I have tried uploading this video to Youtube a number of times to no avail.

It appears that the platform does not want it shown, for some reason, so I am posting it here.

It’s self explanatory, and on the surface, it certainly does not fit the narrative that the mainstream media are attempting to present in regard to a certain Mr. George Floyd IV when he was a teenager.

3 thoughts on “YOUTUBE SAYS NO

  1. Not at all surprised about wee George Floyd having a long history of criminality. Did anybody else watch that absolute car crash of a so-called “”interview”” between Shaun Attwood and Sonia Poulton last night? If anybody supports either of them after that shit show they really need their bumps feeling. It was a disgusting display of fakery and self-indulgent me me me claptrap. Shaun is a complete sleazeball, and as for Sonia, if she cant see what is going on, then she must be part of it if you ask me as it was so obviously staged.

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