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  1. The Barcelona ‘Terrorist Attack’ seems to be shaping up the same way.

    What’s the chances that at least 2 of the eye witnesses in Barcelona had been in the vicinity of 2 previous recent terrorist attacks each?

    Or that a Drug Dealing Ticket Tout from the ‘Manchester Terrorist’ attacks, should all be in Barcelona at the same time to witness this latest (((atrocity)))?

    (Links: Thanks to The KFM)

    AUSTRALIAN – Julia Monaco, from Melbourne, was in the Tube Lockdown during the London Bridge Attacks.

    Days later, she was in Notre Dame in Paris when a police officer was stabbed outside the famous cathedral.


    Mormon missionary Mason Wells, 19, has survived his third terrorist attack.

    Mason was in Paris last year during the attacks and a block away from the finish line of the Boston Marathon during the bombings.

    The teen suffered a ruptured Achilles tendon, injuries from shrapnel and second- and third-degree burns on his face and hands


    Chris Pawley Ticket Tout & Drug Dealer caught up in Manchester and Barcelona


    Think he’s angling for a crisis actor fuelled modelling career, making up for being a Drug Dealing Ticket Tout Ripping off Cliff Richard fans no less. 😉


    “You really couldn’t make this stuff up”. Makes you wonder just how much some people are being (over) paid to do just that.

  2. So it wasn’t a rabid white nationalist attacking the poor old lefties after all? Quelle surprise

  3. Hi Jimmy. I think your spam filter may have picked up a post from me on Saturday morning. Seems it doesn’t like my vpn!

  4. Swawkbox is a lefty website I’m afraid, but one of the few (apart from this one) that is highlighting the truth that Establishment trolls are using social media and stalking/harassment IRL to rubbish historic child abuse survivors

    ⬇️⬇️ Link below ⬇️⬇️

  5. ‘Anonymous troll accounts – in fact, worse than trolls – have begun a smear campaign on social media attempting to attack the credibility of a key whistleblower who exposed issues with the inquiry and, even more unforgivably, of a victim of terrible abuse.

    At least one of these provocateur accounts is run by someone with a sinister history of stalking – including arrest – and who is known to have connections to key Establishment figures, including at least one who has expressed controversial views about sexual consent and a history of accusations of online and offline bullying. All have the vile tone of the bully.’


    • Oh Dear!

      That would explain the simple one’s meltdown on Twitter earlier though, especially as one of his targets has commented too.

      An awkward one to try and wriggle out of I would think …. Thanks for bringing it to my attention Faith.

      • May he reap what he has so eagerly, callously & relentlessly sown. Seems to like dishing out grief to people, but when he gets the attention he’s worked so hard to achieve, he goes on a major wobble.

        The more people that realise what is going on and has been for almost 5 years, the better.

        You’d think the last ’cause’ he was linked to in a bad way would have taught him a lesson. Sadly not?

  6. These terrorists events….. You’ve got your moon Goddess Isis..Keep your eyes out for Ra…

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