Could this be a reason behind the Boston Marathon ‘Terrorist’ Attack?

The US Government have attempted to impose Gun control which has been resisted at every level.

So the next step, which has the added bonus of frightening the population half to death, is to create a scenario in order to pass legislation that removes the threat of an armed citizenry by denying them the basic ingredients that can produce ammunition..

Thus rendering the increasing number of weapons already in circulation almost useless…

Just a thought….

5 thoughts on “JUST MAYBE

  1. @outlaw theres a bunch of us thinks it connected to monsanto.
    (1) a boffin shows up on front page of newspaper in UK claiming GM crops will be good for us.
    (monsanto are chief producer of GM crops)
    (2) one of the bombers wanders onto the campus of MIT..(MIT & monsanto are good friends)
    (3) waco fertilizer explosion, the fertiilzer firm had a legal dispute with monsanto..

  2. I would think that that is almost certainly the scenario – JJ did you happen to see this which was posted on Monday at 6.45, very soon after the bombs. Go here http://imgur.com/a/sUrnA and then half way down the page see the captioned email. If it’s a fake then I ask why ? There are so many un answered question about these sort of events nowerdays, that I always now do ‘question everything’ 🙂

  3. It is all a little bit strange, most of the blood looks fake some injured people look to have fake injures, the glass that has been blown out instead of in, sandy hook people there, training exercise running parallel, i’m sure i have heard that line before, like peter power the guy that was running the training exercise on 7/7, now how did peter know??

    More questions than answers, Boston in complete lockdown, police going from door to door searching people homes without warrants and all for a 19 year old that was found by some guy going out to his backyard to have a smoke, all very disturbing

  4. As you may have worked out by my comments I tend to be a little sceptical of many theories that are put forward on the internet and I dont believe that the vast majority of terror attacks are false flag attacks – though a huge amount of terrorism is carried out by states against their own citizens.

    But the Boston explosions just dont make sense to me.

    The whole thrust of the media is based on finding outsiders to blame for attacks – these two guys may well have been at the centre of the attacks but honestly how amateurish were the construction of the bombs and their targetting?

    – The use of the pressure cookers would absorb much of the blast and force it in one direction – the exact opposite of how a bomb is supposed to work.

    – If you are made militant by what the Russians did to your people in Chechnya (there is no one like the russian army to massively overuse force against civilians) why are you putting a bomb to kill american people at the Boston marathon?

    – Why do one badly thought out attack, dissappear for a while and then suddenly turn up as an inept boxer and wrestler version of Bonnie & Clyde?

    There are so many threads here that its hard to know which ones to pull first…

    1. Good points and your observations are spot on, the very nature of a pressure cooker is to withstand ‘pressure’ and surely the explosion would go upwards, rather than outwards.

      Even to the casual observer, none of this will make sense, so I am inclined to believe that there will be another ‘false flag’ very soon to distract from this false flag that has been so thoroughly screwed up…

      Amateurish does really not cover it, but I tend to agree 🙂

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