US President George Bush, stated after 9/11, that “those who are not fully with the government are the enemy.

The current Presidential encumbrance, Barak Hussein Obama is of the exact same mindset and opinion, which would come as no surprise to anyone.

In the indecent haste to exploit the ‘Terrorist’ attacks on the World Trade Centre, Governments and the mainstream media tried to sell the people of the United States and the rest of the world, ‘the necessity of torture as a legitimate tool of law enforcement, and stopping terrorism.’

No decent person with a scrap of detectable humanity should ever tolerate or condone the torture of another human being.

It is forbidden by the American Constitution, and only those who secretly wish for their nation to abandon entirely its principles, it’s compassion, it’s humanity and even it’s Constitutional protections, could ever support it.

Torture does not, and never has assisted in the solving of crimes.

Tortured people will in reality, say anything or sign anything in order to end their own torment, even condemning others to suffer the same fate.

It should not need to be pointed out, that the millions of unnecessary executions carried out by religious fanatics for the crime of ‘witchcraft’, for example, were primarily based on confessions extracted under torture.

Torture exists for one reason only, to terrorise a nations people that stand against a dictatorial regime being implemented, and before any one nation’s people welcome, or even grudgingly accept such an abomination into their midst, it would be wise to read a few words from those who have first hand experience.

“Four men came in, bearing a cot with a sheet-covered figure.”Sit down,”one ordered.”You’re going to see a performance by a bad actor, an actor who has forgotten his part. Help him remember it.”They uncovered a body entirely purple, missing a foot.”Come closer,”another ordered.”Look at him. You’ll know him.”And she did. It was 27-year-old “El Gordo”Toledo, with whom she had been 20 days before. He could hardly speak, or scream, any more. When Elba maintained that she did not know him, they said, “Let’s see” – they pulled out his nails, cut off his remaining ear, cut out his tongue, gouged out his eyes, and killed him slowly as she watched, thinking, “He could be my son.” Then they brought another “actor, “26-year-old Eduard Munoz. It took them five hours to kill him, under her eyes. It was worse than any pain they could have inflicted on her, she said. Later she was forced to watch while her cellmates-aged 16, 17, and 40, nude and drugged, were directed to perform an erotic dance before they were raped. Another girl, back from a dreaded torture center, and pregnant, was so crazy that each time she awoke she screamed that her only desire was for her child to be born so she could kill it……”

Elba Vergara, Secretary to President Allende (himself murdered by Chilean generals)

Instead of being tortured, which was the usual procedure, they were brought to a hospital where they were subjected to plastic surgery:

“One of the women had her mouth taken away from her. The other lost half her nose. And they were released after several days with the gentle suggestion that they be sure to visit their comrades to show off their “cures.”

They had been turned into walking advertisements of terror; agents of demoralisation and intimidation…

In the case of the woman whose mouth had been shut, the most sophisticated techniques of plastic surgery had been employed. Great care had been taken by her medical torturers to obliterate her lips forever, using cuts and stitches and folds that would frustrate even the best reconstructive techniques. (Luis, a Cuban plastic surgeon), even thought he could detect an “American” hand in the macabre handiwork, or that of a Brazilian schooled in torture in the United States.

A small hole had been left in the face to allow the woman to take liquids through a straw and survive however…

When Luis and the medical team reopened the hole where her mouth had been, the sight was far more sickening than they had expected: All of the teeth had been removed and two dog fangs ‘incisors’ – had been inserted in their place.

An attempt at black humour from madmen…

The other woman had half her nose removed, skin, cartilage, and all. A draining, raw, and frightening wound was her “treatment,” the sign she was to carry around with her to warn people that rebellion was a “disease” and torture the “cure.”


Parenti, Michael.‘The Sword and the Dollar: Imperialism, Revolution, and the Arms Race

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  1. It seems that people just don’t care what is happening in this messed up world and this is why things are allowed to carry on, for instance the 800 bodies they have found in IRELAND of babies and children which were killed by the church Nuns, priests and what have the Irish done about it F–k all and I assume myself its still happening today.

    It’s like putting the disabled and old people on the PATHWAY no water and food for days and then they die.

    I know of an instance myself that severely disabled people men, women and children who had some sort of accident that left them paralyzed are put onto the PATHWAY and more often than not without permission from relatives or are told they won’t last much longer because its already been arranged that they are going onto the PATHWAY by the hospital authorities without the knowledge of their loved ones.

    It make me sick that this and other government are committing MURDER along with the filthy church who also knows what’s going by the church people involved with the hospital that oversee the murder of innocent disabled people.

    Then they have got the cheek to speak over them in their dying minutes.

    “I did not want to rehash all the stuff that I have been saying these last 3-4 months, so what I have chosen to do is present graphic proof.

    Folks, the food shortage is here and so are the high prices. In some areas of the country it is not as drastic, but in other parts, it is unbelievable.

    What caused me to present this was some pictures I saw from a friend of mine who lives in the mid-west. She is a prepper friend of ours and she went shopping at her local megastore (starts with a “W”)

    She was astounded by what she saw. High prices, but much worse, there was no food. What food there was, it was only 1 -2 boxes deep on many shelves.”

    “The United States government has become the single largest trafficker in narcotics, since the ’60s and ’70s, and that thought makes me want to burn my passport. And, it all began with the coup that took over the United States government on November 22, 1963, when Kennedy was assassinated.”


    “Expert, whistleblower Greg Evensen joins the Gianluca Zanna radio show to talk about the unfolding US police state, confirmation received from State Troopers of Russian spetsnaz in America at the request of FEMA and confirmation of foreign governments agents from around the world BLENDING INTO our own government so that when the final transition to a world government is made, it will be made seamlessly.”



  3. “The Bilderberg Group’s 2014 meeting in Copenhagen, Denmark consists of the world’s elite participating in what is perceived as an informal discussion on global issues, where topics of discussion include “The future of democracy and the Middle Class trap” and “Is the economic recovery sustainable?” These topics indicate that the Bilderberg Elite are prepared to see the disappearance of the middle class in both the U.S. and Europe. In 2006 leaked information from Bilderberg revealed that the elite knew two years ahead of time about the 2008 economic collapse and were reinvesting trillions of dollars in assets to position themselves for the downturn.”

    “The officially released agenda of the prestigious Bilderberg club meeting is not true, claims RT show host Daniel Estulin, a longtime watcher of the ‘secret world govt’ group.

    He says he obtained the real agenda for this year’s gathering in Copenhagen.

    An insider leaked the list of talking points for the ongoing Bilderberg conference to the investigative journalist last week, he said. The list has nine items, seven of which he shared:”

    The officially released agenda of the prestigious Bilderberg club meeting is not true, claims RT show host Daniel Estulin, a longtime watcher of the ‘secret world govt’ group. He says he obtained the real agenda for this year’s gathering in Copenhagen.


    From story 5/22 on WRH, “Tomorrow, Russia Will Launch A Government-Owned Search Engine That Will Rival Google”.
    I tried the URL in English and Cyrillic, but the site seems to be down (at least to me).

    Here’s an alternate way to access Sputnik’s Search engine for those that want to give it a try. (ts)


  4. “Do you have a young male child who occasionally walks around in heels and plays with a barbie doll from time to time? According to some you need to send him to a secret summer camp to have him trained to be homosexual. No… this is not a joke. Unfortunately, it’s the real deal. – See more at:”

    “Hell hath no fury . . . like a mother whose child has been sickened by a toxin that’s almost impossible to avoid.

    Two activist groups, Moms Across America and Thinking Moms Revolution, want the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to recall Monsanto’s Roundup, the most widely used herbicide/pesticide in the world.”


    (A 22 page PDF)

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