It is interesting what information is available on the internet if you know what you are looking for and enter some well chosen search terms.

Information regarding the following is getting increasingly scarce but nevertheless interesting to read.

From ‘Salon Magazine’.

‘A tape of the Osmonds and Andy Williams doing songs from “Hair” is among the artefacts left on the moon by Neil Armstrong in 1969.’


This is from a Time magazine interview with Donny Osmond…

Q: Neil Armstrong left a tape with one of your songs on the moon. Did he just not want it anymore?
A: Yeah. He had an eight-track, and they didn’t make them anymore.

Read the full article HERE:

And here is Donny again…

“My fantasy is: To be the first singer on the moon. When Neil Armstrong went up, he took a tape that had my voice on it and left it there. So, sitting on the moon is my voice.”


An entry in Jay Osmond’s autobiography ‘Stages’ reads……

‘One of our record albums was taken to the moon by Neil Armstrong, and when they played the song Aquarius on the moon, it was the rendition with the Osmond Brothers singing back-up for Andy Williams’

The logical thing would be to search for an online list of artefacts that NASA states was left for posterity.

The University of New Mexico is one place that gives a list of all of the items allegedly left on the lunar surface by the Apollo 11 astronauts.

But… Wouldn’t you know it?..

The Osmonds tape does not get a mention.


Oddly, that link has suddenly stopped working, so an alternative can be found here:


So what is the real story?

Are the deeply religious Mormon Osmond brothers not telling the truth in numerous magazine articles and also in their autobiographies?

Or have they also been duped by NASA in order to lend their squeaky-clean image and reputations to a deception on a grand scale?

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