A little before 3pm on June 24th 1947, an encounter was recorded that was the first of many sightings of what have become to be known today, as ‘Unidentified Flying Objects’.

The witness was 32-year-old pilot and businessman, Kenneth Arnold, who was searching for a crashed C46 aircraft that had disappeared somewhere in the region of Mt. Rainier in the Cascade range of Washington State.

Arnold, like a number of others, was aware of the $5000 reward for the recovery of the missing aircraft, and $5000, in 1947, was a considerable amount of money. On his second arial scan of the area, his attention was diverted by:

A terrifically bright flash that lit up the inside of my aeroplane, lit up the wings and actually lit up all the area around me, almost like an explosion. I looked around me and and couldn’t see anybody, and then the flash hit me again, and then off course, I looked off to my left, and saw a chain of very particular aircraft.

They were flying very erratically, but they were flying, I knew, at an incredible speed. I estimated their span as being at approximately a hundred foot span at least, if not more. They were approaching Mt. Rainier very quickly in a kind of diagonal-like line, like geese; and there were nine in  number. I think there were five in the lead.

Arnold later calculated that the craft were heading towards Mt. Rainier, and estimated their speed to be at least 1,200 miles per hour, and that the ‘chain of craft’ he had seen, was at least five miles in length.

When he stopped for fuel at Yakima, north of the Washington/Oregon border, he told some people what he had seen, and by the time he reached his final destination, at Pendleton Airfield, a large crowd had gathered to hear his account.

Rather unusually, a three-day pass conference was assembled, an which Arnold described the movement of the craft he saw, as “saucers skipping across water.”

When Arnold later wrote a report for the authorities, the craft that he sketched to accompany the report, was not actually ‘disk-shaped’, but ‘heel shaped’.

*A journalist at this meeting, Bill Bequette, was the first person to use the term ‘Flying Saucer’.*

As a comparison, the manoeuvres Arnold described, and were demonstrated by those ‘objects’ were carried out approximately three times faster than the ariel capabilities of any contemporary aircraft – NONE of the world’s air forces at that time, possessed any craft that was capable of achieving anything resembling the speed, nor the agility of the craft witnessed by Kenneth Arnold.

Even following the technological advancements achieved during two world wars, no country had the opportunity, the technical know-how, the cash, or the necessary time to develop flying machines as manoeuvrable as those that Arnold had described.

So did the military authorities of the time guess, or ‘know’ that these craft were ‘intelligently guided’, and were not any kind of ‘natural phenomenon?’

A growing number of people now believe this to be the case.

It would be valid point to question, as current mainstream thinking, which incidentally, stems from deliberately leaked ‘disinformation’ during the 1980s and 1990s, and which actively promoted the idea that the Americans were experimenting with ‘Flying Disks’ – allegedly powered by ‘advanced technology’, which, in turn, was acquired from ‘Alien’ sources.

Looking at that logically, can it be assumed, beyond any reasonable doubt, that the Americans and the Russians are as incapable today, as they were in 1947, of utilising aeroplane technology other than the limited variations of propeller-driven internal combustion engines, jet power, rocketry, or a primitive form of nuclear propulsion.

Kenneth Arnold’s sighting was not an isolated incident, however, as there were subsequent reports of no less than 18 similar sightings the same day, and a further 20, over the next few days – in fact, by the end of 1947, no less than 850 separate sightings had been reported around the United States.

And one particular incident, which occurred on 8 July, was to prove very significant.


As one can imagine, an unprecedented number of reports of ‘Unidentified Flying Objects’, meant that the government, and its various agencies, faced something of a dilemma, and a dilemma that demanded immediate attention.

What they came up with, was to try and somehow ‘contain’ these reports, which they did by using the term ‘meteorological phenomena’, as the only plausible explanation for the sightings that had been witnessed.

By doing that, it then apparently, became a whole lot easier to introduce the next phase of heir plan to ‘keep a lid on things’, and to effectively ‘debunk’ most of the flying craft, as being a ‘natural occurrence’, dismissing any witnesses that came forward by way of ridiculing hem in the media, who had labelled then as being ‘half-witted’, ‘crackpots’, ‘mentally ill’, or simply – ‘mistaken’.

If any of those tactics failed to dissuade any witnesses from speaking out further, another method was employed – good old-fashioned American patriotism, which was at it’s height following the second world war.

How that worked, was that although the information provided by the witnesses would be duly recorded, each witness would be ‘silenced’ by being made aware that the object hey had seen, ‘might’ have been an ‘enemy’ craft (usually Soviet), and a secret spying device or a highly classified weapon, and if such a thing was to be revealed to the public at large, then it would become a ‘matter of national security’.

Which, as it turned out, proved a very effective deterrent, as Americans at that time, were of course, almost entirely dependent upon the ‘official’ statements issued by the government.

And fortunately (for the authorities), the American people genuinely did not believe, or would ever suspect, that their duly elected representatives in government, would lie to them.

It should come as no surprise, therefore, that the vast majority of witnesses to ‘UFO’ sightings, during the 1940s, and for decades to come, dutifully obeyed the instructions that their own military, and government had issued to them.

Without question.

In Kenneth Arnold’s case, it was certainly effective, as he has been noted as saying, some years later, that if he saw anything unusual in the skies again, he “would never breathe a single word about it”.

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