For the last forty five years, mankind has been misled regarding the ultimate aims and motivations of NASA, and for the last five decades they have been continuing to lie about the true origins of mankind.

Isn’t it about time that they finally came clean and dropped the illusion?

If ‘Space Travel’ even becomes possible within the next hundred years, mankind as a species should be able to venture outwards from this planet, with both courage and complete honesty.

For that to become a reality, the culture of lies, fear-mongering and the attitude of utter contempt shown by the National Aeronautic and Space Administration, must end.

Even today, legitimate researchers and seekers of the truth, have met with a proverbial brick wall of deception and dishonesty when asking what are obviously viewed as being ‘awkward’ questions.

Can NASA finally prove it’s own worth by lifting the veil of secrecy and deception, and show itself as being both responsible and wholly accountable for it’s actions?

Whatever direction you choose to approach this, you simply cannot escape the anomalies in the official NASA narrative.


Only NASA can say why it’s Apollo photographs are at odds with the fundamentals of photography and the manner that light behaves.

Only NASA can say what problems were encountered which made them fake their evidence for the Apollo missions.

Only NASA can say why for decades it chose to hide the real story of Apollo.

Only NASA can say why it is continuing to do so, even after precise scientific evidence that demonstrates the flaws in it’s official account.

And what I believe to the most important;

Only NASA can say why it is being persistently obstructive, and not allowing any open discussion over the case for artificial artefacts being discovered on Mars.