“It flashed through my mind that I had become the Prince of Darkness, the destroyer of universes.” – Robert Oppenheimer.

When the historical record of the development of the Atomic Bomb was written, the fact that the Americans were only too aware that no other nation on earth was developing such a weapon, was given very little attention.

That could have been because the obscene amount of tax dollars that had been allocated to the project, was only granted because vague ‘rumours’ had been circulated beforehand, that Germany were already working on a similar project in 1943.

It was long before the cessation of hostilities in 1945, that the Government admitted that the rumours were untrue, but by then, their desire to be the First Nation to possess THE ultimate deterrent – ensured that they would have the Atomic Bomb, by any means – and to hell with the consequences.

The A-Bomb development project, codenamed, ‘Manhattan‘ was one of at least two ‘Super-secret’ projects of the Second World War, and it’s research and development was established in a suitably remote area, known as ‘Jornado del Muerto‘ – the ‘Journey of Death‘, by the locals, and one of it’s few occupied properties belonged to one David McDonald, which was leased by the U.S. army as a ‘Field Laboratory’ and ‘Military Police Station’.

They duly named their new headquarters, ‘Trinity‘.

This was the location where the very first A-Bomb was exploded for real, after preliminary testing at restricted sites in Nevada and New Mexico had been carried out.

In order to further their understanding of how nuclear weapons affected the human body, the American military began a program known as ‘Operation Echo‘, which from 1945 to 1963, subjected 235,000 of their own personnel – both male and female – to the effects of radiation from the early testing of the A-Bomb.

Much of this was carried out in the Nevada Nuclear Test Site, north of Las Vegas, better known as the ‘Ranch’ or ‘Area 51’, which was of course, part of the main Nevada base.


Upwards of 25,000 separate experiments were carried out in all, in which the doses were steadily increased to see how they would be tolerated, and how they achieved this, was by simply placing the troops closer and closer to the blast point – and by decreasing their levels of protection each time.

Very few of the test ‘subjects’ were even aware of the dangers, having being instructed by their superiors, that two feet of earth or soil would be more than enough protection to keep them safe from the effects.

It was only in 1955, the Americans even acknowledged that the lens of the human eye actually concentrated the glare of an exploding A-Bomb, effectively burning the retina.

These procedures came under the umbrella term ‘medical school research’, and the participants were reassuringly told that ‘safe viewing distances‘ and the levels of protection they were allocated, had been approved by the medical staff of the Randolph Air Force Base in Texas.

As this has now been proved as being categorically untrue, it is now abundantly clear that the decision makers behind the Echo Project, treated their own citizens with utter distain, and showed the same levels of indifference they displayed towards the animals they also subjected to the same conditions.

Interviewed in the 1990’s about his role in the tests, one soldier, who was 22 at the time, narrated how he and his friends were deeply shocked by the experience of being so close to an exploding atomic bomb.

He also told how they had been instructed to “keep their right sides facing ground zero, and to raise their arms to a ‘warding off’ position.”

Even though he was, as he was led to believe, safely in a trench, at the moment of detonation, this young soldier was able to see the two bones inside his forearm through both his uniform sleeve and the flesh, and he was admittedly, “petrified with fear.”

When loudspeakers ordered them out of their trenches and to walk towards the unfurling mushroom cloud towering above them, none of the soldiers were able to speak a word – and were all, understandably, in a state of deep shock.

Following this harrowing experience, they were simply ‘brushed down’ – by another soldier armed only with a yard brush, and told: “if the dust was removed, so would the radiation”.

The U.S. Military were told by some of their medical advisors, that they were positioning their troops far too close to the detonation site, but it now appears that they went ahead anyway.

The American Atomic Energy Commission had even leafleted the town’s that were adjacent to the test sites beforehand, informing the worried residents, that the testing was ‘in their best interests’.

It was not until around nine months later, long after the fallout that had swept over their towns had dispersed, these same, trusting and obedient American citizens, discovered the true cost of their government’s rabid pursuit of the Atomic bomb.

When their children started being born with abnormally high levels of mental and genetic abnormalities, and many others developed various forms of cancer, and started dying prematurely, many others also expressed the general feeling that ….

‘They no longer trusted their government’.

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  1. Eustace Mullins wrote a very good book about the background to the decision to drop the A-bomb. You have it in the pile of stuff I sent you. AND NOW BACK TO OFF-TOPIC;



    How a War-Shattered African Nation Gave Birth to a Heavy-Metal Scene “These were people who’d experienced unimaginable things,” says Jeremy Xido, the filmmaker behind “Death Metal Angola”





    FROM 2008; The Origins of Political Correctness:-





  2. Hi there. I was just wondering whether you like posting comments to your owns site and pretending they are from other people?

    I have seen a lot of very similar traits and sporadic amounts of bullshit coming from here on a regular basis and I also not that your main focus of attention in relation to your stories or articles always drifts around to people you like to say are trolling you or are your stalkers.

    Anyway, I find this hard to believe and I also do not see how, if you are meant to be the genuine one, that you would have so many enemies to begin with. In reality, I think you talk to yourself a lot on here, so as to make it look like you have support from slightly more than half a dozen people.

    It is very rare to come across someone who would go to such lengths as yourself to try an imply that they are a well meaning individual try not to get involved (publicly) on lots of name calling and back-biting. Is this because you are suffering from massive delusions of grandeur and are an attention seeker who like to be seen as good to all other people, but you go to very extreme and nasty lengths to do so? This would then be seen to actually undermine any notions of empathy and false good deeds that you profess to carry out.

    I think you are also Jane, JoeKano, Old Git, Konsistiger, Mike, and a good few others who post on here. I feel you have a severe mental problem and live in a world of fantasy whereby you attempt to project your internal delusions onto anyone who happens to be foolish enough to listen to you.

    I have seen you proved to be a liar and someone who ignores conclusive proof that relates to your trolling and instigation of circumstances in order to attempt to discredit others.

    Why would this be the case? I also see that you have constant Twitter battles with many people that you have tried to Troll and discredit, whilst at the same time you fail miserably in stating yet again, that you are the victim.

    On any vitally important and dangerous points that could affect the average person, you appear to say very little with authority and seem to just skirt around the vital aspects that could be detrimental to many involved.

    Why would this be? Is it because you are a coward and an attention seeking liar?

    Thanks, Kev Polson

    1. Come on now Chris, you are projecting again. Go and see your GP bud. He will refer you to the psychiatrist. He won’t murder you honestly. Hang on what’s that noise? Arrgghhh it’s a helicopter, it’s got a death Ray. Oh shit under the table again quick spiv. And you lapdog man, saucepans on heads quickly.

    2. Why is it so important to you what outlaw publishes kev? Why are you so bothered Kev? Has somebody sent you as I cannot find a blog or a website that you write so is that it Kev?

  3. I think Mr Polson may be the same idiot who accused a real Private Detective of being you and got him suspended from Twitter = it sounds like him and enough people have seen what has been happening to know the truth anyway. I am a bit put out that kev did not mention me too or am I you too? Desperate stuff happening online now Jimmy and the comment above proves it

  4. FTS aka Fabooka de Twat aka Christopher Green has now become Kev Polson.

    Spivey must be so far round the U-Bend now he has started swallowing his own turds.

    Everyone can see it Outlaw just ignore them as that comment is almost word for word what Fabooka posted to Spiv’s blog.

    He used his Fabooka name then have a look.

    1. They lie about people who call them out in spiv land. The latest one I’ve noticed is Gutsful. I have to say that Gutsful is a friend of the family and is not what they have been calling him. I am not being biased but Gallows claimed FTS had wiped the floor with him, bullshit I saw their row. Gallows also called Gutsful a bullshit merchant or something like that. WHAT!!!!!! Gutsful I admit has a bit of errmm, “shrapnel damage” as they say, but a BS merchant no fucking way.

  5. Well I know you are definitely not Mike for starters lol. Kev, you sound a lot like a little known blogger I know that is desperate to become the king of the AM.



    Superpower Blunders: Czechoslovakia in 1938:-







  7. Sorry. I think you misunderstand my intention. Your replies from other named individuals are too quick for my liking. You are probably the guy from Icke as well.

    Plus, you never answered any of my points because you can’t. I am right to be wary of you, as you even like to spit out other people’s e.mails and I.P. addresses if they say things you do not like. I have seen you do it. You failed to address any question and simply answer with more questions as you try to convince yourself many times over.

    It is you, who will have to try harder. Not myself. Your little spy characters are showing you up in their failings, which are really your own.

    Thanks, Kev Polson.

    1. The email you are using does not exist so it would not matter if it was published or not, and as for answering your questions?

      Well, your new allegation is that I am ‘also the guy from Icke’ which kind of makes any intelligent interaction with you both null and void and a waste of everybody’s time.

      As a point of interest, didn’t Old Git post at Spivey’s site recently?

      That will prove that OG is in a different country to myself, so your accusations are looking more shaky by the minute.

      That is the last comment that will get through here as I am not going to spend any more time massaging your fragile ego and giving credence to your lies.

  8. Kev is Fabooka from Chris Spiveys site his comments is identical to the one he posted there also about you jimmy they are obsessed and they are looking more and more desperate and reckless dont let them distract you 🙂

    1. It’s ridiculous that they still think that anyone with a modicum of common sense actually believes any of the continual rubbish they spout.

      But if that is the level of their thinking Kerry, I should not think anyone has anything to worry about.

      It’s becoming obvious to everyone now I should imagine.

  9. Kev Polson or whoever he is is exhibiting classic narcissist behaviour as are many who post similarly cryptic and delusion comments on other sites and forums. There is an epidemic of these mentally defective and always anonymous people who seem to spend all their time disrupting and causing as much mischief as they can on the internet. They need to be starved of attention and do not feed them as they will never stop and will drain you as well as taking up all your time as well as the time of your readers. They project their own problems onto others they cannot manipulate and control and will stop at nothing in their attempts to discredit or destroy you. I have been seeing it more and more lately not only in comments but there are some bloggers who are clearly narcissists and have surrounded themselves with people who will do anything to defend them. They see any critisism as a personal attack and unfortunately you do now seem to be the focus of one or more of these people. It may be handy to read up on them as you may get some answers as to why you are seen as a threat or an obstacle to their twisted and badly wired view of themselves. You need to sever their supply and ignore them and do not give them any attention whatever they are parasites who feed off misery and only exist to destroy people.

    1. I tend to agree Pete, and whoever Kev Polson really is, (I think it is beyond doubt it is a fake ID) he will have to go elsewhere to air his delusions and spread his poison. He is furiously posting responses as I write this, but he is wasting his own time as they will never see the light of day here.

      What is funny though, is he is also claiming that he never reads Spiveys site, yet has named people who comment there.

      They are so rabid in their attempts to get at me, they are tripping themselves up in order to do it.

      Thanks for your comment, I do have a basic understanding of narcissism after being targeted by one for the last couple of years….

      I shall have to do some reading I think 🙂

  10. Sorry one more thing its worth taking note of. Narcissists will use everything you say and try and turn it against you They will wind you up until they get a reaction and will then accuse you of bullying them or abusing them they may even report you to the police. They are basically professional liars who will never speak the truth or admit what they have said before. It is a waste of time getting into an argument or a discussion with them as they move the goalposts all the time cut them off deprive them of oxygen and they will die eventually. Or beat up their partners or try and kill you. AVOID AVOID AVOID

  11. I will post this last one ‘Kev’. But only so people can get a small glimpse of the kind of damaged, sick and vindictive low life that comment here dozens of times day after day, week after week. The same ones who follow me around the Internet obsessively, accusing me of ‘stalking’ and ‘trolling’ them. *OUTLAW’S EDIT*

    “You can’t tell the truth. Hide now…pretend you never got the messages that show you for what you are. Yes, sick boy. Liar….sneaky, deviant. Caught out, again. Prove me wrong as you post all your fake back-up comments, and refuse to post my allegations at you, that you cannot defend against. Means you are a liar and a sneaky person with no defence.”

    1. Dear Shitbag Polson. I AM NOT OUTLAW. I am not Welsh and I have no interest in singing “Ar Hyd Noch” or watching large hairy men grabbing each other and rolling around in mud. As I’ve said before to Outlaws chagrin, I regard it as a bit “iffy”.

  12. Hahaha, where on earth do you find these crackpots Jimmy?

    Seen on the news that there was a bus had its roof ripped off by a tree today. The baldy twat Spiv is probably writing an article about it as we speak. No doubt MI5 will have planted explosive charges in the bus and then he’ll morph the tree in to a picture of Netanyahu, and tell us that one of the branches of the tree looks like Netanyahu’s nose, or some bollocks like that. And at various points throughout the article he’ll converse with ‘voicey’, his imaginary friend.

    Can you imagine him in the jail? Sitting speaking to voicey, which will probably be the only friend he has left, as I don’t suppose he’ll get many visits from his ‘loyal’ followers, if the number that turned up to support him at court is anything to go on.


    1. Haha the Voice of Raisin. Which is what he’ll resemble once he’s been in there a while. Even Mel will do a bunk when the silicone bath sealant BOGOFF deal is over.

      For someone who is allegedly up in court on harassment charges, the dumb ass really isn’t doing himself any favours is he?

      I think he must have had an all inclusive mid life crisis holiday over a decade ago and liked it so much he decided to stay there. He really does get sadder by the day. If he was my dad, I’d be chewing through those apron strings he’s trussed me up with and getting as far away from that loon as possible.

  13. Oh Gawd here we go again, we are all the same person, only we’re not, but obviously someone is busting their poison filled gut to try to make out we are. Yawn 🙂 It’s all so extremely pathetic, but is a great example how these creepy pathetic sad folk are relentless and becoming more unhinged.

    I’ve waited for over 2 years for someone to prove you a liar and I dare say I’ll be waiting for the rest of my life for proof that will never ever materialise. However, between us we have proven who the freaks and liars really are, time and time again …….. but still they come with their manic rants and bullshit.

    The Police seemed to accept we were all completely different people

    Could it be the worst criminologist ever to laughingly call itself a criminologist/abuser/liar/compo seeking failure (in Marigolds), or his new grab a granny, because he likes them stupid, rough and haggard that’s for sure. Possibly, but as he seems to be sharing that 1 brain cell with the creepio in bikini bottoms who likes thrusting his small piece into camcorders on Youtube and assorted lying cowards, it’s hard to tell.

    Having failed monumentally for nigh on 3-years, you’d think the thickos would give up wouldn’t you?? I guess they must be feeling very lonely without you 🙁

    Did anyone find out if bikini man really did get busted for having paedo and bestiality grot on his pc as he stated to the press, or was it yet 1 of his many warped lies? And if it was a lie, firstly why would anyone make up such a creepy accusation about themselves, and will the ultra bimbo in a Wig be making another Youtube clip to pronounce they are repaying the donations they fleeced from their less than intelligent readers? – chaving money under false pretences as per usual. What’s to trust?

    Hope the right people are getting the full picture of what a certain very creepy wobbly trouser snake headed weirdo is all about.

    Will Mel be hanging out for free injections of silicone bath sealant, and will she be bringing her Lee Rigby and Marine A Supporting Brother in law to the actual trial? Nipper attached too? To some of these freaks, that’d be classed as a good day out 😉



    “When journalist Puneet Kollipara postulates, “Meet the “chemtrails” crowd, who posit that governments, scientists and other institutions are using airplanes’ “chemtrails” – basically contrails that are allegedly laced with chemicals – to alter the climate, create extreme weather, poison people, or even control our minds,” and “In short, chemtrails itself is a conspiracy theory,”someone needs to point out that The Washington Post team should have done their homework more diligently, as there are hundreds of federal government agency reports and, in particular, U.S. Patents of record, for managing weather systems. Many are listed below in the Weather Geoengineering / Chemtrail Database generated by this writer.”



    “A new leak concerning the talks around the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) indicates that the floodgates could be opened even further for corporate influence. The leak has been analysed by the corporate watchdogs CEO and LobbyControl and shows that corporate influence on EU and US policies might dramatically increase via the chapter on so-called ‘regulatory cooperation’.”


  15. The British were also using human guinea pigs during the 1950’s in operation Antler. A certain now deceased police chief figured that Antler stood for ‘ Atomic nuclear testing for the long term effects of radiation.

    I myself met two of the victims who took part in the operation.

  16. WOW! More and more the country I live in horrifies me. On behalf of all of we ‘Mericans’ who disapprove of all our horrendous actions, still taking place as we speak, I apologize!! My father is a vet and he constantly tells me how much he regrets the things he had to do and is sickened by what these new group of soldiers are going to go through once they get back!

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