I read a very interesting article recently, published in an American hard-core ‘Preppers‘ periodical, and which has been reproduced on a number of closed forums I subscribe to.

When I say ‘closed’ forum, I refer to the ‘member only’ facilities available online, which incidentally, only exist due to the draconian methods employed by various government and law enforcement agencies around the world – who insist on treating anyone who takes it upon themselves to live ‘off the grid’ or prepare themselves for an emergency/disaster scenario without a total reliance on the state … as a criminal.

In my opinion, there should be nothing illegal about trying to protect yourself and your loved ones from the very real dangers associated with a long-term power outage, or a worldwide financial crash, or from conflict, civil unrest or any number of natural disasters, which as many of us are acutely aware of, can happen anywhere … and at any time, and which far too many people are completely unprepared for.

So with that in mind, only the foolhardy would even consider looking to their governments to protect them when a proverbial ‘shit hitting the fan’ event occurs, and even though the above scenarios may not apply to the average reader of this website for example, there is a very real probability of any or all of them occurring during the lifetimes of your children or grandchildren.

Which should be a frightening proposition for many people, considering that around a billion of them entered the 21st Century still unable to read a book or even sign their own names properly, but are able to recognise corporate logos with little difficulty.

 QUOTE: “Over the last couple of decades, the planet has seen an unprecedented spike in technology and unlimited access to learning. Unfortunately, this has gone hand-in-hand with an increasing number of people who have embraced this technology to effectively ‘tune out’ and lose their natural ability to be self-reliant. Skills that were part of our cultures, were skills that helped us to survive, have largely been forgotten – being replaced instead by generations of dependent people that cannot balance a household budget, prepare and cook a simple meal, repair a puncture on a bicycle, or even change a flat tyre on a car.

Although we have more access to information now than at any other time in human history, the skills of previous generations have been replaced instead, by useless knowledge like how quickly one can send a text/direct message, or knowing by heart what pop star, soap actor or reality TV star is doing what to who. The skills that have been utilised with great effect by previous generations to build empires, have been gradually exchanged for self and instant gratification, useless trivia and a dependency on government agencies for just about everything.”

Knowledge of almost forgotten skills is something that every responsible person should already know, and if not should learn – and certainly teach to their children and/or grandchildren as a matter of urgency.

The ability to prepare and cook a meal from scratch, for example, is only one skill that is fast disappearing.

Learning how to cook from scratch, with basic ingredients which are not poured from a can or unwrapped from a packet, is one of the most important basic survival skills a person can learn, and is something you cannot afford to ignore.

If that can be taken further, and include the requisite skills to collect fuel to build and sustain a cooking fire, both indoors and in the open air, it could prove to be as important as knowing how to recognise whether food is spoiled or edible.

Your life could depend on it.

Many people these days go to their doctors for almost every ailment, however trivial.

A cold, a stubbed toe, a headache or a simple stomach ache will be found in most GP’s surgeries these days, the skyrocketing rates of anti-biotic resistant bugs and virii are testament to the overuse of antibiotics … for conditions that are almost always self-limiting and will be effectively dealt with by a normally functioning immune system.

Previous generations knew how to look after themselves and their families, they knew how to cure themselves without visiting a doctor or pumping themselves full of chemicals, which often create more damaging side-effects than the actual illness.

Consider that more than 70 million Americans, now take at least one mind-altering medication to control their emotions.

Some of these conditions are of course very serious, but at the risk of sounding harsh, it is also believed that many of these conditions are the result of growing up in a culture of dependency, and in a society that has been conditioned to mask problems with medication as opposed to treating the source holistically.

A basic knowledge of natural remedies, wound/bleeding treatments, splinting, safe tourniquet use, and pain relief could save your life.

To society’s shame, the people who have had the foresight to prepare for every eventuality, the propaganda rolled out by the mainstream media and the state, has labelled them as being objects of curiosity, are made subject to ridicule, and are condemned as tin-foil hat wearing ‘Conspiracists‘ who are clearly nuts, appearing to spend their lives sitting in a bunker waiting for the end of the world.

In reality, nothing could be further from the truth, as only a couple of generations ago, what is seen as ‘Prepping‘ nowadays, was seen as being ‘a normal way of life‘ for most people.

Our parents/grandparents fully understood the need to prepare, and took for granted the need to save money, for example, in readiness for rough times ahead, or a ‘Rainy Day’.

As supposedly responsible humans, if you have not started to take some positive steps to prepare for major economic problems, you really need to wake up and take a hard look at what is happening in your own countries. A number of knowledgable people believe without a doubt, that it’s one of the most pressing issues that humankind as a species, faces today.

A purposely flattened economy, for example, not only has the ability to destroy an entire nation, but the chaos that will undoubtably accompany an worldwide economic meltdown today, will far exceed anything witnessed in history thus far.

If you doubt this, ask any cyber-security expert who knows what is really going on.

They will to a man/woman, tell you that the ‘Grid’ on which the greater majority of mankind depends upon for almost everything, is under constant attack from those who wish to bring the whole system crashing down around you – the warning signs have been around for a long time, and it’s only a matter of time before one of these attacks takes out a vitally important component part of that infrastructure.

And if, or when that happens, it will far too late for many people.





  1. Thankfully we have not got as far down the line of demonising and outlawing ‘preppers’ in this country, and hopefully it won’t come to that. Although their numbers have dropped somewhat in recent years, there is many a man in the UK who still remembers his Scouting skills; and also groups such as the various forces cadet organisations actively encourage survival skills of one sort and another. Books on the subject are everywhere and places like the Centre for Alternative Technology are going from strength to strength. Whatever else may be said about Bear Grylls (a bit of a prat in my opinion), at least he is currently making Survival Skills widely popular. Personally I much prefer the ‘laid backness’ of Ray Mears….

  2. Value added food is being pushed because there is more profit. Ready made meals, now ready peeled, prepared vegetables , garlic, ready made sauces, grated cheese, more micro wave food etc. Less money going towards youth groups, or cooking lessons in schools.

  3. Hi JJ heads up the Paedoprotecting Twitter gang stalkers are attacking someone called @postnein and accusing them of being you —- can you warn them please as they will try to get the innocent account suspended like they normally do

    1. I have already warned the account holder and have got a copy/link of the abusive Tweets. Thanks for letting me know 🙂

    Interesting history of the Red Indians naval prowess:-


    I’ve only watched this first one,but I doubt that the series is critical of Israel in any way, but it does seem to cover a wide range of peoples,tribes,religions,etc.:-

    The History of the Middle East (Part 1/5) FULL DOCUMENTARY:-


    This is a VERY long & involved piece discussing what the author maintains is the TRUE plan to bring in the New World Order. I can’t give you a typical quote because there’s so much here. However here’s a cut’n paste from JimStone which should give you an idea of what this article is all about:-

    “I am confident that this staged shooting and the Paris attacks were a direct response to the fact Russia has proven ISIS is run by Washington DC and the typical B.S. that happens when the Jewish community wants people to support a war. If they get away with this, the ONLY END will be glass parking lots all over America, which is precisely what the Jewish community wants. They own Russia to a huge extent, will play both sides, and with gun owning America nuked out of the picture they will then be free to simply take the entire world. Iran is another obstacle, but Iran is a 4 (very large) nuke country, practically nothing is needed to wipe them out. Absent nukes the going would be tough though.

    I would not take indicators such as Russia banning GMO to mean Russia is the good guy. Though Russia completely banning GMO is a good thing, it could also mean “shadow” Russia is pushing GMO’s to wreck everyone but themselves. Who knows. But they were pressured to accept them so that is a plus in their favor, indicating the evil is elsewhere. My great hope is that the evil the world faces all really is centered in England, Israel and the U.S., and that Russia can fix this honestly. But I don’t have my fingers crossed, Russia actually being the good guy rather than being owned and played is in my opinion on the far fringe of hope.”


    Jewish Banksters Identity Politics.(Several links on this page):-

    “Warburg had stumbled upon the original American conflict, debated first by Hamilton and Jefferson, of federalism versus anti-federalism. Indeed, the young republic twice experimented with a national bank, and even though each attempt was successful, each of these banks was abandoned.”

    The claim that “each attempt was successful” begs the question: Successful for whom?

    Free speech is a two way highway. Jews for the Preservation of the Federal Reserve can argue their case for a privileged position in the creation of money, the issuance of credit and the management of the economy. Notwithstanding, their threats to smear and intimidate the ‘Goy’, will no longer work.


  5. Jimmy —- the lunatic that is ‘Fabooka Da Stait/Fuck the State’ has published a series of rambling and completely mental vomitis on his Facebook page. Hundreds upon thousands of words of drivel and it’s already up to part seven with a promise of ‘more to follow’. he is pretending he is communicating with the Greater Manchester Police who recently arrested him from what he is bleating about. there are probably bail conditions attached to his arrest so I have taken the liberty of forwarding all of his crap onto an officer I know in the GMP. that way they will at least get to the right people and he will then have to explain why he is continuing in his obsessive and deranged stalking —- Have a good weekend mate this is coming to an end now

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  7. Hahahaha loving your poetic style Leena!

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