President Donald J Trump is the Keystone. He stands between the globalist’s plan to ‘Reset’ the entire planet, he stands as the only visible barrier to prevent Communism from destroying the American Republic, and he remains an obstacle to those who want to destroy the freedom and liberty that every ordinary American citizen possesses.

He is despised by the Globalists, likewise the dishonest, corrupt politicians (especially those on the left) and, of course, by the special interest groups, mega-corporations and billionaire financiers that operate behind the scenes.

A number of those operate under the umbrella of the mainstream media, social media platforms, and to a large extent, the so-called ‘alternative’ media too, in case you were wondering.

The entire establishment, and their satellites, agencies and bad actors have allied themselves in order to defeat him.

They have to remove him from the Presidency by any means, and this has been witnessed by the attempts to impeach him, to continually question the legitimacy of his position, the vile personal attacks on both him, and his family, and his allies throughout his first term, and by the immediately obvious, blatant, and indeed desperate attempt, to steal the US Election.

Only a complete idiot, or somebody who has been completely brainwashed by the mainstream media and the political left, could fail to see what has been attempted, to deny Trump and the American people their victory, and was a victory, that even those who vehemently oppose him, did not anticipate.

The people of the United States voted for Donald J Trump in such overwhelming numbers, that the machine broke.

He won by a landslide.

That much is now obvious.

So why is the thought of a President Donald J Trump, so terrifying to those who lurk in the darkness, and to those whose naked aggression and blind, bitter hatred of him, oozes from every pore of their beings, like a deadly poison?

The following recording, of a speech that Donald Trump made leading up to his 2016 victory, made it clear what he was going to do, and why they are so very, very desperate to stop him now.

By ANY means possible.

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  1. 2020 wasn’t the first time that a US election was nearly stolen due to mail-in ballots. The same tactic was used by the Democrats to try and stop Abraham Lincoln from regaining the White House in 1864. The criminal conspirators were caught and dealt with. Is this going to be a case of history repeating itself you think?


  2. “Following the first day of the trial, a reporter for the New York Times wrote, ‘The honest electors of the state of New York have escaped an extensive and fearful fraud, a fraud in keeping with the proclivities of the party in whose behalf it was initiated, but one that, if unexposed might have subverted the honest will of the people and left the state and the nation at the mercy of those who would make peace with rebellion and fellowship with traitors.”

  3. “In July of this year, Natural News reported how California Gov. Gavin Newsom was caught wiring half a billion dollars to communist China as part of a “massive face mask money laundering scheme.” Back in April, even the mainstream media was questioning what Newsom was up to when it was revealed that he had wired half a billion dollars to an electric car company in China to supposedly purchase “N-95 masks” for the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19).

    This decision was never voted on or approved by legislators, and when pressed about the details of the deal, Newsom refused to disclose them. Keep in mind that this half a billion dollars was just the first of two installments amounting to a full billion dollars being sent China to supposedly purchase face masks for Californians – face masks that never actually arrived, by the way.

    As of this writing, the Chinese electric car company in question, BYD, still has the money and has yet to send over a single face mask.

    Now, bombshell information is emerging that indicates Georgia Gov. Kemp may be involved in exactly the same scheme. These state officials send huge amounts of money to China under the cover of buying “covid supplies,” then China launders the money into financial kickbacks for the Governor’s family members or business entities.

    This is exactly what is now being alleged by attorney Lin Wood, and it describes a shocking pattern of communist Chinese infiltration and corruption of U.S. governors. (See the full interview posted below.) Listen at 6:17 as Lin Wood explains: I believe that Brian Kemp is corrupt, and I think he was corrupted with Chinese money. And I don’t think he wants this election overthrown and the real results posted because then Brian Kemp is going to be facing a Trump administration Attorney General, and Brian Kemp would find himself in jail. It’s that simple. He sold himself out, now he’s trying to hide to try to get this election validated even though it’s illegal, because if it’s invalidated.

    Brian Kemp and a lot of other Georgia people are in trouble, including the Secretary of State. Also, at the 17:00 mark: I’m a defamation lawyer. I have stated publicly that Brian Kemp and Raffensperger are corrupt and they took money from the Chinese on the Covid deal and on the Dominion voting deal. I bet you anything Brian Kemp won’t sue me for defamation. Because he knows if he did, he’d go into court, I’d have discovery, and I would prove that he did it, that it’s true.

    Other indy (independent) media sources are also reporting that the Trump administration, via the NSA, has proof of the financial transactions that show Kemp and Raffensperger taking bribery money from communist China. Trump was waiting for Kemp and Raffensperger to complete the crime of “certifying” Georgia’s voting results before moving against them for criminal fraud and corruption.

    We are now hearing that communist China ran a web of financial kickbacks and bribes to multiple governors and state officials across America, including California and Georgia, with many other states soon to follow. In every case, governors and state officials transferred huge sums of money to Chinese front companies for “Covid supplies” that were either never delivered, or delivered as low-cost, low-quality items nowhere near the stated value.

    A portion of the extra funds was paid back to family members and specially structured business entities connected to the state officials, giving them control over the illicit funds. We fully expect Oregon Gov. Kate Brown to soon be implicated in this same criminal corruption scheme. NY Gov. Cuomo is likely also involved This story is developing, and more information will be emerging this week. Expect criminal indictments soon. Hear the full interview from the John Fredericks Show here:


    Editor’s Note: The above story has been blocked on all social media. (Facebook, Twitters, etc). It’s being published here as an independent source for information. Please consider passing this information to patriot friends. I will also publish this to Thank you. let’s not let the MSM, corrupt politicians and deep state members steal this sacred election. Thank you.”


  4. Gen. Michael Flynn is the Kraken that Sidney Powell was talking about releasing. He is one of the few who knows where the bodies are buried.

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