to it’s owner the following day. ‘The person on the left is alleged to be CITROEN and the person on the right is undoubtedly the person which CITROEN claims is HITLER. The back side of the photograph contained the following data: “Adolf SCHRITTELMAYOR, Tunga, Colombia, 1954”

The inclusion of this particular document (if it is indeed genuine) at this time is puzzling, however, inasmuch as it bears nothing in relation to the assassination of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy, and would if anything, distract attention from any documentation purporting to reveal previously classified information about the events that took place in Dallas in November 1963.

What I am unsure about, are the reason(s) why this document has been released at this time in the way it has.