The largest recipient of American aid on the planet, is the state of Israel.

Without any doubt whatsoever.

It vastly exceeds the combined aid given to all the countries of sub-Saharan Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean.A rough estimate has been given as $8.4 million dollars per day, but there is ample evidence that the total cost to American taxpayers is closer to $15 million a day.

You will not find this information in American newspapers though.

Mainstream Media coverage of Middle Eastern events in general, and of Israel in particular, almost always neglects to report this now undeniable connection.

Backed by this American money, Israel is occupying more and more land that simply does not belong to it.

It is breaking numerous international laws and conventions of which it is a signatory, and is aiding and abetting brutal and inhuman policies that have been condemned by the United Nations, the European Union, the National Council of Churches, Amnesty International, the International Red Cross, and numerous other international bodies.

This is also rarely reported.

Through the money and weaponry provided by the United States, Israel is imposing an ethnically discriminatory nation on a land that was previously multicultural.

There is ethnic and religious discrimination deeply ingrained within it’s own national identity, and exercises a doctrine of supremacy of one group over all others.

That doctrine permeates its political, financial, and military policies at every level.

This also is virtually never reported.

There is hope though, as there are a variety of organizations and individuals in Israel who are protesting their government’s policies, and who are working courageously in the face of much opposition, on behalf of human rights and justice.

It is their intent to create a just and fair nation with equal rights for all its citizens.They are refusing to serve in the military occupation of the West Bank and Gaza, and are actively trying to prevent Palestinian homes from being bulldozed.

Again, these actions are missing from being reported upon by the American media.

American support of the Israeli government is against American national interest on every level.

It also places them on a war footing with normally peaceful populations, whose desperate plight they are helping to create, and who, quite correctly, place the responsibility for their suffering, directly on the American people’s shoulders.

It also makes them accomplices to war crimes and an accessory to oppression.

But again, they remain unaware of this, because this too, is not reported.

The mainstream media in the west is operating a cover-up on a massive scale.

It fails to report that Israel is being protected on all fronts, it continually fails to speak the truth about Palestine and the Palestinian people, and what little news that filters through is heavily distorted and biased.

The American public are being manipulated on every level.

If Americans knew the truth about events that are occurring right now in Israel and Palestine, about the amount of their tax Dollars that are simply being handed to Israel, and about the incalculable human cost of Israel’s American-financed militarism, would they demand an immediate re-think of their government’s policies in that region ?

What do you think?



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  1. Reblogged this on Thinking Out Loud and commented:
    Good post Its rare to see the connection and what are probably close to the correct figures being put so clearly.

    Sadly its also true that when it comes to Israel American news is quite often fictionalized.

  2. kazar owned mainstream media will not report on their own war crimes!! mass genocide of the innocent the picture sums it up!

    much love to u outlaw x


    “Prominent international lawyer Professor Francis Boyle calls on international community to indict the criminal rogue state Israel, its aiders and abettors.”


    “Israel’s message is clear is that the military operations had a purpose of their own, that they would have been launched regardless, that they were merely waiting on a pretext. They had to come because the vacuum left by Kerry had to be filled. “Closure” was necessary – and it was clear that the Palestinian Authority, which had several months to take an initiative that would have bolstered the Palestinians’ position, would not do so, even though Martin Indyk, the American’s chief negotiator and former AIPAC leader, placed the blame squarely on Israel for talks’ failure.”


    “Israel’s latest assault on the besieged Gaza Strip has been accompanied by yet another sharp increase in incitement against Palestinians and solidarity activists on social media outlets, such as Facebook and Twitter.”



    “We’re no strangers to helping you secure your computer, but there are some computer security myths and stories that keep getting passed around, even though they’re clearly not true. We sat down with a few computer security experts to separate fact from fiction”


  4. “Iranian Majlis Speaker Ali Larijani says the Islamic Republic will do all in its power to help the Palestinian nation.Iran supports the Palestinian nation as well as unity among Muslims, Larijani said in a meeting with ambassadors of Islamic countries in Tehran on Tuesday.We take it upon ourselves to stand by and help the oppressed Palestinian people wholeheartedly one way or another,” he said.”


    “Nina Paley created this (extremely brief) animated history of the land that was at one time called Israel, Palestine, Canaan and the Levant. She even created this viewer’s guide to make sense of what’s happening.”


    Abby Martin reports on the latest violence in Gaza, highlighting how Israel is targeting civilians and using weapons called ‘Dense Inert Metal Explosives (DIME) which are banned under international law


    ‘We’re Like Toys for Them’: Young Gazans Speak about Operation Protective Edge”


    1. To get on the good side of RT, why don’t the Israelis switch tactics and try bombing the Ukrainians instead – preferably LGBT ones?;)

    1. I have sent you an Email 🙂

      I have had to delete my Facebook page, as a photograph was taken from a good friends page that contained myself, my children, and his pregnant daughter.

      That photograph, among others, were then Tweeted by one of my stalkers, comparing me to a picture of Robert Thompson who was convicted of the heinous and cruel murder of Liverpool toddler, James Bulger in 1993.

      These images are now in the hands of my solicitor.

      To protect my friends from the sick actions of these Twitter trolls, I was left with no option but to delete my account. 🙁

      1. Ditto, although as you can see the temp Facebewk I set up to be a visual support for Mrs J has been used to keep spreading the same old tosh about me. I did send the Police the page of the convicted stalker spreading the same lies when he did it originally. The Police know the score where some liars are concerned. Fortunately, I made sure it had no one on it that could be stalked and certainly not my Sister in Law, so bad luck again Bozo.

        I closed my original account well over a year ago after it became clear there were some very strange sorts involved in all this.

        And of course, other peoples photos have been stolen and passed off as being me too.

        I think that the actions being taken by others (not us) speaks volumes. Constant relentless crap. Desperation tactics sticking out like sore thumbs.

        Forcing you off FB as well as Twitter just closes down another avenue for stalkers to spy on your every word.

      2. I too noticed the attempt to get a photograph designed to make people think you are Robert Thompson “trending” on Twitter, Jimmy.
        Previous false ‘outings’ of ‘paedos’ in general have led to murders, and of those responsible for the murder of James Bulger in particular to suicide & innocents having to flee mob “justice”.
        This was a deliberate attempt, of that I have no doubt. Those involved have previously posted the address & personal details of you & your family for all to see. They knew exactly what they were doing.
        I sincerely hope that those behind it are held to account.
        Does anyone think that these seasoned “anti-abuse campaigners” gave a second’s thought to the hell that the Bulger family may have been put through (once again) being dragged into this?
        I was genuinely shocked to see people sink so low. I don’t think I’ve ever experienced anything quite as sickening in my life. Good luck.

  5. “If Americans knew the truth about events that are occurring right now in Israel and Palestine, about the huge amount of their tax Dollars that are simply being handed to Israel, and about the incalculable human cost of Israel’s American-financed militarism, would they demand an immediate re-think of their government’s policies in that region ?”

    I doubt it. I doubt it if you consider that the USA itself has only come into being because tens of millions of the indigenous populations were slaughtered and herded into concentration camps (er…sorry *reservations) so that the European colonists could then steal their land and go on to call themselves ‘Americans’ as if nothing had happened and the people who originally lived there had never existed. But then again, unlike the modern day Israelis, they did it in the name of Your Lord Jesus Christ – so I guess by you guys it’s alright then, eh?;)

    1. However, to be fair not every non-indigenous person who ended up in the USA had a choice. We call these other people who ended up in the ‘Land of the Free’ slaves (bit of a contradiction there, eh?) In fact to this day Christian organisations like the Ku Klux Klan still blame their descendants for coming over to the USA and demand that they be sent back to Africa even though it was the likes of the founders of the KKK who brought them there under duress on purpose. Irrational ol’ world, eh?

      1. Leena:-You should know that the entire transatlantic slave trade was JEWISH organised & financed by ex-Poprtuguese & Spanish Sephardic Jews.In those days only Jews had the international connections to do ANY international trade.As far back as the time of Charlemagne,Jews were granted – by him – a monopoly on trading in slaves.Slave trading has ALWAYS been a Jewish business.& it was a Jew trader who suggested giving smallpox infected blankets to the American Indians.If you go down the east coast of the U.S.,all those fine old synagogues were built with the proceeds of the slave trade.D because it was a main receiver port of slaves?.you know that slave markets in America were closed on Jewish holidays?.Wonder why?.& that Newtown,Rhode Island was once known as “Jewtown”.GET RID OF YOUR JEW INFECTED “WHITE GUILT”.

    2. A fair point, but I have already covered the atrocities against the native Americans by European Settlers, as well as British, Belgian and American led and funded atrocities in India, South Africa and around the world, elsewhere on the OUTLAW.

      I also covered who were the real paymasters for the European slave trade too as I recall, although they received less comments than this article 🙂

      1. Outlaw:- sorry if my recent comment covered ground you’ve already dealt with.Understand that I can often read up to 50-60- sites per day,& can’t always remember all I read & where I read it.However,I believe it’s important to understand that there were NEVER a British,Dutch,French,whatever Empire.All such international constructs were pushed into being be the Jewish moneymasters.Of course,always working behind the scenes.E.G.The Jewish moneypower in South Africa wanted a virtual serf-like labour force for their mines.So they found some Afrikaaner idiots to front the campaign for apartheid.That’s how they work.Never any Jew up front.Instead,find some useful local idiots.Rinse & repeat ad infinitum.

  6. Don’t think James’ mother would be too pleased about that either imo.

    She has a large media pull too – not the most clever of ideas the gruesome twosome have ever had.

    1. The Liverpool Echo have been informed too Mildred, as anyone who can use the brutal murder of a toddler to continue a personal vendetta against somebody, deserves all the negative attention as possible….

  7. Your predicament aside, and I know it’s not great, I think using the image of a notorious child killer is the action of a desperate bunch, conceived of ill thought out plans and poor judgement. Let’s not forget that the person named only became infamous for what he did to a young boy, and to use that killers image or the idea of what people perceive of him in such an inappropriate way just shows the people who originally posted those tweets to be sick individuals and their stupidity will prove to be their imminent downfall. How they will wriggle out of that one will be a wonderment.

    1. Extremely warped and low down tactics to use yet another story of a dead kid to try to pass off 1 of the murderers as being you. Smacks of pure desperation by serious screw balls. Exactly the same as with the ridiculous Howard Hughes rumour.

      Especially from someone who not so long ago was getting all evangelical about how terrible it was for trolls to gob off about a dead school teacher & those who trolled the 2 women on Twitter. Hypocrisy overload.

      Continuity sucks the biggy I’m afraid, as it did when it was the only witness to certain events – events that it turned out happened long after if had left. Pure lies. Ludicrous and ridiculous. However, full marks for stupidity. At least there is 1 thing it excels in & could probably win prizes for.

  8. Hi Jimmy,

    Today I went down to the demonstations at the houses of parliment. I introduced myself to Brenda Mcnamara, also known as mama.

    She is on twitter.

    She organised the campaign today. I explained I wanted to clarify that I was really jenniejenjen and no one else.

    I am not a sock puppet, ploy or cover for Jimmy Jones.

    But, I don’t believe she is follows any of the Wales abuse as she seemed rather ignorant of the twitter goings on between Jimmy and Darren.

    As most of those I spoke to at the demo claimed to be.

    Though some did know of Janette Scharenborg.

    Polski Radio was there too. With mic and camera?! How odd.

    The bloke with the mic told me they had their own angle they were focusing on, thank you very much.

    Got a vid of some of the demonstration. Glad I did, because I became suspicious that I was being tailed later. I’m still sure I was.

    But I took pictures.

    They were keeping an eye on me, as was I on them.

    I was hoping Janette Scharenborg would be there.

    I wanted to introduce myself to her face-to-face.

    She knows my voice.

    She knows I’m not you, Jimmy, yet she perpetuated the lie that I was for months. That’s what I wanted to confront her about outside the houses of parliment, with police presence.

    But seems she’s just a twit campaigner after all.

    It’s because of folk like her that demonstrations against abuse will never get the support one would hope they’d get. It was a pitiful turn out for something so big!

    1. Well done you for doing something positive Jen. Luckily the majority of idiots on Twitter are well contained in a small corner of the Internet where decent folk know where they are and it’s easier to avoid them.

      They are similar to Junkies who cannot stray far from their next fix 😉

      1. I didn’t go to join in the protests. After my twitter experience I still don’t know who to trust. I figured, general groups at the demonstration would be the genuine campaigners, so best to introduce myself to them. I simply spoke to a good few groups of people then left and joined the tourists to watch.

        I was trying to see if I could spot under-cover protagonists, now that I was there 😉

        I even said to my dog, “come girl, you’re a good sniffer dog, let’s see if you can find anymore of them” after spotting 3 people from the group splitting off to watch me. I winked and gave one watching the thumbs up so he knew I knew he’s watching! I got him on vid earlier on while filming a rant and I recognised his tattoos. Some youths overheard me speak to my dog and repeated what I’d said to each other, then got up and left! I wonder what they had in their bags?! 😀

        1. Infiltrators are everywhere, eyes on everything and we would be stupid to assume that anybody who speaks out about CSA is not on a list somewhere.

          Some however are just data gathering in order to launch an attack or a smear campaign on a survivor they believe knows too much, somewhere down the line.

          Trust nobody until they prove themselves, is my only advice. 🙁

  9. OMFG it’s like watching a bad episode of the cartoon I used to watch when I was younger.

    Pinky and the Brain – One’s intelligent, the other’s insane bahahaha

    1. I was thinking more along the lines of Ren and Stimpy, but settled on Inspector Clouseau meets Forrest Gump 🙂






  11. I’ve just spotted something really racist and it’s disgusting in this day and age. Got a screen grab naturally since racism is a big no-no. How these people can sleep at night – oh sorry they don’t do they?

  12. Hey wanka. I DON’T DO DANCING, so what ya gonna do when the gov’s onto you? I have sooo much more to say – but I’ll save that for another day bahahahahaha

  13. “Some Western states and Kiev rushed to find Russian involvement in the MH17 crash having no evidence to back their claims, Russia’s Deputy Defense Minister told RT. He invited Ukraine to answer 10 questions to prove their commitment to an impartial probe.”


    Downed Malaysian Airliner Act Of War?
    Let Me Tell You Something:-


    “Several people have suffered injuries after Israeli tanks shelled a hospital in the besieged Gaza Strip.The director of Gaza’s al-Wafa hospital, where some patients are paralyzed or in comas, said the facility was targeted on Thursday.Israeli tanks are shelling the hospital, they have hit several of the floors, and several nurses have been injured,” AFP quoted Basman al- Ashi as saying.”


    “The Israeli regime is using a “strange toxic gas” against Palestinians in its offensive against the besieged Gaza Strip, medics say.”


    “The IDF launched a vast ground operation in Gaza last night. Until now, Israel has failed to articulate its military objectives. No one in Israel is willing to commit to a definition of what a victory would look like. I am afraid that the military objective is obvious: saving Netanyahu’s political career.”


    “It has been a painful process of trial and error, analysts say. When Hamas was established in 1987, it simply planned to copy Israel’s iconic sub-machine gun, the Uzi. Now it has M-75 missiles which with a range of about 80 kilometers that can reach further than Tel Aviv.”



    “Soccer Balls, Sanctimony and A Billion Dollar Group Called “Baptist Child and Family Services”…

    Posted on July 17, 2014 by sundance
    A few days ago we posted some details, and a large dose of opinion, about the latest misguided efforts of Glenn Beck’s “Bold and Sanctimonious Tour” – and a strange thing happened…. few, if any, thought our critical outline was controversial.It would appear the Patriotic U.S. Sleeping Giant is awake, at least on this issue:


    Busted! Kiev’s Video Implicating Russia Posted to Youtube BEFORE Plane Was Shot Down


    “Border Patrol Agents assigned to the Nogales Placement Center, have recently discovered that 16 unaccompanied alien children (13 El Salvadoran males, two Guatemalan males and one Honduran male) currently being held at the Nogales detention center belong to MS-13. The MS-13 gang members admitted to their gang associations following a discovery of graffiti at the detention center. Homeland Security was notified and nothing was done. The number may seem small, however, these are only the ones that were caught in just one area along the border. Art Del Cueto, president of the National Border Patrol Council Local 2544 in Tucson, Arizona told the National Review that officers who recognize gang tattoos on the minors are supposed to treat them like everyone else and to completely ignore their MS-13 affiliations.”




  15. “Israel is imposing an ethnically discriminatory nation on a land that was previously multicultural.”

    Maybe religious discriminatory but not ‘ethnically discriminatory’ as Judaism is a religion, not a race. Israeli Jews come from all sorts of ethnic backgrounds – black African (e.g. Ethiopian), white European, Jewish Arabs and South-East Asian being just a few examples of the multi-ethnic society of Israel.

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